god he touches his face who even does that

This couple. Viktor and Yuuri. They’re killing me. This contains YOI Ep. 9 spoilers. 

There’s this emotional reunion between them at the end of the episode, after they have been apart. It’s beautiful in general, but what is really killing me is how they focused on Viktor and Yuuri’s movement into each other’s space. We know how closed off Yuuri is with feelings and relationships. We know he didn’t like that girl in the past hugging him because he was feeling vulnerable and it felt like she was intruding on his heart, his feelings. 

We know that Yuuri sees his relationship with Viktor as something different (“he meets me where I am,” his moment of vulnerability with Viktor in the carpark), but he’s still been hesitant to ask Viktor what will happen if he loses the Grand Prix, hesitant to ask what will happen to them when the season ends. 

Here. Though. HERE MAN. This pic below is after Viktor and Yuuri first reunite and hug. Yuuri pushes him to arms length to ask Viktor to stay with him until he retires from skating, almost as if he’s preparing to protect himself if Viktor says no (BOI HE’S SO IN LOVE WITH YOU HOW CAN YOU EVEN WORRY ABOUT THIS AT THIS POINT OH MY GOD. ahem.)

But, when he asks, Viktor makes this face and kind of makes light of the question - “is this a proposal’ - after just kissing Yuuri’s left hand, maybe even his left ring finger if you’re super shipping trash like me and think that’s what he did. 

And then Yuuri does this.


This is so important for our precious closed off Yuuri. I mean, even with Viktor, who we all know he loves, he’s been cautious. Viktor - for the most part - initiates shared spaces, casual touching, the actual kiss in ep. 7. Yuuri is far less upfront about his feelings. Yes, we all know the Eros routine is basically one giant “I want Viktor and he is Mine” deal, but that’s still, arguably, not a super direct way of telling Viktor what he wants. 

This though. This is Yuuri telling Viktor what he wants. Yuuri being vulnerable with Viktor. Yuuri putting everything he feels for Viktor out there and Viktor, once again, meeting him (emotionally) where he is at. Only this time, Yuuri is the one to have made that push, to take that step, and creates that shared space for them. 

And then Viktor says he hopes Yuuri never retires. And Yuuri cries. And they clutch each other like this.

And I die. 

Harry is a HORRIBLE man - Master Post

And I’ll prove it. How many of you felt victimized by Harry’s constant display of body parts? I’m raising both my hands & feet here & I know you are too. Lets take a look at how AWFUL he’s been to us, shall we?

Lets start with - him eating

Yeah - why are you suckin on your finger like that? Can’t you just wipe it off? You weren’t the only person eating cake that day..why did you have to make it look so…erotic?

Why do you eat a banana like you’re showing us how you blow Louis?



SeriousUh I guess he is - and to make matters worse he KNOWS what he’s doingYou think you little shit? It’s not like you didn’t eat a banana erotically in front of thousands (millions) of people -

I know this one is super old but - I can’t get over this

You just caught an entire donut in your mouth & look at you. You’re so proud. Like the word “WHAT” is going through his head at that moment - You want to know WHAT Harold? No - I’m not ready yet.

Moving forward - lets talk shirtless Harry for a minute


Holy mother of yes please do you see him glowing

Really? REALLY?

His penis really is the only thing holding those pants up - no joke

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU COVERING UP FOR?? You just STRUTTED around the ENTIRE pool area exposing your ENTIRE abdominal area & you have the damn nerve to attempt COVERING UP? Don’t.

Now onto the next one -

I know you know people are taking pics of you ALL the time - even when you were on the damn yacht. YOU WERE IN YOUR UNDERWEAR OUTSIDE IN PUBLIC LOOKING AT YOUR PHONE. You’re not ignorant. YOU WANTED US TO SEE YOU LIKE THIS. WELL THANK YOU HARRY CAUSE I CRIED MY EYES OUT. (I somehow feel like the person taking these images could’ve gotten pics where the water bottle wasn’t blocking full bulge *jesus could you imagine bulge in wet underwear - I can’t*)


Are you fucking kidding me?? NO - I’m NOT okay.

Oh word? That’s cool - I’m gonna go throw myself in traffic - please excuse me - Getthefuckouttahere

I’m gonna end the shirtless portion with this because..

Oh god

Oh Jesus ChristI’m trembling here

You guys

I’m really not doing well here - I knew this one would be the most difficult

I don’t even know what to say here - I cried so much just now & I’m speechless at this point. FUCK YOU (I love you so much don’t ever leave me please don’t ever cover up your body because you’re the fittest man I ever did see).

I’m gonna move this along folks to this -

this may seem innocent to the rest of you but to perverted / dirty minded people like me - this just reminds me of him smacking a penis to his face (which I’m sure he’s very familiar with) & he knows it too.

Moving on to what I refer to as The Workout - We all thought it would be shirtless & sweaty guys - we did - their workout routines & such. We were ready. But we were wrong.

Word to the wise - when Harry asks 


I’m gonna just dive into the concert portion of his “in your face” shenanigans 

Lets start with - the candy thong -

He puts it on & then 


Look at him - like a fucking princess watching his bandmate eat candy off the thong thats oh so very close to his shamalamadingdong. Is this not a tease? Horrible man.

Stop This really pissed me off actually - I have never wanted to be Niall so much

And yet -I added this in here because I thought it was adorable & I wish I was Niall

Do you remember this?? Jerk


Yeah cause that’s necessary..


I don’t think I’ll ever forgive him for this

Or this

Why? Why did you do that?

Was this really necessary??

For those of you who made it this far *I congratulate you cause I had to leave & gather myself for a few moments* you can see his full body here. Like through his shirt. How is that possible?? It’s because Harry. And for that - you can go fuck yourself.

Lastly on this extremely long post I just have to address this

He didn’t have to move like this but he did anyway - he also didn’t have to be shirtless but he was anyway…just to laugh at us

This….this does things to me…

I’m gonna end it here - because this really was the final straw for me. This really is what inspired me to do this post.

So in conclusion - Harry Styles is a sex god - he is VERY comfortable with his body even though he says he’s not. And we all thank him for it because it gives new meaning to life and happiness. On the other hand, he’s a little shit who flaunts his sexiness in your face & basically laughs at you. He’s the definition of the phrase “look but can’t touch”. Because everything that you just witnessed here today, Louis gets to experience all the time.