god he is too fine

When you ask them to take a bath with you

Anon asked: Hiya! Could you do a bts reaction to their gf asking them to take a bath with her thnx u very much

I hope you guys enjoyed this one as much as I did! Please request as much as you want! - Admin Chmin

Namjoon: You were very stressed due to the amount of work your boss was putting onto you and the only way you’ve be able to de-stress was to run a warm soothing bath. Once you go home, you saw your boyfriend laying on the couch as he normally did at this time of night. 

“Wanna have a bath with me?” you asked, He waited for a moment and answered 

“Sure, why not?”

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Jin: You had gotten into a food fight after baking a cake and obviously you two had to clean up. You laughed after the fight and offered for both of you two have a bath together, he gladly accepted and followed you.

“Well I mean, how could i say no to the most delicious human being in the world?” he asked, wiping icing on your nose.

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Yoongi: After seeing him stressed out for a whole month you decided it was time for you two to relax.

“Just one bath. You and I, some candles” you pleaded.

“I swear to god if you say petals too” he laughed.

“Fine” he sighed.

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J-Hope: He would be all for it after you asked him, he loves doing literally anything with or for you.

“Anything for you sunshine”

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Taehyung: Taehyung would most likely say yes if he was in the mood to do sentimental shit, if he wasn’t he would let you down easily but still shower you with kisses.

“Uhhhh Okay, but you’re the one sitting in between my legs. Not like last time.”

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Jimin: He would be the one to suggest it not you, He loves spending time with you in every way possible.

“I’ve got the bath running princess!”

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Jungkook: I feel like Jungkook would be shy and a little unsure about this, it would take so long to convince him.

“Baby, can’t we just cuddle or you know do it? Like literally get naked and do it” he pleaded you.

“If you mean do it as in having a bath together then yes we can!”

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..im…not okay…

oh please dont be dead;;;;

How is it that Kevin, an old white man, says less rude and problematic shit than everyone?

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Anyway you could write the elevator sick fic with Lance? Love your blog btw!

Let’s see what I can whip up here, and thank you! I’m glad you like it :)

“Why are you still following me, Keith?” Lance spit out as the red paladin followed him into the elevator. He just wanted to be alone– he hadn’t been feeling well all day, and he just wanted to go back to his room to sleep whatever he had off. His head was throbbing, and his face was burning despite his bones feeling as if they were made of ice. He wasn’t sure if it was even possible to get sick in space, but he sure as hell felt sick. 

“I wanted to go rest in my room for a bit before I pick back up with training,” Keith answered, ignoring the bite to Lance’s tone. 

Lance groaned loudly, smashing the button to the third floor where all the rooms were located with more force than necessary. He was one hundred percent done with this day, and it was taking every ounce of what little will power he had remaining to not snap at Keith, who had pushed him to the brink during training. 

“What’s your problem, Lance?” Keith spit out, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms. 

Lance wanted to reply; he wanted to tell Keith that he felt horrible, but he didn’t. “Nothing,” Lance opted to say just as the elevator started moving. 

“You’ve been too moody today,” Keith muttered, prompting Lance to roll his eyes in response. 

Lance stared hard at the numbers above the elevator door– it was only going up two floors, but it was taking longer than usual. He was just about to say something about it aloud when the lights flickered out and the elevator jolted to halt. 

Gripping the wall to keep from toppling over, Lance blinked rapidly, willing his eyes to adjust to the darkness. He could feel a deep pit of panic settling deep within his stomach, but the faint sound of Keith’s calm breathing had him forcing his breaths to come out slow and casual. 

Keith stumbled forward until he reached the panel beside the door where all of the buttons were. 

“K-Keith?” Lance questioned, mentally cursing how shaky his voice sounded. 

“I’m going to see if the elevator comms still work.” Keith said while pressing certain buttons and calling out different names as he did. 

Lance slid to the floor, drawing his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around them in an attempt to get warm as strong shivers started to wrack his body. He mentally kicked himself for leaving his jacket in the training room. 

“I think we are stuck for now,” Keith said after trying every button. “Power must be out in the whole castle.” 

“Great,” Lance replied weakly, pressing his forehead to his knees. He listened as Keith sat down against the other side of the wall. 

“I’m sure it won’t take Coran long to fix this. With Pidge and Hunk’s help, we should be out of here soon, and you will be free from me,” Keith said with a bite to his tone. 

Lance breathed out a shaky sigh. He knew he should say something to reassure Keith that he wasn’t actually mad at him. He was stuck in an elevator with him– the last thing they needed to do was fight. But, he found that he couldn’t muster up the energy. He was just so tired– so cold and so, very tired. 

The pair fell into a strained silence; however, it didn’t last long. Despite his best efforts, Lance just could not seem to get warm, and soon enough, his teeth began to chatter. He tried to stop– he really did, but it was as if he lost control of his body. He just couldn’t stop shivering. He felt terrible, and he just wanted to sleep– preferably in his own warm bed and not on a cold elevator floor. 



“Are you cold?” 

Obviously, Lance thought to himself. It was basically an ice box in this damn elevator. “Of c-course,” Lance said, trying to ignore how pitiful he sounded. “It’s f-freezing in here.” Lance heard Keith moving around, and seconds later, he felt a strong, warm hand on his arm. 

“No, it’s really not. It’s hot in here, actually.” 

Lance wanted to laugh, but his throat was too sore. Keith seemed like the type to run hot anyway, so Lance found that he shouldn’t be surprised that Keith was hot despite it being freezing. “Well, I’m c-cold,” he grumbled. He was about to turn his head to face away from Keith but stopped when Keith pressed the back of his hand against Lance’s forehead. 


Lance listened as Keith hopped to his feet and moved back to the door. “W-what?” 

“You’re burning up. I need to get you out of here.” 

Lance looked up, narrowing his eyes to try and see Keith through the darkness. “It’s f-fine. I’m not g-going to d-die.” God, he was so cold, and his head felt as if it were splitting in half. He briefly wondered who he pissed off to deserve this. 

“No, Lance. It’s so hot in here that I’m sweating.” 

Lance frowned, pressing the back of his hand against his own forehead. He could feel the heat, but it didn’t seem too concerning to him. If anything, it felt amazing against his freezing hands. 

“Keith,” Lance started, voice barely an audible rasp. “H-how are you going to get us out?” 

“I’m sorry for this,” Keith said right before he started banging his fists against the door, shouting at the top of his lungs for help. 

This went on for a solid three minutes, and Lance was about to beg Keith to stop before his head exploded, but his words got caught in his throat when someone responded from outside the elevator. 

“Keith, are you alright?” 

Lance breathed out a sigh of relief– bless Shiro for always appearing at the right time. 

“Shiro, hey, we need to get out of here.” Keith said, voice frantic. 

“We? Is Lance with you?” 

Lance craned his neck to cough harshly into the crook of his arm. Well, he thought to himself, that was new. 

“Yeah, Shiro, he’s really sick. How long til you guys can get us out of here?” 

“Just a few more minutes, hopefully. What’s wrong with Lance?”

Lance wanted to reply– he wanted to assure Shiro that he would be fine, but his chest tightened, and he turned his head, pressing his fist to his mouth as a strong coughing fit wracked his body. 

“Shit, is that Lance? He sounds terrible!”

“Yeah, and he’s got a really bad fever. It’s boiling in here, but he says he’s cold.” 

Lance struggled to catch his breath as his eyes welled with tears. “I,” he called out weakly in between coughs. “I’m fine.” 

“Shiro, please hurry,” Keith said before returning to Lance’s side. He grabbed Lance’s hand and pressed it against his chest. “Try to breathe with me, okay?” 

Lance focused on the rise and fall of his hand against Keith’s chest, and after a couple of minutes, he was able to breathe well enough. Now that breathing wasn’t an issue, Lance had time to focus on how hot he suddenly got– it felt as if fire was prickling against his skin. And, the floor beneath him felt as if it were tilting. Shit. He was going to pass out– he was going to die. He was going to keel over in an elevator with Mullet being the one person to witness his dying breath. The panic he had been pushing back was starting to take hold. 

“Lance? Hey, Lance? Stay with me, okay?” Keith cursed as he brushed his hand against Lance’s cheek. The heat was almost unbearable against his hand, and he could only imagine how Lance was feeling. 

Lance was just about to succumb to the darkness tugging at him when the lights flickered on, and the elevator jolted to life. 

“Thank fucking God,” Keith muttered, studying Lance now that he could see. 

Lance could cry from relief. The elevator moving was doing nothing to ease the dizziness that has taken hold of his head, but the sooner he got off this death trap, the better. 

The elevator dinged, and the doors slid open, revealing Shiro and Allura looking in with wide, worried eyes. Shiro stepped in first, rapidly closing the distance between he and Lance. 

Lance watched with blurred vision, and he briefly thought that Shiro looked like God approaching him. “See,” he whispered, voice too wrecked to talk any louder. “I’m fine.” 

Shiro breathed out a small laugh despite his furrowed brows. “Okay, buddy,” he paused, lifting Lance up bridal style. “We will make sure you are fine once we get you to Med Bay.” 

Lance wanted to ask why he couldn’t just go into a pod, but Shiro’s arms were so warm, and he struggled to keep his eyes open. “Kay,” he breathed out, putting all his trust into his friends as sleep took hold. 

The Fainting Room

Month of Fanfiction - Day 11 - Smut. Fenris/f!Hawke, 2709 words, nsfw. Some ridiculous PWP set during Mark of the Assassin.

Maker damn it, those Orlesians were not kidding.

Duke Prosper had poured her two fingers of some peach liqueur—“said to enhance sensation,” he said as his gaze slithered up her décolletage like a slug—and the tiny little sips her corset allowed had seared their way down her constricted waist to pool between her legs, heating her up to the very core.

“You’re distracted, Champion,” giggled Sister Nightingale. “Something on your mind? Or should I say … someone?”

Her eyes glittered, and heat crept up Hawke’s face as she had the distinct impression that the redhead knew exactly what manner of drink swished in her tulip-shaped, short-stemmed glass.

Someone was on her mind alright. In fact, she blamed him as much as she did the blush-coloured liquid in her hand: they’d been at it like nugs since he’d returned to her, and the couple of days it had taken them to travel to the Vimmark Mountains had felt like another three years altogether.

Romantic getaway, my arse, she thought. So far it had been more of an exercise in self-denial and discipline. Now instead of looking for a way inside the castle, she found herself stealing glances around the garden in hopes of catching a shock of silver hair.

Likely playing cards with Varric somewhere, the truant, while the silk of her stockings was sizzling off her legs from the heat underneath her skirts—

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More of that time travel fic you wrote for basama plsssssssssssssssssss... please???

continuation of this

naruto is ready to tell sasuke that the ghost of one of his deceased relatives is haunting them, looking for its mother, when sakura elbows him in the stomach to shut him up. the little girl stands at sasuke’s feet and reaches up, asking him to pick her up. he assesses her briefly before bending forward and complying.

“what just happened?” naruto whispers to her.

“i have no idea,” sakura replies. she smiles at the little girl – this strange child that, honestly, could very well be a ghost like naruto insists – and the girl smiles back.

“i love you, mama,” she declares, reaching out for sakura. she squirms wildly until she’s mostly leaping out of sasuke’s embrace, forcing sakura to catch her.

“she thinks you’re her mother,” naruto says. he walks around sakura to stand in the hall with sasuke. he doesn’t even looked ashamed as he slowly backs away, tugging sasuke along with him. “sakura-chan, i know you’d want us to survive without being cursed or made into ghosts as well, so–”

“naruto, you ass!”

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OKAY OKAY MY BRO im probably not the best at explaining things but in four days there will be a BunkoJ (re:zero publisher!!!!!!) press conference (if im not wrong??????? anyway, point is, they will be talking about their publishing series), and apparently they will be talking about re:zero too!!!!!!! which means: there will probably be some sort of Big Announcement™ on it, and people r REAAAAAAALLY hoping it will be to confirm season two!! sadly, there’s no proof enforcing this, but hope never dies :’))))

half-light chapter 15/15

one /// two /// three /// four /// five  /// six /// seven /// eight /// nine /// ten /// eleven /// twelve /// thirteen /// fourteen


How do you know? Scully had asked him after the Boggs case (in the other place, not the place he thinks must be real). What’s real and what’s not, I mean.

She’d been reading a book and he’d been pretending to nap, and she’d said it, and it sounded like more entertainment then napping, so he’d scooted upright against the pillows, winced against the pain in his leg, and turned to look at her. I just know, he said.

She made a face, setting her book facedown in her lap. Okay, but how do you know?

(They sounded like the little girls, the Eves: how did you know what to do, he’d asked them when they’d dropped them off at the asylum, and they’d chorused, we just knew.)

I just do, he said. How do you know that everything I say is real isn’t?

Science, she said simply. (He could’ve asked about Boggs, but she’d made it clear yesterday, with the sudden stiff shape of her shoulders and the clipped way she said, It’s late, I have to go when he’d tried to get her to discuss it again. She didn’t want to talk about it. Fair, there was plenty he didn’t want to talk about.)

Okay, he said. Well, you have science, then. I have beliefs. I get a… feeling, and I know whether something is real or not.

Are you claiming to be psychic? she asked, raising an eyebrow, smirking. Is that how you knew Boggs wasn’t?

He smirked back. I didn’t say that. I said I just knew.

She nodded, waited a beat before opening her book again. He supposed that meant she was finished with the conversation.

She turned pages for a few minutes before saying, So it’s… wish fulfillment? If you want something to be true hard enough, then it will be?

That’s not what I said either, he said, slightly annoyed now.

Scully looked at him from over the top of the book. But you want to believe, she said, quietly.

The damn poster. He nodded, because he couldn’t exactly say no. I want to believe. So I do.

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Okay but the fact that a single 30-second deleted scene can get me this worked up is amazing and a testament to how incredible Goran and Abigail are and the care they’ve put into their characters. Bless them and their families and their cows. I am Shook.

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Pairing: AJ Styles x Shane McMahon

Summary: Shane’s thankful to be back home and safe after his crash-landing in the helicopter, but someone’s still worried about him…

x-posted to aO3 (This isn’t explicit yet, but I’m hoping…).

Notes: Shane/AJ are my FAVES, and I’ve wanted to write current-day versions for a while - mainly inspired by anons with @llowkeys (QUEEN), and the frickin’ fantastic Shane/AJ fic writers of the world. 

(P.S. stylescoalition has already written a wonderful ‘copter crash fic on aO3, and it’s awesome, and anyone who hasn’t read it should read it right now. Because it’s SO GOOD)

P.S. I’m sleepy so this might be full of typos, tbh.

Warnings: Adultery, and language, and Daniel Bryan being a bit of a prick (I’m sticking with calling him Daniel Bryan). Also, maybe typos.

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You know what FUCK Wonho man, here I am minding my own business tryna go about my day, doing what I gotta do, getting that dollar, stepping my game up, appreciating other groups besides my Monsta X babes, everything going fine, but this guy - THIS fucking guy - has the audacity to randomly pop up in the middle of what I’m doing, like I can be 4 hours deep into Dr Pimple Popper videos and suddenly he’ll just be THERE and like????? The fuck????? What are you doing????? Why you gotta play me like this????? Can I not just BREATHE for a second????? Can I not be attacked for just a mo????? Can I not be given time to stay on my grind like, ya know, keep it cool like I’m not UTTER TRASH for Shin Hoseok????? This guy. I swear 2 god. I can’t go on like this. I’m paranoid. He’s too perfect. I have a weak heart you know. It’s too much. God damn it. He always gotta be lookin fine and workin those angles as well. CHRIST. I can’t, I just- FUCK Wonho man.

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5 for Rusame pls

5: “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

(( *finger snaps* That’s my shit.))

Alfred always thought that it was funny whenever Ivan got jealous. It could just be a brush of Arthur and Alfred’s hands and Ivan started to scowl. It could just be a friendly hug between Alfred and Antonio and Ivan would nearly rip his throat out. It was hilarious and entertaining to play with his emotions a bit.

Don’t get him wrong, Alfred loved Ivan unconditionally and would do anything to protect him, but teasing was awfully fun. He would tease him after 30 minutes- give or take- of reassurance. Jealousy was something that Alfred thought was funny.

That is, until he experienced it himself.

Alfred was supposed to meet Ivan for coffee hours ago and here he stood alone. Ivan was never late. It didn’t matter if he was sick or busy. Ivan was never late. Alfred wasn’t getting annoyed, rather, he was more worried. Ivan was out as a monster and there had been many reports of monsters being jumped and nearly beaten to death. It was unnerving. Of course, Ivan could take care of anyone just like that. But… it still worried Alfred.

Then he saw Ivan. It was hard to miss him, despite the cold wind stinging his eyes and the tip of his nose and ears burning and numb, Alfred could recognize that giant figure anywhere. “Ivan!” Alfred waved him over with a smile. Sure, he was a little pissed that Ivan made him wait fucking hours but he could make it up to him in bed. Alfred paused.

Ivan was with a friend.

That was weird.

Ivan didn’t have any friends.

“Alfred!” Ivan beamed, kissing his forehead, “I’m sorry I was late but… an old friend was in town and I lost track of time. I kind of forgot…” Ivan sheepishly laughed then moved aside to reveal a pretty short guy. At least, Alfred thought it was a guy. He was even shorter than him.

“My name is Yao.” The short guy- Yao- put his hand out for a handshake. Alfred frowned. So this guy was the reason why Ivan was late? This guy was the reason why Ivan forgot about their coffee date? Forgot about him?

Alfred put on a forced smile and shook his hand, trying to make sure that he didn’t crush his hand, “Alfred. Ivan’s boyfriend.”

Yao nodded, “I know. He talked about you nonstop.”

Alfred tried not to look to pleased.


Alfred finally knew how it felt. It drove him crazy. Ivan offered Yao his seat on the subway station. Ivan sat next to Yao in the coffee shop, catching up with him and completely ignoring Alfred all together. Ivan literally spent their date day with Yao. Ivan seemed to be Yao’s boyfriend rather than his. Even when Yao was out of the room, Ivan would talk all about his achievements and how close they are.

He hated being ignored. Alfred looked down and tried to hide his frown behind his hair as the other two hugged as a goodbye for what Alfred thought to be longer than it should be. Alfred thought that by the end of the day it would be over. He thought this sickening, unsettling feeling would depart as Yao left. But that didn’t happen.

He had sudden thoughts of Ivan pulling him aside saying: “I don’t think this is working out.” or “I think I’m in love with someone else.” or the cliche “It’s not you, it’s me” ploy. He felt sick. It felt like his heart turned cold, stabbed with envy for the amount of attention Ivan was giving Yao.

“Alfred? Are you okay?” Ivan asked, bending over to see Alfred’s face and snapping him away from his thoughts.

“I’m fine.” Alfred said too quickly. God, he felt the tears building. He hadn’t cried in so long so why now? “You could go and hang out with Yao, I guess. I’m tired.”

Ivan frowned, “Yao left. I want to spend time with you-.” He paused. “Why are you angry?”

Ivan is so stupid.

“I’m not angry.”

“Yes you are.” Ivan tried to lean over to see Alfred’s face.

Alfred scooted away. “I’m not!”

Ivan grabbed Alfred’s hands and pulled them away from his face. “You are. Why are you angry?”

Alfred felt absolutely frustrated. He was being a moody bitch but he didn’t care. He knew that he required… “high maintenance” and attention. “I don’t know! Why don’t you ask Yao? Because you’d rather spend all your time with him and he’s just so smart and-.” His voice broke. No one saw him this emotional in years. He hated showing emotion. He felt so vulnerable. “And why don’t you go be his boyfriend?” Ivan was quiet. That made Alfred afraid.

Ivan was quiet for far too long. Alfred braced for those words.

“Wait…. are you jealous?” Ivan asked, his expression absolutely bewildered.

Alfred’s expression turned deadpan and stared at him. “Are you… fucking… kidding me?”


Alfred stood up, rubbing his temples, “Oh my God. You aren’t kidding.” He looked at Ivan. “Of course I’m jealous! You’ve been spending all your time talking to Yao, talking about Yao, being with him instead of your boyfriend! What do you think?”

Ivan paused, shocked, then burst out laughing.

“What?” Alfred huffed out.

“So is this how you feel when I’m like this?” Ivan laughed. Alfred had never seen him laugh so hard. “You know that I’ll always love you and only you.”

Alfred was quiet for a moment and watched as Ivan laughed, his nose and cheeks red even under his scarf. This reminded him of when they first met.

He started to laugh quietly until he was as loud as Ivan. “Yeah.” What was he thinking? Being jealous?


Crying (Calum)


Anonymous said: “Could you do a 4/4 where the boy is crying and like really upset and you comfort him and it’s all cuddly and so so cute omg I love your writing thank youuu”

omg the feels



You are sitting by your computer when your phone suddenly lights up next to you with a picture of one of your best friend’s, Luke, letting you know that he is calling. 

You smile and pick it up, though you’re a little confused since you thought he was having a ‘boys night out’ with his friends.

“Hello?” You answer.

“Y/N?” Luke says into the phone, sounding almost panicked. 

“Luke? Are you okay?” 

“No, yeah I’m fine, but uh- Calum, he…” He is cut off by something crashing in the background. “Shit, wait-” 

Luke puts the phone down, it sounds like, and you can hear muffled voices and then another crash. 

“Hey, Y/N, you still there?” Luke asks again. 

“Yeah, yeah, I’m here. What’s going on? What’s up with Calum?” You ask, suddenly very concerned. You don’t know why though, you don’t really know Calum that well. You met him a few months ago though Luke, they are best friends and you and Luke are best friends. Luke had set you up as his tutor, since he is failing almost all of his classes, being the douche bag he is. 

You honestly can’t see why Luke and him are friends, they are pretty much the opposites to each other but they have apparently known each other since they were little and according to Luke there actually is something good in him behind that bad boy attitude and all the cigarettes and alcohol. 

“He is absolutely wasted and him being him, started a fight at the bar and yeah- we took him home and now he’s destroying basically his whole house. You need to come here, Y/N, you know how to calm him down.” Luke says, sounding desperate. Almost making you consider going there for a second, before you realize what he’s actually saying. 

“Wait, what? No, what makes you think that I could calm him down better than you can? He hates me Luke.” You say. Calum had hated you from the first second he saw you, always making rude comments and mocking every thing that left you mouth. 

“No, he doesn’t. Please. Do it for me at least.”

God damn. He knows you way too well.

“Fine.” You say after a while. “I’ll be there soon.” 


You can hear it even before you enter the house, the yelling and something breaking. 

You don’t bother knocking, not sure someone would actually hear it anyways, and step in. 

It looks like everyone except for Luke have already given up, Ashton and Michael are sitting on the couch, watching as Calum throws another plate into the wall only for it to break into small pieces. Luke is trying his best to stop him, frantically grabbing everything out of his hands before he has the chance to do anything. 

You have no idea how this is going to end, but if Luke thinks you’ve got a shot at calming him down, then it’s worth a try at least. 

You carefully walk up to Calum, meeting Luke’s thankful eyes before you gently put a hand on his shoulder. 

“Calum?” You say. At first he doesn’t even notice you, just shakes off your hand like it was nothing. “Calum.” You say a bit louder, grabbing his arm. 

He turns around and his gaze falls on you, and for a minute you actually think a look of relief appears on his face, but then he is back to narrowing his eyes and clenching his jaw. 

“What the fuck are you doing here?” He spits, not sounding as intoxicated as you thought he would. 

“You need to calm down-”

“Don’t tell me what to.” He warns before he pushes Luke off of him, making him stumble backwards. He is breathing heavily, looking at you with angry eyes, but you don’t let yourself be scared. You know that he purposely wouldn’t hurt you. 

“Listen to me Calum, breathe okay?”

“Would you all just get the fuck out of here please?” 

“Calum, mate, we’re only trying to help. Listen t-” Luke tries but he is cut off by Calum’s fist at his jaw. It wasn’t much force behind the punch, but Luke was unprepared so he falls into the wall behind him. 

“Calum!” You yell and you do the first thing that comes to mind. You wrap your arms around him from the back and try as hard as you can to pull him away. He twists and turns, trying to get you off of him. “Stop fighting me, calm down.”

“No, let me go!” 

“No, I’m not letting you go. Never.” You say, determined as you lock your hands over his chest.

“Please…” He pleads, quieter this time. 

You press your front against his back, trying to hold him still. “It’s okay, Calum. I’m here. You’re okay.” You say reassuringly as you feel him relax. 

Everything is suddenly very still and quiet, all eyes are on you and Calum. He is standing with his head hung low, still breathing heavily. 

Just as you are about to let go he lets out a quiet sob, shoulders hunching. You meet Michael’s and Ashton’s surprised looks as you feel another sob wreck his body.

“Hey, love, are you alright?” You ask quietly, afraid that he might lash out on you again. To your surprise, he just shakes his head slowly.

You loosen your arms around him to give him some space, but his hands immediately goes to grab yours, keeping them around him. 

Luke gets up from the floor, a red mark stil evident on his jaw. 

“Calum…” You say and that seems to be when he finally breaks. Not being able to hold his own body upright he sinks down to the floor while sobbing violently. You follow him to the ground, immediately opening your arms for him to which he almost throws himself into, burying his face in your neck while you stroke his back. 

You meet the boys’ looks before they quietly leaves the room, leaving the two of you alone. 

“Shh, you’re going to be okay, Cal.” You say. He hugs you tighter against him, tears leaking into your shirt. 

“I- I can’t…” He stutters.

“Just breathe.” You say, trying to sound calm when in reality you are almost freaking out as much as he is. It is not every day that you see Calum Hood crying, in fact, you’re not sure anyone has ever seen him crying like this before. Maybe Luke. 

He is practically sitting in your lap, trying to come as close to you as possible. 

“I- I’m such a f-fuck up.” He cries. “Everone hates me.”

“No, you’re not. You just have a bad temper.” You say, not waning to lie. He’s not a fuck up, he has just fucked up. 

“Stop being so nice to me all the god damn time.” He mumbles into your hair. “I don’t deserve it.”

“No, you don’t.” You agree. “But I know that behind all those walls you’ve put up to keep people out, you are a good guy, Calum. I know that. And I think it’s sad that you have to hide.”

He pulls away to meet your eyes. His cheeks are red and puffy and his eyes are red rimmed and full of unspillen tears. You give him a weak smile and use your thumbs to wipe across his wet cheeks. 

You sigh before you decide to stand up, offering a hand to Calum. He accepts it and stand up in front of you. 

“You’re amazing. And I think it’s time for more people to see that.” 

He closes the gap between you and wraps his arms around you again. This time it’s not in a desperate try of seeking a shoulder to cry on, no, this time it is a tight, long hug that gives you chills all over your body. 

“You need to clean this up though.” You say as you look over his shoulder and see the mess that is supposed to be his hallway. “And apologize to the boys, especially Luke.”

“Fuck, yeah, I know. Can’t believe I punched him.” 

You pull away and he quickly wipes his eyes of any remaining tears. “But I won’t clean up today. My parents won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon so it doesn’t matter right now.”

You nod. “Are you okay now?” You ask after a while. You are still holding his hand in yours, squeezing reassuringly. 

“I think I will be, at least.” He says. “And, uh- thanks. I guess.” 

“Anytime.” You smile and you realize that you actually mean it, you would always be there for him, not matter how big of a dick he might be sometimes. 

“I’m sorry. For everything.” He says, head hanging low i shame.

“Hey,” You say, grabbing his chin to make him meet your eyes. “I said that it’s fine. We all break sometimes. It’s okay.”

“Will you stay with me tonight?” He asks after a few moments, looking at you nervously while biting his lower lip.

“Calum,” you sigh, “I don’t think that’s a good idea…”

“Please. Just so I won’t feel so alone.”

You study his face, contemplating if it actually is a good idea or not.

“I’ll make you breakfast in the morning, I promise.” He says, eyes pleading, and that was really the only thing that you needed to maek your decision.

“Fine, I’ll stay.” You smile at his expression. “But you need to apologize to Luke and the boys first.”

“I will.” He says, determined. “Thank you.” He once again pulls you into a hug. “I- I don’t know what I’d do without you, really. It may not seem like it, but I actually enjoy our study sessions and your constant nagging about algebra and whatever.” He confesses. 

“You do suck sometimes, big time. But I’m glad I met you.” 

“Me too.”


A/N: I hope you liked this one, it turned out a bit different than what I had imagined though

Fanfic Giveaway~ Mornings With Jumin

Requested by @mttbrand-memes​ sorry this took so long…i wanted to make sure it was good in my mess of a life but i hOPE YOU LIKE IT


It was a rarity to see Jumin when he first wakes. His work demanded him to rise early, and by the time she stumbled from bed into the kitchen, he was already fully awake and dressed to the nines.

But every once in a while, when Jumin had a day off, she had the chance to witness it; sleepy Jumin.

When she awoke that morning, it was barely light out. The first pale yellow rods of sunlight slipped through the blinds, illuminating the room in a soft glow. It was nearly silent, save for quiet, slow breathing, and gentle purring across the room on the couch. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, stretching slowly before sitting up. Jumin made a small noise of protest as his arms, once wrapped around her shoulders, now fell to rest on her hips. He pulled her back down, burying his face in her neck, softly sighing.

She felt a small, fond smile worm its way on her lips, “Morning, sweet heart.”

As she began to run her fingers through his hair, which was sticking up in all different directions, he groaned softly again.

“’s not morning yet…” His voice was low and husky; pride swelled in her chest as she mentally cheered for finally catching him before he was fully awake.

It was aboslutely adorable.

It was like there was a switch on the serious part of his personality that hadn’t been flicked on. She always ended up teasing him in this state since it was the only times she could make him blush, even with the simplest of compliments.

“Jumin~ you have the cutest bedhead!” She giggled, ruffling it further with both hands and relishing in his small grumble and the way he pressed his face further into his shoulder.

The tips of his ears were dyed light pink, score.

“I have to feed Elizabeth-” she started; he complained immediately, she stifled a laugh, and he tightened his grip around her.

“You’ll fall asleep again at this rate”

“That’s the goal”

She giggled; his speech was slightly slurred and incredibly quiet. If only she had her phone…

“How am I supposed to make you breakfast if you can’t get up?” She already knew his answer, though.

“Let the chef do it.”


“Fine, fine~”

God, he was just too cute like this, leaning into her hand as if to tell her to continue. She held back a delighted squeal; he had a tiny smile on his lips, and he let out a content sigh. She would fall asleep too, if this kept up, but she couldn’t find it in her to really care. This was a very, very special moment, she needed to remember every single detail about it.

His half lidded eyes still hazy with sleep, the mess on top of his head she was only making worse, the soft embrace he held her in; if only life could stay like this forever.

Well, she didn’t doubt that if she asked for it, Jumin would surely make sure it came true. But maybe their times apart is what made this moment so sweet.

Pressing a kiss to the top of his head, she relaxed into him once more and closed her eyes, a pleased, content smile on her lips.