god he is sooo beautiful ~

  • McQueen’s crash was really fucking brutal like god damn they did such a good job with that scene like I know everyone is all “oh haha he dies” but sitting in the theater watching it happen you just feel paralyzed because holy shit. Anyways, major kudos to Pixar for making that probably my favorite scene in the whole movie because of the beautiful cinematography.
  • Jackson Storm!!! I thought I was gonna hate him, and I did he is a grade A jackass, but just oh man he’s just so fucking cool and sleek and the black and blue coloring is sooo good. Yes I hate him but also I love him. 
  • The colors of all the new gen racers were so great!! They were all so sleek and shiny and cool looking and colorful!
  • At first I didn’t really like Cruz, she kinda bugged me in the overly happy kind of way, but that didn’t remain the case because OH MY GOD I’M SO PROUD OF MY DAUGHTER!!!
  • McQueen doing the warm up exercises to get Cruz to come with him was so great. McQueen is A+ dad material.
  • McQueen mentoring Cruz on the beach without even realizing he’s mentoring her gave me life. 
  • The entire demolition derby. 
  • I was honestly expecting the school bus to be a guy so I was absolutely ecstatic that it ended up being a girl!! Anyways, I love Miss Fritter she’s fantastic and amazing and so badass.
  • Fritter trying to straight up kill McQueen and then later while being interviewed being all exited and saying how she’s always liked McQueen was so cute.
  • “Racing wasn’t the best part of Doc’s life, you were.” 
  • I can’t believe Doc Hudson is a gay icon.
  • I make a post about a week ago predicting that Cruz would race in McQueen’s place AND I WAS RIGHT, I WAS RIGHT, I WAS RIGHT!!!
  • McQueen up on the platform with the headset on coaching Cruz almost broke me I was flipping the fuck out oh my god he was the splitting image of Doc it was amazing.
  • Cruz doing the wall flip trick. I had a fucking conniption fit it was so good it was perfect it was, although a bit predicable, absolutely astounding. 
  • Cruz took Doc’s number. So good. What a way to bring it full circle. 

new drinking game: drink every time kit thinks ty is beautiful or that he likes the way he lives and feels too intensely

Headcanons okay?

• Honestly? He’s as hammered as you are. Maybe even more so.
• Super smug when you start to cling on to him (but also super giddy on the inside because he thinks it’s cute).
• You two spend almost all night hanging off each other, singing and laughing at bad jokes.
• “hey, HEY, McCree…Mc-Jess. my man, my…. Listen, bro, HEY! You’re sooo beautiful, you know that? God, I gotta…. I got a crUSH on yooouu!”
• He starts crying, he’s so happy
• You start crying, because he’s crying
• And, everything gets caught on tape.

• Okay, so this man has the highest alcohol tolerence of anyone you’ve ever known, or will ever know.
• He always ends up being the moderator for every get together that involves adult beverages
• He’s the only one who, for sure, won’t get drunk.
• “Okay, I think you’ve had enough, [y/n].”
• “I think, I think YOU’VE had enough mr. hoTBOD.”
• “Aaaand, I’m taking your drink.”
• He pretends that you saying he has a hot body doesn’t get to him.
• It gets to him.
• You wrap your arms around his torso.
• “Gabe, gabe, GAbe! Gabo… Gabe….Gab-a-reeno!”
• “What.”
• “psst gabe. I think….. I know whose gotta crush on yooouuuu!……… it’s meeeee.”
• He’s absolutely red all over and everyone knows it’s not because of the alcohol.

• Is super careful about drinking and has probably only had a sip of beer.
• Watches you from afar as you have a hardcore rock-paper-scissor battle with McCree.
• You both keep putting out rock.
• “Mind if I play?” He asked McCree after seeing this go on for a few minutes.
• “be my guest… mr. sir, they’re a…….veeerrry powerful….”
• Jesse then toddles away to bother Gabriel.
• “Aaaaahhh, so the big guy shows for….a chALANGE!”
• He laughs.
• On shoot, he purposely puts out scissors all three times, naming you the victor.
• You try to climb the table in victory, but he holds you back.
• You wiggle a bit in his arms then stop when you realize how warm he is.
• “Hugs from Jack! Ooooo hugs….warm…good, Yay! I loove ya hugs! Now- you know…… Hey, jaCK give me a kiss.” You sing
• “Absolutely not.”
• He’s blushing up a storm.
• “pleeeaassseeee?? I’ve always wanted one!”
• You start singing a song about kisses and Jack, while he tries his hardest not to give you one.

• You’ve been bothering him all night
• It’s not like he can just leave you; it would be irresponsible.
• So, he half listens to you blab on about some movie with a pig in it.
• “And then she dies. Her babies…they just fly…..but he teaches baby sal……salutations.”
• You start to become a blubbering mess.
• You’re full on weeping at this point.
• Hanzo doesn’t know what to do, so he’s awkwardly patting your back.
• You end up crying into his chest.
• He’s freaking out and it’s showing a little.
• “H-hanzooo, don’t die an-and let your babies fly awaaaaayyyy!”
• “O-okay….”
• He’s trying to think of a way to make you stop crying as fast as he can.
• He grabs his cup of water and hands it to you.
• “Here….. You need to stay hydrated…”
• You slow your bawling and accept his offering, still cradled in his chest.
• You gulp it down through your sniffles.
• “Hanzo. Don’t….you better- haaanzzooo. Please don’t die! Then I can’t tell you….say that…. I think your super cute…..”
• “Thank you?”
• He went to bed that night equal parts confused and flustered


Was that what you wanted? I hope I got it right!


requested: nope

warnings: nothing this is really cute (language is a given at this point)

pairings: tom holland x reader

type: hc list

summary: it’s the first time you visit the holland’s at their home in london, and you’re trying your hardest to impress everyone. you aren’t tom’s lover just yet, but it’s obvious that you two fancy each other.

a/n: i’ve had this idea stuck in my head the entire day because it’s so fuckin cute. it’s pretty long, but i think it’s good. i hope u all enjoy! 

this is written in an american’s pov, but there aren’t any gender mentions in this, so it can be read in any gender once again!!

also, when i put things in parentheses, it’s usually me putting in my reactions. i do this periodically :-)

  • “y/n we don’t actually say that”
  • “tom, i have to get myself situated. with the boiling tea and crumpet chip biscuit whatevers.”
  • YEEHAW. you’re traveling to meet tom’s family back in london.
  • you’ve met harry, sam, and harrison already, but there were still three very important people to meet
  • you had met tom through a mutual actor friend who brought you on set one day
    • obviously it went like a fairy tale
    • your friend left you alone on set while they went to get snacks for you both
    • tom seen you, and came to tell you that only actors could be on set at that time
    • causing you to freak out, because UH, spider-man is speaking to you (ohMygOd, it’spEterparker)
    • which of course made tom cocky, and he was like “ayyyyy baby i’ll give u an autograph”
    • then your friend came back and officially introduced you two
    • and tom saying “you’re friends with y/f/n? i’m so sorry”
    • “i know. it’s tragic.”
    • “you two are perfect for each other” with an eye roll
  • so to say the least, you and tom had sparks from the beginning
    • not to mention the backhanded, sarcastic compliments that often lead to flirty and witty comebacks
      • “you’re cute, for 5′8″.”
      • “good thing you have a good personality because that outfit today was… :/”
      • “just wait until i see you again. you’re dead, holland
      • “well why don’t you come over right now and show me what you’d do?”
      • going over to play wrestle until you dominate him and straddle his hips while your breath is hitched and he’d just look up at you like “holy fuck
  • with the whole banter situation taking place, it kind of shocked you when tom asked you if you wanted to visit his family with him
  • like, REALLY took you off guard
  • because this was really domestic of him, and he hadn’t really ever showed that side to you
  • but nonetheless, you took the opportunity
    • took a bit of persuading to get your family to allow you, but eventually, everyone agreed. (boy it’s a good thing you got that passport that you totally didn’t get for the sole purpose of this occurring)
      • “as long as you call every morning and night, and text when necessary. and take pics.”
  • lots of preparation through facetime
    • “i heard it’s really fuckin’ cold in england. should i pack a parka?”
    • “y/n it’s not that cold. plus you won’t need two.”
    • “what do you mean i won’t need two if i-”
    • in a thick accent “peta parka.”
    • “….” deep sigh “can i get a refund for my ticket”
    • “don’t think so, love” in a soft laughing tone (AAAAHHHHHH)
  • after two or so weeks of packing and unpacking, and checking the checklist fifty times, it was finally time to depart to southwest london, darling
  •  this boy got first class tickets for the both of you
    • or at least that’s what he thought
    • he actually only got one for himself lmao
    • so instead, he swapped seats with the person beside you
      • oh my god shy hand holding on the plane would be expected
      • also cute little candids that would go up on each others instagrams wow
  • fast forward to arriving at the holland home
    • p.s., the entire car ride there was filled with little thigh touches to try and calm you down. but that only made you more nervous because god have mercy this beautiful boy wasn’t trying to act funny or anything like he usually acted, he was being genuine and that made your heart full
  • once at the door, you were greeted by nikki, dom, and a very excited tessa
    • “hello love! it’s so nice to meet you! tom has told us SOOO mu-”
    • DAD!!!!” would be said between clenched teeth while he would be blushing
  • with red cheeks of your own, you’d walk in to see the two brothers you had previously met, and a new face, who you recognized as paddy
  • sam and harry would say hello, but paddy would whisper yell to one of the brothers
    • “is that who tom calls his ‘babylove’?”
    • both you and tom would just stand there, his jaw would drop and one of your eyebrows would raise up
    • and you’d turn to tom with a huge smile and just whisper “babylove?”
    • and he’d blush even harder and be like “let me how you to your room!!!!!!!!!”
  • he’d bring you upstairs and into the guestroom so you could put your stuff up
  • then you’d follow him to his old room, and you’d sit on his bed and just have a look around while he piled his clothes into a hamper
    • hear me out
    • there would be little spider-man symbols across the wall, with some football flags strung up every so often
    • and you’d be like “you really weren’t lying about your obsession with spidey, huh?”
    • and he’d come and sit beside you and shrug while looking at his old decorations
    • you’d lean in and give him a lil kiss on the cheek before saying “it’s really cute, tom.” and he’d immediately light up and become a shy baby
  • then you’d hear footsteps coming up the stairs, and you’d pull away from each other with cute little grins
  • sam would look in and be like “mom wants to know what ya want for dinner”
    • and tom would turn to you and be like “well?”
    • and you’d insist that he choose, since he hasn’t been home in awhile
    • he’d say something he heard you talking about wanting to try
  • sam would leave and then you’d just nonchalantly grab tom’s hand and follow sam down
  • once down there, you’d be met by the family, minus nikki and sam who would venture into the kitchen
  • you’d let go of tom’s hand, and sit by paddy on the couch
    • little conversations would start up from dom
    • literally just things like “so tom said you can sing” and “tom said you guys met through a friend of yours?”
    • he wouldn’t even have to ask you questions directly because tom has told them virtually everything because the boy was swoon as fuck
  • but after a little while of tom and the rest of the family in sight getting caught up, you decided to slip out of view yourself and join nikki and sam in the kitchen
    • a “hey sweetheart! whatcha need?” coming from nikki
    • but you’d be like “i just wanted to know if you guys wanted an extra hand?”
    • sam would be like “hell yea y/n knows how ta cook”
    • but nikki would be like “that’s alright, it’s our pleasure to treat a guest of tom’s! thank you though, that’s really sweet”
  • so you’d walk back into the living room after a few “are you sure?”’s
  • and dom would be like “kicked out of the kitchen?” with a small laugh
  • and you’d answer with “yeah. you holland’s are stubborn.” 
    • which would definitely make tom pout, and your response would be to pat his cheek and say “pouting wont exclude you,” followed with a quiet “babylove.” while you dropped your hand
  • some time passed before nikki and sam returned, and nikki said dinner would be ready in about thirty minutes
    • those thirty minutes consisted of the family sharing embarrassing stories about tom
      • and him eventually hiding his red cheeks in the crook of your neck (sweet god)
  • soon, the timer went off and everyone made their way into the kitchen and got their plates
    • tbh i see the family taking all the seats around tom, so you’ll get to sit in between dom and nikki (i’d love that holy shit)
  • after dinner, you helped wash the dishes. that earned major brownie points from nikki and sam
  • it was getting kind of late, so the family suggested watching a movie or two together
    • oh my god tom would take you upstairs again and tell you to change into your pajamas because that was a tradition for movie night
      • wearing batman pajama bottoms knowing it would tease him
      • him refusing to let you go downstairs before changing into a pair of his spider-man bottoms
      • giving in once he gives you the puppy dog eyes while his forehead is pressed against yours
  • watching some sort of proper english movie because it was your first time visiting
    • angus, thongs and perfect snogging came into mind
      • harry loudly asking if you and tom ever snogged like that
    • cuddling with tom under a big blanket
  • when the family started to get a little drowsy, they decided to call it a night
  • everyone started to head upstairs, and you and tom did the same after grabbing a few snacks and some drinks
  • once in his room, you’d sit on his bed and just smirk at him until he’d ask what was up
    • and you’d immediately be like “what’s up with this lovey dovey side of you? you usually act like a sarcastic shit around me”
    • he’d just look down and press his hand against the nape of his neck and mumble “i like you”
    • and you’d say “well i got that part awhile ago”
    • but he’d sit there for a few seconds, trying to think of a way to say what he had in mind. he finally sighed and spoke out to you, “i mean, i think i’m falling in love with you”
    • and you’d sit there with your lips parted, and your eyes darting back and forth between his
    • he’d start to blabber on about how it was just a strategy that he used because he didn’t know how to show you how he really, truly felt
    • and you’d cut him off, and say “can i kiss you?”
    • and a few seconds of silence would take place before he would cup your cheeks and literally empty all the passion he held in his body out in one single kiss, while you would do the same
    • after you both pull away, he’d lower his hands and you’d both just sit and stare at each other
      • you’d raise your hand up and cup his cheek and rub your thumb across his cheekbone
    • eventually, you would say you’re tired, and press a small kiss against his lips before getting up and heading for the door
      • “goodnight, thomas.”
      • “goodnight, y/full/n.”
        • shutting the door and doing a happy dance all the way to the guest room

  • it’s sunday morning, and you couldn’t get any more sleep in due to the kiss from the night before still swimming through your memory
  • finally deciding on getting up and cooking breakfast for everyone to return all the love you were given the day before
  • carefully sneaking down to the kitchen
    • taking a long ass time to find all the ingredients you initially needed (oils, other stuff)
      • googling measurement equals because what american knows european measurements off the tom of their head
  • deciding on making some fancy omelette roll ups you once had with your actor friend
    • taking so much time to make everything perfect
  • when you finished making the omelette’s, along with some other sides, you would set everything out for easy serving, and then you would head upstairs again
  • since it was a sunday, everyone slept in
    • you’d gently knock on everyone’s door, and say breakfast was waiting for them downstairs
  • but when you got to tom’s door, you’d softly knock before heading on in
    • tom would be sleeping on the side of the bed that faced the window, and you would walk over to that side and crouch down
    • you would subconsciously lay your bent arm on the bed by toms face, and lay your head on your arm. you’d raise your free hand up to toy with a few loose curls while you looked over his features
    • he’d eventually wake up, and smile in a way that was really wide, but evidently tired
      • he would kiss your forehead and say “what a good way to wake up; an angel playing with my hair.”
    •  you’d giggle really quietly and stand up while saying “c’mon, babylove. i’ve made breakfast.”
    • and he’d pull you down onto the bed with him, and pepper little kisses against your shoulders, collarbones, neck, and cheeks before pressing a lingering kiss to your lips!!!
    • while he rested his forehead against yours, you decided to confess something you totally forgot to last night, “by the way,” you’d say in a really soft voice while swiping a messy curl from his temple, “i think i’m falling in love with you, too.”


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Harrison Osterfield Sexual Life (headcanon)

Requested: yes

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Harrison Osterfield Sexual Life

- Everything started at a random party where the both of you had too much to drink;
- You woke up with the biggest headache ever and you almost had a heart attack when you saw a sleepy naked Harrison next to you;
- At first you’d be pretty embarrassed and did not know what to do;
- “Maybe we can do it again” Harrison proposed you;
- That’s more or less how this whole thing started;
- Ok but I have the strong feeling that Harrison wants to spice up things and try something new to make everything special;
- Also because with his busy schedule you can also spend months without seeing each other;
- Since his eyes are just so beautiful, I think eye contact is a must.
- Back muscle kink because have you seen that body?!
- Ok but no one (apart from you and Harry that once walked in on you two making out) knew about your special friendship so when you visited the boys Harrison would tell you to keep quite or he stop making you feel good;
- “Stay still, pretty girl”;
- The day later Tom noticed the big hickey on your neck and he said something like “Was it good?”;
- You answered looking into Harrison’s eyes and with a smirk “Not that much”;
- Oh boy, when you were left alone he came from behind and whispered something like “Not that much? Darling, you’re in troubles;”
- Biting his neck;
- Phone sex because, why not?
- His voice would be something incredible, like he would be sooo deep and scratched;
- Praising kink;
- Wearing cute lingerie just for him;
- “God, darling, you are so beautiful” and he would pass his hand through his hair like he always does!!!;
- Moaning into kisses;
- Caressing every inch of your body;
- Ok but at some point everything got more intense, it wasn’t just fucking there was a new bond;
- So he started to stay the night and this led to morning sex (and maybe also a third round in the shower???)
- “Maybe there’s not just physical attraction between us”;
- “You should probably ask me out”;
- Open mouth kisses;
- One night you scratched his back so hard that the following evening he tied you up and said something like “let’s see if next time you’ll scratch me again, kitten”;
- His jaw clenched every time you went down on him;
- His jaw is just so beautiful;
- Telling the rest of the boys about the two of you and finding out they already knew/suspected;
- “That’s because Y/N can’t be quiet” Tom said whit nonchalance;
- Harrison chucked “Maybe I’m just good at it”;
- I bet he is;
- To sum up you sex life would be incredible and I’m very jealous about it;
- Bye;

Storytime? (Idk really but this shit is gonna be an essay)

So I submitted last time about this boy in my lab class that I got paired up with. While after that lab, him, 2 other people that are in our group, and I were talking and then other two people left after giving their contact info. So it was me and him left.
We continued to talk and he said I looked familiar and asked about my classes. I told him and turned out we have 2 other classes together; English and the lecture class for the lab. We talked for a good 10 minutes, but he had to leave to go to work. I was too scared to ask for his number, but luckily,

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My experience at the HVFF

This is going to be a very long post about my experience at the HVFF (sorry for my terrible English).

So, when we arrived, on our left, we saw Milo Ventimiglia and we almost fainted in front of him because we didn’t expect to see him so close to the entrance lol Infact we were shocked when we saw John Barrowman few seconds later on our right too haha

Then my friends and I went immediately to Robin’s stand and when we saw him we all freaked out -damn, he’s so good looking and he seems like 28, not 39 :O- So we stood right next to him (not in the queue) and when he saw us he waved and smiled at us (his smile is so bright and cute, I almost melted).

Then I met Em, Julia (@robinllordtaylor) and Jen (@christopherpaulcolfers) and they’re absolutely adorable ;-; I’m so happy that I’ve finally met them -I love you so much girls!

Then we all went to Robin’s photo-op and when I saw him I asked him if we could hug and he said ‘Of course, sweetie!’ and he smiled again. So I picked up my bags and I showed my hand to my friend -because I was literally shaking- and Dickie (Robin’s husband) saw me and he laughed -lol I was sooo embarrassed!

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Tododeku and fairy tales crossover ideas

So ahah guess who could not resist again and made fairy tale headcanons. ;) Sorry I am just addicted. But really Tododeku fits so much to fairy tales it would be such waste to not do this. :D So here some dose of my silly ideas of them in fairy tales AU:

  • The Beauty and the Beast - O.k so this one is really like Tododeku I see even this symbolism in their relationship. Like Todoroki felt like “beast” creature by all his past and powers and it was Midoriya who made him accept himself and healed his wounds. Midoriya really was like Todoroki’s own Belle who accepted “human” in him and learn him love himself and world around. In a way he really tamed “beast” inside Todoroki. :D So in this crossover Tododeku is of course an outsider who live lonely in castle and he will be isolating himself from people… Because of his painful past and the fact he will be seeing himself as “beast” as someone who can hurt otehrs because he can’t control his powerful powers… But then one day his gloomy castle transform into sunny place. It will be day of his hero’s arrival. :D Sunshine Belle Midoriya will appear and will show how wonderful human he is and teach him he is not a beast and he will teach him to control his powers. And all this thanks to power of love. ;) . 
  • Frog King - I guess this one can be also quite symbolic for these two. Like they both can bring out the best from each other and also heal their anxieties… They can “transform ugly frog into prince”. :D One day Midoriya will be transformed into frog by some villian’s quirk and this one who will find him will be of course Todoroki. :D Even if Midoriya will not be able to talk in this form Todoroki will guess it’s his beloved boyfriend (and he will think that he is cute even as a frog). :D He will kiss this lil frog and tadaaaaa Midoriya will be back to his original body.  
  • Cinderella - It’s kind of simple one crossover. ;) (but also sooo symbolic! After all in a way already in canon Midoriya was in a way Cinderella among people with quirks) Midoriya is sweet and beautiful Dekurella and Todoroki is of course his Prince Charming. :D All Might will be Dekurella’s Fairy God…father. :D Fairy All Might will give Dekurella power to go for the ball and beautiful clothes, and pumpkin golden carriage and beautiful glass slipeprs. :D On the ball Dekurella will meet beautiful Prince Charming Todoroki. :D They will dance and fell in love .. Midoriya will get shy will run away and will lose his glass slipper. But fear not. His Hero Pricne will find him and they will live happily ever after. :D 
  • Little Red Riding Hood -  Here I will not even pretend it will have many plot. ;) Midoriya is our lil Cute Green Deku Hood and Todoroki is hot Hunter who protect him from some wild wolves. :D He will not allow of course to some wild wolves eat his the cutest baby. He will eat him on his own. ;) Bon appetite, Todoroki wolf-hunter you can eat your the sweetest lil green Deku. ;)
  • Sleeping Beauty - Hm I think it is super symbolic for this pair. In a way Todoroki was such Sleeping Beuty for so so so many years. And his prince who wake him up was Midoriya after all. His help and “it’s your powers” worked as true love kiss. :D He really wake up him from his slumber.  So this one doesn’t even need crossover ;) coz it already happened in the story. :D Lil prince Deku already woke up his beloved Sleeping Todoroki Beauty. ;) (for which Todoroki will give him big kissssssss ;)) 
  • Snow White and Seven Dwarfs - Bakugo is of course amazing Evil Queen and Midoriya sweet Snow White. :D When Mirror will say Queen Bakugo that Snow Deku is prettiest ;) (o.k. more powerful) than him he will want to destroy him. Then Snow Deku will run away from castle and will start to live with 7 dwarfs (7 dwarfs will be of course students from Midoriya class). And you know what will be further.. poisoned apple and glass coffin and stuff. What’s the most important when Todoroki will get to know what happened to his beloved Snow Deku he will go to save his beloved one. :D Of course by true love kiss Tadaa! :D  And lived happily ever after (And Todoroki will go then to Queen Bakugo to make him some barbecue ;) for the fact he tried to hurt his beloved boyfriend) 

Don’t think I need to explain why I love this Marvey scene.


Request: hiiiiii! Omg i really love your scenarios ❤️😭 May i request a Greek God/Vampire/Wolf! Mingyu! You can write whatever you like but please make it a happy ending HAHAHA thank you sooo much ❤️💋

A/N: I hope you don’t mind that I used Greek demigod instead of Greek God because I’m a slut for Percy Jackson (Also I know Mingyu and Aphrodite are maybe not the best match…)

  • A son of Aphrodite, Goddess of of beauty, love, desire, and pleasure.
  • There is a reason Mingyu always looked so breathtaking
  • It’s almost like a spell was put on him 
  • When someone complimented his he kept saying it’s just his good genes
  • Which turned out, wasn’t a lie 
  • When he arrived at camp half blood he was surprised how many stuck up people there were at his cabin, they were all so full of themselves
  • His dad had always thought him that he should be humble and not think he’s all that just because he’s handsome
  • He just couldn’t believe these people were all his half brothers and sisters
  • Luckily there were some people like him who didn’t feel superior to all the other cabins at camp
  • Now of course it wasn’t prohibited to be friends with kids from other gods but the Aphrodite kids seemed to stick together
  • And other kids didn’t seem to be so giddy to become friends with them
  • Which Mingyu started to understand when he met all his half-siblings
  • But then there was you
  • You did actually befriend some of the nice Aphrodite kids
  • At first he noticed you glancing over from your table at dinner
  • Then Mingyu started noticing you more and more everywhere but you two hadn’t had the opportunity to talk yet
  • You never hung out at the Aphrodite cabin though because some of them couldn’t stand you
  • Some old argument that never died down, don’t ask
  • But on one fine day (pun intended) there was another game of Capture the Flag
  • Mingyu was still pretty new and took this opportunity to ask you for some little tips and tricks to win 
  • Sadly he said something like this 
  • “Heyyy what is your name? Do you know how the game works? I think you must know more than I do haha I heard from Joshua you’ve been here for a while!”
  • You were kind of bombarded with a ton of questions and you didn’t really know where to begin
  • “Hi… I’m Y/n and yeah if I can be honest with you I’ve never been on the winning team… uuhm…?” 
  • Mingyu did not get the hint at all that you were subtly asking for his name at the end of your sentence
  • “Oh that’s okay I guess we can’t all be as good at capture the flag as everyone!” he said with a huge smile
  • After that little exchange a horn was blown which meant the start of the game
  • Mingyu quickly got back to his friends 
  • Tripped on his way but ‘smoothly’ recovered
  • Your tactic was to hide until your team got the flag actually, in the beginning you had always enthusiastically joined the games but after a particularly bad fall and two broken wrists you were a little scared to give your fullest self during the game
  • So you were hiding up this tree with a lot of leaves so it seemed like the perfect place
  • Peacefully watching others sabotage someone else
  • Until suddenly there is a dumb ass who climbs up the tree next to you to install a trap 
  • which he will later find out, is faulty
  • You soon realised he didn’t even see you sitting there
  • So what else could you do than throw some acorns at him and hiding after every throw?
  • He might be pretty but he wasn’t that stupid
  • Mingyu soon discovered you and climbed over to your tree 
  • Not without some struggles but he did it pretty smoothly which was new
  • “Who do we have here, not contributing to the Capture the Flag game!” he teased“
  • Like letting a bucket of water fall on someone is going to stop someone!”
  • The Aphrodite boy then proceeded to explain you that that wasn’t water in his bucket but a bucket filled with paint
  • You were honestly intrigued because you still had no idea how paint would stop someone from getting the flag
  • “Isn’t that obvious? They’ll be super visible to the people of our camp! You see I’m not all looks.”
  • You then pointed out paint is pretty viscous and would take a long time to get down, so by the time he turned the bucket upside down the victim would’ve long passed
  • He was kind of impressed by your thinking
  • And embarrassed by his plan
  • You still didn’t know his name though 
  • And you felt like it was a little too late to ask his name at this moment…
  • Luckily some people discovered you two due to some paint leakage
  • “SHUT UP JAMIE” Mingyu yelled
  • You giggled because hey that rhymed
  • Mingyu thought you were giggling because you figured out that he got into the tree next to you on purpose
  • Or because you knew he figured out through Joshua that you always hid here
  • Or maybe because of his stupidly obvious crush on you
  • So he did what any cool, smooth guy would do
  • His face became uncontrollably red and he jumped out of the tree
  • The next thing he knew he woke up in a bed which was not his
  • You were sitting on the ground close to his bed just playing a card game
  • “Huh… what am I doing here?”
  • You immediately looked up and smiled “Well your smart ass decided to jump out of the tree, headfirst. Which resulted in two broken wrists and a concussion. After that you proceeded to faint from the pain.”
  • “So just like you!” Mingyu said while looking at his wrists, which magically worked pretty well
  • “I never told you about my wrists though.” you said with an amused expression
  • Mingyu looked flustred again but still asked “But how come my wrists are like working?”
  • “I kissed them better obviously.” you waited for his reaction a little bit, but you only got a confused look. Embarrassing. “Haha just kidding it’s the ambriosa we gave you, it makes you heal… like super fast.”
  • “Ooooh yeah I’ve heard of that stuff before!” Mingyu paused for some time “Hey Y/n… did you faint though when you broke your wrists? And how did you even break them?”
  • Queue to you telling your story
  • Needless to say you two hit it off and well what happened next is history


goddess-of-leo  asked:

May I request the SCM gods reactions to their daughter telling them that she has a boyfriend? Thanks Peachy!

You are welcome Strawberry! Love ya!

Protective. This kid better be ready for burning stares and question after question, you do not want to bring his daughter home late.

A little laid back, but also but tight. That’s his little pride and of, thinking she would be a daddy’s girl forever as now she is growing up. He would want to meet this boy and would want to have 1 on 1 with him.

A Boyfriend!? He would probably freak out hearing the news. He totally would have to meet him, because afterall Teo is the boss so what he says goes. Hes okay with the news, just need to meet the boy.

Totally mind-blown. The kid to get approval from Hue to date his daughter has to be super smart and ect. Hue wouldnt say much to him, just obsever him to test him out.

Totally okay with it, unless he hurts her. Its over for him then if he hurts her. one word for him if he breaks her heart: RUN!

His little girl? No to young. He would honestly have a hard time with it, meeting the boy in person he probably would be moving constantly trying to feel at least somewhat comfrotable with the idea

He better be willing to protect her at all causes. If looks could kill, it would be Ziggys. Meeting Ziggy will change the boys life for sure. He better figure out at that moment if he is going to treat her right and stay with her or he mind as well melt in the eyes of the Department Of Punishments Minster.

Another Human? He has gotten better over the years. Handling the news of his daughter having a boyfriend was a little rough. But God he hopes its another god child not a human child.

He would be okay with it, but if he hurts his daughter and her smile goes away. That hurts Dui and it wont be pretty, so a little warning sent to the boys way wont hurt anyone.

Can he handle jokes? This laid back dad, hopefully he doesnt scare away the boyfriend

No.No.No, do you dare tell this God you have a boyfriend? Better make sure the boy is ready for war and tons of questions. Poor boys. Krioff would be sooo strict on them, but anything to protect his babygirl he is willing to do it.

The God Of Beauty, so what do you think his daughter would look like? Thats why he would be so protective. He would make sure he knows this boy and ask him every single last question. he would be damned if some kid was gonna come up and use his daughter for anything. You better treat this Gods daughter right!

All I Want

Request- Wedding proposal fluff(and smut?) with namjoon please?? It can lead to smut if you want it to, sweet pea! Please super fluffy (and smutty if you want smut in it lol) thank you sweet pea!!!! You’re the best!!

 Sorry I went offline for so long, without saying anything.  


Originally posted by chimchams

Namjoon nervously looked at his watch, it was nearly time. She’d be here any minute, Namjoon thought. His palms were sweating, he kept thinking of the ‘what if’’s. This was essentially one of the biggest moments in his life. He was going to propose to the love of his life. He knew from the moment he met her, she was going to the women he asked to be his. Here he was standing by the fire, the warm lights from the Christmas tree giving the room a soft glow. 

Seokjin helped him plan everything, he had always been excited. But, now that the time was here he was more scared. What if she didn’t like the proposal, it was cringy, yes. But, Seokjin said she’d love it. He hoped so. 

He had spent the last two months planning this, he just wanted to make it special for her. He was doing it at her favourite time of year, got her favourite flowers, got a ring hand crafted for her. As there wasn’t a ring unique enough for his love. 

Namjoon loved up when he heard keys at the front door, then you entered. Wearing a big coats, with a wooly scarf and hat, and had a red nose from the cold. Namjoon’s heart fluttered when you smiled at him. Taking your coat, scarf and hat off, placing them on the coat rack. 

“Hey.” You smiled, making your way over to him. He embraced your cold body in a tight hug, rubbing his hands up and down your arms to warm you. 

“Hey, how was shopping. Did you get it all finished.” Namjoon asked, placing a sweet kiss on your head. 

“Yep, I’m all done. I can relax now.” You pill back to smile at Namjoon. You frown, noticing the worried look on his face. You put your soft hand on his cheek, comforting him. “Are you okay? You look a little worried.” You give him a reassuring smile. 

Namjoon had always known you were going to be the women he married, so why so he so nervous. His palms were sweating, his hands shaking a little. His perfect girl was smiling up at him. He couldn’t believe how lucky he had gotten. Namjoon pulled back from you. 

“I was thinking, maybe this year we give our gifts to each other early. Last year was a little hectic with rushing around. It only two days early.” Namjoon scratches the back of his head. 

“That sounds nice. You go first?” You questioned taking a seat of the sofa, leaning back against the plush pillows. Namjoon nods his head placing a red box with a big white bow on it, on your lap. You smile up at him. 

“Well, you didn’t wrap this.” You giggle. You untangle the bow, thinking its probably lingerie. Not that you minded, you loved when he bought you lingerie, it was always the good stuff. 

You finally untangle the bow, opening the box. It has a letter laying in side it, you go to look up at Namjoon, but hes gone. You pick up the letter, which was in a black envelope. Your name is on it in sliver writing. You carefully open the envelope, containing a letter. 

My dearest Y/N, 

I have rewritten this a thousand times, none of them near as prefect as they should be for you. You’re probably already cringing, just wait, it gets cringy-er. I love you so much its crazy. When I’m on tour, you’re all I think about. Well, in all honest, you’re all I think about on a daily base. Quite frankly, I thought I wouldn’t truly fall in love and just love one person for the rest of my life, but that was before I met you. I thought love didn’t existence, just people not wanting to be lonely. 

But then you walked into my life, like a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t get enough of you. I always wanted to know what you were doing, if you were eating, sleeping well.. if you thought about me. That’s when I realised I love you. The love I feel for you is that cringy shit everyone hates, but really loves. I would do anything for you. You are the most beautiful person, mind, body and soul. 

This Christmas, all I want is you. 


By the end of the letter you’re in tears. You abruptly stand up, looking around for Namjoon. You notice the back door is open and quickly make your way to the back garden. You find your boyfriend down on one knee, holding out a ring. He is surrounded by warm fairy lights. You quickly rush over to him, embracing him in a tight hug. You snuggle into his neck, your tears still running down your face. 

“Is that a yes?” Namjoon asks, standing up with you wrapped in his arms. You pull back to look him in the eyes. 

“Of course that’s a yes. Ah I’m so emotional, that was so beautiful. Oh my god. My gift for you sucks so much.” Namjoon chuckles at your little outburst. He places you down on the ground, wiping away your thumbs. He holds up your left hand putting a beautiful ring on your finger and kissing it. 

“Didn’t you read the letter? A ll I want is you.” Namjoon smiles, leaning down to place his lips to yours. It was a soft, loving kiss. Namjoon pulls you in close to him, wrapping you in his coat, looking up to see its starting to snow. 

“well, you also got ryan pjamas.” 

Sorry there is no smut, but its sooo fluffy, I just couldn’t. And I know its summer. But I was listening to Christmas songs and this came to mind. And its only 166 days till Christmas. I love Christmas!!  

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it! Feed back is really appreciated. 

-Admin Abe x

fangirlwizarddetective  asked:

STRIP CLUB AU I haven't seen Daichi even ONCE. How's he gonna be introduced to the story? Like what's his role? Also will he have a thing for Suga? Ps: your art is so beautiful I'm absolutely in love can I be Oikawa's princess as well??? Oh and we need more of Suga!!!! And Yams is like sooo pretty ffs??? Don't even get me STARTED on AKAASHI PPS: I love you god bless

Well ~ Daichi will show up in the next instalment with more Suga sceen times, so that’ll hopefully answer the question (later)! (・∀・ )

P.S.: Of course you can! Oikawa would love to have you in his fanclub. ;O

The Waffle Cottage Chronicles

IN WHICH, in a Modern AU, Sasuke successfully convinces Shingen (and by extension, Saizo and Yukimura) to take a cross-country roadtrip to the Mouse World amusement park, because he has never been and has always wanted to, and they stop at a 24 hour diner for waffles, whereupon they acquire a short order cook/waitress, you. SHENANIGANS ENSUE, with additional cameos by ALL the other Samurai as appropriate. 

 This is the fic that Refused To Be Written. I started on it like a legitimate year ago, and the device I was writing on got stolen while I was at the doc’s, and so it just stalled out, but the idea wouldn’t leave, so at some point I tried to do an outline…and it grew, and grew, and grew. And here we are. This is not a fic, this is a 5000+ word headcanon in bullet point form.  Someday I may actually write it out. That day is not today.

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Got7 reacting to their crush being West Indian

I dont know much about West Indians so if you are, I am sorry if this is incorrect.

Mark: He thought it was amazing how you came from such a amazing heritage. Mark would be curious to your traditionals and would always ask what some things meant, which basically meant he was gaining points in your book. 

“Wow! Thats amazing!”


Jaebum would asks questions about but it would only be sometimes. Findingourt about you heritage made him fall in love with you even more. Sometimes he would stare at you and smile, in the thought of you in your traditional clothing.

“Can you show me your traditional clothing?.”


Like in my other reaction, he would worship he ground you walked on. Not because of you being native american, he loved you. Secretly he would stare at you and fawn over you.”

“She’s so beautiful.”


He was interested and would asks million questions about it. he thought that it was very important to learn about your culture before he brought your relationship one stage further. Whenever you would hang out you would see him reading books about your culture.

“Its is important for me to learn about your culture like you did with mine >>>.”


This little ball of sunshine would instantly fawn over you, telling you that your were beautiful and that you looked like a princess your traditional clothing.  You would bring him to parties and he would gladly join in all of the activities with a smile on his face.

“I’m having a great time >>>!”


He didn’t really care cause he still loved you either way. Like Youngjae you bring him to the events and he would be the life of the party. Turning up whenever any music was played and scoffing down the food at the buffet.

“I’m sooo full.”


Yugyeom would think that you were a blessing from God. Always breathing in your scent slyly and eating all the traditional food you could make. Being the shy man he is, Yugyeom would give you small compliments, almost confessing to you.

“What did I do to deserve you.”

anonymous asked:

I was rewatching an episode of Haikyuu!! And I just noticed how beautiful Oikawa's eyelashes were... he's so beautiful. Anyways, I hope you had/are having a good day. Thanks for making so many wonderful GIF's!

GOD YES he has beautiful eyelashes, Tooru is just beautiful in general ghjkgfd

I had a great day! I hope you did too and THANK YOU you are so so sooo lovely <3

Drunk Dialed

Request: Can you do a Lin imagine where he is kinda drunk and calls the reader (because he likes her but she doesn’t know) and starts rambling and starts saying things he shouldn’t.

Prompts: 25- I just had a couple drinks                                                                               55- You love me and you know it

Words: 1412

Pairing: Lin x Reader

It was just one of those nights. You were tired after the show and wanted nothing more than to cuddle up in your bed with a cup of warm tea and watch Netflix until you fell asleep, so you turned down your friends constant pleas to go to the bar.

You were sleeping like the dead when your phone began to ring, much to your annoyance. Because of our busy schedule you haven’t been able to sleep much.

“God dammit.” You groaned, searching for you phone in the mountains of blankets on your bed. The clock next to your bed read 2:43 and you couldn’t fathom who could possibly be calling you at this hour.

The name Linnamon Roll was plastered on your phone screen and your heart skipped a beat, but you were confused. Why in the world was Lin calling you at this time? 

“Hello?” You sad uncertainly as you pressed the phone to your ear.

“(Y/N)!” The man exclaimed happily. “My favorite dancer!”

Drunk. Lin was definitely drunk, you could tell immediately.

“Lin it’s almost three in the morning.” You said, laying back down and pulling your covers up to your neck. You heard him sigh deeply and your confusion only grew. “Is everything okay?”

“You’re just sooo beautiful (Y/N).” A blush overtook your face at Lin’s drunken compliment.

“Lin, you’re drunk. You drunk dialed me and you should hang up before this gets out of hand.”

“But (Y/N)!” He whined. “I just love the sound of your voice.” Oh god. Your heart felt ready to burst and you were sure your pillow would combust due to how hot your cheeks were.

“What do you want Lin?” You asked with a sigh.

I just had a couple of drinks.” Lin said, his voice taking on a serious tone despite the way he was slurring his words. “And I wanted to say the I love you.”

Your heart stopped at the drunk man’s words. He sounded mighty proud of himself for his confession. You didn’t know what to say, how to react. You were stunned. 

“You’re so nice, and intelligent, and pretty, and your hair is so soft, and your laugh makes me feel all tingly.” He continued to ramble. “And you love me and you know it! So we should just stop beating around the bush and get married! You’d be a great mom and we could do cheesy christmas cards and it would be great!“

The thought made your heart happy. Of course it did, you’ve had a crush on him for months now, but he was drunk at the moment. He probably had no idea what he was saying and probably wouldn’t even remember it in the morning. You didn’t let yourself get your hopes up. "You need to go to bed Lin, we have two shows tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long day.”

“Say you love me.” He slurred, sounding like a pouty child. You sighed, but though ‘what the heck?’, it’s not like he’d remember it in the morning anyway.

“Fine, alright. I love you, Lin. Now go home and go to bed.” Saying the words made your chest tighten. You’ve wanted to say them for so long, but not like this.

“I love you too, (Y/N). Goodnight.” He giggled and you hung up before he could say anything else. You put your phone back on its charger and buried your face in your pillow. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

You didn’t so much as look at him from the moment you rushed to your dressing room, to the rare occasions both of you were waiting in the wings, to the break before the second show. He was trying to talk to you, constantly trying to catch your eye, but you refused.

It was obvious what he wanted to talk about and you didn’t want you. You already knew what he was going to say. ‘Sorry about drunk dialing you last night, I didn’t mean any of it, let’s put it behind us’. 

“What up with you and Lin?” Sasha asked as you were getting ready for the opening number of the second show and you sighed.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.” You replied, touching up your makeup.

“He’s been staring at you with big sad eyes all day and you’re obviously avoiding him. Something happened, did he finally confess his love and you reject him?” Ariana said from the other side of you and your body stiffened. Your friends immediately noticed the change in your posture and shared a look.

“Okay, spill.” Sasha demanded, pulling you to sit next to Ariana.

You took a deep breath, knowing it would be simpler to just tell them. “Lin drunk dialed me last night and started talking about how cute our family Christmas cards would look.”

The two women squealed in excitement, but reigned it in when they say your downtrodden expression.

“(Y/N), what’s the problem here? You’ve been in love with Lin forever and he obviously feels the same.” Ariana said and you shook your head.

“He was drunk, he probably just wants to tell me to forget anything happened.”

“You are an idiot.” Sasha said bluntly. “Lin has liked you probably longer than you’ve liked him. No one was going to say anything because the two of you need to figure that shit out on your own but it’s obvious to everyone but you.”

You sat there in silence, playing with your thumbs, not knowing what to say.

“All cast and crew into positions for the opening number!” A voice called and the three of you stood up.

“Seriously (Y/N), talk to Lin after the show. And don’t forget to send a Christmas card my way.” Ariana joked with a wink 

The second show was over long before you wanted it to be. Once you were out of costume, you took a deep breath and walked to Lin’s dressing room. The door was open. Lin was in the process of throwing his backpack over his shoulder when he turned and saw you standing there, causing him to jump and drop said backpack. 

“Sorry.” You apologized quickly. “I was about to knock.”

“No! No, it’s okay.” He said flustered and picked up the bag. “I’ve been trying to talk to you all day.”

“I know, I’ve been avoiding you all day.” You replied truthfully, staring at your shoes. The air was so awkward you wanted to turn and bolt immediately. This was a mistake.

“Do you wanna sit?” Lin offered and the two of you sat opposite of each other, you still avoiding his eyes.

“So.” You said, eager to get this over with.

“I’m sorry.” He started and you felt your heart drop to your stomach. “I was drunk last night and that call was completely out of line.”

“It’s fine.” You said softly, staring at your hands, feeling your heart break into pieces. This is exactly what you had been dreading.

“But I won’t apologize for what I said.” You head shot up at his words. What? “I’ve wanted to express my emotions for a long time, and though I wish I could have been more eloquent about it, I’m glad it’s out there.”

You didn’t know what to say, for the second time in less than 24 hours the man had left you speechless.

“I love you (Y/N), I have for months now. You’re so intelligent, beautiful, compassionate, and understanding. Your smile brightens my day and just hearing your voice soothes me when I’m stressed. I love everything about you.” His cheeks were flushed and your mouth was hanging open the slightest bit. You had to be dreaming.

“Anyways,” He said, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. “I just wanted to express my sentiment form last night a bit more eloquently. I’ll go now.”

He got up and began to walk out the door and you jumped to your feet. 

“Lin.” You said, your voice shaking the tiniest bit. You strutted towards him and the minute he turned around, you threw your arms around his neck and pressed your lips against his. You didn’t need to see his face to know he was shocked.

When you finally broke apart, you had a tentative grin on your face and your heart felt full.

“I love you too.” A grin overtook his face and he wrapped his arms around your waist, bringing your lips together again. Thank god for drunk dialing.

A/N: Did not plan on making this request this long but I guess I have a tendency to get carried away when it comes to Lin. Anyways, hope you enjoyed!