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Flame & Shadow Part 1 (AkaKuro Freedom Fighter AU)

Notes: This small fic is very! loosely based on the life of the two Danish World War II freedom fighters, ’Flammen’ (The Flame) and ’Citronen’ (The lemon/Citron). Decided to convert Citron into something more fitting for Kuroko, artistic freedom for the win :p

For anyone interested, I highly recommend watching the Danish movie of the same name: ‘Flammen og Citronen’ (English title: Flame & Citron)

Wrote this in less than 2 hours. Do not expect a lot :)

Part 2 Link

Pairing: Akakuro, somewhat one-sided.

Rating: Mature, descriptive sexual content!

He pressed the cigarette to the fullness of his lips, his dark red eyes lingering at the farthest corner of the small bedroom. His gaze grew distant.

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