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Garrus Romance Remarks

One of my favorite part of Mass Effect (and Bioware games) is the banter. But none more than when the crew/companions comment on, with, or about your current love interest regarding said romance. If you haven’t figured it out by now … *cough*REALLY?!?*cough* my LI is Garrus. So below are some, though I’m sure not all, of the comments that come from your crew regarding our favorite turian bad boy. These are in no particular order and contain quotes from both Mass Effect 2 and 3. Enjoy!

Tali: *drunk on the bathroom floor* Garrus … but you’re with Shepard! Oh, the three of us? Well, hmm …

Jacob: We’ve got a good thing here … something I’d like to see through. Hope you feel the same.
Shepard: This was a bad idea. I think we should call it quits.
Jacob: You pushed for more, now you’re pulling the plug? Hope you got a good excuse for this.
Shepard: If you must know … I’m cleaning house before trying to start something with Garrus.
Jacob: That cuttlebone? I … suppose you have a history. That’s usually enough.

Kasumi: Someone saw Garrus heading to your quarters with a bottle of champagne. I’m happy for you two. It’s not often you find something good in a Galaxy like this.

Liara: You know I’m one hundred and eight—one hundred and nine in a couple of months.
Shepard: Aw, I should get you something nice.
Liara: You’re alive again. I’ve got everything I want. So tell me what you want. What are you fighting for? A chance to give Garrus some peace?
Shepard: He’s been hurt—betrayed. He deserves something better. I never thought I’d find peace in the arms of a turian, but …
Liara: Why not? Humans seem to have no trouble finding asari attractive.
Shepard: Everyone finds asari attractive.
Liara: I hope the two of you find some happiness, Shepard.

Shepard: What are you up to now, Zaeed?
Zaeed: Next time another clone of yours tries stealing your life, we’ll have a nice little surprise rigged for them. Isn’t that right, Garrus?
Garrus: Spare no expense for my honey.

Kelly: How is our newest turian crew member doing? His injuries looked painful.
Shepard: He’s been through a lot, and not just physically.
Kelly: There’s something about him. I just want to hold him close and whisper, ‘It’ll be alright.’
Shepard: I know exactly what you mean.
Kelly: You two would be such a cute couple.

Shepard: Tali’s our expert on Geth software. She’ll be handling hacking and security.
Garrus: Good to have you back, Tali. Maybe with another dextro aboard, they’ll get better turian food.
Tali: As long as it’s sterilized.
Garrus: Doctor Michel did get me some dextro-amino chocolate. You’re welcome to it once we’re back.
Tali: *surprised/suspicious* She got you turian chocolate?
Garrus: She said she saw it and thought of me. Why?
Tali: Watch yourself, Shepard.

Shepard: Have you got a minute to talk?
Mordin: Actually, wanted to talk. Medical matters. Aware that mission is dangerous. Different species react differently to stress. Sexual activity normal stress release for humans and turians.Still recommend caution. Warn of chafing.
Shepard: You have a recommendation as a doctor?
Mordin: Turians based on dextro-amino acids. Human ingestion of tissue could provoke allergic reactions. Anaphylactic shock possible. So don’t … *coughs* … ingest. Also forwarding advice booklet to your quarters. Valuable diagrams, positions comfortable for both species, erogenous zones overviews. Can supply oils or ointments to reduce discomfort. Gave EDI electronic relationship aid demonstration vids to use as necessary.
Shepard: Wait a minute, Mordin. You’re just yanking me around, aren’t you?
Mordin: Shocking suggestion! Doctor-patient confidentiality a sacred trust. Would never dream of mockery. Enjoy yourself while possible, Shepard. Will be here, studying cell reproduction. Much simpler. Less alcohol and mood music required.

Shepard: You worried there might be terminals you need me to hack?
Liara: That’s not fair. You were dead!
Shepard: I came back!
Liara: Yes, you came back. And now Garrus is doing a lot more than just calibrating the Normandy’s guns!

Shepard: So whats her name?
James: *laughs* No! No … I stopped fraternizing when I joined the military. The two don’t seem to go well together.
Shepard: Hasn’t stopped you from being a shameless flirt.
James: Yeah, well, that’s just my way. I don’t mean anything by it, Lola.
Shepard: Uh-huh.
James: *laughs* Why? Am I making this hard for you and Garrus?
Shepard: *scoffs* Not even remotely.
James: Hey … how do you two … I mean, is he—you know—do turians have all the same …
Shepard: Same …?
James: Never mind. I don’t really want to know.

Garrus: Not a bad place here … decent views of the perimeter, multiple sniper perches. With some work, its the kind of place Archangel could retire in.
Liara: Also known as the Shepard-Vakarian love nest.

Samara: Working with Shepard reminded me of my younger days. Running with mercenaries, blowing things up with mercenaries … and occasionally, sleeping with mercenaries.

Garrus: As charming as ever.
Jack: Bite me, Garrus. Better yet, bite her. Probably how she likes it.

Liara: So. You rekindled your relationship with Garrus?
Shepard: Liara, I …
Liara: Be with whoever you want to be with. I’m just not interested in playing games anymore.

Shepard: Why don’t you two relax and enjoy the party. The apartment’s fine.
Garrus: ‘Fine’ is good for someone else, not the love of my life. I want to know you’re safe. Suppose it isn’t your clone? It’s Liara’s clone that comes after you … or Jokers!
Zaeed: Then you and all your clones could have a sodding love-fest. Think I’m gonna puke.

Shepard: Maybe you and I have a thing or two in common.
Javik: But you have something else. The reasons you fight are still alive. The friendships of the people around you. And more.
Javik: You and the turian are … joined?
Shepard: You could say that.
Javik: I’m not. Your pheromones are.

Zaeed: Weaponized wall fixtures, Shepard.  Wave of the future in home defense.
Shepard: Uh-huh.
Garrus: Shepard, sweetie … love of my life. Indulge your crazy boyfriend. I need to know you’re safe.
Shepard: *laughs* If it’ll make you feel better, honey.
Zaeed: Oh, go get a room. God knows this place has enough of them.

Kaiden: So what do you say? *sighs* Are we good?
Shepard: We’re good. It was great to have you back on the Normandy.
Kaiden: Thanks …
Shepard: What’s going on? Is there something else?
Kaiden: Yeah … maybe. Was there something between you and Garrus?
Shepard: Kaiden, I … *sighs and covers face* … I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you. We were so far apart, physically. And after our fight on Horizon, I …
Kaiden: Yeah … I’ll own that.
Kaiden: Was there something between you and Garrus?
Shepard: *defensive* I wouldn’t cheat on you, Kaiden.
Kaiden: You’re lying! I know—everyone knows.

Kasumi: The word is that Garrus really likes you. I can never tell with turians. I think you should go for it. A lot of people want to see you two together.

Shepard: Alright, Garrus … I gotta know. What are you doing?
Garrus: Hmmm … oh, nothing. Just, uh … admiring the polish on this glass.
Zaeed: Good. Don’t tell her. She won’t understand.
Shepard: Try me.
Garrus: Ohhh … it’s just … well … one man’s decorative glass wall fixture is another man’s explosive glass wall fixture.
Zaeed: Oh, fu—now you’re in for it. I can already hear the old ball and chain frowning.

(So I’m including this one from Mass Effect even though it wasn’t in reference to a Garrus romance, as he wasn't romance-able in the first one … because Ashley’s a fucking psychic!) 



Ashley: You say jump, I say how high. You tell me to kiss a turian, I’ll ask which cheek.
Shepard: I don’t think kissing turians will be necessary.
Ashley: You never know, Commander.

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For Palestinian occupation to exist, Palestinians would need to exist. But they are an invented "nation" as young as colored television.

What do you think I am? Thin air? I very much exist.

Who were we invented by btw?

People like Aristotle and Shakespeare included and mentioned Palestine in their writings. Note that Aristotle was pre Christ, and pre colored TV ;)


“Again if, as is fabled, there is a lake in Palestine, such that if you bind a man or beast and throw it in it floats and does not sink, this would bear out what we have said. They say that this lake is so bitter and salt that no fish live in it and that if you soak clothes in it and shake them it cleans them,”  (he is referencing the Dead Sea)


 “I know a lady in Venice would have walked barefoot to Palestine for a touch of his nether lip.”

In fact, here is a photo with my great grandmother with her parents in Palestine before 1948. As you an see this is not imagination and we are very real.

And bam! with a simple google search “The middle east before 1948″ are several maps with the area labeled as Palestine. I am afraid is it actually israel that is no older than colored TV. After all, didn’t israel just recently celebrate 69 years?  Did the land not exist until 69 years ago?

By the way, if you are making that argument that Palestine was “never a real country” then you are only proving to me how much of a European ideology zionism is. Not a Semitic one. When most people make this argument, they use The UN standards, a western and at the time, a new organization on a country in the Middle East. Not the west.  How is it fair to apply a EUROPEAN PEOPLE ideology to a country in the Middle East. The UN was only created in 1945. Remember that.

God didn’t give you the land. The British did. And they did it illegally. Under that UN law too that you zionist bitches keep praising like holy hell. 

I will say that you Zionists did a great job trying to convince yourself a made up history is actually true. Israel has destroyed thousands of books on Palestinian culture and history. 

Denying the Palestinian occupation is something I take offensively. Its scary how racist and anti Semitic you are towards Palestinian people. You are brainwashed, but here is a tip for the future: if your facts are only coming from Zionist propaganda, and not history books, you are probably being brainwashed. My God, if I denied the holocaust, your tits would literally explode because I would be denying the suffering of millions of people (and in no way do I deny the holocaust by the way). Denying the suffering of a whole group of people is not only ignorant, but completely evil to ignore it. I’m sick and tired of you racist zionist fuckers telling me something isn’t “real” when we’ve seen it with our own eyes. The question is, have you? It doesn’t sound like it. You’re a coward to send this on anon, just like all the other zionists who’s tits you suck like a cow. 

If anyone is “invented”, it’s you and your fake, illegal country, built right on top of cultural appropriation (HUMMUS IS LITERALLY OLDER THAN ISRAEL) and Palestinian blood.


It really is, before you go all crazy on me and complain that im talking out of one of the many holes on my body, Just let me explain to you why.

I waited all day yesterday for something to happen, a hint or a clue about a possible venue or performance. I had my sources say that a rehearsal had taken place at the Hippodrome Casino during the afternoon in preparation for the evening coming. My purple alarm bells were ringing like crazy. PRINCE is going to perform tonight!! My hands began to sweat, my blood started to flow to places were chemicals hardly reach. I had to make sure i was ready, petrol in car, cash in hand, clothes ironed and ready to wear, just needed the location. Then exactly at 19:15 it hit, “KINGS PLACE MUSIC FOUNDATION 90 YORK WAY, LONDON N1 9AG” GO GET OUT OF THE WAY!! I grabbed my car keys, coat and the wife and just ran, left TV running, lights around the house on and im sure i forgot to flush the toilet too (i was zipping my jeans up as i was running to my car). I must have driven through 3 red lights through London city centre (i expect the fucking fine tickets on monday - oh shit!) i dropped my wife outside the venue so she could queue up and began franticly trying to find somewhere i could park. I did, but i think whilst i was reversing i must have hit someone cuz i heard a loud scream and thud, got out the car and saw 2 legs sticking out from under the wheels ( note to myself - get em fucking washed!) i thought cuz we were in Islington they could have some mannequins that someone had left out from one there ‘fashionable’ clothe stores. Quickly ran like i was Usain Bolt (only much bigger, slower and less Jamaican), i just wanted to get into the queue. Nothing was going to stop me. Finally got into the queue and began to wait. And waiting is what we did for the next 3 hours. Rumours were flying everywhere, fans talking about PRINCE, what songs he is going to sing, how long for and how much tickets were going to cost? I had a smile underneath my beautiful face (thats what my mum says dont judge me) because i knew the answers. If you been follow PRINCE in the last few you kind of get an idea of what he’s going to do. It wont be definite but it will be close. It was very windy, very cold and very very wet but the spirit of the fans and the guy behind me’s umbrella i got throught it. There was a second show as planned and i knew we were going to make it through. Finally we did, at exactly 10:45pm we got in, paid £140 for me and the Mrs and joined the fans inside. I couldnt wait, i was on such a high, my adrenaline was pumping though my body, i knew the time was close, PRINCE WAS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. other fans had alcohol to keep em calm and relaxed, some had weed, cuz i was a man of religeon i had to keep my body clean! (thank u Islam). Managed to get in the hall, got to our seats and the time was now. PRINCE WAS HERE.

3rdeyegirl came out and explained to the fans about no cameras and forthcoming shows (where the fuck is PRINCE!!) i know you guys are extremely beautiful and talented but i will bend over, lube myself and get carpet burns for PRINCE anyday.
Then is started, its hard to explain but i will try me best. PRINCE walked out without a care in the world, picked up an accoustic guitar and started playing RASPBERRY BERET, the whole fuckin hall exploded, did i cum too quick? No i didnt, i just got penetrated. The music went right through me and touched my soul. The crowd went wild, what a way to start the show, just PRINCE sat on stool, guitar in hand and talking about a girl who 'knew how to give a kiss’. He finished, put the guitar down and picked up his Electric one. Seeing PRINCE with a guitar is like kissing your girl and her biting your bottom lip as she pulls away from you. Instant Orgasm!!!. The crowd knew what was coming. He started to play his new and unreleased track FUNKROLL from the forthcoming album Plectrum Electrum. All i can say about this track is that you know first moment you experience oral sex? Well times that a million and your probably close as to what we experienced with this track. It was the bomb!!, the whole crowd were singing along to the chorus as if it was one of PRINCE’s masterpieces from the 80’s! Amazing my friends, the band then began to groove to the instrumental track 'Plectrum Electrum’ with PRINCE and guitarist Donna sharing licks, and at one point PRINCE strapped on Ida’s Bass Guitar and gave us an ass whooping like you wouldnt believed. in the first 10 min he’s already played an acoustic guitar, electric one and Ida’s Bass guitar, oh yeah he played a few solo’s on one of the keyboards as well (YO REST OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY? WHAT THE FUCK CAN U PLAY?) stroke after stroke (like the metaphors?) PRINCE AND THE BAND were on fire!! Next came the new track PRETZELBODYLOGIC and then he really got the over50’s excited when he started Jamming to Wild Cherry’s 'PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC’ the whole hall erupted, it was amazing to experience. The whole crowd jumping and following PRINCE’s every move on stage. The instrumental track STRATUS was next which again showed the band at their finest. This band is probably his best band since the NPG of 93-96 oh and also prettier (i loved Donna’s hand grip on her guitar, she definitley knows how to handle large pieces of equipment in her hands) then the classics began, LETS GO CRAZY, SHES ALWAYS IN MY HAIR and the lost but not forgotten ENDORPHINMACHINE crom his greatest album of the 90’s THE GOLD EXPEREINCE, yeah i said it!
The slowed down bersion of LETS GO CRAZY and SHES ALWAYS IN MY HAIR proves that PRINCE is the ummm… Well PRINCE on reinvention. The guy mould his tracks into something new and different each time, never getting bored of one sound or arrangement. LETS GO CRAZY has really become some sore of anthem for him right now and its great to see his B side tracks getting some love too. Then came SCREWDRIVER, another rocknroll future classic, im sorry but all you so called rock gods just put your guitars away cuz if you cant play like PRINCE can then you need to retire. This song just showcases how PRINCE can rock with anyone, young, old, black, browm, white whoever. PRINCE and the band left the stage and after some begging from the crowd he finally came back and sat himself down at the keyboards. He began to play a few notes from PURPLE RAIN, now being a man and seeing how women react to PRINCE can be a strange feeling. I mean some of the women were changing knickers after every song cuz thats how often he was getting them wet! (Note to self - buy more knickers for the Mrs). He started singing and the whole room joined in. The experience will not be forgotten, EVERY single person in the room was singing along to the song and many were also in tears (including some dodgy looking security guards). We knew were coming to the end and PRINCE made sure that this was a worthy climax. He had been teasing us all evening with his penetrating songs, guitar licks, thumping beats. As the song faded down, the band members one by one waved to the crowd and blew kisses to the crowd. We just came, all of us at the exact same time. This is what we waited for 4 hours, in the rain, cold and windy weather and you know what? It was worth every penny of the £70 we paid. We were all breathless, we just witnessed greatness and had an experience we will probably only have once in our lifetime. PRINCE performing an acoustic set like if it was in our own bedroom we just him and a few ladies. PRINCE and the band came out for one last applause, they all were bowled over by the love we shared there tonight, PRINCE looked some horny teenager who got caught fucking his biology teacher with that side smile he has now going on (see that New Girl episode to see what i mean). They all left the Hall and the crowd picked up our clothes and shoes off the floor, we straightened our hair, grabbed our items and left the venue like we were trying to escape a secret lover who we just had sex with.

We walked out the venue with people breathless and not knowing what they had just seen and experienced. We felt loved, we felt like we had been in the arms of a lover who made sure we were safe, taken care off and given a good time. Did it feel dirty or cheap? Hell no! it felt like a lost love that you had been dying to see finally be in your arms. We were happy, satisfied that we took part in something special, we did our part, did as we were told, reacted to all the different emotions that PRINCE sent our way and like a lover, a partner a fuck buddy? We did what we wanted to do. which was to have a great FUCKING time!
PRINCE? Should i call you or do you want to call me?

If something leaves your life, it wasn’t supposed to be a part of your future. God has more for you; trust His plan at all times.

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I wanted to share this. I was someone who believed in God but didn't necessarily worship him or put my faith in him. A few years ago I was going through a rough patch and did dumb things. I didn't have Jesus in my life and I didn't put him first. Not too long ago I gave my life to Christ and it was the best thing ever. I'm so glad He has given me so many chances and has forgiven me. I love Him so much. However, what are your tips for completely letting go of the past? It seems so hard for me.💗

Letting go of the past can be a challenge when you feel so attached to it. We may revisit that place in our thoughts in the form of temptation. Memories resurface the minute we start to believe that we can be changed by God so that we doubt who we could become. Doubting the grace and power of Jesus. This is often presented to us in the midst of desire to go deeper with God. We may even feel a sense of shame or guilt following us. All this may make it feel difficult to move forward if we are carrying weights. Pray and release your past to God. Ultimately we must trust in God to help us. These are a few things we should all do to move on:

1. Forgive yourself.
God already forgave you.

2. Stay in the present.
Focus on what’s most important to you in your life now. The things and people that you love and care about. Your goals. Enjoy every moment of life you experience. Slow down and take your time. Stop sometimes and just breathe. Look around you and thank God for all the blessings he’s given you. Journal about your day.

3. Get a vision.
“Where there is no vision, the people perish”… - Proverbs 29:18
If you don’t have a vision and you’re trying to move forward, how will you know where you’re going?

“Listen, the devil doesn’t care about your past but he’s terrified about your future.” - Lisa Bevere

We are running a race and we must keep our eyes on the prize. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He is our focus and when we take our eyes off of him, we sink. God has great plans in store for you in life and for eternity. People need you in this world. There are people waiting to be touched by the love you will touch them with. There are people that will be helped by you. You have been called. The great anointing on your life is something you should get ready to walk through.

“Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,
I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”
- Phillipians 3:13-14

4. Remember who you are. You are the righteousness of Christ. A new creation. Old things have passed away and the new has come! You are a child of God adopted into his family. You have been given the Holy Spirit whom has given you power over sin. You were predestined for glory. You were made to do good works. You are seated in heavenly places-feet on earth and seated in heaven right now. The same power that rose Jesus from the dead lives in you!

5. Trust God. The reason it’s so hard as you’ve said is perhaps because you rely too much on your own strength alone. Trust in Gods grace to move you from glory to glory as he promised. Let go and let God take over. Trust that He’s leading you to greater things. Recieve this looking forward with joy! “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” - Isaiah 43:19

6. Make an outward expression of faith. Don’t stay where you are. Jump into your new season now. Whenever I decide to end or start a lifestyle, I take bold action immediately! Get rid of things that remind you of that old place(if you have any). Move! Move closer to God by surrendering completely. Try fasting. Move closer into fellowship with other believers. Get busy serving others and the Lord.

7. Stay inspired.
People that inspire you are a part of your vision (; Seek wise counsel. Seek out mentors, speakers and influential christians. Read their books. Listen to their podcasts or youtube videos. Go to their events. They will give you better understanding and inspire you to love, seek, and serve God. Through them you get to know and grow closer to your Creator even more.

Jon Jorgenson is one of the people who keep me inspired. Seeing him in action encourages me. When I see God working in someone like that, I know he can use me greatly too. Then I start moving mountains with God (;

“Your feet are designed to only go forward. You only have eyes that point forward. You can’t turn your head all the way around. Listen you think God isn’t smart enough that he could’ve done a 360 with your head? Or he could’ve put one eyeball behind you? Come on, Gods smart. Why did God put your eyes in front of you so that you can’t see what’s behind you? Why did he make your feet point one way? Why can’t they swivel? Why can’t you run just as fast backwards as you do forward? Why is it your arms don’t work this way? They only work this way? Because YOU were born to win. You were born to only go forward. ”
- Kris Vallotton

- M

What you will have; given and promised by God
  • Plans for the future - everyone of us has plans for our own but what most of us don’t know is that God has better plans for us. “Better” means greatness and abundance of love and peace. His plans for us is what we deserve. You don’t have to worry about your future because He already saw it. Trust me, it’s full of beauty. Just believe in Him.
  • Rest for your soul - life might be full of burden and weariness. Everyday, same things happen and they’re stressful specially now that you’re a teen or a young adult. Life gives you a lot of difficulties you think you can’t handle and you think you’ve had enough. God will give you rest. A rest of soul and a time for you freshen up. Just ask from Him and He will give you the time you need.
  • Strength for everyday life - you might think you’re weak but actually you’re not. Sometimes it’s just laziness in you that makes you think you can’t do but you can. This is what God is telling you everyday. He wants you to wake up with an alive soul and a peaceful mind to do things you need to do. That is why He is giving you the strength to carry on. He believes in your potentials so use the strength so you could develop your potentials.
  • Peaceful heart - you might be troubled or something might be bothering you but you cannot speak about it, a peaceful heart is something you need. You need God’s help to make your heart peaceful. You need to forget your sadness and make some space for peace to come. Just ask Him for this and He will grant you.
  • Victory - when you have God by your side, you’re always the winner. You think the enemies are winning? No. They just can’t see the overwhelming victory upon your life God has given you. With God, you will live in peace, strength and love with a great plan for your future. You will always be victorious with God!

These things are just some of what He can give you. You just have to ask for it. But if you’re asking for it, you need to believe what you’re asking for and Who you are asking for. You need to live your life according to His purposes and will for you. You need to cherish your relationship with God so your soul will live with peace and grace. Darling, God loves you so much that He could give you everything you need. Besides, He already gave His Son’s life just to save you so He could prove He loves you. Now, it’s time for you to love him too.