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wtf am i doing (ft. Phil)

Louis: *imitates the guy asking the question by making an alliteration out of his name and says “top dollar,” which means high price/expensive*

Y’all: *jerk off to your LOUIS IS A TOP fantasies for the 2893408923th time*

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates on both my blogs 😟 I got a job as an hourly paid employee right after summer break started, so I’ve been working since the school semester ended. That’s why I didn’t have as much free time as I thought I would 😥

I’m in Sri Lanka on holiday right now, and I just got internet 😁 So hopefully I’ll be able to make posts regularly, but I probably shouldn’t make any promises 🙊


(Major spoilers for Dream Daddy below)

So theres been talk about cultend for Joseph and its made me reevaluate everything that’s happened in game with him. As much as I kind of don’t wish that was the “secret” ending all the signs point to it.
1. One of the biggest hints is when Lucien shows Joseph his 666 tattoo, Joseph seems kind of unconcerned about it, but he later says that the number carries weight. Also, Lucien says he got a stick and poke tattoo from a friend, and later you find out that Joseph has a set of stick and poke tattoos when you go to the Margarita Zone with him.
2. The children all look half dead, and they are rarely built upon, which is really, really suspicious. They also have a knack for the creepy, when you bring up obscure lines for them to say, they get confused, almost like they don’t understand anything else. Also, when the twins start saying the lines creepily, Joseph starts laughing, even though he tells them to stop in the beginning of the game (which could be because he doesn’t want them to give him away??)
3. If you get to two dates with Robert before third dating Joseph, he comes to warn you about Joseph. He doesn’t elaborate much, but he says Joseph will stab you as soon as you turn your back, and that he’s a very, very bad guy. At first I chalked it up to them being exes, but after seeing the secret ending files…
4. This one took a while for me to remember but Joseph comes and introduces himself at your house and brings up your dead spouse (and he plays it off like he’s seriously wondering, but it does seem a little suspicious now that I look back). If you look at the script for the secret ending, it’s implied that Joseph had something to do with all the dads being single in the neighborhood. This is also shown by how he seems to know every dad in the neighborhood.

So that’s all I can think of right now as my mind doesnt function well at 3 AM. I really don’t want this secret ending to be a thing I don’t deal well with unsettling things but it really does make sense if you reevaluate different events that seemed harmless. Honestly, that makes the writing pretty fucking genius.

EDIT: Also this is really small but it builds on 4 when you’re consoling Quinn Joseph says he does marriage counselling which seems ironic because his marriage doesn’t seem very happy. As a result, it could be that he is using counselling to break up married couples to ensure all the dads remain single.

i dont even get why so many ppl are “anti fangirl” ,,, i honestly feel like ppl only are bc every one else is and the constant demonization of younger female fans is slung everywhere

like,,,, ur literally labeling yourself “anti female fan of this character” like u might as well call urself “anti people harmlessly enjoying this character in a way thats fun to them just because theyre female and im better than them bc  A. im male or  B. a female that doesnt do that”
its so immature and petty

like,,, the moment a girl has a favorite character or she ships her self insert oc with with it shes a cringey, bratty fangirl, but if some 22 yr old dude drew himself making out with a female character (typically underage) its a-ok. skeevy perverted guys? fine. young girls innocently having fun? god sooooo annoying and evil i hope they die

nice double standards y’all

been feeling kind of touch starved lately,, have some snuggly boys


*80s synth music playing in the background*

The New Gods squad eating from/supporting their local corporate franchises! Starbucks for Media, Burger King for Technical Boy, and of course chips and salsa for Mr. World (Chipotle or Taco Bell). You bet your ass these guys can be cheap af when they wanna.

Edit: You can now get this as a print here!