god fave movie of everything though

@blueboyluca also tagged me✨ so heres a list of my favorite things! 

favorite movie: i don’t watch that much movies actually, i get super invested in them and it’s tiring. ghibli is always a safe bet. i really liked the theory of everything, yves saint laurent, and the normal heart (hard to watch though).
favorite director: no one in particular! i don’t have enough knowledge in this kind of media to really tell the difference between directors.
favorite tv show: i love brooklyn nine-nine! also master of none. a masterpiece, god bless.
favorite game: all naughty dog stuff, just for the design and graphics. but my fave has to be the last guardian. 

favorite song: if you ask me tomorrow it’ll be a different one, but as of right now, probably rhinestone eyes by gorillaz

favorite musician: same deal, it varies a lot depending on the time of year, mood, recent releases, etc. im currently in a big gorillaz phase.

favorite book(s): philip pullman’s trilogy his dark materials.
favorite author: hard to pick just a specific person. im more interested in poetry than novels, and i have a tendency to just read random pieces and not someone’s complete works. with exceptions of course.
favorite animal: well, there isn’t enough time in the world to make a complete list, but pangolins always make the cut
favorite color: not sure. i like blues and greens… and black. a palette of hues looks nicer to me than one specific color.

favorite smell: probably cinnamon!

favorite texture: depends on the day. soft things more often than not. also im always happy to peel potatoes bc the texture is just so?? nice and you can cut through them so clean? im weird alright. 

favorite drink: mmmfruit juice. usually orange.

favorite food: candy .. soft pretzels .. fluffy pastries and overall any kind of food i shouldn’t be eating 

favorite flower: violets i think!
favorite stone/gem: opal or moonstone, but really anything that looks kinda cool and colorful i’ll like.
favorite place: reynisfjara in iceland.
favorite website: bluhhh. tumblr or youtube i suppose. 

favorite memory: once when kaj played with other dogs and he looked so damn happy and i cried lol weak

favorite quote: “for small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love”, carl sagan
favorite poem: oh man i can’t just pick one. i’ll make a separate list someday. a short, funny, self-indulgent one that always cheers me up is happy endings by shel silverstein

favorite thing to do: cuddling? 

favorite item of clothing: my old levi’s jean jacket 

favorite store: ?? no idea. i mostly shop online and buy stuff when it’s available at a low price. yep.
favorite trip: not sure. they’re all very different and have had their ups and downs. my iceland trip with my dad?

favorite device: my phone just because it’s easy to search quickly for things and listen to music all the time. 

favorite thing about myself: err. i try to be understanding. i can be v loving and affectionate sometimes and it’s difficult to find people who are comfortable with that, but i like this part of me that’s still a huge baby.

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Nicknames: laur

Gender: female

Star Sign: libra

Height: super short lol let’s not dwell on this

Time: 7:53pm

Birthday: same day as joffrey lupul

Favourite Band(s): 5SOS, ATL, Allstar Weekend, Linkin Park, FOB, P!ATD & Big Time Rush

Favourite Solo Artists: ummm god I can’t even think of any right now I’ll say Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, and P!nk

Song Stuck in My Head: Loser Like Me (yeah from Glee what can I say LOL)

Last Movie I Watched: Why Him?

Last Show I Watched: House MD (my all-time fave, I binge it every chance I get) but I also binged Glee and B99 this week

When Did I Create This Blog: 2011? 2012? Somewhere then.

What I Post: Anything/everything in my bio though I seem to have become the go-to blog for info on leafs wags lately

Last Thing I Googled: Nearest Service Ontario location 😂

Do I Have Any Other Blogs: Nope

Do I Get Asks: lately ALL THE TIME LMAO Idk how this started

Why I Chose My URL: this one’s pretty self-explanatory, I’ve gone through different ones over the years but I love Morgan and the Leafs and he’s always smiling unless he looks dead inside, thus my url was born (plus it’s rhyme-y and fun)

Followers: over 1000 now yikes why do you all put up with my insanity

Following: not enough tbh

Hours of Sleep: I try to get 6-7 but uni life is hard

Lucky Number: 24

Instruments: piano, violin, oboe

What I’m Wearing RN: hoodie & sweats

Dream Job: hockey journalist

Dream Vacation: backpacking through italy or bora bora

Favourite Food: bubble tea, pasta

Nationality: Chinese-Canadian

Favourite Song RN: Ground Control (All Time Low ft. Tegan & Sara)

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