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More Than Fuck Buddies

Request: Hey love, well I had a fabulous dream last night and I thought you might write something out of it? :) Me and bucky Barnes were having some kind of secret affair while living in the tower but also developed strong feelings for each other. One night after we had passionate sex I wanted to leave but he grabbed my hand pulling me back to him and finally admitting his feelings and asking me to stay? I told him the same and it got official? :) That would be great! Also some smut hihi ? 😘😘😘 Thanks


Originally posted by luvinchris

You were currently cleaning up in the kitchen after dinner, telling everyone else you had it taken care of. Steve and Vision tried to stay behind to help, but you’ve always taken the cleaning roll in the tower. So, they all decided it was time to relax and go to bed.

You felt a pair of arms snake around your waist as you finished up and you smiled, drying off the last plate you washed. Bucky stuffed his face in the curve of your neck, inhaling your scent. Goosebumps rose onto your smooth skin.

“Mm, you smell good enough to eat. I just might let you sit on my face tonight.” Bucky chuckled darkly, nipping at your skin. Your eyes momentarily rolled into the back of your head and you rested your hands against the edge of the sink. “Bucky, I am not doing that.” You giggled softly.

Bucky smirked against you. His hold tightened around you and he was about to say something else until you both heard footsteps approaching. Bucky quickly pulled away from you, standing off to the side.

“Hey, have you guys seen my tablet?” Tony asked with a heavy sigh as he walked in. You turned around, trying to keep your composure. Your heart was beating fast in your chest and your face felt hot. “N-no, maybe check the common room?” You said, hoping Tony couldn’t detect the nervousness in your voice.

Bucky walked to the fridge now, pretending to look for something. Tony nodded at you then looked at Bucky. “Didn’t you just eat?” Tony asked, knitting his eyebrows together. Bucky froze and cleared his throat.

Oh god, what if he figures it out? You thought as your heart started racing even faster. You turned back to the dishes, stacking the plates to distract yourself and hide your embarrassment.

You and Bucky have been having a secret affair for the past few months. You’d have secret sex all throughout the tower and nobody knew; at least you hope they didn’t. You both tried your best to keep quiet.

It’s not that you don’t want the team to know, it’s that you don’t want Bucky to know you have feelings for him. You fell in love with Bucky two months after you started this affair, and you knew that Bucky probably didn’t want anything more than friends with benefits.

You enjoyed the secret sex, of course. You just didn’t want to ruin anything with telling him how you feel.

Bucky shut the refrigerator and turned to Tony. You peeked over your shoulder. “A man’s gotta eat a lot to keep his muscles, Tony the tiger.” Bucky said with a smile as he flexed his muscles. You held in a moan and looked away. Tony rolled his eyes dramatically and left the room, searching for the tablet he so desperately wanted to find.

You sighed out, shaking your head lightly. You’ve almost been caught in the act dozens of times and nobody pieced it together. Not even when Bucky’s shirt was thrown on the floor in the common room and your hair was messed up as you sat on the couch.

Either the team was really dumb or they didn’t care.

You moved to the cabinets, putting the plates and other dishes up, thinking about what just happened. Tony would never let you guys live this down if he had found you two. Bucky had left the room for a moment and you knew he was making sure Tony would leave for good.

As you were putting the silverware away in their rightful drawers, those strong arms wrapped around you once again. “He found the tablet. Now, let me find your g-spot, baby doll.” Bucky whispered in your ear, letting one of his hands move down to your clit over your leggings.

You gasped and leaned back into him, closing your eyes. “No no, that’s not it. I need to keep looking.” Bucky said in a husky voice, slipping his hand down your leggings.

Bucky’s rough hand moved your panties aside and rubbed small circles around your opening. “Y/N, you’re so wet for me.” Bucky moaned into your ear, causing a small whimper to escape between your lips.

Bucky chuckled softly and slid his finger inside of your pussy, gently moving it back and forth. Your breathing became heavier and you felt Bucky curve his finger and hit that delicious spot. Your hips jerked and Bucky smirked. “There it is.” He said proudly, hitting it continuously.

Bucky’s palm was rubbing against your clit at the same time and you tried so hard not to moan loudly in fear that someone would hear you.

Much too soon for your liking, Bucky pulled his hand from your leggings. He lifted his hand to your mouth. “Open.” Bucky ordered. You opened your mouth and he stuck his finger inside, letting you lick your juices from his finger.

You moaned softly and sucked on it now, slowly bobbing your head back and forth. Bucky growled lowly, biting on your shoulder. He placed a kiss there and pulled his finger away from your mouth and you chased after it, wanting to suck some more.

“Doll, let’s take this to the bedroom.” Bucky said as he grabbed onto your wrist. You smiled and let him drag you along. You flicked off the light in the kitchen and hurried to the elevator.

As soon as the doors closed, Bucky picked you up and pinned you to the wall with force. A small grunt fell from your mouth and Bucky ground his hips into yours. He was already hard and you could moan at the thought of how delicious he looked.

You tangled one of your hands in Bucky’s hair and tugged on the roots. You heard a low growl in his throat and you smirked. Bucky had the biggest hair pulling kink and you used that to your advantage. The sounds he made were a bonus, only adding to your own arousal.

Bucky’s lips were attached to your neck and he sucked on it harshly. You whimpered and moved your hips against Bucky’s, getting impatient. Bucky pulled away from your neck and bit his lip, looking down at you.

You noticed something different in the way he looked at you but you couldn’t tell what it was or what he was feeling. “I want to try something new tonight.” Bucky said as the elevator came to a stop.

You wondered what he could be talking about as he set you down. Bucky’s hand wrapped around yours and he laced his fingers with yours, something he’s never done before. Your heart started to race again and you felt your feelings for him start to grow.

You both exited the elevator and quickly made your way to his room down the hallway. Bucky pulled you into his room and shut his door gently and turned back to you. Smirking, he slipped off his shirt and picked you up before lying you down on his soft bed.

You started to take your shirt off and Bucky held his smirk, unbuckling his belt and slipping off his pants. The chill in the air made you shiver and you both were down to your underwear now. Bucky hovered above you on the bed and kissed along your neck and your collarbones.

You moaned, feeling his tongue trace along your skin as he went. “Bucky, hurry.” You begged, wanting him inside of you already. You felt Bucky groan against you and he pulled your bra straps down. “What do you want, kitten?” Bucky asked, using your favorite nickname.

You let him take your bra off and you felt his cock twitch in his boxers against your thigh. “Your cock, please.” You whimpered breathlessly. Bucky breathed out and leaned back on his knees. He smirked and looked down at your clothed pussy.

Your cheeks turned red and he licked his lips as his hand moved down your torso. His fingers added the slightest bit of your pressure on your clit and your hips jerked. Bucky chuckled deeply. “Always so ready for me.” He said, hooking his fingers into your panties and pulling them down.

You inhaled a deep breath, watching him. “God, you’re so pretty, Y/N.” Bucky whispered, kissing your knee before hovering above you again after slipping off his boxers. You blushed more and looked up into Bucky’s eyes. “What did you want to try?” You asked nervously.

Bucky sighed softly and looked down at you. “Can we take our time?” He asked shyly, the same look in his eyes reappearing. You knitted your eyebrows together a little. “Yeah, that’s fine.” You breathed, feeling nervous.

You and Bucky always started and finished quickly. It was mostly rough and fast sex. You didn’t do too many risky things since you had to sneak around the tower most of the time. You would like to be more adventurous in the bedroom, but you didn’t want to push Bucky away with any of your ideas. 

Bucky’s flesh hand moved to your cheek and his thumb traced along your lips. He leaned down and captured your lips with his and you felt his hips sink closer to yours. Bucky’s cock started to slide into you and you whimpered, goosebumps rising on your skin again.

Bucky pushed in further and bit your bottom lip, causing you to moan his name. “Shit.” He muttered, finally filling you up. Bucky gave you a moment to adjust to his size and you wrapped your legs around his waist.

Bucky stared down at you and brushed your hair out of your face before thrusting in and out of you slowly. You gasped, never feeling how big he actually was like this before. Bucky would always go so fast, you never had him go slow. “God, Bucky.” You whimpered as his tip gently brushed against your g-spot.

You felt Bucky holding back and you desperately needed him to go a tad faster. “Bucky.” You whimpered his name, watching his hips meet yours. Bucky gripped the pillow beside your head with his metal hand and let his flesh hand rest on your side.

His thrusts sped up a little as you moved your hands to his hair and tugged on it. Bucky grunted and quickly leaned down to kiss you. You were surprised at first and you felt him start to fuck you harder. Bucky’s tongue swiped along your bottom lip, begging to play with yours.

Slightly opening your mouth, his tongue started to fight for dominance. You moaned into the kiss, moving your hips against his. “Fuck, that’s so good.” Bucky moaned, his voice strained. You knew he wanted to go crazy but something was different about this time.

Bucky looked into your eyes as he thrust into you and you noticed that look again. You didn’t know what it was but it made your heart beat faster. Bucky’s lips ghosted over your chin before placing a kiss there. His lips moved to your neck and down, then back up to your ear.

Your pussy clenched around his hard cock, making him moan into your ear. You smirked and did it yourself this time, earning a moan from your own mouth. “Play nice, naughty one.” Bucky chuckled, his flesh hand moving to your hand.

Bucky laced his fingers with yours again and held it beside your head on the pillow. “You’re so beautiful.” Bucky breathed, his chest rising and falling. You felt his thrusts become harder and your face contorted with pleasure. “Fuck.” Bucky grunted, snapping his hips against yours with more force.

Your breath caught in your throat when Bucky’s metal hand moved to grip onto your throat. “You like that?” Bucky asked with a small smile. You nodded, moaning your answer. “Can you go faster?” You asked, hearing Bucky’s arm whirring. His fingers tightened and he groaned.

Bucky did as you asked, sliding in and out of you with more speed. Skin slapped against skin and you gasped, only to have it cut off by Bucky applying more pressure around your throat. “So good for me. You’re so good. You like that, Sergeant’s little girl? God, you look amazing.” Bucky said, whispering as he fucked you.

You moaned out particularly loud but you didn’t care. Not when you could feel Bucky’s cock slamming into you harder now. His balls slapped against your ass and you couldn’t wait anymore. “I want-I want to ride you. Please.” You begged, looking at Bucky. His hair was sticking to his face from it being coated with sweat.

Bucky grunted and released your neck, flipping you two over. You’ve never been on top before and Bucky would always decline, but now you get to and you couldn’t be happier. “Fuck. Ride me, kitten.” Bucky said, watching you grip his shaft in your hand. You’ll never get over Bucky’s size.

He was thick and heavy, veins protruding from his cock and your mouth watered at the sight of his red tip. You moved your hips over Bucky’s cock, sliding his tip along your slit. Bucky’s breath hitched and you heard him growl as you sank down.

He filled you up even more it felt like and he was definitely deeper inside of you. “Y/N, you feel amazing.” Bucky rasped, gripping onto your hips. You started to ride Bucky, bouncing up and down on his large cock. Your tits were bouncing along and you gripped them, looking down at Bucky as you pinched your nipples.

Bucky bit his bottom lip, bending his knees so he could meet your thrusts. “Fuck, I’m getting close.” You squealed, feeling Bucky’s cock hit your g-spot repeatedly. You couldn’t hold yourself up anymore so you let your chest rest against Bucky’s. His arms wrapped protectively around your back and he picked up speed.

You kissed his chest, breathing heavily. You moaned as Bucky’s hand now tangled in your hair. He pulled your head up, making you look down at him. “Y/N, look at me when you cum.” Bucky said, his eyes hooded and mouth slack from pleasure. You moaned and watched his face, his eyes glazed over.

Bucky pounded into you now and you felt his thighs slap against yours. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You squealed out. You moaned and Bucky leaned up to kiss you quickly. You gasped and pulled away, feeling your pussy clenching around Bucky’s cock again. “Go slow. Oh god, go slow.” You begged.

Bucky slowed his movements and slid in and out of you like before, only much deeper. As Bucky stared into your eyes, your orgasm finally washed over you and you moaned, trying to keep your eyes open.

Bucky’s hand reached down to rub your clit, his movements faster than his thrusts. You held your breath and felt hot spurts of Bucky’s cum coat the inside of your pussy. He grunted, sliding his cock all the way in and keeping it there until you both finished.

Bucky let out a satisfied breath and looked at you. “Breathe, Y/N.” He said, rubbing your sweaty back. You let out a long exhale and felt lightheaded. “God, that was amazing.” You whimpered. Bucky slid out of you and you stayed on his chest, breathing rapidly.

Bucky caressed your hair and kissed your forehead. Sighing, you closed your eyes for a moment. As your breathing calmed, you rolled off of Bucky. Your pussy was sore and you groaned, feeling your thigh muscles twitching.

You sat beside Bucky and smiled down at him. “I’ll see you next time.” You said with a hint of sadness. Bucky furrowed his eyebrows and gripped onto your wrist before you could leave. “No, don’t go!” Bucky quickly pleaded. You looked down at him confused. “Why? I always leave afterwards.” You stated matter of factly.

Bucky sat up and sighed, running his hand through his hair. “I know, I just don’t want you to leave me.” He said quietly. Your eyes widened as you thought about it. The slow, thoughtful movements, the amount of eye contact and even the kissing. It was much different than the other times. You two just made love.

Bucky stood up and left to get a wet cloth to clean you both up with. He was silent and you weren’t sure what to say. You saw Bucky’s shirt lying on the floor and you moved to pick it up. Slipping it on, you sniffed it and it smelled like him.

“What are you doing?” Bucky asked after he slipped on a clean pair of boxers. You blushed and smiled. “Staying.” You whispered. Bucky threw the wet cloth in his dirty basket and walked back over to you. You sat at the edge of his bed, playing with the hem of his shirt.

Bucky’s hands held your cheeks, letting the pads of his thumbs caress your skin. “I think I love you.” Bucky whispered, watching you intently. Your eyebrows raised and your mouth fell open. He likes you back. Bucky actually feels the same way about you.

You were so surprised you couldn’t speak and Bucky’s hands fell from your face. “I understand if it’s not the same for you.” He said, sitting beside you. You blushed and turned to him. “Do you think or do you know?” You asked, feeling your heart start to race again.

Bucky looked at you, his hair falling in his eyes. You reached over and tucked it behind his ear. “I know.” He said, nodding to himself. You leaned in and placed a kiss on his cheek. “Good, because I love you, too.” You said.

You heard a gasp fall from Bucky’s mouth and he looked at you with the cutest surprised face you’ve ever seen. “You do?” He breathed, pulling you onto his lap. You giggled softly. “I do.” You said, wrapping your arms around Bucky’s neck. “God, you’re amazing.” He muttered, pulling you in for a kiss.

Note: I feel like this sucks, omg. I’m not sure about this, but I really hope you like it! thanks for the request! .c

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Her First Apartment Ch.1

Ooooohhkaayyyy. Sit back and get comfortable this updated chapter is little over 3000 words.

Inukag college AU

I included what I had already posted before because of the added details and changes I put in so you should still read it all!

The woman fought with her umbrella as the wind threatened to douse her in the heavy sheets of rain. She watched the map on her phone as she spat her wild black tresses from her mouth. Her stomach demanded she stop somewhere dry to eat her snack, or better yet, find a restaurant. She continued on her journey by sheer willpower, ignoring her body’s needs. Stopping her in her tracks, she felt the object in her hand buzz. Her mother was checking in on her progress, wary of the weather conditions her daughter was traversing through on her search. Kagome shook her head as she continued to walk, her bare feet enjoying the small pools of spring rain lapping up at her ankles with every step. If it weren’t for the damn wind threatening to blow her over, she’d be skipping from puddle to puddle in joy. She wanted to keep her sandals dry and Koga had always said that the best traction is the skin on your heel. Perfect for wet weather.

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Percival x Reader: Distractions

I don’t own the GIF, and I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

“Y/N,” Gwaine tipped his head as you walked past him.  “That’s a very nice dress you’re wearing today.  You look very beautiful,” You smiled at Gwaine.

“Thank you Gwaine.” You replied sweetly.  “Would you like to wear it sometime?”  Gwaine burst into laughter, along with the rest of the knights.

Save one.  You watched out of the corner of your eye as Percival stiffened before going back to hacking at his training dummy.  You looked at Gwaine, who was smirking at you.  It was working.  You had had a crush on Percival for as long as you could remember, and you had no idea if he liked you back.  You had confided in Gwaine, who had come up with a plan.  You had decided to fake flirt with each other and gauge his reactions.  The results were promising, though you felt bad.  You walked over to the rack and pulled a bow and arrow, failing to notice Percival’s eyes following your figure.  You notched an arrow, and took aim.  Just before you released the arrow, you felt arms wrap around your waist and lift you up.  You shrieked as your arrow flew well over the top of the target. 

“Gwaine, put me down!”  You smacked at his arms as you shrieked with laughter.   A loud crack caught your attention.  The two of you turned around.  The training dummy Percival had been using was missing an arm, and the knight in question was striding off the field.  You turned to look at Gwaine, who was looking at you with a twinkle in his eye.

“You’re welcome,” He put you down and left in the other direction.  You smiled and shook your head as you put your equipment away. 

“Hey, Y/N!” You turned as Merlin ran towards you.

“Hi, Merlin,” You smiled at him.  “What do you need?”

“Gaius and I are working on a project, and I need to grab an artifact from the store room of the castle,” He told you.  “And if I get caught…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure no one catches you.”  You had stumbled upon Merlin’s secret when he first came to Camelot, and you had become close friends after the fact.  Whenever he had to run a magic-related errand, he asked you to act as his lookout.

“You’re the best!  Let’s meet at the store room in three hours, okay?”  You nodded and he left.  You finished putting away your things and retired to your chambers.

A few hours later you put on your darkest gown and made your way to the store room. 

“I should only be a few minutes,” Merlin told you.  You nodded.

“I’ll knock if someone’s coming.”  He nodded and disappeared inside the room.  You waited outside, looking down each side of the hall periodically.  It was pretty uneventful, but about twenty minutes later, you heard footsteps approaching.  You subtly knocked on the door as Percival turned the corner.  He looked angry and was walking with heavy footsteps.  He was staring at the floor until his eyes landed on the hem of your skirt.  He looked up, and as soon as his eyes met yours, he dipped into a bow.

“Your highness,” He greeted softly.

“Good evening, Percival,” You replied. 

“What are you doing at this hour?” 

“Oh, just enjoying the change of scenery,” You lied effortlessly.  He raised an eyebrow.  Crap.  He’s not buying it.  You tried to think of another excuse, but you were distracted by aloud crash. 

From inside the storage room.  Oh God.  Percival swiftly but gently moved you away from the door as he unsheathed his sword.

“Stay back,” He told you.  You were panicking.

“No wait!” You stalled. “I think it came from that way,” You pointed in a random direction but he wasn’t budging.  You were forced to use your last resort.  You began to run in the other direction like he had told you, but you fake-fell.  You let out a loud shriek of pain.  Percival whirled around, the noise in the store room forgotten.  He flew to your side and kneeled down, examining your ankle.  He gently removed your slipper and held it gingerly in his hand.

“It looks fine to me,” He told you.  You nodded.

“I guess I fell weird,” You admitted sheepishly. He smiled at you, but he was distracted by another crash.  Dammit Merlin!  He went to stand up, and you knew you wouldn’t be able to stop him a second time.

There was one thing left to do.

You grabbed Percival’s shoulder, pulled him down to your level, and firmly pressed your lips to his.  He stiffened, before wrapping his arms around you and kissing you back hungrily.  You wrapped your arms around his neck as he lifted you up and into his arms.  You distantly heard the door open and footsteps run in the other direction.  When you pulled apart, you were both panting.

“But…what about Gwaine?”  He asked uncertainly.

“Don’t worry.  He’s just a friend.”

“But you two are always flirting.”             

“Well…to be honest… we were just doing that to make you jealous.  I’ve liked you forever, but I had no idea if you felt the same or not.”  He stared at you for a moment, before smiling softly.  He pressed his forehead to yours.

“Of course I felt the same. How could I not?”

I wanted to know for sure.”  He laughed softly.

“How’s this for confirmation?” He murmured before quickly claiming your lips again.

Thanks to the anon for requesting this one!

Wake Up Make Up

Summary: Dean and the reader aren’t together, as much as she wishes that they were. But can one embarrassing morning change everything?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Swearing, sexual innuendos, implied sexy times, fighting (just verbal), I think that’s it.

Word Count: 2712


Originally posted by yourfavoritedirector

Reader’s POV

“Y/N? Y/N, sweetheart, time to wake up.”
Groaning, I pulled my covers over my head in protest. “Nome. It’s not. It’s time to sleep,” I mumbled out, barely comprehendible, as my face was buried in the pillows. Hands pulled at my sides, and I fought feebly against them. Dean sighed heavily.
Exasperated, he finally gave up when he realized that I wasn’t giving away my warm and comfy abode that easy. “I’m serious. You need to get your lazy ass out of bed already. I’m bored and it’s almost noon,” he almost whined, hands retreating.
My muffled grumping was the only answer he got. I had meant to say something along the lines of, “Leave me alone, unless you have something better to offer than this bed.” but it came out as more, “Lea’ meh ‘lone, unleff 'ou 'ave somefing bettah to offah.” And then I decided to just keep it at that, because I didn’t trust myself with any other words without screwing them up just as bad.
The bed dipped slightly beside me, but I didn’t bother telling him to get the hell off. My hand went flying haphazardly and collided lightly and unfortunately harmlessly against what I think was Dean’s bicep. He snorted at my pathetic attempt at warding him away. “Y/N, c'mon, you’re being ridiculous. Get up before I make you!” It was probably supposed to be a threat, but I didn’t see any reason that the very attractive Dean Winchester carrying me everywhere would be a particularly bad thing.
Nevertheless, staying tucked in my covers is a lot more attractive than Dean at the moment. Making a disgruntled sound, I grabbed the pillow from beside me and put it over my head, hoping that he would get the message that I wouldn’t get up if the Bunker were on fire.
A huff filled the room, and the weight disappeared from the end of the bed. My body sagged into the mattress in relief. “Whatever,” he scoffed, and I probably should’ve paid more attention to the smirk creeping into his tone, but I was way too tired. “I guess hard way it is.”
A whoosh of air hit my bare legs as they were exposed to the unforgiving cold. It had only just registered in my mind that he had ripped the covers off of me-the bastard-when the sound of them dropping to the floor hit my ears. Turning my head to chastise him for taking away my beautiful escape, I blinked away the blurriness in my vision. The words died in my throat as I realized that he had just stopped. I couldn’t quite make out his face, but I knew that the smirk wasn’t there anymore.
“What?!” I finally snapped when Dean’s silhouette hadn’t moved for a while and he hadn’t said anything. Was five minutes a new record for him? Honestly, I would be surprised if it weren’t. And that was the exact moment I realized why he hadn’t said a single word.
Last night, it was hot and stuffy as hell in my bedroom, but I really liked the feel of fabric on my newly shaved legs. So instead of suffering through my pants, I had-
My face went white.
Shit, I’m clad in only my lacy underwear and Dean Winchester is staring at me. In different circumstances, maybe, I would’ve made a move. But I was so goddamn embarrassed that the first words out of my mouth were kind of a strangled gasp of, “Get out!”
He was quick to listen and obey, closing the door behind him.
Oh, God, I can never leave my room again. That was way too damn embarrassing. Dean’s going to harass me about it for the next six months at the very least.
Resigned to never letting either of the boys see me ever again, I shoved on sweatpants and a flannel that one of the boys had outgrown. Grabbing the remote to my TV (yes, it was bought with money from hustling, so sue me), I turned on Netflix, scrolling through all of the shows with bored eyes. Seriously, would it kill them to put a good show on here every once in a while?
As I rewatched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for the umpteenth time, all I could think about was how much I wanted ice cream. The blush rose on my cheeks again as I remembered the last time I had watched the series. It had been with Dean, actually. In the black hole between a wendigo case and demon sighting, I had pulled him into my room, demanding that he never look away from the television. I can still remember his exact expression, and his muscular arm slowly encircling my waist and pulling me into his side, and his scent. God, his scent.
Okay, I am going to need that ice cream to cool me down.
Sighing, I paused the show and stood, stretching my arms above my head. As I caught my own eyes in the mirror, I snorted. I remind myself of a cat. Sleep, eat, laze around, sleep some more, stretch like you’re about to do a marathon, and then eat some more.
Please, the only marathon I’m going to be doing is a movie marathon.
I was mulling over the movies on Netflix and trying to arrange a schedule in my head when I froze in the kitchen doorway.
This is exactly why I had been on room lockdown. God, ice cream made me into such an idiot!
Hoping that he didn’t see me, I turned on my heel and started back toward my room. I didn’t make it half a step before his hand was around my elbow, making me flinch. Great, now I’ve been caught.
Next step: Time to move out.
“Hey,” he greeted, flashing a little smile, and I knew that it was coming. That taunting, the jokes, the innuendos. The rest of my life is going to be a living hell. I think I should skip straight to moving out of the country. France sounds awesome. I’ve always wanted to go. But my police record would be a big no-no. His gravelly voice jolted me out of my thoughts. “I’m… um… I’m sorry about earlier. I really didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” Is he… Is he blushing? No, he couldn’t be.
Because he’s Dean freaking Winchester and he has no reason to be bashful. He’s been in more girl’s pants than I had, which was concerning since he was a dude and I was a chick. In two completely different ways, but still.
I forced a smile that probably looked a little more like a grimace onto my face. “It’s okay. If I had remembered, this morning would’ve gone way differently,” I assured, so wishing that the floor would open up and swallow me.
Dean quirked an eyebrow, and my mind was immediately racing for what I had let slip. “'Differently’ how?” he asked, his eyebrows now wiggling suggestively. I hit his arm with a laugh. God, was anything ever gonna be the same? All I could think about even in this simple interaction was that morning, and I had barely been here for thirty seconds.
Not answering his question, I jumped into another topic, trying to distract him from making one of his idiotic (yet admittedly witty) jokes. “What’re you up to?” I said, a bit too quickly to be casual, but he let it slip. Thank the Lord.
He crossed over to the kitchen counter as he responded, and I would’ve run back to my room had my feet not been planted to the floor. I couldn’t make my legs work. “I was working on Baby.” Of course he was. Baby meant everything to him. Dean grabbed a red towel from the sink and rubbed the grease from the nooks and crannies of his rough hands. “Is that my flannel?”
And, like the complete imbecile that I was, I looked down at it, bewildered. I knew that Dean saw it even before I heard his light laughter.
Why do my legs fail me now?
“I guess so,” I finally murmured, playing with the hem of it nervously as Dean laughed away. “You can have it back, if you want. I don’t think it fits you anymore, though.”
I caught it before Dean did. Perfect opportunity for him to throw in his two cents, of course.
Of freaking course.
The smug smirk on his face made me want to either lock myself in my room for the rest of eternity or for a black hole to suddenly appear in my pocket. I hadn’t decided yet. “Oh, I’ll take it back, sweetheart. It’ll be on my floor, along with the rest of your clothes.” He finished it with a wink that had me stuttering even in my thoughts.
Is he… Is he flirting with me?
No. No way. Dean would never do that. He wants to keep it professional. Just friends, hunting buddies.
Don’t be an idiot. That’s Sam, not Dean. Dean would definitely do something like this.
So, wait. Did that mean he was flirting with me because he actually liked me, or to mess with my head? Or was it just a habit that he couldn’t turn off?
His eyes were fixed on the floor by his feet when I was finally able to shake the thoughts off. “I was… uh… just kidding. You can keep the flannel. You wear it better anyway,” he chuckled, rubbing at the back of his neck. “But those lace panties, sweetheart. Those would complete the look. I don’t even care if you keep them on.”
Jesus holy mother of God.
He is definitely intentionally flirting. The only question going through my mind now is 'what the hell do I do?’, and it was circling through my head a million miles per hour. I’m sure that I was sporting a deer in headlights look, but my brain was too busy puzzling over that one question.
A forced laugh met my ears, jolting me out of my trance. Dean pushed himself away from the counter, tossing the red towel over his shoulder and into the sink. “I get the message, sweetheart, don’t worry. You don’t have to say anything. I’m just gonna, um, go.” He was out of the room before the words had even fully struck home.
No way. Dean would never like me. I wasn’t his type. But then why had he dashed out with his head down and tail between his legs like a sixth grader who had been rejected by his crush?
I figured that there was only one person who knew Dean better than I did, and thankfully, he was right down the hall. He answered on the second knock, hair ruffled as if he had been sleeping. I instantly felt bad about waking him up, because he needs all the sleep he needs, but I couldn’t undo it.
A smile eased onto my face. “Hey, Sam. Sorry to wake you.”
The giant returned it groggily. “No problem. I wasn’t sleeping very well anyway.” It was only then that I really looked at him, noticing the sweat along his forehead and circles under his eyes.
I am a terrible friend.
“I need to talk to you,” I whispered, in case Dean had decided to run in and grab something from his room or was listening. Sam furrowed his eyebrows, but beckoned me into his room nevertheless. Before the door was even fully closed, the question that had been bouncing around my head so insistently that it almost hurt flew out. “Does Dean like me?”
Sam closed the door and leveled his eyes with mine. They lit up after a moment, and he reached forward to ruffle my hair. I immediately ducked out of the way, trying to fix my hair and failing miserably. So, I was pretty shocked when Sam spoke up. “Thank God you finally figured it out. I was seriously about to hire a cupid. I’m happy for you. Now get out, I want some sleep. Please. I’d love to help you ask him out, or whatever, but these trials are kicking my ass.”
Giving him an understanding smile, even though a million more questions were attacking my mind, I headed out. Just before the door closed fully, I heard him murmur, “See you later, small fry.”
Grin now just about splitting my face in two, I went in search of Dean. I didn’t have to look far. He was in the library, holding an ice pack to his head and nursing a beer. I could tell that something was off by the set of his shoulders. He was keeping something in, again. Not that surprising, but I couldn’t think of what it was this time.
Focusing on the task at hand, I crossed the room to him with a skip in my step. “Hiya,” I chirped happily.
The only response I got was a fierce glare. My heartbeat accelerated. Why is Dean so freaking bipolar today? “Something you want to tell me?” he pressed coolly. A shiver ran the length of my spine.
He knew. So why was he so angry about it? According to Sam, Dean liked me back. But by the look on his face, he looked like he didn’t want to be on the same continent as me. My confidence shriveled. “Not now,” I responded, and I hated how vulnerable I sounded in those little words.
The chair beneath Dean toppled to the floor as he stood, getting up in my face as I flinched away. “Oh yeah? You don’t want to confess fucking with my feelings, huh? Or how about using Sam for your own pleasure when he’s at his lowest?! What kind of messed up fuck are you?” Dean roared as confusion swirled in my mind.
What is he on about?
Everything clicked into place when I thought it through a bit more. Dean must’ve come in to get his beer and ice pack while I was in Sam’s room. He wasn’t around when I went in, I know that for sure. So maybe he saw me come out? But then why had he jumped to the conclusion that I had used Sam for sex? My brain made itself useful by throwing out the memory of Sam ruffling my hair, and how the flannel was off my shoulder because of his playful behavior.
Dean’s shoulders were still shaking with rage by the time I was able to string together a response. But my planned words didn’t come out of my mouth. Instead, my body lurched forward and my mouth clashed to Dean’s. It was clumsy, and unexperienced, and so wonderfully candid. He was kissing back before I knew that I had just smashed my lips to the ones I’d spent so much time fantasizing about.
I explained it to him later, as we were watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt after some truly mindblowing sex. We laughed together at how blind we had been, how Dean had originally come in from the garage because he had whacked his head on Baby’s hood really hard, and how Sam had called me Small Fry and kicked me out of his room because his sleep was more important than my relationship status.
“I really hope you know that I really liked those lace underwear. And you’re buying new ones for me, you lazy slug.” Dean threw his head back in laughter once again at my lame insult.
“Nah, you love me too much. Besides, you might forget if I never let you leave this room again.” The blush rising to the occasion was necessary, of course.
But the banging at the door most certainly was not. “Guys, throw some clothes on. I found a case.”
Dean groaned at his brother’s voice and buried his face in my collarbone. “Seriously? C'mon, man,” he whined.
“I really love you, you know,” I whispered down at him, a bit surprised that the words had popped out.
Dean smiled back at me. “I love you, too, sweetheart. Always have, always will. But I will love you a lot more if your underwear drawer is completely made up of lace.”
That one earned him a smack, alright.

a (not so) brief history of how many times even has begged isak to get them a pet
  • the first time, its before they’ve even moved into their new apartment. even and isak are round at mahdi’s with the boy squad, and mahdi’s cat decides that isak’s lap is the best seat in the house, and settles himself down there.
  • isak grumbles but actually he really likes that the cat chose him, and when no one is paying attention to him he gives him a lil stroke and gets a big purr in return, so obviously he has to keep stroking. thats the rules.
  • even, who is always paying attention, even if isak doesnt think he is, is in love with the sight, isak with a cat? yes. sign him up. he needs more
  • “oh my god isak, we need to get a cat when we have our place!”
  • isak turns to him and raises his eyebrows, and then they both turn back to the boys because at the sound of all their strangled gasps, it turns out this is the first that isak and even have mentioned of getting their own apartment
  • even doesn’t actually get a solid answer from isak about whether he wants a cat, because they get kind of distracted justifying their life choices to an enthusiastic magnus, a slightly amused mahdi, and a very skeptical jonas. by the end of the night isak has forgotten that even suggested getting a cat

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Her First Apartment Ch.1

Inukag college au
(Incomplete and will be posted on ff.net soon)

College Au
The woman fought with her umbrella as the wind threatened to douse her in the heavy sheets of rain. She watched her phone as she spat her wild black tresses from her mouth. Her stomach demanded she stop somewhere dry to eat her snack, or better yet, find a restaurant. She continued on her journey by sheer willpower, ignoring her body’s needs. Stopping her in her tracks, she felt the object in her hand buzz. Her mother was checking in on her progress, wary of the weather conditions her daughter was traversing through on her search. Kagome shook her head as she continued to walk, her bare feet enjoying the small pools of spring rain lapping up at her ankles with every step. If it weren’t for the damn wind threatening to blow her over, she’d be skipping from puddle to puddle in joy. She wanted to keep her sandals dry and Koga had always said that the best traction is the skin on your heel. Perfect for wet weather.
Facing the wind, as she lifted her phone to her ear, the wind picked up, the hill sloped, and the road grew slick. One second she was saying hello to her mother, the next, her foot slipped forward from under her. With a yelp, her arm flung upward and she nearly did the splits if she hadn’t caught herself midway with her other hand. Within moments she felt the sting of her palm and foot and cursed inwardly. But what her nerves had noticed instantly, was the painful twist of her ankle. She sucked in a breath. Finally stable in her awkward position she put her now wet phone back to her ear, “I’m alright. I just slipped here.”
That was an understatement. After playing volleyball in high school, she knew when she’d twisted something. It didn’t seem too bad, but there was no way a doctor’s visit wasn’t in order.
“Are you okay? You bleeding?”
“No.” She replied through a painful hiss. She wasn’t lying. “Just stings.” She added as she managed to rise and get past the slick moss, favoring her ankle. No reason to worry her mother who was nearly ten hours away and could do nothing to help.
“Well, catch the bus and try again another day. I know we don’t have much time left, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try again on a dry day.”
She hung up after agreeing with her. The bus stop was more than a few blocks ahead though. Careful with every step, she traversed the pavement slowly, heading towards the first place to stop to her left. It was an apartment complex, but one she’d never seen when she’d searched online.
As she looked for the sign that would lead her to the office, she read, “Taisho Terraces”
What an odd name. But as she hobbled past parked cars, she glanced at the buildings and suddenly found it fitting. Every apartment had its own roof deck. The buildings were very fancy, reminding her of a roman style architecture. How she wished she could see how they looked in the warm sun.
Focusing back to the task at hand, she spotted the words ‘office’ straight ahead and limped over.
Just a few more steps….. she gripped the railing and with one arm, lifted herself up the first step, then dragged her favored leg up the second. It took twice as long as it normally would.
Finally at the platform beneath the a roof, she slid her umbrella down and shrunk it, shaking the drops off. Using the thing as a sort of crutch, she gripped the door handle and twisted, a crack of warmth emanating from within.
“Touga’s out! Come back la-” the boy was hit with the smell of wet human, and he peeked around the corner from the break room. There stood a tangled sopping young girl dressed in dark capris and a green t-shirt with no shoes and a black bag hanging long down her side. He didn’t know what to say. He knew not how, or why any human would even want to come-
“Erm. Can you help me?” She took a step and wobbled. At that, he noticed the smell of blood, and he was before her in blur, his hands firm against her chilled arms.
She shot a confused look at him, and took in his features. Ball cap, white hair, angled jaw line, dark thick eyebrows and …….. intense deep-set golden orbs the color of the gods. She blushed prettily at his proximity and good, albeit unusual, looks. Kagome didn’t mind the distraction from her suddenly inflamed ankle.
“You’re bleeding.” He stated. Though he was inwardly surprised that she hadn’t even sucked in a startled breath at his appearance.
“I am?” She lifted her palm, and noticed he was right. She had been bleeding after all.
He gave a sigh, knowing she was going to freak out at this, but he was too impatient to rummage around for the first aid kit.
She froze as she felt a warm calloused hand cup the back of her own. She relaxed after a moment, thinking that he was nearly inspecting it. Still….
But she didn’t have time to think further before a warm pair of lips met the heel of her palm with a slight sting at the contact.
He felt her stare and smelled her fear, but didn’t dare meet her eyes. His tongue met her flesh and he nearly groaned at the taste of sizzling blood, barely registering the fact that she had spiritual powers and a gasp from the young woman.
Despite her physically frozen state, her mind was running miles a minute. Was this some sort of sick kinky thing? She imagined his tongue traveling down her wrist and arm, inching closer and closer-
“There. Done.”
She creaked her eyes open, her mind’s eye searching her hand for pain. When finding none, she flexed it tentatively and opened her eyes wider at her perfectly flawless palm, not a nick of torn skin nor blood.
Drawing her hand to make a fist between her breasts, she glanced up shyly at her healer. His expression was devoid of emotion other than one cocked eyebrow, as if to say, well what did you expect idiot?
“Um. Thank you?”
He harrumphed, “You’re still bleeding.” And she immediately thought of her foot, but continued her stare at the unusual man before her.
Was it just her, or did his nose just twitch?
Gathering her wit, she waved her hand at him shooing-ly, “It’s just a scrape. No biggie!”
“I can’t have you making a mess on this carpet.” She heard him groan in annoyance, before she was swept off her feet, her forgotten umbrella falling to the blue carpet with a quiet thump.
Having only been carried this way twice before, the last time so long ago and by someone she now heavily disliked with a passion, she took comfort in the familiarity of the heat of another’s skin at her back and side, her arm reflexively around her healer’s neck as she was hurried across the room.
It ended all too soon as she was set down but she internally reprimanded herself for getting touchy-feely with someone she just met. She didn’t even know his name for christ’s sakes!
@artistefish @keichanz @kuddle-cakes @inunanna its not done yet but here ya go!

anonymous asked:

Prompt: some pillow talk banter! Maybe teasing one another about snoring or talking in their sleep.

I have never jumped on a prompt so quickly omg. And this devolved into utter nonsense, so i really hope you like it. If not- i’m so sorry but it’s 2am and i am full of fluff and nonsense :D

Read on, lovelies!


“Did you know,” Even said with a certain hum that didn’t bode well for the peaceful atmosphere they’ve created for themselves in the afterglow of their Friday night.

“Hmm?” Isak twists a bit in Even’s arms, peeking up from where he’d been drifting against Even’s collarbones.

“You talk in your sleep.”

Isak jerks back, “I do not.”

“Oh but you do.” Even chuckles at Isak’s offended expression, pulling the younger boy’s wriggly body back close to him again, “This morning you did. It’s cute.”

“It’s not cute because it’s not true.”

And then there was silence. Because it’s not true and Isak can not stand the grievous insult against him. Talking in his sleep? As if. That was for children and- not him. Fuck Even. And fuck Jonas who used to complain about the same thing when they still spent the nights together on the weekends.

It’s not true.

Beside him, Isak could feel Even shaking with silent laughter.

Would it be childish to pout and give Even the silent treatment? But also- Even was stroking fingertips through Isak’s hair and that shit felt good. Too good to pass up at least. And Even did technically blow him tonight, so Isak guesses he probably shouldn’t deprave his boyfriend of manly cuddle time. Or whatever.

So, begrudgingly, Isak allows his body to relax back into his slanderous boyfriend.

“It’s cute,” Even whispers, leaning in to nip once at Isak’s ear and then place a dry kiss at his nape.

“It’s not true,” Isak says again, but arches just a tad to give Even better access. He considers, smiling a bit when Even kitten licks his pulse point, “But if it were true- what did I say?”

God only knows what it could have allegedly been. Some people can remember their dreams. Isak is not one of those people- all he knows is it must not have been a certain kind of dream because Isak woke up with completely dry boxers.

Even stops his ministrations, “Nothing too interesting. You said my name a couple of times. Which, duh, I am the man of your dreams.” Even stops, and his grin gets wider, “literally now.”

“You are not funny,” Isak scoffs, but rolls over to release a hand and uses it to trace the circles under Even’s eyes, “How long did you sleep last night?”

“Nuh uh,” Even bats Isak’s hand away, “We’re not changing the topic to that right now. This is our post-orgasm haze. We made that rule weeks ago.”

Isak rolls his eyes, but backs down, “Fine.”

Fine.” Even mocks, ruffling Isak’s hair and using his arms to roll Isak on top of his hips.

Not that Isak was complaining; like at all. Fuck, his number two favorite place in the world was settled on Even’s hips. But it wouldn’t do to look too terribly thrilled with the new position, so Isak just raises an eyebrow and settles his palms on his thoughts. Even though, the romantic, traces up and down Isak’s forearms.

“Did you know-” Even smiles and Isak groans.

“Fuck not this again.”

“Shut it.” And suddenly there is a hand reaching up to thumb at a stubborn spring of hair that refused to vacate Isak’s fucking forehead. “Did you know that I think you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met?”

Fuck, there he goes again with the romantic shit and damnit it, Isak can feel his skin heating up in the most delightful ways- but also his skin is slowly turning a shade of lobster red. “Nei. And it’s not true. You’ve met Noora.”

Even pauses to consider.

Isak’s eyes narrow until Even is suddenly laughing under him and tangling a hand in his hair to pull him down to Even’s lips. When they break apart, Even licks his lips and uses his pointer finger to trace the bow in Isak’s top lip. “Blondes are my thing, I guess.”

“Lucky you. Norway is like 83.4% blonde.”

Even raises an eyebrow, “83.4%? What the fuck?”

“Never mind.” Isak thinks of Eva and Vilde and smirks, “Beside, you wouldn’t be alone. I swear everyone I know has a little thing for Noora.”

Even groans and taps at Isak’s bare hip, “Can we not talk about Noora when I have you naked and on top of me?”

“Is it distracting you?”

“Fuck me, do you have a thing for Noora?”

“Oh God no,” Isak mock shudders, “She’s like a weird older sister- and like, a girl. Doesn’t do it for me.”

“No?” Even’s hand traces the veins on Isak forearms and then ventures lower. And fuck him, Isak gasps, eyes sliding shut and tilting his head to the side, “What does do it for you then?”

“You,” Isak breathes out, “Fuck. You do.”

The touch is gone nearly as quickly as it began and Isak is unamused. “Tease.”

“Hmm.” Even releases Isak completely and gestures for him to lay back down beside him, which Isak does with somewhere in between a pout and a content sigh. “You do it for me too, you know. It’s weird how much you do it for me.”

Isak wriggles down until he’s comfortable in the crook of Even’s arm, “Shut up or you’ll get me hard again.”

“Wow, you’re so romantic. Really- just wow. I can’t wait to hear what you’ll say in your sleep tonight. ‘Shut up, Evy. Oh- I’m so hard Evy.’”

“That’s your dream, baby. Not mine.”

Even snorts, but kisses the side of Isak’s head. “I guess we’ll see in the morning then. Now go the fuck to sleep.”

Just; C.H. 11

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9Part 10

“We’re going out tonight.” Ashton states matter-of-factly, throwing himself onto the sofa next to me as he flips through the channels on television. Linda and the other girls were out for the weekend so I had been spending most of my free time hanging out with Ashton and Luke. Calum and Michael were out today, Ashton mumbling something about a football game.

“Well nice of you to tell me, Ash.” I chuckle, my hand absentmindedly rubs circles on my exposed stomach, gaze fixed on the television. “I wasn’t just telling you, I was informing you so you have time enough to get ready and do your girly things.” Ashton turns on his back, his head tilted so he could glance over, making a motion with his hand where he’s putting up lipstick.

“If you want I can make you extra pretty, Ash.” I blink a few times, turning my head so I had the same stance as Ashton, winking when he starts giggling loudly.
“What are you lot talking about?” Luke appears into the room, his hair dripping wet from the shower he took five minutes ago. “Y/n wants to mutilate me with her make-up kit.” Ashton groans as he makes a disgusted face, drawing another giggle from my lips.

“We should cake Calum’s and Michael’s face with make-up when they’re passed out. They are both horrible when they’re shit-faced wasted.” Luke laughs as he drops on my other side, making himself more comfortable. We can hear both boys come up the pathway to the porch, chatting loudly and probably discussing the football match.

“You know shit Mikey! I swear they could’ve won!” Calum protests loudly, throwing his sunglasses on the side table near the front door before he walks over, raising my legs and dropping them back onto his lap. “Yeah you said it Cal, could. But they didn’t.”

“Boys, don’t argue. I’m sure neither of you are right and you’re overreacting.” I state as seriously as I can muster, but I can’t help but break into hysterics when Calum’s pointy, slender fingers start jabbing me in my sides. “You keep out of it.”
“Sto – o – opp Calum.” I giggle, pushing his hands away and bumping into Ashton on the other side, near my head.

Calum stops his actions and I take a few moments to calm my breathing before I push myself up onto my feet. “What time are you leaving?”
Luke, Calum and Ashton share some looks as half of them shrug their shoulders. “Around ten, probably. We’ll come get you.” Calum smiles as he gets up as well, escorting me towards the door.
“I’ll see you boys later, yeah?” I get cheers of agreement in return.

“Ten sharp, Y/n. Be ready.” Calum points his finger accusingly in my direction, his cheekbones very prominent as he presses his lips together. I swat at his chest, shaking my head. “I will. Make sure you are.”


“Yeah right, ten sharp. Men.” I shake my head to myself as I pull the top of my dress back into place, concealing my breasts from wandering eyes. I overlook myself once more in the mirror, my pointer finger rubbing underneath my eye to see if my mascara hadn’t run down, my hair being fluffed by my both hands. I hear a car pull up and soon after the slamming of a door before my doorbell rings.

“Be ready, Y/n. Ten sharp.” I mock as I open the door to reveal Calum leaning casually against the door frame, smirk on his face as he gives me a once over. “Looking very, very good Y/n.”
He leans in to press his lips against my cheek and I involuntarily let my eyelids flutter closed, slowly opening them again as Calum retreats. “Ready?”

I hum in response, snatching my bag off of the hanger by the door and let it fall closed behind me, the other boys cheering in Ashton’s small car when Calum and I walk down the driveway.
“I’m not carrying your ass with those high heels, Y/n.” Michael immediately states as I crawl in the back, disappearing between Luke’s and Michael’s tall frames.

“I can walk in high heels Mikey, I’m not you.” I grin evilly, wiggling my eyebrows as I see Michael’s face contorts into one of pure horror and shock before he flies up from his seat and smacks Calum harshly on the shoulder. “You fucking told her! You fucking prick.” By now I’m in hysterics, Luke laughing along and even Calum who’s rubbing his sore spot.

“I’m ready for some booty tonight.” Michael cheers as we all pile out of the car, fist pumping the air as I wait around for Calum and Ashton to join us.
“Don’t try to befoul my car this time Mikey, or you’re paying for cleaning services.” Ashton makes a disgusted face and I can’t help but to widen my eyes as I stare towards Calum who is trying to hide his smirk by biting on his lower lip.

“Did he really - ?” I whisper as the other boys walk ahead of us, my arm curling around Calum’s biceps to hold him back to hear him out. “Oh yeah he did. Twice if I’m not mistaken.”
“Poor Ash.” I giggle, pressing my cheek against his arm before letting go of him. He reciprocated by resting his flattened out palm against my lower back, throwing the man we’re passing a foul look when I feel him eye me up and down.

“Look at you, being a good friend.” I smile up at him, seeing his cheeks discolour to a rosy hue, his lips pressed into a thin line. He guides me through the thick door, following the other boys to one of the back booths of the club.
“First round’s on me.” Luke waves, giving me a thumbs up before he disappears into the mass again to navigate towards the bar. I sit down next to Ash on one of the bar stools, wiggling my legs when I notice I can’t touch the little bar in the middle of the legs.

As Luke returns with a few tequila shots, the boys throw them back quickly before dispersing in search for some game tonight. Calum keeps lingering around but keeping silent and by now it’s annoying me. “You can go if you want, I can take care of myself, Cal.”

Calum swiftly turns around; a beer he had gotten himself pressed against his lips before he lowers it so he can answer. “I don’t mind, I’m not uh – really in the mood.”
I can’t help but let my eyebrows shoot sky high, lips pressed into a thin line. “You?”
Calum merely shrugs his shoulders before he holds his beer out to me. I gingerly take it, taking a small sip and setting it down onto the table besides us.

“I was planning on dancing though, are you going to dance with me?” I raise one eyebrow defiantly, the tip of my tongue poking out from between my lipstick covered lips.
Calum sinks his teeth into his plump bottom lip, his gaze wandering from my face over my dress covered body, down my legs. “Well?” His head shoots back up, a sheepish grin taking over his features as he mumbles his reply. “I don’t mind.”

We’re dancing in the silliest ways possible, my fingers clutched around his wrists as I flail his arms around, occasionally pressing my body against his and making silly faces at him.
We’re interrupted though when the brunette girl, that I know has been staring at Calum all night, makes her way over. “Hi! You’re Calum Hood!”

I didn’t even realize that we were living in a time where you can easily approach a man even though it’s obvious he is somewhere with another lady. Okay, we weren’t dating – we are nothing but friends, but I would never have the guts to just approach a hot guy.

“Yeah. Olivia, right?” Calum furrows his eyebrows and I don’t think he notices, but she presses her chest just that tiniest bit forward, smiles just a bit too much and god the blinking. Am I like that when I like a boy?

“Yeah I’m in your class. Very nice seeing you here. Here with the boys?” She rambles, her fingers toying with her bottom lip. I know for a fact it even distracts me so I know Calum will be a goner.
“Hm. Night out eh.” He hums contently, his hand absentmindedly rubbing along his abdomen as he turns his body fully towards the brunette.

“Wanna leave with a girl instead of your mates?” She wiggles her eyebrows, turning her back towards me so she completely shuts me out of the conversation – which I wasn’t part of to begin with as you can see – her back even more arched as she almost pressed her practically non-existing chest in his face. “Ah – I – uh – “ Calum starts to stutter and his arms raises so he can scratch his neck, something I’ve realized he does whenever he feels uncomfortable about the situation.

“I’m kind of here with someone, Y/n.” He points towards me and my eyes widen dramatically, the girl turning around with a glare on her heavily make-upped face. “Oh, yeah. I see.”
“Thank you for the offer, but uh – well yeah – no thank you?” In the way he stutters his words I notice that he hasn’t rejected many offers in his short lived life.

She backs off but not before throwing me another filthy look, disappearing through the crowd as Calum turns back towards me, that sheepish grin again on his lips.
I can kiss him right now.

I can’t help the smirk that is breaking through right now, my arms stretching to curl around his waist as I press my cheek against his abdomen. “You cute little shit.”
Calum laughs heartily, his chest rumbling beneath my skin as his arms wind around my shoulders. “I wouldn’t leave you to fend by yourself.”

I start swaying my hips along to the beat again, seeing as how we were standing still in the middle of the dance floor. Calum’s hands wander from my shoulders to my lower back, respectfully resting there as I pull back to look up at him. He’s already looking down, my hands clutching his shirt near his sides for leverage on my high heels.

I can’t help but keep staring at Calum’s vibrant eyes, the two shots of tequila I had consumed already blurring my judgement. He seems transfixed on me as well, slowly leaning closer. I’m gently letting my eyelids flutter closed as I feel our lips touching, ghosting over one another and now I realise how much I had wanted this - craved this.
“There is no nice girl here! How is it possible Y/n.” Michael whines as he throws my arms around my neck and hauls me against his chest, pulling me away from Calum.

I could slap Michael in the face right now but I smell the alcohol that’s coming from his breath and I know he’s just shit-faced drunk and doesn’t even know what he’s doing. I grant Calum with an apologetic grin and pat Michael’s arm that’s around my neck. “Maybe it’s time to go home, buddy.”

Part 12

necessary information

A little twist on the “hOOOoooOo shit, so you’re the older sibling my best friend always talks about hahah wow tHEY NEVER BOTHERED TELLING ME YOU WERE THIS HOT” au (x) because I’m meant to be revising. (I promise this one isn’t a rickroll!) Please ignore the spelling mistakes. [on ao3]

Patience has never been a virtue Lily Evans possessed so when the door opens to Sirius’ apartment, five minutes after she rung the bell she’s checked her watch eleven times and is tapping her foot obnoxiously. She doesn’t wait to see who it is when the door opens, just pushes past and starts speaking.

“This is fucking ridiculous Black!” She starts, heading to the kitchen. “Sixth time this week I’ve had to wake you up. I’m not going to do this next time. The lectures start at eleven and if you miss them, on your head be it. Have you even had breakfast yet?” Lily takes a breath and turns away from the open fridge door to see why Sirius hasn’t interrupted with any awful excuses yet. What she sees is not Sirius looking affronted and tired. 

Instead there’s a completely different unnecessarily tall black haired boy, still with his hand on the door handle. He’s looking at the redhead in bewilderment, other hand apparently stuck in his hair. A pair of glasses rest lopsidedly on his nose, one arm not quite tucked behind his ear. Hazel eyes squint at her from behind the lenses, obviously confused and either scared or aroused. Shit, Lily thinks, trying to figure out if she’s walked into the wrong apartment. Barging past him she’d only spared the person a glance, taken in their height, and continued. God, you’re an idiot.

“Um..” Finally the guy takes his hand from his hair, “Do I know you?” In that moment Lily is very grateful that the fridge is providing a breeze of cool air because she’s never, in all her twenty one years, heard a voice that’s made her want to drop her pants and have her way with with someone as much as his.

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Judging You Softly - Pt 4

yeah so I forgot to add that I’m legally fucking blind without aid in my fic but u know what this is a self-insert fantasy i have permanent contacts. Yeah. those have been invented. 

Tbh I have no idea where this fic is going, but I’m okay with that. I promise, though, that shit will pick up in the next chapter. This is more just me putting all my fucking weird ass ticks and phobias on paper. I didn’t realize how much I did them XD 

If u wanna be tagged or not tagged lemme know! I’m on a roll with this, two chapters in a day, so I don’t want to clog anyones notifications. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

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Meet the Parents - An Everlark Start

A/N - Yes. My brain made another one. Hope you like it! Should I continue it?

Meet the parents before it all starts, they said. It’ll be easy, they said. Nothing can go wrong, they said.

Katniss huffed an indignant sigh as she lugged her bag to her class. She was the 11th grade art teacher, and tonight was the night all teachers feared. Meeting the doomed and their families before their sentence began the following Monday.

She set the bag on her desk with a thud, staring at it in an attempt to make it unpack itself. But no such luck. It just sat there. As bags tend to do. Unmoving. Heavy. Filled with things to set out only to be put back in at the end of the night. A sigh escaped as she sat down behind the desk ungracefully. Pulling the zipper slowly, she stared at the gaping wound it left behind as it opened. If she pulled slower, maybe it will make the people show up later. That was a thing, right? Snorting to herself, she finished it quickly, like ripping off a band-aid, flipping her hand in a flourish as she finished.

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TITLE: Traditions


AUTHOR: lazylore

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine your best friends with Natasha and she drags you into Tony’s Christmas parties, and Thor just-so-happened to drag Loki there as well. She catches you staring at each other and she locks you in a closet together. 

RATING: pg-13

NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings. It ended up just a bit long, sorry!. Hope you enjoy. 

“I don’t understand why I have to be here,” you asked inside the elevator, watching the numbers above the door change. “I’m not even an avenger.”

“But you’re my friend.” Natasha said, “And as such, you’ll be my support. There’s only a limited time I can stand being in a room with all of them before I want to pull my hair.” She joked.

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the one with the kips (aka, chandler thinks they're going to break up just because they had a fight)

“Have you seen my grey jacket?”

Stiles looks up from the television lazily, smirks as he watches Derek race around shirtless. 

“I don’t think you should find it; stay like that all night.”

“Stiles,” Derek glances at his watch, “That isn’t helping!”

“So, c’m’ere and lemme help properly,” Stiles sucks his lower lip between his teeth, palms his crotch, “I can be real helpful.”

“God, everything is about sex with you, Jesus Christ,” Derek snaps, tossing three of Stiles’ discarded sweaters off the back of the couch.

"Dude!” Stiles bats the sleeve of one away as it hits him in the face, “Watch it!”

“Why can’t you clear your shit up?”

“Because I’m too busy thinking about sex all the time apparently!” Stiles rolls to a stand, brandishes one of the sweaters in Derek’s face, “And, you were the one helping me out of this, jackass! I suppose I should blame myself for you jumping me the minute I come home, anyway. Seeing as I’m the one always thinking about—”

“I get it!” Derek yells, vanishing into his bedroom and beginning to throw more things around. “I take it back, fine, I’m at fault, like always.”

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Yes, I Punched Rogers (Natasha x reader)


The machine continuously squeaked the high-pitched sound, which was as irritating as Stark’s constant boasting. But it was the only thing that told the Avengers that you were still clinging onto life; you weren’t well though, not at all.

Three days ago you came back from a secret but highly dangerous mission, or rather, you were carried back by a whole squad of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents surrounded by helicopters, bullet-proof vans, who knows how many soldiers from the Infantry Branch, the works.

It caused a great stir in S.H.I.E.L.D.; it went viral within seconds. Of course then the truth wandered further and further away as one agent said one thing, and the other said the polar opposite.

‘Agent [L/N] was attacked by an alien who wandered in when Loki bombarded New York.’

‘What? Seriously? I swear [L/N] was in Iraq and got shot by some terrorists or something. Nowhere near as ridiculous as aliens!’

Things like these went around and around and almost died out when Agent Romanoff arrived back from her own mission.

The day before, Captain Rogers convinced Fury to remind all the agents not to talk about the recent tragedy unless they wanted to be killed by Natasha out of her own shock.

Steve couldn’t stop himself from occasionally eavesdropping on agents’ conversations. His heart settled when, for many times now, he heard things of this sort:

‘Hey, what’s with agent [L/N] again? I was on leave, missed the whole chaos.’

‘You don’t wanna talk about that, not until the whole thing’s passed. Sorry fella, Captain’s order. And the Director’s.’

‘Wow that’s gotta be big, but okay.’

Steve smiled to himself but grimaced. Natasha was bound to know someday. Sooner or later. She had her own ways. The only thing he could do now was to speak to his fellow Avengers to keep it down for as long as possible, ideally after you’ve recovered, though it didn’t seem likely at all.


‘Where’s [Y/N]?’ Natasha asked as she walked into the lounge in the tower. It was one of Tony’s many glamorous parties again, even though this was purely for the purpose of distracting Natasha.

She didn’t buy it of course, her first words were ‘where is she’.

‘How can you boys be agents?! I know those looks. Who do you think you’re kidding?’ She advanced on them; the ones standing took a step back, the ones sitting shifted to the edge of the sofa. 

Clint sighed, wry faced, and looked towards Tony, who looked at Bruce, who then turned to Thor. The blonde god set down his wine glass and cocked his eyebrow at Bucky, who nudged Steve on his arm.

All eyes were on Steve now, including Natasha’s. He explained everything wearily and commented on how sorry they all were and that they hoped a party would cheer her up a little.

‘Take me to [Y/N].’ She said afterwards. 

‘No’ was Steve’s firm answer.

It went on for a bit longer and the rest of the group started pulling the two apart.

Natasha was angry enough.

So was Steve.

No one expected the consequences. Despited being in a dress, the infamous master assassin charged towards the Captain and the figures of the two blended together. Steve didn’t attack her in any way but defended himself and tried to clarify the reasons. He declared the fact that they didn’t want her to be sad, as she certainly would be if she saw you. And secondly he was being protective of Director Fury, it wasn’t his fault. In fact no one was to blame apart from the person who did you the damage. Steve knew Natasha would take her anger out on Fury for letting [Y/N] to go on that mission, but no one saw the future, right?

Out of nowhere, two metal arms separated them. Bucky held a bruised Steve firmly to the floor and Tony, in his Iron Man suit, pulled the red faced Natasha out from the fight, her eyes still red from her vexation and sadness.

‘Apologies, Captain.’ She said coldly, holding her head high.

‘Forgiven, Ma’am.’ Steve mumbled as Bucky helped him to get up.

‘Pal, you alright?’ Bucky asked tentatively and Steve nodded, eyes fixed on Natasha.


Nonetheless, Natasha visited you. Although you were unconscious, she was happy that you were still alive, so strong like her. 

She sat on your bedside chair for the rest of that week, reading a collection of Russian lullabies and hummed the tunes when she felt like it.

Captain came in to see you once in a while and the quarrel was resolved with a hug and a kiss on the boy’s cheek.

You finally woke up to find Natasha taking a nap next to you on the bed.

‘I punched Rogers. Hard.’

‘Finally. Ha I missed a lot didn’t I?’

‘Not exactly “a lot”, how are you?’

‘Great. Never better.’ You mumbled, despite your aching body’s protest.

[As you can see the great page @language-Steve wrote that one shot! :) And I hope that’s not the last time (I hope that doesn’t sound strange ). So please go and check @language-steve out ! Because they are lovely persons !:) Also I wanted to they that they are a great imagines blog (they’re writing is amazing!).]
Bridges — BTS [ Jimin ]

Originally posted by souhailbog

If I didn’t hit it
Would you still say you need me?
Guess I walked right into it
Guess I made it too easy

Bridges — Broods

“You’re running out of clean shirt, Jimin. You should really do your laundry,” you say while walking to the living room, slightly frowning because you don’t get your will fulfilled “Now I have to stick with this shirt for the rest of the day,”

Jimin raises an eyebrow, slightly amused, “What’s wrong with that shirt? It’s yours, right?”

“You know I always change into your hoodies or tees when you’re home. Your clothes are damn comfy and smells like you, I like it,” you say truthfully while taking a seat next to him on the sofa “The only reason I want you to be home is to wear your clothes, anyway,”

“Really, is that so?” he asks, leaning closer to you “Is it not because you miss me?”

You scoff, “Trust me, spent my whole childhood life with you is already a more than enough time for me to ever miss your butt,”

Jimin grins. He ruffles your hair before turning back to the tv.

You spent almost all of your life time with Jimin. He was your childhood best friend, the one who protects you from bullies, the one who kisses your bruises when you fall, and the one who carries you on his back when you’re tired. Jimin was all of that. He’s slightly older than you and with that fact, he’s been taking real good care of you ever since he met you though his 5 years old side is still dominating his personality.

A couple years ago, you both started to go to this one private high school and since it was far from your houses, you both decided to rent an apartment nearby. The two of you live under the same roof ever since though Jimin’s often out for his dance practices and/or competitions.

“Your phone’s buzzing,” Jimin says while placing a popcorn to his mouth “Aren’t you gonna pick that up?”

You shake your head, “It’s probably just Jungkook,”

“Jungkook?” he raises an eyebrow “Why would he call you?”

“We’ve been in touch since the night you introduced me to him. I think he might pick an interest on me,”

You joked, you obviously joked about the last statement. Jungkook wouldn’t have any feelings for you aside for his interest about your taste of music. You both share the same interest on music and that’s the only thing that brought you both close. Maybe with the fact that he’s about the same age as you too, but that’s just a minor factor for it.

“He has a feeling for you?”

You shrug, “I don’t know. He’s like my partner in crime now. Thanks to you, now I know someone in music class who won’t judge my indie playlist,”

“I didn’t know Jungkook like indie music,” he mutters.

“He doesn’t,” you say casually “It’s just that he’s open to any kind of music, that’s why I’m comfortable speaking to him,”

Jimin nods his head in acknowledge before locking his gaze back to the tv.

The atmosphere turns silent and awkward. It was a weird thing for you to feel remembering how you’ve known each other like the back of your hands, yet you still feel awkward at times like this.

To be truthfully honest, you’ve been quite awkward with Jimin for the past few months. You weren’t sure what happened nor what trigger the feelings but the innocent jokes soon turn to be your only source of vitamin. The playful gestures turn into some kind of heart warming touches. And as silly as it sounds, his complements become the only reason you wake up in the morning.

It was as if your world revolves around him now.

You tried to confront about this feelings to Jungkook, seeking for his help since he’s also a close friend of Jimin. When you came to him, you just wanted to spill what your heart needed to spill, not to be told of the chance that you might be falling in love with Jimin.

You’re falling in love with Jimin.

“Jimin?” you call, watching his side profile nervously.

He hums.

“I— Do you think it’s possible to fall in love with someone you’ve known for a long time?” you ask slowly, careful not to drop any hints that you’re falling for him “I— I mean, you’ve known someone for quite some time yet only starts to feel a different kind of feeling for them now?”

He turns to you, looking surprised and confused, “Uh, I think yeah, it’s possible. Why, are you falling for someone?”

Yeah, you, you thought, “No, I was just thinking,”

“Thinking of what?”

“I just— You know, random thought,” you shrug before whispering something to yourself “Why did it take too long for me to fall for him, though?”

Jimin shuffles, getting closer to you that you can feel his warm skin, “What was that?”


“Are you sure it was nothing? If you’re falling in love with someone then— Uh, maybe I can— Maybe I can help you out,” Jimin stutters yet still locking eyes to you “Is it Jungkook? Is it anyone I know?”

“I-It’s not me who’s falling in love. I told you, I was just asking,” you say while standing up, trying to avoid any further conversation with him for a moment “I’m gonna make some food, do you want some too?”

Jimin keeps a straight face and shakes his head.


You quickly take big steps to the kitchen, slightly skipping so you can take a proper breath away from him. It’s funny how Jimin’s now becoming the only thing that can fill your lungs but at the same time is taking breath away. One minute he’ll be your oxygen and the next minute you’ll feel suffocated. Is this really how falling in love feels like?

Pick yourself together, ___. It’s just Jimin, for God’s sake!

And so trying to distract your mind, you begin to fry some bacons. You weren’t hungry or anything but coming back empty handed would make Jimin raise his eyebrow even higher. It’s better to avoid any suspicion than to make him create any gap from your weird attitudes.

“God, I miss this,” Jimin suddenly says as he pulls you for a hug from behind “I always love hugging you like this, you fit under my arms just perfectly,”

Your heart stops.

What’s he doing? What’s going on? Why’s he suddenly so hard for you to keep your distance with him? Everything you do and everywhere you go, Jimin would always be there and reach his hands for you. Has he always been like this? Have the both of you always been like this?

“Jimin,” you whisper, completely taken aback at his unexpected action “What are you doing?”

“What? This?” he asks with a slight chuckle, hugging you closer “I’m just hugging you. Is it wrong of me to hug you?”

You shake your head unsurely.

“Good,” he chuckles lightly, resting his chin on your shoulder “God, I miss this so much you have no idea. When I’m home, you’re always busy with school and when you’re home, I’m always out for practice. I’m starting to regret taking dance classes now, really,”

You remain silent. Your breathing’s caught and your body turns rigid as a stone. It’s not the first time he hugs you from behind but it was the first real intimate skinship you share after having this dramatic change of feelings towards him. You’re sure that he notices your sudden frozen body language yet he still doesn’t remove his hands away.

“What are you making?” he asks.


“Can I get some? I’m hungry now,” he says, still hugging you while opening his mouth “Feed me,”

As if God listened to your prayers, the house’s phone suddenly rings, demanding to be picked up soon. You hurriedly peel Jimin’s hands off of you before running to get it.


“___, where the hell were you, why aren’t you picking up my calls?!” the other person, Jungkook, yells out as you place the phone on your ear “I was worried sick about you! You didn’t answer any of my calls and texts, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” you say while placing a hand on your forehead “He’s home. I had some quite hard time with him around, I thought it wasn’t best of us to call or text each other,”

“Why, did he do anything to you?” Jungkook asks, sounding curious as his tone turns a lot calmer “Have you confessed yet?”

“I— No, of course not! I haven’t, no,” you say while biting your lips “I don’t want to confess, honestly,”

“Why, you’re in love with him. You should let him know,”

“Uh, no. How about he figures things out himself?” you retorted “Why’d you call, anyway? Why do you care about me so much now? That’s new of you Jeon Jungkook,”

You can hear him shrugging from his tone, “I just wanted to check up on you. If you two are becoming an item now, I’d want to be the first person to know. I helped you out, remember that,”

“You helped me out? What did you do?” you scoff while rolling your eyes “Besides, I don’t think—,”


You take a couple steps back as the house phone’s taken away from you. Jimin’s standing real close to you now as he takes over the phone, speaking to Jungkook now with such expression that he never showed before.

The line didn’t last long as Jimin kept it short. He answers in a one worded replies only before hanging up on Jimin. It’s a really rare thing for Jimin to do remembering how close he is to Jungkook. He usually spends a real long time to talk to his favourite brother, but for the first time, he hang up.

“We have a sudden competition tonight at midnight,” Jimin says in a monotone “Don’t wait up for me later, okay?”

“W-Wait,” you call him before he can walk away “Can I come?”

He smiles lightly, “Just get some rest, ___. Sleep early, you have school tomorrow, right?”

“I-I know, I just— I need to see Jungkook,”

As if the sky turns dark, Jimin takes his steps back to you with an angered face. You take your own steps back that your back’s now in contact with the wall. Jimin pins you down. His hand’s trapping you on your either sides and as if this wasn’t enough to give you a heart attack, he leans close to you that you can now feel his hot breath.

“Are you hiding something from me, ___?”

“I— No,”

“Really? Because you don’t look like you’re not,” he smirks lightly but it was obvious that he’s not amused “Is it Jungkook? Are you dating him now?”

“N-No, of course not!” you deny, pushing his arm away but he still doesn’t budge “Yah, Park Jimin, what are you doing?! Let me go!”

“You like Jungkook, don’t you?” he says, leaning even dangerously closer “Don’t you?”


“Don’t lie to me, ___,”

“I’m not lying!”

“Then why are you so tensed up now?!”

Because you’re the one I’m in love with! 

You stare at Jimin with scared and worried eyes. You’re scared because you’ve never seen this side of him before and you’re worried for yourself because if he does anything further than this, you’re not sure if you can keep your feelings as a secret anymore.

“It’s Jungkook, right?” he asks once more “You like Jungkook, right? You love him,”

“No, no it’s not Jungkook, I’m not in love with him!” you burst in frustration from the pressure he’s giving “Stop trying to tell me who I’m having feelings with, alright! It’s not Jungkook that I’m in love with and I—,”

You words’ cut as Jimin crashes his lips with yours. The kiss was full of force, frustration, and demand as if he needs some answer but before you can give any respond to it, Jimin pulls away.

With guilt as if he just committed to the worst sin in his life.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to— I just—,”

You blink, still trying to compose yourself back.

“I— I, uh, I’m sorry,” he says before walking away “I just— It was a mistake. I’m sorry,”

“He said that?!” Jungkook stood from his seat in disbelief “I just— Why?! After kissing you he said that it was a mistake?!”

“Quiet down, would you? It’s embarrassing, people are staring,” you say, pulling him back so he’ll sit on the bench again “I don’t know what happened either but he was so mad that you called me. He pinned me on the wall, pressed me down to spill who I’m having a crush with and then he kissed me,”

“It doesn’t make any sense, though,” Jungkook says while placing a hand over his mouth “Unless,”

“Unless what?”

“Unless he has some feelings for you,”

You blink your eyes rapidly. A hint of fluster’s tainting your heart. Could it be? Could it be that Jimin likes you too?

“Stop that, you’re making me hope for the world,” you say while pushing his shoulder lightly “He can’t like me, Jungkook. He only sees me as a sister, that’s what I am to him, a sister. He’ll never have the same feeling as what I feel now,”

“Oh come on, don’t be so pessimistic. You thought of him as a brother too before, right? And now look at you. You’re falling for him, hard. It’s not impossible for him to fall for you in return,”

You place your hand on your neck, rubbing it confusedly, “I-I don’t know, Jungkook. It still seem impossible for me. I think I need some time alone to think about it,”

“Well he did make a bold action earlier,” Jungkook runs a hand through his hair “But are you sure this is the time for you to leave him? I mean, he’s not exactly in his calmest state, ___,”

“That’s the thing. He’s not calm, I’m not calm. Staying under the same roof with him might even lit some argument up and I seriously don’t want to fight him for any cause,” you say reason “Can I stay at your place tonight?”

“What? No!” Jungkook says surprisedly “Jimin was dead angry when I called you. Can you imagine how mad will he get if you stay at my place?!”

“He’ll be mad at me, not you,” you say, trying to convince him “Come on, Jungkook, please? I really need some time and space away from him,”

“Away from who?”

You turn your body to face the standing Jimin, looking down at you and Jungkook with no smile whatsoever on his face. His expression is hard to read and so is his tone. It was as if he’s trying to maintain anger somehow.

“No one,” Jungkook grins as he stands up “Are we starting soon, hyung?”

Jimin nods, eyes still glued on you.

“Alright then, I better go to Hobi hyung and see if he has any last minute improvisation,”

And so the boy left, leaving you and Jimin alone at the bleachers.

What a damn punk.

You turn you head and look down to your fingers. Shoot, you thought. The competition’s starting and everyone are now down to the field. There’s barely any other person but you and Jimin on the bleachers now and instead of leaving the scene, Jimin takes a seat next to you.

Dangerously close.

“Who’re you avoiding from, ___?”

You stutter, “Uh, no one,”

“Doesn’t seem like a no one for me,”

“Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready for the battle?” you ask, trying to avoid the topic “You should go to Hoseok oppa and see if there’s any changing for tonight’s choreo,”

“I’ll manage,” he shrugs “It’s you that I’m worried right now. Is everything okay? If its about this morning, I’m really sorry I did’t mean to scare you and— Uh, kissed you like that,”

“I know, it was a mistake, right?”

You wanted to just repeat his words but somehow those words hurt you worse than how it did this morning. He kissed you, Jimin kissed you, he stole your first kiss. Yet here he is, acting like nothing happened and told you to forget about everything because if was just a ‘mistake’.

“___, I didn’t mean it that way,” Jimin says apologetically, hand reaching to your shoulders so you’ll see his eyes now “I didn’t know what came into me and I just— I lost it. I don’t know what happened, I swear to God I don’t but it did, and I just—,”

“I need some time alone,”

Jimin blinks. Slowly things start to fit the missing spots on his head. He heard what you and Jungkook talked about, faintly from a distance, but he clearly knows that you’re trying to avoid someone. Now that he knows the person you’re trying to keep a distance from is him, he surely knows nothing on how to react to it.

“O-Oh,” he says shortly, taking his hands back and shove them inside his hoodie pockets “Do I need to stay at dorm then?”

“No,” you answer short “I’m staying at Jungkook’s place tonight,”


“It’s unfair for you if to leave when I’m the one who needs some space, Jimin. I shouldn’t bother you,” you say while standing up from your seat “Don’t worry about me,”

this is such a cliff hanger I hate myself ew .

college life is damn exhausting !!

— dee.

Prompts for Pie 3: Phil and Clint Vs. Laundry

“Why is this in the laundry?”

Clint glanced over. “Because it’s dirty?” He sensed there was more to the question than he was getting, but he often felt that way. He dumped the last of the towels out.

Phil gave him a look. “It passed dirty about two years ago,” he said. He held up the t-shirt, his mouth a thin line. “Clint. This thing has holes.”

“Pretty sure that’s normal.”

“A shirt should have four holes. One for your head, one for your waist, and two for your arms,” Phil deadpanned. “Any more than that, and you’ve entered a real fashion faux pas territory.”

Clint considered the faded blue shirt with its peeling logo advertising a bar-b-que joint that was probably still in business. Probably. Who cared, it had a funky weird picture of a dancing pig with a chef’s hat on the front, and that made up for a lot. Okay, so it was a little battered. But so was he, and screw it, it was his damn t-shirt. “Still good,” he said, reaching for it. “I’ll just wear it around the apartment.”

“Great, that means I’m the only one who gets to see it.” Phil held it out of reach without much difficulty, one hand on Clint’s breastbone, keeping him easily at bay. “Clint, it’s a dust rag with sleeves.”

“Give me my shirt.”

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oMg our chubby fluffy minseok is now a sex god. Idk what to do WITh THESE FEELS help. He should be stopped


ok it’s very true that minseok is currently setting the world ablaze with his uncontrollable hotness

but don’t forget that this has been the case for a number of years..

before we really get started, let me just say these aren’t all in reverse chronological order because i’m a lazy shit

im sorry this day deserves two photos

because ^ my god. LOOK AT THAT 

what? did somebody ask for hot & sweaty minseok?

he doesn’t even have to do anything he can literally just stand on a fuckin escalator and just SMOLDER

don’t get me started on his clavicles

i kno tao’s face is maybe a little distracting but let us focus on minseok’s pushed up sleeves and his attractive mouth and his inhumanly perfect eyebrows

and then there’s predebut minseok WHAT THE HELL IS HE EVEN REAL

and let’s not forget the most important one:


so in conclusion…. let it be known that Kim Minseok has very much been a sex god since 1990

in which bellamy and clarke accidentally get married (sort of)

inspired by the prompt given to fyeahbellarke by wisdomcourageintelligence - hope you don’t mind i kind of hopped on this one, and gave it a go! Its my first time writing anything the 100 related, I do hope its up to standard, this fandom is incredibly talented!

(EDIT: now has a part two, because why not?)

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A little while ago, susannahmccormick reblogged a list of airport!AUs and one of them kind of stuck with me, and then this happened - my first ever AU! This only goes as far as take off, but I might be persuaded to do a follow up that’s set throughout the flight.

i’m afraid of flying and you were incredibly helpful and tolerant and sweet about it au

The thing about moving to the other side of the country is that at some point, you actually have to get to the other side of the country.

“This is the worst idea ever,” Felicity grumbles to herself as she passes through the cabin, clutching her boarding card so tight that it’s starting to warp. “The absolute worst.”

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Amuse Me

Apparently this was supposed to be one person cheering the other up, but I forgot that when I wrote this and it’s just fluff.  Sorry?

It’s not a very conventional arrangement to have your one-time fuck buddy living on your couch, but Bellamy and Clarke had never really had a conventional friendship.  In fact, they weren’t even really friends before they started fucking, more bickering-partners-with-the-same-friends.  But then one night snapping at each other over drinks turned into Bellamy’s lips suctioned to her collarbone while she palmed him through his jeans, and then they didn’t have much choice except to become friends.  They still bickered, of course, but it was easier to get along when they knew there was the promise of sex after everyone else left.

Of course, that all changed the day Clarke met Lexa.  Bellamy wasn’t upset about it— he just nodded and told her he hoped they could stay friends— and that began the next phase of their friendship: the actual, real friendship part.  She wasn’t sure she would have made it through her breakup with Lexa without him, so when Bellamy announced he had to break his lease with Murphy (he’s driving me nuts, I can’t take it anymore) it felt natural to offer up her pull-out couch while he looked for a new apartment.

Although, at the moment, Clarke was sort of regretting her offer.  When she first suggested it, she figured they had put that whole sexual-tension thing behind them.  After all, she knew what sex was like with him (excellent) and knew what he looked like naked (also excellent) so there wasn’t any mystery there, no insatiable need to find out any of those things.

Except the thing she had not learned about Bellamy while they were sleeping together was just how often he didn’t wear a shirt.  Granted, it was probably a normal amount of time to be shirtless, considering he was a guy and the heat in her building was usually insanely high, but still— she had lost count of the number of times she had walked out of her bedroom to tell him something and then completely lost her train of thought thanks to his shoulders.

Or his back.

Or his chest.

Or his abs.

Shirtless Bellamy was a Bellamy Clarke couldn’t really talk to, and it was becoming a problem-with-a-capital-P.

It was such a problem, in fact, that Clarke had started spending more and more time avoiding him, just to avoid any accidental shirtlessness.

Which was why Clarke was barricaded in her bedroom when Bellamy walked in, ranting about— well, she wasn’t really sure, because once again, he wasn’t wearing a fucking shirt and she got distracted.  “You’re not listening to me, are you?” he asked.

“Hmm?” Clarke said, pretending to root through her closet for a scarf.  “No, I was.  You were talking about…The Iliad?”

Bellamy sighed.  “The Aeneid,” he said, crossing his arms.  “What’s going on with you lately?  Am I annoying you?”

“What?  No,” Clarke said.  She spun around, but couldn’t quite stop her eyes from darting to his bare chest.  “No, not really.  It’s just— god, could you wear a shirt?  Even sometimes?”

“Why, am I distracting you?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes.  I mean, no, I mean— god, you know what you look like.”

“I do.  And so do you, if I remember correctly.”

Clarke’s mouth went dry at the way his voice dropped.  His eyes were hooded, and then suddenly they were crashing into each other.  His lips found hers and her hands roamed the skin of his back, and Clarke changed her mind.

Having your ex-fuck buddy living on your couch was actually the perfect living arrangement, especially when he didn’t wear a shirt.