god doesn't leave me

why!! do healthy people insist on judging how a chronically ill person looks every single time they see them, it is not necessary to tell me i look terrible, pale, lost too much weight and tell me to go outside and get some sun and it is not necessary to tell me i look better than the last time you saw me it is not necessary to comment on our looks every single time you see us just because you know we are ill, it doesn’t give you the right to act like you know a thing and understand what’s up or comment on things you normally wouldn’t comment on


Happy 37th Birthday, Australian Unicorn! ♥ | 07.06.1979 |
  “I love acting - it’s all I have done and I hope I work until I die, but it doesn’t define me.“

  • Today while studying for my theology classes I wondered how Israel could forget God's promises so easily .. how they could lose trust into him in the blink of an eye .. how they could be angry at him, who delivered them from oppression .. and then I recognized I'm all the same - I forget what God promised me when something turns out different than I imagined it, I lose trust so easily when there are problems coming my way, I get angry at him for leading me into freedom, showing me the right way to go and then suddenly seeing nothing but desert all around me. I reach out for the promised land and forget that it's about God's timing and not mine - I have to learn to wait on God. He's here, he doesn't leave me, he cares for me - even when there seems to be nothing but desert. He wants to give me the water of eternal life, the land of milk and honey and all I have to do is to wait on his timing and to trust him because he is God.