god do not want

mark: can i PLEASE just REST ive been working so hard nonstop ever since nct u’s debut AND!!! IM JUST SO EXHAUSTED!!!! I JUST WANT TO SLEEP!!! please let me rest!!!! THE FANS ARE DEMANDING FOR ME TO REST


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: Everything in me is transphobic my hair my ass even my face is and i'm insane shipping for Touken my hate for hidekane is wrong because clearly hide didn't attempt to ask Touka out in the first chapter of tg and hidekane is clearly canon there's no way hidekane doesn't make sense and there's so much sexual tension between them I'm just stupid for arguing with facts and i'm homophobic for not shipping hidekane god do i love this fandom and i don't want to drop a atomic bomb on Tumblr mu is tran

LMAO 😂  marry me 


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