god damnit mads

god fucking damnit

i’m mad. why am i mad? because courtney has been robbed so many times. season one, example. is unfairly kicked off because h*rold wanted to get back @ duncan. season two, the writers changed her completely. she was rude, had little respect for anyone, worked her ASS off and still didn’t win. season 3, everything’s fine and dandy, everyone’s singing and shit. then boom, her boyfriend cheats on her as a way to get back at her for being so controlling. season 5, fucking hell. she gets into a “relationship” with scott, some nerd kisses her bc of m*l, then everyone hates her. then she makes a list about the elimination order, and everyone shits their fucking pants. i’m SO tired of her getting dragged by everyone. she deserves so much more.

My Angel

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You and Steve get in to an argument stuff happens and leads to you saving Steve’s life.

Warnings: (in my opinion) sad, sad, sad (starts off with a bit of fluff)

Word counts: 961

Notes: This one shot I guess or imagine is inspired by the song “In the Arms of an Angel” by Sarah Mclachlan, I was listening to music and this song passed and it hit me like a truck and I got the sad feels and literally while the song was passing I made up the story your about to read, I have more of these type of sad one-shots that are going to come ahead sorry if you don’t like these types of one shots or imagines, if you want to request something like this go ahead send in the specific character and a song if you want to. Anyways hope you enjoy, have a great and safe day.

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