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Summer Fling Part 9

Title: Summer Fling: The Time Dean Winchester Made Dinner

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4,054

Warnings: Fluff, Mentions of Cheating, Mentions of an Unhealthy Relationship.

Summary: After months of struggling, an impulse decision puts you on the road from Sioux Falls to Lawrence Kansas, hoping that your father, Bobby Singer, will take you in for the summer.  A breath of fresh air. A change of scenery. But little did you know, this summer was going to change your life forever.

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A/N: I can’t believe we’re on part 9 already! We’re almost halfway done the series! I would love if you could leave me some feedback. Literally anything would be amazing. Everything happens in time. Enjoy!


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You began to stir, your body felt relaxed and well rested for the first time all week. You felt a weight on your waist. Your eyes flew open and you soon realized just where you were. Dean’s room, you thought with a smile playing on your lips. It was Dean’s arm wrapped around your waist, and his chest pressed against your back. You stayed the night and spent it next to him. You opened up to him and here he was. Your boyfriend.

 You carefully turned in his hold, trying your hardest not to wake him in the process. You met with his sleeping form and a smile spread across your cheeks. Dean was so peaceful looking when he slept. The morning light shone perfectly, and you were able to see every freckle that peppered over his nose and cheeks. His hair was sticking up in different directions, his stubble was growing a little more. He was a handsome man and he was all yours. You wanted to drown him in kisses and show him just how much you appreciated him.

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I should talk about my comic con experience, shouldn’t I?

I loved, LOVED the Outlander panel. Sitting through other unnecessary panels for hours just so I could see my favorites was absolutely worth it. I was surprised by how amazing Jenna Dewan Tatum was as the moderator. She asked the right questions without delving into everyone’s personal lives. (Also poncho lady only got to speak once hAH)

I did think there was a little too much of focus on Tobias/Frank but I know that’s kind of an unpopular opinion… right? *shrugs*

I seriously want to adopt Sophie Skelton as my best friend, that girl is ADORABLE. And you could see Cait’s love for her. And I totally get it now. I apologize for my dislike of her from earlier on. Richard Rankin, I totally laughed when Sam told him to tone down the Scottish brogue. I still warming up to him, but between the Brave New Warriors panel and this panel, I am starting to get the attraction. 


Cait and Sam talking about the famous print shop scene and what to expect and them just staring at each other while talking about it… HELL YA THAT’S WHY I LOVE THEM.

OK enough about the panel, I am going to talk about the episode they showed us. Look I won’t spoil it, trust me but I will say it was EPIC. The Battle of Culloden had me at the edge of my seat and it was well worth it. They focused equally on Claire and Jamie and it’s HEARTBREAKING. Please have a few boxes of tissues on hand for the episode. Also there is some sexist scenes that made me clinch my fist so hard…

ANYWAY, let’s talk about the next day when I finally got to see the Outlander booth which was FAN-FUCKINGTASTIC. Everyone there was amazing and sweet (and also very beautiful). The detail they went into it was so good. (I have to say you have to find the right security guard to give you the ticket because some of them are incredible assholes and will shut you out even if you have been there a million times.) The prizes were so good! I got a flask that is quite nice!

To finish this off, I just want to say I love the Outlander fandom, I love Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, et al et al and I am SO excited for season three! It’s gonna be hype, y’all!!!

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“Why would I be nervous? There’s nothing to be nervous about, I’m just doing my job.” You snorted, struggling to keep your phone sandwiched in between your ear and your shoulder while you rummaged through your purse to find your pack of chewing gum. 

How can you not be nervous knowing you’re going to be traveling with Harry Styles?” You nearly stumbled over your feet after tripping over a little dip in the sidewalk before continuing to walk as if nothing happened. 

Yes, you were going to be traveling with Harry Styles for his solo international tour. You were extremely fortunate to have nailed the job interview to be his personal assistant and his team seemed to really like you, so really, this was a dream! Of course, you hadn’t had the chance to meet Harry yet, but you figured he was just like any regular 23- year-old… If a regular 23-year-old was a billionaire singer. First impressions were important, and if you screwed up you’d have to deal with awkward tensions for the months that you’d be with him. Hm. 

Hello? Did you pass out?

“No, I didn’t pass out. The point is, I’m not nervous because this is just a job. I’ve been an assistant before, this is nothing new! I’m going to be calm, collected, and Harry Styles is going to fall in love with me because I’m just that perfect.” You joked, glancing up at the numbers on the building to find the studio you were supposed to be at. (You were a little late. Twenty minutes counted as a little in your book.) “Plus, I’m great when I meet new people! Give them a firm handshake, crack a joke, and I’m good to go.” 

“You’re twenty minutes late - I don’t think a good first impression is an option anymore.” Oh, shit. She was right. You had originally planned to pick up a blueberry muffin at Starbucks for Harry but obviously, you didn’t have enough time. Your feet began to pick up pace underneath you as the idea of Harry Styles and his team waiting for you in a huge meeting room entered your mind - You could already feel your palms getting sweaty. “I bet they’ve already moved on to the next assistant.” 

“Y/F/N!” You snapped, raising your hand in apology when you crossed the road and nearly got hit by a car. “I’m terminating this conversation - You’re the one that’s psyching me out and you’re supposed to be supportive! I’ll call you later.” 

It was fine. You were fine. Your legs were sore and your cheeks were bright red from the fast-walking you had done, but you were fine. All you had to do was go into the studio, introduce yourself to Harry, and that would be that. You were confident, charming, and witty. This would be easy! 

“Hi, I’m so sorry I’m late. I forgot to set my alarm last night and-” As you entered the studio, the last thing you were expecting was to see Harry sitting there by himself, scribbling things down in that leather journal you saw so much. It was only when he looked up at you with a bright smile that all your confidence suddenly dropped all the way down the depths of hell. “Hellooo…” You didn’t want to be that person, but god damn - He was very attractive and you weren’t sure why you were only just noticing this. His eyes seemed brighter and his lips were definitely the colour of a ripe strawberry that you’d love to just sink your teeth-

“Hi! You must be Y/N. I’m Harry,” He set his things down on the couch before strolling over, grasping your hand in a firm handshake all while keeping that charming smile on his face. “I hope you’re excited about this job. I promise I’ll try not t’ be too much of a bother.” Harry smirked lightly before heading back to his place on the couch. 

“Yes, I’m, uh, that’s me!” Your voice cracked before you covered it up with a cough. Being with Harry Styles would be an easy job… Right? 


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for those of you asking, girl code is on hold while i try to organize my thoughts :-) 

Frisson [V]

{{ noun //  a sudden strong feeling of excitement or fear; a thrill }}

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Like suddenly kissing a really cute boy.

Fluff. College AU. 1,249 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

Sneaking into one of your university’s office buildings at two in the morning because of some stupid dare isn’t the best idea.

But since you’re not one to back down, you find yourself standing amongst the bushes edged around the tan structure, staring up at the half opened window. You can see Wendy and Suzy stationed in the nearby coffee shop, anxiously keeping a lookout for you. Taking a deep breath, you hoist yourself up and pull yourself up and through the window.

So far, so good.

All you needed to do was go in and grab one of Mrs. Song’s infamous red ink pens as proof that you completed your dare.

Clambering through the window, you drop down into the hallway.

Right in front of a pair of converse clad feet.

Oh, shit.

Terrified with your heart threatening to break out of your chest, you slowly look up from your crouching position. To your surprise, your eyes meet an equally startled pair of dark eyes. You open your mouth to let out a shriek when the boy hurriedly rushes forward and covers your mouth with his hand. Panicking, you do something quite stupid.

You lick his hand.

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working with yoongi

- listening to him talk to himself
- passionate raps in the recording studio
- him focusing so hard on his work and sometimes getting frustrated // shaking his hair in his hands (in a God daMN attractive way)
- you bringing him snacks every now and then and smiling bc yes this is the boy u love
- him running out of ideas and making you sit next to him
- “y/n just sit here and look at me.” “yoongi you’re making me blush” “no no I need inspiration”
- after looking at you for a few minutes, giving you a huge smile and going back to work
- you falling asleep on the desk next to him and waking up an hour later
- “jagi, how about we go sleep somewhere else?”
- him giving you a piggyback ride to the bedroom where u two cuddle and sleep

a-inky-wolf  asked:

(Mun here, Quick question....How in the HELL did you make my muse as god damn attractive as yours!? How!? You are blessed by the art GODS! Love this blog and your Muses! OMG, you're awesome! From Inco's Mun! ~<3)

but in case you were wondering i follow a simple step-by-step process!

1. first you gotta warm up drawing boobies and random shit (i usually do lizers)
i never follow this step most of the time so it’s entirely useless for me

2. pray. pray to the outer gods that watch over us. pray for your safety, for your wealth, for your success. pray for forgiveness. pray that they forgive all of your filthiest and darkest sins, burdens of your past misadventures that follow you through your entire life. pray.

3. profit ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

can you do an imagine where cam eats you out while all the guys are sleeping(in the same room) and they were secretly awake but they pretended to wake up and be shocked at the fact that you guys were doing this but they were turned on and then cam offers them all to join in and so on..

(okay so I think it’d be a Lil weird if I did more than five guys and one girl so I just picked three most popular out of the entire group. Nash, jack, and jack. I hope you still enjoy!) WARNING IT’S VERY LONG “Cam” you whined quietly. You were currently at Cameron’s place while he had a sleepover with Nash and the jacks. They were all currently asleep and You couldn’t keep the dirty thoughts out of your head and you were extremely horny. “Yeah babe” he said lifting his head from your stomach to look at you. “Please” you whispered placing your hand on your crotch near his head. He looked down and looked back up at you. He smirked before crawling towards you, placing his hand firmly on your crotch, making you squirm under him. “You want me to please you with them only feet away.” He said with cockiness. “You’re so dirty, I love it” he said kissing your lips. You bucked your hips against his hand trying to get some friction. “Oh you really want it” he said smirking. “Please cameron” you moaned out. He instantly placed his finger on your lips, shushing you. “Don’t want to get caught do you?” He asked. You shook your head no but in all honesty, it made it even more fun. Cameron kept his eyes on you as he pushed his hand under your thin shorts and thong before rubbing you. “Damn you’re soaked” he said with that god attractive smirk on his face. “Only for you baby” you said trying your hardest to please him so he’d please you. You softly moaned, covering your face in his chest as he stuck one finger in you. You arched your back slightly off of the couch has he plunged his finger in you fast, curving it here and there. All of a sudden Cameron pulled out, before laying flat on the couch. “Sit on my face baby girl” your eyes widened. This was one of your favorite things to do and he knew you went crazy during this. You sat up with shaky legs as you slid your shorts and thongs down, Cameron’s T-shirt that you were wearing was long enough to hide everything. Cameron reached out grabbing your hands as you walked back towards him quietly. You lifted your leg over his chest before he gripped your hips, lowering your heated area down to his Face. You threw your head back as you felt his tongue instantly start working on you. You tugged at his hair as you bit your lip trying your hardest not to make a sound. “Fuck” you whispered as you bucked your hips against him, the tip of his nose hitting your clit. You felt your legs start to shake, indicating you were about to have an orgasm. “I’m close” you moaned out continuing to rock your hips back and forth. Cameron just squeezed your ass tightly as he sucked on your clit before shaking his head. “Oh god ” you moaned out as you came on his face, squeezing your legs around his head. “Y/n!” You heard from behind you. You and Cameron both jumped at the voice to turn around and see Nash and both jacks sitting there, looking at you guys with wide eyes. “Shit” you mumbled climbing off of Cameron’s face. “I can’t believe you guys just did that with us right here” jack Johnson said, his blue eyes still wide as ever. “I-we thought you were asleep. ” you stuttered, utterly embarrassed. This dirty side of you was a side of you only Cameron had seen and now the jacks as well as Nash knew about it which was slightly embarrassing. “Stop complaining I know you enjoyed the sight” Cameron said. You looked st him with wide eyes as he just sat on the couch with his arms behind his head, a proud smirk on his face. “Ya know, you could always join. Y/n has been wanting to spice the relationship up anyways” he said. Your jaw dropped at his offer that he surprisingly made. Each boy looked at you asking for permission. You thought for a moment. They were all incredibly hot and you’ve always wanted to try a threesome so you figured a few extra guys wouldn’t really hurt. You looked at Cameron asking him for permission and he just nodded his head. You sighed before shrugging. “Let’s gets started then” Cameron said sitting up. You watched in awe as he tossed his shirt over his head, his muscles flexing. “Who wants to start?” Cameron asked. “Oh wait you’re being serious?” Jack Gilinsky asked. Cameron chuckled before nodding. “Yeah. You start Gilinsky” he said. Gilinsky looked over at you before grinning. You grinned back. This was a whole other level of excitement and you were getting wetter by the minute. You watched as Gilinsky stood up before walking to you. He never took his eyes off of you as his fingers traveled up your thighs teasingly slow. They continued their way up your body, taking your shirt with until it was pulled over your head. “Damn” Gilinsky said under his breath as he noticed you were only wearing a bra. You giggled slightly, feeling proud of yourself. You gasped slightly as Gilinsky yanked you by the arm into his chest. His face was only inches away from yours as he slowly unhooked your bra from behind. You quickly glanced over to Cameron, making sure he was okay with everything. Cameron was sitting on the couch, watching every move as if he had been wanting this for a while. His eyes traveled up to yours, giving you a reassuring smile. You turned back to Gilinsky, backing away slightly before you lifted his shirt over his head. You ran your fingers down his abs making his breath hitch in the back of his throat, slightly awed at how toned he was. Gilinsky let out a throaty moan as you grabbed ahold of his bulge in his jeans. While smirking, You pushed Gilinsky to where he fell onto the couch. Gilinsky watched you with pleading eyes as you slowly walked towards him before getting on your knees in front of him. He helped you push his pants down as well as his boxers, his hard member slapping his stomach. Your eyes widened at the size but you tried to hide the nervousness as you grabbed ahold of him, pumping slightly. “Fuck !” You moaned out as you felt someone slide into you from behind. You turned around to see jack Johnson smirking st you. You grinned before reaching behind you, grabbing his hand. You tugged his hand up to your breast forcing him to touch you moaning as he groped your breast firmly. Johnson immediately started to buck his hips into you as you wrapped your lips around Gilinsky, watching him through your eyelashes. “Fuck y/n you’re tight” Johnson groaned out as he gripped at your ass, making you moan and send vibrations down Gilinsky’s shaft. You felt Gilinsky run his fingers through your hair, forcing your head further down making you gag around him. You could tell Gilinsky was getting close by the way he was getting more forceful with everything. You could feel yourself getting close as well so you pulled away from Gilinsky, continuing to pump him. “I’m close” you moaned as your upper body continuously banged into gilinsky’s thighs as Johnson pounded into you from behind. “Same” Johnson moaned out. Johnson was the first to hit his orgasm, saying many curse words as well. You came right after, immediately wrapping your lips around Gilinsky once again, knowing he was going to be next. “Fuck y/n!” Gilinsky yelled out as he bucked his hips up into your mouth as he shot his load down your throat. You swallowed quickly before swiping your tongue over the top of his swollen head. You felt Johnson pull out of you before helping you stand up since your knees were a little weak. You looked at Cameron who had a straight face, not showing any emotion. You couldn’t tell if he was regretting his decision but you knew if he really wanted to call quits he would have said it by now. You looked down at Nash who was still dressed, looking up at you. You felt sore but you knew he was waiting patiently for his turn and that was exactly what he was going to get. You got down on your knees before tugging at his tank top, indicating you wanted it off. He quickly did so, looking over at Cameron. Cameron once again just stared at you both with a poker face. You smiled at Nash who looked more and more nervous by the minute. “Its okay, I’ll do all the work” you whispered before placing your lips against Nash’s. Nash seemed surprise at first but he was quick to kiss back. You pushed his tall figure down to where his back was laid flat against the blanket on the floor. He looked up at you as you unbuttoned his pants, sliding them as well as his boxers down just far enough for his member to pop up. You moaned out loud just at the sight. Nash sighed heavily as you dry humped his member, soaking it by your own wetness before you slowly slid down on him. “Fuck that feels amazing” he said throwing his head down. You leaned down kissing him once again as you bounced against his member, earning throaty groans coming from him. You quickly glanced across the room. The jacks had managed to get themselves dressed but they were still watching you and Nash. As for Cameron, he looked frustrated. You couldn’t tell if he was getting sexually frustrated or he was angry about you and Nash, I mean that was his ultimate best friend. You decided to ignore it, he was the one who suggested it. You sat up, placing your hands against Nash’s chest as his hand were squeezing at your upper thighs. “Oh god Nash” you moaned out as he started to buck his hips up along with your thrusts. Suddenly Nash pushed you down by your shoulders. You watched out of breath as he quickly kicked his pants and boxers off before placing himself in between your legs.You were now in missionary position as he immediately started to thrust into you. Each thrust was slow but long and hard, making sure you felt every bit of him going in and out of you. He lifted one of your legs over his shoulder, giving himself a better advantage. You held onto his face as you continuously moaned. You looked up at his face as he watched himself go in and out of you, sweat making his hair stick to his for head. Nash’s arms gave out on him and now his face was buried in the crook of your neck. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he continued to thrust into you. You could tell he was getting close by how sloppy his his thrusts were getting. “Oh fuck Nash right there” you moaned loudly as he hit your g-spot. He bucked his hips faster with each thrust, hitting exactly where you needed and you could feel your legs start to shake around him. “Jesus fucking Christ” Nash groaned as his dick twitched inside of you. You could feel his shaft pulsing inside of you as he hit his climax. You both moaned against each others lips as you came hard . He rode out both of your highs before he stopped, you both out of breath. You whimpered slightly as he slid out of you. You sat there out of breath as he got dressed, the room completely silent. “That was amazing” you said with a small chuckle following behind. Nash just smirked before sitting down on the couch, running his hands through his sweaty hair. “My turn” Cameron said. You looked over st him in shock. He had been completely quiet the entire time that you had almost forgotten he was there. “But I want mine In. Private” he said before lifting you bridal style, carrying you up to yours and Cameron’s shared room. He set you down on the bed gently before standing up. “I was fine the entire time until you kissed Nash. I couldn’t help but feel jealous and now I want you all to myself. ” he said as he unbuckled his belt. Your eyes widened at his hard member. You didn’t know if you could Take anymore but you knew he wouldn’t be exactly happy if you’d fuck his best friends and then reject him. “I swear baby the kisses meant nothing. It was just a ‘in the moment thing” you said as you watched him crawl up to you. “It doesn’t matter. In the end I still get you. ” he said as he kissed you softly. This kiss was different than any other. This was filled with not only lust, but passion, jealousy, but mostly love. In the middle of the kiss Cameron slid himself into you gently. You gasped. The guys felt amazing but no one could beat how Cameron made you feel. This time though you and Cameron weren’t fucking, you were making love. It was slow and passionate and it felt better than any other time you had ever had sex. “I love you ” you moaned into the kiss you both were sharing. ” I love you too” he said quietly before kissing you once again. After a good fifteen minutes, you felt yourself getting close to your fourth orgasm of the night. “I’m close baby” you moaned as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. He nodded before kissing your neck. “Cum for me baby girl,” he said softly while running small circles around your clit. Just at his words you instantly came around him. You grinds d your hips up against his, helping him get to his climax. “God y/n” he moaned out as he came inside of you. He pulled out slowly before lying next to you, pulling you close to him. “Never again are we spicing things up like that again. I can’t stand watching other guys get to touch you the way only I should” he said said. You giggled before pecking his lips. “I don’t know how you did it. I’d shoot myself if I ever saw you with another girl. I can’t imagine losing you. You’re mine. I want you all to myself Cameron” you said, on the verge of just thinking about it. “Hey, you shouldn’t worry. I’ve only got eyes for you. And after tonight, I realized that It was a mistake to even consider sharing you. So I’m not going to put you through that. I’m all yours” he said before pulling you into him, lifting the covers over both of your naked bodies. “I love you ” you mumbled before drifting off to sleep.
“This is not right, you’re human.”

A/N: This someone just evolved and i love writing angry chuck. I hope you guys like it. Have fun reading.

Summary: Since Chuck suddenly came back you’re feelings for him became much stronger than before he left but he is nothing but a total asshole to you but you didnt know why.

Pairing: Angry!God!Chuck x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Fights, Cussing, Some fluff, Unprotected Sex

Word Count: 3134 (wow over 2000)

I was currently digging through five books because of a current case the Winchester Brothers and I were working at but all those letters in those books didn’t make sense to me. I couldn’t concentrate a bit on this case. Since Chuck was back and it was revealed that he was God, literally fucking God, he was a total asshole to me, he was angry all the time when I was around him and I hadn’t the slightest clue why. Back in the apocalypse days when all that shit with Lucifer was happening we got a long so well but now, now it was the total opposite but it was all from his side. I kinda had feelings for him back then but not really strong ones but since his sudden appearance everything just broke down on me how strong my feelings for him actually were. Shaking my head, I ran my hands through my hair trying to focus on the case again but as soon as I did find back to it someone walked into the room. I looked up and noticed Chuck, he was wearing a baseball shirt and navy jeans, in his hand a beer bottle.

“Hey.” I greeted him trying to smile a bit. He just looked at me, raising one of his eyebrows not saying a word before he left again. What was his fucking problem? With a short hiss, I got up and walked to the kitchen, I needed a fucking glass of whiskey otherwise I wouldn’t survive a minute longer with him in this bunker since both Sam and Dean were gone doing some research on this haunted house. I straightly walked into the kitchen stopping at the fridge. I opened it and took out the whiskey bottle I placed there. Opening the bottle, I put the bottleneck on my lips and leaned my head back, letting the golden liquid run down my throat. The slight burning of the whiskey already made me feel a bit better.

“Can you get out of the way?” I heard Chucks annoyed voice behind me. “Please.” He added then waiting for me to make room so he could get to the fridge.

“Honestly no, I can’t. Maybe I just don’t want to.” I snarled at him the few sips of whiskey made me feel a bit stronger.

“I just want a fucking beer.” His voice rambling with anger, he didn’t move he was still standing a foot away from me

“What is your fucking problem?” I hissed, I was sick of it, sick of him being angry at me without any reason.

“What my problem is?” He snarled back added by a sarcastic laugh and not a second later he had me captured between his hips and the fridge. Out of shock the bottle in my hand fell down, breaking into pieces, the glass sheds scattered all over the floor and the golden liquid shaping a big puddle next to my feet. My heart rate suddenly speeding up to god knows where, it felt like my heart was trying to escape my chest. “You are my fucking problem.”, Chuck growled close to my lips before he pressed his on mine and kissed me, it was an angry kiss but the amount of passion coming within made me weak in the knees. Heavily breathing he removed his lips from mine and disappearing within a second.

Unsure about what just happened I let myself sink on the floor leaning my head against the fridge. What did just happen? Why was I his problem and if so why did he kiss me then?

“Fucking asshole.” I hissed knowing that he could hear me but I didn’t care. Accidentally I touched into a shard of glass that laid next to me, it immediately started bleeding. The shard was drilled deep inside my flesh. I took the part that was peeking out of my hand and carefully pulled it out, throwing it on the floor next to me before I got up to get a bandage for it. Glady we had a first aid kit in the kitchen. I took the kit from the kitchen counter and opened it directly taking out the bandage I needed. With my teeth, I ripped open the plastic wrapping from the bandage. I spit it on the floor before I took the actual bandage out and started binding it around the bleeding cut. I tucked the end of the bandage between the other layers of it, it didn’t look great but to it was good enough to stop the bleeding.

“Now my whiskey is gone and I hurt myself.” With a broom in my hand I started swiping up the glass shards that were scattered on the floor and threw them into the garbage, after it I took a towel to soak up the rest of the golden liquid. The towel found its way into sink after I was done with cleaning up.

I wanted to go back to finish my research but after what just happened my brain was more messed up than before but I tried to push this god damn asshole by side for now. Walking back into the main room I sat down in front of my books and took one that I hadn’t opened yet about the back story of the haunted house.

I had no idea how long I was sitting over this book, writing out important stuff that could be useful for our case but a look on my phone told me that it was already far after midnight and the cut on my hand was burning like hell. Maybe I should just go to bed and forget everything. I folded all my used books back together before I put them back in the shelves but the last book fell out of my hands and landed on the floor. Just as I wanted to pick it up someone already had it in his hands. I rolled my eyes and got up again facing the man who just picked up my book.

“Oh, you can be nice? That’s new to me.” I growled taking the book away from him just to but it back into its shelve.

“Y/N.” He tried but I didn’t let him, I was sick of him threatening me like this. His sight found my bandaged hand. “What happened?” Chuck asked me immediately grabbing after it.

“Why would you care Asshole.” I pulled my hand away so he couldn’t take it. Not giving him more attention I walked past him to the bedrooms. Behind me I could hear Chuck letting out a desperate sigh.

“You’re still one of my creations and I care about all of them.” He spoke up and I stopped turning around on my heels to face him.

“Then stop threatening me like I did something to you. I didn’t do anything. Since you’re back you’re a fucking asshole to me. I was happy to see you again, I feel in love with you back in the days and the second you were back my feelings for you became stronger.” I snarled at him balling my hands to fists not caring about the cut on my right hand.

“This is not right, you’re human. It’s just not right Y/N.” And there was his anger again. Suddenly I seemed to understand the problem he had but I wasn’t sure.

“Why the fuck shouldn’t it be right?” I yelled at the man who was about five feet away from me.

“Because I’m god and you’re human. That’s why how’s that so hard to understand. We’re not meant to be together.” He snarled back at me, anger painted on his face.

“Are you honestly serious about that? Is your stupid ego so big that you think this isn’t right?” I pressed my hands harder together not realizing that it caused my wound to start bleeding again.

“Humans and Angels aren’t allowed to be together so neither am I allowed to date a human.” He hissed but I knew he didn’t care about it, it was just his ego who was in his way.

“Who the fuck cares about who fucks who.” I snarled at him and suddenly I was pressed against the next wall, a hand on my hips the other one finding one of mine, interlacing our fingers with each other and placing them over my head on the wall.

“The fucking second I saw your face again my feelings for you just crushed all over me and I had no idea how to deal with them. I’m angry at you for being so god damn attractive and I’m angry at myself for being attracted to you.” He whispered but I still could hear the anger in his voice, anger on himself for being attracted to a simple human being.

“You think that I’m attractive?” I whispered because I couldn’t believe what he just said. God think that I’m attractive. That didn’t seem real.

“Yes, you are fucking attractive and hot. You drive me fucking crazy.” Chuck growled our lips only a few inches apart from each other. Everything inside of me was feeling totally giddy, my heart was beating like crazy against my ribcage.

“Chuck, I…” I had no idea what to say his words totally threw me over but he didn’t let me finish my sentence. He pressed his lips on mine, kissing me hard while he pushed me further into the wall, his hips pinning me against it. My hurt hand found its way into his hair, my fingers tangling his surprisingly soft hair around them and softly pulling on them. His lips parted mine giving him the chance to push his tongue into my mouth, discovering it and his tongue gliding along mine, starting a wild fight with it while his free hand found its way under my shirt, hovering over my body and roughly squeezing every inch of skin he found sending a hot shower of pleasure through my body. I moaned into his mouth as he started kneading my boobs through the thin firm of my bra.

“I’ve been dying to hear your moans.” He whispered, letting go of my hand he grabbed after the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head, throwing it somewhere on the floor next to us. The cold air hit my already heated up skin causing my nipples to harden under my bra. “Holy shit you’re so beautiful.” His eyes discovered my now half exposed body, his lips planting heated up kisses down my throat, sucking on it and leaving a deep red mark there. He snipped with his fingers to remove my bra faster, cupping his hands around each of my breasts he started kneading and squeezing them. Twirling my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers he caused them to harden even more easing a soft moan from me while he kept planting hot kisses down my neck, sucking more marks into my skin. As he wrapped his lips around one of my nipples and started sucking hard on them I immediately pulled on his hair and pushed my hips against his. I could feel how wet I already was, I wanted him now.

“Chuck please, I’m throbbing…” I moaned as he started sucking on my other nipple making me even more wet.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard. You won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” He growled against my breast before he let go of my nipple and started placing a path of wet hot kisses down over my sternum to my low tummy where his fingers opened my pants. Hooking his fingers in the hem of my jeans he directly pulled them down, followed by my panties. I stepped out of both so he could throw them away which he did. “I wanna see how wet you are.” The man kneeling in front of me whispered. Spreading my legs, he buried his face between my legs, shortly dipping his tongue into my entrance before he slowly licked through my folds spreading my arousal over them. He put his lips around my clit and started sucking on it, his tongue pushing slightly against it every few seconds.

“OH, MY FUCKING GOD” I screamed out fisting his air between my fingers as he kept up the work with his talented tongue. He circled his tongue around my clit, pushing against it but this time rougher causing me to push my hips closer to his face. His beard left some marks on my thighs the more he moved his head up and down.

“My god you’re fucking dripping.” He groaned against my core as his tongue glided through my folds again up to my clit where he started sucking on it again pushing me closer to the edge. I started grinding down on his face my fingers still tangled in his hair while my breath got fast with each new movement of his tongue.

“I’m…I…” But I couldn’t finish my sentence, my legs started shaking and I knew I was about to come. Chuck seemed to realize it and roughly flicked his tongue a few more times against my clit sending me over the edge. He stood up again, his beard glistening from my arousal and his lips wet. One hand on my hips he kept me steady.

“You taste fucking amazing.” He whispered, snipping with his fingers he got rid of his clothes before he pressed his lips on my kissing me roughly just to share my taste with me.

“I want you.” I breathed out between a kiss as I felt his hard member pressing against my core. With a smirk, he wrapped one of my legs around his waist and got in line with my entrance before he slowly pushed himself in. I wrapped my other leg also around his hips and let out a moon at the sudden friction as he slowly filled me out inch for inch my arousal directly coating his cock. It felt so good to finally feel him, I’ve been waiting for this moment way too long.

“Are you okay?” He asked making sure I was okay with his size. I just nodded at his question on which he directly started rocking into me with deep and hard thrusts. Both of his hands placed on my hips, nails dug into my skin and his forehead leaned against mine. I had one of my hands on his neck while I kept my other on his shoulder. “You’re so tight.” He moaned, keeping up the pace of his thrusts after he changed his position to find the right spot to thrust in. His lips crushing down on mine again, teeth shortly capturing my lower lip, pulling on it and easing another moan from me on which he directly pushed his tongue into my mouth immediately starting a fight with mine for a few seconds before he buried his face in my neck. I started grinding down on him keeping up with the rhythm of his thrusts pulling at the sweaty strands of hair at the end of his neck and digging my nails deeper into his shoulder the harder his thrusts got leaving some marks there.

After a few minutes, the hallway was filled with heavy breathing, moans and my screams. Our sweaty bodies moving together in a perfect rhythm as if they were made to be together like two pieces of a puzzle.

“Faster” I begged as I could feel another orgasm building up inside of me. Pulling at his hair I exposed his neck directly attacking it with my lips, sucking on it and leaving a deep red mark on his sweaty skin. Chuck let out a load moan before he circled his hips faster, pulling back out and pushing all the way back in hitting exact the right spot again and again pushing me closer to the edge. His thrusts got choppier after a few more thrusts telling me that he was also close

“Come Baby…come with me.” He whispered his forehead leaned against mine circling his hips once more, he pulled out and pushed back in sending me over the edge shortly following me after it, spilling all of his load into me while he rode us through our orgasms. Snipping his fingers, he teleported us to my bedroom were we both landed on the bed.

“Shit that was good.” He whispered as he slowly pulled out of me the rest of his load dripping on the bedsheets before he laid down next to me pulling me to his chest. I placed my head on his chest and looked up to him.

“Chuck?” I asked him carefully because I wasn’t sure if we were together now or not. He glanced down at me a little smile hushing over his face.

“Do you want to be together with me?” He asked me then which caused me to blush since I forgot that he could read the thoughts of his creations.

“Yes, more than everything.” I responded a huge smile on my face. I waited for this moment so long and now it finally happened.

“I’m glad to hear that. I thought you hated me after I was such an asshole to you.” He said and I could hear the regret in his voice that he was such an asshole to me the past month but he finally jumped over his huge ego.

“I kinda did if I have to be honest because I didn’t know what suddenly came over you.” I told him still looking up to him while I started drawing little shapes on his chest. “But I could never really hate you therefore I love you too much.” I added with a little smile. He kissed the top of my hair slowly running his fingers through it.

“I’m sorry for being such an asshole, I really fucking am. I just didn’t know how to deal with these feelings.” He apologized to me still running his fingers through my hair. “I love you Y/N, I really do.” Chuck said placing another kiss on the top of my head before he took my hand and laced our fingers with each other, his thumb softly stroking over the back of my hand.

“I forgive you Chuck. I love you, let’s just forget about it.” I whispered placing a soft kiss on his chest added by a soft yawn.

“I’ll give you a better apology than that now sleep, Baby.” He pulled a blanket over our naked bodies and wrapped his arms around me. With a happy smile, happy that he finally jumped over his dumb ego and that we talked I fell asleep in his arms. The safest place on earth.

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where is that post which is like “if you get involved with one heathen god you get the rest along for the ride” because goddamn it i’ve just figured out i’ve got another one

Lafayette x Reader; Modern!AU

My bold isn’t working, and neither is my italic :( I wrote this a while ago but I’m posting it now so you guys don’t have to go without an imagine while I’m working on something else. It leaves off on a cliffhanger?? It’s traSh


Bartending wasn’t the best job, you could admit.

And you didn’t meet the best people all the time.

But, it payed the bills, and it could be fun sometimes, so you just kind of went with it.

You wiped down the bar a second time that night, when a group of men walked in, they were all familiar faces, that just so happened to not have names.

They were regulars, so regular that you had officially made nicknamed got them, there was; Freckles, Muscles, Debatee, and Floofy.

Their names gave off their descriptions, obviously Freckles had lots of Freckles, Muscles was very Muscley, Debatee was always arguing, and Floofy had very fluffy, or Floofy hair. He was also quite attractive, in your opinion.

You already were getting the bottles of Samuel Adams’ out, it was what they ordered practically every time.

You poured it into rows of shot glasses, and smiled as the group walked up, “Nice to see you again, boys.”

Floofy winked at you and sat down at the bar, while his friends sat on both sides of him.

Distracting yourself, and trying to hide the blush that was rising to your cheeks, you walked over to serve a different group of people.


You walked over to the group of men, who were dancing singing, Debatee was arguing, and Floofy was staring at you.

“Dieu, tu es si belle,” (God, you’re so beautiful) he said, under his breath.

Even though you knew French, his voice was so quiet you didn’t catch it, you pulled out another bottle of Samuel Adams, “Sorry, what?”

He cleared his throat, “Oh pardon, nothing. Two more, please.”

You smiled at him, and passed the shots over. He immediately downed both, “Je vous remercie, mademoiselle.” (Thank you, miss)

You gave him a rather confusing look, but smiled again. God, he was so damn attractive.

You walked away, but his friends walked up to him.

“I heard what you were saying over here, I don’t think she has a clue what you’re saying,” Debatee said.

Floofy adjusted himself, “Yes, Hamilton, it is a good zing.”

“You likeeee her,” Freckles said in a sing-song tone.

“im va vous frapper au visage si vous ne vous taisez pas,” (im going to punch you in the face if you don’t shut up) Floofy said

“I have no idea what you just said,” Freckles giggled. Muscles walked up, “What are we talking about?”

“Lafayette has a crush,” ‘Hamilton’ said, before 'Lafayette’ could say anything.

“Ooh, on who?”

“The bartender,” Hamilton cooed.

“Dude, ask her out!” Muscles said, he looked over at you, on the other side of the bar, taking orders and talking to customers, “I might just do it instead.”

“ous simplement arrêter ?! je ne devrais pas avoir dit quoi que ce soit , et vous devriez de rester calme !” (will you just stop?! i shouldn’t have said anything, and you should of stayed quiet!) Lafayette turned to Hamilton.

“Calm down, I was joking, I don’t know what you said– but I was joking,” Muscles said.

“You never asked me not to say anything,” Hamilton said, turning to Lafayette, “So, not my fault.”

After moments of hearing nothing from the boys’ side of the bar, you walked over, “Do you boys need anything?” You asked.

“Uh, just the check please,” Hamilton said, still known as 'Debatee’ in your head.

You continued to add up what you got them, and gave them the check, then walked to the other side of the bar, giving them more time to pay for what the drink, and letting you get to more waiting customers.

“You so like her,” Hamilton said, getting money out of his wallet, “You may not talk to her, but you so like her.”

Lafayette groaned and put his head in his hands, his friends laughed around him, but it ceased when you came back.

You smiled at them, “Thank you for coming, I assume I’ll be seeing you guys again soon,” you let out a light hearted laugh and put the cash in the cash register.

They all began to get off their stools, saying their 'goodbyes.’

“Au revoir pour le moment, mademoiselle,” (Goodbye for now, miss.) Lafayette said, you only smiled in response.

The group walked out the door, officially dulling out your night, but luckily your shift ended in thirty minutes, so it probably wouldnt have got any more exciting.

~Hamiltons place~

“I don’t know that was the reason you always wanted to go to that bar!” Hamilton exclaimed, “I thought it was because it was close to my house!”

Lafayette frowned, “Can you punch him for me, Mulligan?”

Muscles– or Mulligan –laughed, “Yeah, no. Not my division.”

Freckles took a seat by Lafayette, “So… Why don’t you ever talk to her?”

“I only have the confidence quand je suis en état d'ébriété.”

“You have to speak in English, Mulligan and Lauren’s don’t understand.”

Lafayette stayed quiet, though. So, Alexander repeated what he had said in French, in English, “He only feels like he can talk to her when he’s drunk.”

“Why don’t you pretend to be drunk?” 'Laurens’ giggiled,

“Pretend?” Lafayette asked.

“Well, yeah, then if you do anything stupid, you could just blame it on the alcohol.”

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God, you're hot. I mean, of course, look at you. But you, as a person, just can't help but be attracted to you. You're god damn hilarious, but there's this softness about you that I can't help but fall for. I hope you'll accept the way I feel about you, and hey, I've seen your writing. It's given me some pretty good ideas, would love to get the ball rolling on reenacting them—preferably with you, of course. Let me know, the doors unlocked. - Your Gladio

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