god damn white people


a compilation of my favorite ships… and burrens.

i do have two people to blame !!!!
@hubris-but-no-writing for getting me into lafmads and it sTILL STICKING TO ME TO THIS DAY

and @virusap because that ham x pendleton is Not Fair and I Probably Misspelled His Name Because White Names Are Confusing

edit: checked and yes i did spell it wrong god damn it

  • Marvel for over 50 years: *uses HYDRA as a stand-in for Nazis and sometimes explicitly makes the two one and the same and shows the group to be entirely populated by white people*
  • Marvel now for some god damn reason: No see HYDRA isn't Nazis they're Japanese

Now that Exodus and Gods of Egypt are total flops, does that mean that Hollywood learns that the audience doesn’t like this stupid as fuck whitewashed epics? That all the big names and big budgets don’t mean anything if they fail to have just the slightest bit of respect to the source material and the persons it depicts?



What’s up y’all. Trae Crowder, Liberal Redneck. Look, I wanna talk about a lot of things, but this transgender bathroom deal just won’t go away. And you know it’s gettin’ out of hand now cos we’ve got white people boycottin’ Target. God damn! Never thought I’d see the day. But yeah, sure enough, the American Family Association in Mississippi asked for a boycott of Target and they got over seven hundred thousand signatures. And I guarantee every one of them damn people’s so proud of themselves for makin’ a statement, too.

Y’all ever notice how shitty white people get to protest stuff by like, ‘goin to Sears instead!’ or ‘eatin’ two chicken sandwiches this week!’ But yeah. [sarcastically] Y’all are basically freedom riders.

Gah! This gets my red up, man! Apparently, the people signing this petition are doing it because they don’t feel comfortable taking their kids into Target now with their trans-friendly policy. Oh, really? Y’all ain’t comfortable? Yeah? Well if you’ll allow a rejoinder: So the hell what? If my great granny was still alive, she wouldn’t be comfortable eatin’ cornbread next to a colored boy. Guess what: She’d have to get her old ass over it. Cos it’s 2016 and that’s a shitty way to be. And why should we care if you’re comfortable anyway? Have you ever even thought about the comfort of gay people, black people, hell, me! I’m a non-Christian living in the south. I can’t even go to a goddamn potluck without having to thank some space fairy for the broccoli casserole and honey, it makes me a little uncomfortable. Have you ever cared? I’m guessin’ not since Nancy Grace never had a hashtag about it. 

But now you ain’t comfortable so now you’re screamin’ [mocking]: ‘we gotta boycott Target, askeet-da-deet-deet!’

Well, shit. I hope you realize that Target ain’t even gonna THINK about givin’ a damn. Target would love for you to waddle your hateful ass over to Wal-Mart. That’s where all the Duck Dynasty shit is anyway. Target don’t want you, American Family Association. Which, lastly, fuck that name. You don’t speak for my family! I got two little boys, man, and I’ve actually thought about the possibility of one of them bein’ gay or transgender and how I would feel if I knew they had to face the shit that y’all put people though for the sake of your ‘comfort.’ And it pisses me off. So stop trying to pass your bigotry off as a ‘family issue’ because, speaking as a father, that’s bullshit! 

And fuck Nancy Grace, too. 

When people say Regulus Black should have been in Gryffindor because he was brave or that he was a Gryffindor at heart.


Seriously. No house trait is EXCLUSIVE. Valuing courage and chivalry more than the other house traits makes you a Gryffindor!

Besides, the way Regulus operated after his change of heart fitted common Slytherin attributes perfectly. Gryffindors are known for preferring an open fight, whereas Slytherins would generally prefer to work and plot behind the scenes. Regulus didn’t tell anyone about his discovery, he worked it all out in secret and went through with it, knowing that it would be years before Voldemort would even notice the swap, and that besides Kreacher no one else would probably ever know about what he did. He also put his close family above everything (including Kreacher!), another thing that is said to be typical for Slytherins.

Dear white people

You don’t need to feel bad for something your ancestors may or may not have done.

You don’t need to apologize for being white.

You aren’t ugly because you’re white.

You aren’t a bad person because you are white.

You are allowed to be proud of your heritage or culture.

You don’t automatically have privilege just because you’re white.

You do not need to beat yourself up because you’re white.

You don’t need to feel guilty because you’re white.

You shouldn’t be told to kill yourself just because you’re white.

People can be racist to you despite being white.

You aren’t automatically racist just because you’re white.

Black tumblr and society loves to tell you that you’re worth less, you’re pathetic, you’re to blame for slavery, you have no culture, that you are a piece of shit just because of your skin colour. White people that just isn’t true. Your skin colour doesn’t make you any less of a person and anyone who tells you other wise is the one who is hateful, ugly, a bad person, and above all, a god damned racist.

donald trump, the leader of the free world, called his citizens who chose to express their first amendment rights, that white people seem to love so god damn much, sons of bitches. the man whose supporters got mad at being called “deplorables” which is honestly shocking they know the meaning of. anyway. he called them sons of bitches and then encouraged private business owners to fire anyone who disagreed with his personal political opinions. like. what kind of world are we actually living in? what the fuck is going on?

“I dont know why i made my emperor’s new groove OC a white blonde with blue eyes in the middle of secluded pre-columbian peru in a time before hair dye and hair bleach, and color contacts!”

Maybe it’s cause you’re a fuckin racist.

It’s one thing to make a self insert and have them not being the same race as the other character (as long as you don’t play “white savior”), if you aren’t that race (because black/brown/yellowface are all bad, so keep yourself your irl race), but if it’s an OC who isn’t you, there’s no fucking excuse there! Just make a god damn non-white OC! It’s not that hard! To research what people look like in the setting you’re making! Hell even the other characters should be enough to give you a fuckin idea!

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God damn this is why I hate it when ignorant white people like you try to make stuff about Japan just because it's trendy. Learn how to write kanji that isn't so awkward before you even think about making a story set in the place the language is from. 嫌なら自分の文化を使え それとも世界で他の文化が色々があるんだろう。

Hey! I actually have a BA in Japanese and speak it with some fluency (though it’s been a few years since I graduated), and the kanji in the logo is based off a font I got from a Japanese website! Thanks for your concern, but if you’re basically saying that white people should only write about white people that’s kind of messed up. We’re always going to be open to criticism and concerns, so if we get something wrong let us know! 

Do people really think men (white men) need constant defending? Like white men aren’t the most protected god damn class of people in the world you think there’s a need for your ignorant ass to jump onto tumblr posts to preserve their precious honor when we call them out for being the predators they have been allowed to be for thousands of years? Like they don’t have entire armies of politicians and law enforcement and judges and lawyers and journalists and other white men behind them? But oh no, they must need your sweaty fedora wearing ass to whine on the internet for them. Find something better to do with your time, it’s pathetic.