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The One Where Everybody is Queer

It’s the sight of those arms that has Lena Luthor walking up to the sunny, smiling blonde in the middle of the university courtyard—sitting with half a dozen other college students, of all shapes and sizes and sexualities—and clearing her throat, her sketchbook pressed against her chest.

The blonde glances up at her and squints and it’s only then that Lena realizes that she’s probably silhouetted by the sun, her face in the shadows. But she can see the blonde’s face perfectly.

Oh god it’s so damn perfect.

She wears glasses over a pair of sky-blue eyes and her hair is almost always in a ponytail or some kind of braid—at least it is whenever Lena spots her across the quad, perpetually lying in the grass with the lesbian couple, who always hold hands or cuddle against one another and laugh with her—and today is no different. Today she has tiny yellow flowers woven in between her braids, making her look like some kind of woodland fairy, her rosy cheeks raised with her smile, her adorable button nose wrinkled slightly as she attempts to squint through the sunlight to find Lena’s face.

Usually, when Lena sees her, the blonde is wearing a sweater or a button-down, or something plaid that always makes Lena’s heart pound faster with hope. Because this girl is gorgeous and, yeah, plaid doesn’t always point to queer, but so often it does and wouldn’t it be just her luck if the girl who wears such queer clothing was actually 100% straight?

Today, however, it’s warm. Today, the blonde’s hair is in a ponytail and she’s wearing a deep blue tank top and a red bandeau underneath and her shorts are cut-offs and Lena can feel her heartbeat in her throat and oh god, she’s been standing here for a really long time not saying anything, hasn’t she. They’re all staring at her now; the lesbian couple and the spiky-haired boy with his maybe-boyfriend, who is in her photography class, and their other two friends, who are tangled up together with books in their hands. They’ve all stopped what they’re doing and they’re staring.

It’s like the first day of high school all over again, when Lena—who had skipped several grades—showed up to a classroom filled with teenagers that were all twice her size. Even the teacher had thought she’d shown up to the wrong school.

Only this was worse. Because she was in college, nearly in her last year, and she had only just turned eighteen a few months ago. Because she had a major crush on the blonde, but more than that, she thought she was beautiful and if she didn’t ask her question now, she might as well evaporate into thin air because it was getting more and more embarrassing by the second and—

“Are you okay, Lena?”

Her eyes widen and her heart skips a beat and her throat threatens to close because

“You know my name?” she blurts before she can stop herself and then she’s blushing as the blonde smiles brightly up at her, because she’s never even bothered to learn her name. She just knows that she’s pretty and blonde and, wow, she knows my name!

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“Well I deal in sugar, Sugar. And you’re the sweetest damn thing I’ve ever seen.”

Trust us Ostara, we agree 😍😍😍.


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“But turn around, oh they’ve surrounded you/ It’s a showdown and nobody comes to save you now/ But you’ve got something they don’t/ Yeah you’ve got something they don’t." Taylor Swift Art Challenge - Eyes Open

Bts reaction to choking kink

Request: Bts reaction to you having a choking kink

A/n: At this point I look at requests and I’m like I’m sure I did this one and I look in the masterlist to figure out I actually haven’t and then write the reactions with the thoughts of my dreams where I actually have written them. Whatever.


He won’t ask you anything, but when he wraps his hand around your throat, he’ll put only small amount of pressure, no where near the level you wanted, but you understood him for being scared of doing it.

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Choking pro, master, knows where to touch and what to touch, pushes a few buttons at a time. Your vein, which makes you light headed and the assult on your pussy, make you cum so fast on his experienced fingers. Even in choking he knew how and what.

*look at his hand*

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Hobi will be hesitent. Not sure if he liked the idea or not. He was afraid that without knowing where to press he might kill you. “Y/n, baby, we can do it sometime, but I need to do some research. I don’t want to kill you, please.”

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The second all time best choker pro. He knows exactly when you have earned his hands around your throat. The moment when he was pounding inside you so god damn hard, his hands will wrap around your throat bringing the perfect amount of pressure for you to cum.

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Jiminie is from team insecure about this. He’ll take your wish into consideration, but he’s not sure he wants to choke his baby. However once when you were on top of him, your hands just wrapped around his neck. In his pride to not being dominated, his own hands wrapped around your throat and pushed you under him. Then he found out he actually likes this game.

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All girls and boys down for the chonking king, those hands were made for that purpose itself. When he wraps them around your throat it’s a game over. Usually you move too much when his eating you out and you try to close your legs because of the overhelming feeling, his hand just wraps strongly around you throat, making you stop whatever you tried and just listen to your man.

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He is willing to try anything and everything you want as long as it doesn’t hurt you. Jungkookie figured out he likes this kink of your quite much. It allowed him to have the control he seeks so despretely, but can’t receive because he is just the maknae. But when his hands were on your throat you were at his mercy and he could make you cum at anytime, without of course, hurting you.

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Reaction Masterlist

I Want Action

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Characters: Dean Winchester x Fem!Reader, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1,323

Warnings: a drop of angst maybe, SMUT, car sex, breath play?, some dirty talk, interrupting Sam

(the lyrics used from I Want Action by Poison are italicized


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That is unequivocally one of the best songs I’ve heard in an incredibly long time. You can tell its influences but it’s Harry, but it’s not a ripoff of those. It’s perfect and beautiful and I love it. And it’s fucking perfect and beautiful and moving. God damn it Harry Styles you did it and I’m so proud of you.