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9) Baking on a rainy day, high fives, a first kiss sounds really cute!

THIS CAME OUT A HECK OF A LOT LONGER THAN IT WAS SUPPOSED TO OOPS. But here. :3 sorry if it feels a bit rushed toward the end… T 3 T

The phone call was awkward.

A forced phone call to Izuku’s phone,  from none other than his childhood friend.
And Izuku knew it was forced because he could hear Mrs. Bakugou telling her son what to say in the background.

“Tell him.” she said, probably attempting to whisper. “Tell him to come over..and quit being such a grouch, Katsuki. ” she added in.

Izuku had to stifle a laugh as he listened silently, waiting for Katsuki to actually speak up. 

“Deku” After about three quiet minutes,  he spoke. What a surprise! “Come the fuck over.”

It was more of an order than an invitation. And before the freckled boy had a chance to ask any questions, the phone was disconnected. If it wasn’t a cell phone call- Izuku was sure it would have been hung up with a slam.

A distressed sigh escaped his lips and ran a hand through his curly locks.
“What am I supposed to do?? Why is Kacchan’s mother making me go over there” He cant help the worry that had taken over him, and he paced about his room.

Great. Katsuki’s house. What a way to spend a Saturday evening.

They weren’t on terrible terms anymore, but they definitely weren’t /perfect/. They could at least hold a conversation with out yelling at one another now. And they walked home together sometimes… but they haven’t necessarily ‘hung out’.

Another sigh left him, and he tucked his phone away in his pocket.  Well,  if he was going, he may as well get it over with.  Katsuki wanted to make it a quick visit too, he was sure. He’d never invite Izuku over just because– and it was evident now that for whatever reason,  his mother was the one who wanted them to meet. 

“I’ll just see what Kacchan wants-  And then I’ll come home.”


Fuck. Fuck. /Fuck/.

Izuku was coming over. 

Katsuki shot a look at the clock ticking away on the wall.  It wouldn’t take him too long to walk over, despite the rain fall. It was only drizzling, so it wouldn’t slow Izuku down. 

“Mom. What the fuck??” Katsuki growled,  as he watched his mother grab hold of her umbrella.  She slipped on her high heeled shoes, and swung a light jacket over her shoulder before making her way to the door.  “Why the hell would you invite Deku here?! When you’re leaving,  what the fuck??”

“You invited him, brat~” she sing songed, and set a hand on the door knob. “Don’t be such a baby. Do you think your mother is stupid? Take advantage of this! ” she demands to her son,  before heading out of the house. 

Shit. Dammit. Fuck.

What did she mean by that?  The ash blonde leaned himself against the wall of his living room.  His bottom lip jutted out in thought,  slowly starting to realize what she meant. 


“No fuckin way.” He stated,  before standing himself up straight.  “No fuckin way mom noticed somethin like that.”

Katsuki decided he may as well tidy up as he waited to get his mind off of things,  and it wasn’t long before there was a knock at the front door. 

In that moment,  Katsuki swore his heart jolted to a stop. 
His breath shortened in his lungs and he shot a death glare at the door.  Almost as if he was hoping to scare off his guest with out having to communicate at all… of course it didn’t help.  There was a short pause,  before another knock followed; this time it was louder.

His mind started to race all over as he inched himself toward the door.  What would he say? For what reason did he even have Izuku come over?  He had to think of something before he got to the door. He had to figure it out. Had to think.  Had to plot–

“Kacchan!” Izuku called.  “Please let me in, its down pouring!”

Katsuki paused as he reached the front door. He swallowed thickly, as his hand hesitated to open it. He could easily ignore Izuku and continue on with his evening. Eventually Izuku would get tired of standing in the rain and he’d just go home.
But then he could also catch a cold. Izuku is dumb sometimes, so he wouldn’t have taken an umbrella for a short walk. Katsuki couldn’t let Izuku get sick. “Kacchan!”

The voice jolted Katsuki from his thoughts once again and he grumbled, before grabbing hold of the door knob.

It swung open with a crash against the wall and it would have bounced back shut, if Katsuki hadn’t stopped it with his foot.

“I heard you the first time- be patient, damn.” His red hues narrowed and looked down at Izuku who was a shivering mess. And at that site, Katsuki swore he hated himself. Why didn’t he just open the fucking door? Now Izuku was soaked.

“A..are you going to let me in or not?” He questioned then, frowning.

The ash blonde, pressed his lips shut,  and took a step to the side.  His eyes watching Izuku’s every movement.  The way his hair stuck to his face from the rain, the way his clothes dripped, how he took awkward steps because his shoes were also soaked through… it was sort of cute.

Shaking away the thought,  Katsuki kicked the door closed. He followed Izuku in, and the silence was becoming a bit awkward.

“Why did you want me to come over?" 
Finally it was broken,  and the freckled boy turned his attention toward his childhood friend.  There was a bit of shyness in his gaze.

"Uuuh–” Katsuki paused momentarily. “Uh… to help me bake somethin.” It /sounded/ like he made it up on the spot, but who the hell would care? Although now he had to figure out what exactly he was baking.

“To /bake/?” Izuku’s eyes widened slightly,  before he nodded and looked down at his wet clothes. “Thats unlike you Kacchan, is this some kind of prank?” He smiled crooked. It was that uneasy,  unsure smile that Katsuki really disliked for many reasons.

“No- no seriously!  I gotta bake somethin and Im not fucking good at it! So thats why I wanted you over. ”

“Your mom made you call me” Izuku stated. “But.  Let’s get it over with,  okay..? Um.. I’m sure you want to get this done as soon as possible. ”

Katsuki’s brows knitted at that. It hurt to hear that Izuku felt he wasn’t wanted there… because that wasnt true.

“Sure. But I’m gonna give you some dry clothes first.”


“Just take the damn offer!”


Now that Izuku was in a dry set of clothes, (Katsuki’s shorts and hoodie), the two of them could get started.  Izuku’s cheeks were flushed red wearing them. It felt weird.. but nice. They had only shared clothes one other time,  and that was when they were children. 

Katsuki however,  regretted his choice of allowing Izuku to use his clothing.  Because God /dammit/, he looked really cute wearing it. The sweat shirt and shorts only showed off how much smaller Izuku was than Katsuki, despite not looking much different standing side by side.  Sure Katsuki was taller,  and more built,  but he never realized how much.

“What are we making?” Izuku questioned, finally looking up at the other. Katsuki’s gaze was disturbed then, and he lifted a hand to rub his neck. His eyes darted around the room. He had to look anywhere but at other.

“Uh.. Apple pie. My mom wants it for dessert tonigt..” A lie. But a good one, he hoped. They had the ingredients for one so how hard could it really be? “I gotta recipe.”

With that, he made his way to the kitchen counter and started to dig through the small box that held his mother’s different recipes.

“You dont seem like the type to enjoy baking, Kacchan” Izuku commented,  trying to keep things calm.  They were having a decent conversation so far… no yelling.  No annoyance.  Just talking- about pie and baking! Perhaps it was the start of something… something normal.  A genuine friendship, possibly. The chances were slim,  but Izuku could be hopeful couldn’t he?  He never hated Katsuki, and lately they had been on good terms.  The latter hadn’t even bullied or talked down on Izuku for a while.  Izuku could almost safely say that his childhood friend was becoming nicer.  Not to others per say, but to him personally. It felt good.  It gave Izuku a tickle in his stomach. 

“I never said I / enjoyed/  it. It just has to be done. ” Katsuki replied,  and held up the recipe he was looking for. “And here it is- lets start workin on this and get it done. Maybe by the time we’re finished the rain will stop."  He offered a slight smile before setting the paper down on the counter. 

Was he actually trying to make conversation? Izuku could hardly believe it, but thats what it seemed like. He wouldn’t let the opportunity slip from his fingers and he nodded; his green curls bouncing a bit as he did.
"I hope!” And he smiled. It was genuine, and there was no hint of unsureness to it.

Katsuki could swear his heart stopped. The sight of a smiling Izuku was so rare to him, and it was precious.  Something he’d treasure for the rest of his life if he were able.  “Read off the ingredients, Kacchan. I’ll start to gather them.”

Katsuki blinked, waking up from his daydream. (He had been doing that a lot that day. He needed to stop).

“Yeah,  yeah. First things first is obviously the apples”.


“What the fuck?!”

“It doesn’t look right..” Izuku muttered.

“Seriously,  what the fucking shit??”

Katsuki growled, as he stared at the pie they had baked. It was cooling off on the stove top,  but the top crust had sunken in, and the inside was liquid instead of caramelized.  “What the hell did we do wrong??” He questioned,  grabbing hold of the recipe. It looked like they did everything right.  So why was it coming out that way?

“Maybe we mis-read a step” Izuku mumbled,  as he lifted a hand up to play with his lower lip. “We should give it another try.. this time Ill read the directions and you add ingredients! Its still raining anyway-  it’ll be a fun way to pass the time..” Suddenly, Izuku’s voice grew unsure. 

Katsuki shifted his gaze to the other,  and felt a wave of something (happiness was it?)take over him. Izuku said it would be fun to pass the time baking with Katsuki. That meant he enjoyed it the first time. That meant he didnt want to leave yet.
The blonde felt his cheeks redden, and he piped up finally.  He couldn’t let Izuku be doubtful.

“Sure- why the hell not. Im no quiter. We’re gonna make this damn pie right,  no matter what. ” he smirked,  and started to gather the ingredients once again. 

The second time around seemed to be going more successful, in more ways than one. 

To both their surprise they were talking.

It started off about the pie- but it slowly moved away from that.  Katsuki swore they were having fun. Izuku laughed a few times. Katsuki was finding it easier to joke around with him, and it was refreshing. 
Izuku couldn’t remember the last time he / laughed/  with Katsuki… it felt warm. It made his heart pound in his chest,  and his stomach do flips.

They continued to work on the pie, and it wasn’t long before it was in the oven.

The duo wasted time waiting for it to bake by telling stories.  They touched back on a lot of their past memories together, majority from when they were young. They avoided any of the bullying memories as if they didn’t exist and focused solely on the times they played or went by each other’s houses. Katsuki was surprised that they actually did so much together.. he had forgotten about the peaceful times between them.

Finally the timer went off,  and it was time for the moment of truth.
Izuku watched eagerly, as Katsuki put on the oven mits and went into the oven.  The crust wasn’t caved in so that was a good sign. But the real confirmation of their success would be in the filling. 

“Ill bet its okay!” Izuku chimed,  as he watched the pie. They waited patiently together for it to cool. 

“We’ll see. If it isnt right,  we’re going to the store for more god damn apples and we’re makin it again” Katsuki stated and he picked up the knife. “Ready?”


As the knife sunk into the pie, a grin formed on Katsuki’s face. He finished cutting the slice and it was perfect.  The inside was caramelized just right, and the apples were soft.

“Fuck yeah!” Katsuki looked at the other quickly. “Look at it! ”

Izuku smiled wide, seeing their sucess. Apparently adding too many apples and not enough sugar was their downfall last time.

“We did it Kacchan!” He laughed again and lifted a hand up, waiting. “Ill bet it tastes as good as it looks! ”

The blonde glanced at the raised hand and lifted his own up. He slapped their hands together for a satisfying high-five,  though his hand lingered there.

He still couldn’t take his eyes off Izuku. Especially because he was smiling now.. it was such a tender smile, Katsuki never realized how warm it made him feel. How much he actually longed to see it. And he didn’t realize how nice it was to be the cause of it.

The freckled boy looked puzzled,  as Katsuki stared at him.  He tilted his head slightly,  and as he went to move his hand away it was grabbed. Fingers laced and suddenly… he was being tugged forward.

It all happened so fast after that.  Their bodies were closer than they’d ever been.  Izuku’s eyes widened,  as Katsuki's  feel shut.  Their lips collided together only for a few moments before it was over.

Katsuki pulled back relatively quickly,  looking just as surprised as Izuku did. 

“K..Kacchan you…” his cheeks grew dark red at the realization. 

“..Shut…shut up, Deku.”

“…Kacchan why did you-”

“Don’t,  Deku!”

“You k.. kissed… kissed me!”

It was finally said. And the two stared at each other in silence for a few moments.  “… why did you..?” Izuku said softly. 

Katsuki thought it should be more than obvious as to / why/, but Izuku seemed confused.  He appeared to be looking for some type of reassurance,  and he was holding himself back from reacting. Katsuki stayed quiet for a few moments before parting his lips to speak. 

“I’m…” his voice grew quiet.  “..I think I… love you. ”

“.. you /think/..?” Izuku didnt sound too pleased with the answer.  He definitely sounded confused and weary. His brows furrowed,  and he huddled into himself. It was that look that Katsuki couldn’t stand.  The look that displayed his fear. The look that was especially for Katsuki in the past.  “A…Are you…making some kind of joke?”

At that, the ash blonde stiffened up.  That was the last thing he wanted. This wasn’t a joke, it was real. And he had to make sure he displayed that.

“No– no its not a joke. ” he lifted a hand up to touch his forehead.  God, he hated being bad with words.  “Its not a joke- I said it wrong. I meant that I.. agh..  I.. really..” It really wasn’t like Katsuki to mix up his words,  but when it came to Izuku nothing made sense. He couldn’t form a sentence,  and it was killing him inside. “I love you,  okay? I love you– and I’m absolute shit at trying to put this into words.  I dunno when it started-  I dunno what made me want to tell you right now.  But I did.  And I fucking kissed you, and I did it because I love you.  This isn’t a joke- Im serious! ”

There was silence between them then. Izuku’s green hues stared intently into Katsuki’s red ones. They stayed like that for a few moments before Izuku spoke.

“….Kacchan.. I… I also have feelings for you..” it was weird to admit.  “ But!”

Katsuki blinked, waiting eagerly. He felt his heart palpitating fast.
 "..I can’t trust you fully yet. I’m sure you know why..“ Izuku played with his hands then. "I need you to show me.”

Katsuki swallowed hard,  but nodded a bit.  Of course Izuku couldn’t trust him all the way. He knew the reasons as to why,  but it still hurt. It fucking sucked. But Katsuki’s not a quiter. He took in a deep breath, before closing the distance between them.

“I’ll prove it. I don’t care how long it takes.  I don’t care if its years or whatever.  I’m gonna show you and prove it. Im different than I was..”

Izuku’s, face softened as he listened.  He gave a gentle nod before reaching out to lace their fingers together. 
“I know you are.”

They kissed again, this time it was mutual. Their lips moved together slowly, before parting. Katsuki then pulled the other in for a firm hug.

It was going to be a journey together. It was going to be a bumpy road, it was going to be hard, and it was going to be long. But it was worth it. To be able to see Izuku smiling as bright as the sun, just for him. It was worth everything to Katsuki.


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F U C K  2 0 1 6

Didn’t think I was gonna survive this year. It was the lowest point in my life

2017 is gonna be a better year. It’s gonna take work, but in turn, work takes perseverance, and you can be fucking sure 2016 gave us all some God Damn Perseverance, so by our hand, 2017 will be better

Gonna find a tiny job, get experience, save up + squirrel away money, and work on escaping a bad place. Gonna nurture my art, gonna animate more, gonna try to approach new and old opportunities. Gonna hold onto my aspirations, I want a long, happy, successful animation and art career. Gonna be flexible, sensitive and respectful to the feelings of others, gonna be courageous and confident, gonna put out more art content, gonna be kinder and gentler with myself

Happy New Year’s everyone, I love all of ya

Since the day I met you

word count : 3 255

pairing : Dean x reader, Sam x reader ( a lil bit complicated )

warnings : fluff, *SPOILER* heartbreak, cheating, mention of smut, violence and angst kinda.

summary : Reader is in a relationship with Dean.*SPOILER* Dean cheats on her and Sam takes reader to a motel until she feels better, and their relationship becomes much, much closer. (You could say they share a more profound bond after that ;) )

A/N :Omg I loved writing this, especially the last part. I really like this idea and I think it turned out better than I expected it to so I might make a second part to this one. Tell me if you want a second part ! Even if only one person wants it I’ll write it.

3 years soon. In less than a week actually. 3 years since you’d first gone on a date with the green eyed hunter.
8 years and 2 months since you’d met the Winchesters. Time passed by so fast.

You and the boys were going on a hunt in two days. Just salt ‘n burn in a small town. A ghost haunting a school.

You came back from shopping with everything for the trip. That’s when you heard Dean cry out in pain. You dropped the bags and rushed to him. He was groaning in pain, holding his ankle with both hands.

“Dean what’s wrong ? What happened ?”

“Fuck. I slipped. I think my ankle’s twisted, if it isn’t broken. Sweetheart can you get me some ice ?”

“Shit. We should get you to a hospital babe.”

“No. Really. Don’t worry, I’m fine. No need for doctors, just ice.”

You got some and gave it to him as he got up and started limping. He walked to the couch and sat.

“Come on babe, come and snuggle” he said, patting the spot next to him. You sat down and got closer to him as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders. You kissed him sweetly and he kissed you back, his tongue darting on your lip. You were making out when you heard Sam quickly pace through the room awkwardly. You chuckled and went back to kissing your boyfriend.

The night before leaving, Dean announced he couldn’t come because of the pain. You reluctantly left with Sam in the morning. Kissing your baby’s forehead as he slept before leaving.

Sam drove as you fell asleep next to him. You had spent all night with Dean, making him forget about the pain in his ankle. You’d gone to sleep near 4am, giving you 2 hours and a half to sleep before you had to get ready for the next day.

A few hours later, Sam gently woke you up when you got to the school. You yawned and walked towards the building, moving your EMF detector in different directions. Nothing. Sam couldn’t find anything either.

You went to the principal’s office and looked around. She or he wasn’t there. Actually, every room was empty. No one was there. You felt the temperature drop and a presence behind you. You turned around, shotgun ready to shoot salt, when you looked up. Sam. It was Sam. God, you felt so stupid.

“Sorry if I scared you, I just opened some windows so we could breathe a little. There’s way too much dust for this school to be in use anymore. I’m gonna check something, hang on a sec, he said, looking at the documents closer. Damn it. It’s not this town, it’s the one in DC. I’ll call some hunters and get them to take care of it.”

“I guess Dean didn’t miss anything. We should go back before it’s dark.”

“Bluebird motel. Spent my first night as a hunter there. It’s small but comfy. Means we’re nearly home. I’d say 10 minutes 'till we get there.”

You heard Sam chuckle next to you. He’d slept a little on the way back but you knew he’d been awake for an hour at least, fake sleeping.

You parked Baby and told Sam you were going to surprise Dean. You ran into the bunker, expecting him to be on the couch, but he wasn’t. You went to the kitchen, no sign of him there either. You walked to his room, quietly humming a song you’d listened to earlier.

In that moment, walking down the corridor towards your boyfriend, you felt happy. Life was getting better for you as you got used to hunting and living with the boys. You’d gone through a rough couple of months the last year after the death of your dad. That’s when you’d found out about the supernatural and Dean’s job. You’d trained with them and after a fight with Dean you’d gone to the closest motel to prove to him that you could be hunter like them. He just wanted you safe, but you couldn’t just stay at home while they fought demons and vampires. The day after the argument, you’d tracked down a wendigo and single handedly killed it. When you’d come back, Dean had finally let you come hunting with them, reluctantly. Now you were used to the hunter life.

Just a few steps and you’d be in Dean’s room. Just a few steps and you’d be able to tell him about the hunt. Just a few steps and you’d be kissing him again. Or so you thought, until you heard the moaning coming from behind the gaping door.

Your whole world froze. You tried to find a logical explanation for it but couldn’t. You started pushing the door open, thinking the only way you could find out what that was was by seeing what was inside. When the door opened, you didn’t see at first. All you heard was a woman mewl his name, over and over again. Suddenly, your eyes looked down and you saw them. They didn’t see you, too busy fucking to notice your presence.

“Hi Dean, I see you had fun while we were away. Do you even know her name ?” you said sarcastically, feeling your heart shatter into a million pieces.

You wouldn’t cry. No, you wouldn’t give him the pleasure of seeing you hurt. You’d just fake a smile until you could leave this place. You started walking away as you heard Dean call you, telling you to come back so he could explain as he put on some clothes. You heard him run after you and tried to walk faster, but he grabbed you by your shoulder and spun you around.

“Listen, y/n. She’s a mistake. You know I love you, right ?”

“I see your ankle’s better.” you said, changing the subject.

“Y/n, I love you. Don’t leave me because of this. She’s no one to me. You’re my everything.” he said, forcing his lips on yours and pressing you onto the wall.

For a second, you nearly kissed him back. You were so used to kissing him, it had nearly become a reflex. But you turned your head and screamed Sam’s name. As strong as you were, Dean had always managed to overpower you.

The tallest Winchester arrived in a matter of seconds. It didn’t take him much time to realise why you’d screamed. He pushed Dean away from you and grabbed your hand, leading you away from his brother and Dean’s room. That’s when you tripped on something. A waitress uniform and Dean’s clothes were scaterred on the floor. Typical. Why were you even surprised ?

Sam took you to his car and told you to wait there a few minutes until he came back. When he did, he had two suitcases full of clothes and a bag with books sticking out of it. He put everything in the back of the car and sat in the driver’s seat. He looked into your eyes for a few seconds before starting the car and  driving away from the bunker. You sighed in relief as he parked in front of the Bluebird motel. He placed his hand on your shoulder and rubbed circles on it, giving you the puppy dog eyes at the same time.

“Y/n, you don’t have to explain everything right now. I saw what he did to you in the corridor, and even if I don’t understand what happened, I don’t think we should go back there just yet. You look… shaken.”

“Thank you, for everything. We should hurry up and book rooms before we get drenched. I don’t think… I don’t think I can ever go back to the bunker. Too many memories ” you winced, looking at the drops fall from the dark blue sky above.

Sam nodded and you both got out of the car, grabbed your suitcases and ran to the front desk.

“Two rooms for three weeks, please.” Sam asked the lady behind the desk.

“I’m sorry sir but we’re completely booked until the end of week at least. We only have one room with a double bed. Would that do ? You can always come and check during the time you’re here if we have any bookings cancelled last minute.”

Sam glanced at the rain pouring outside and told her you’d take it. The two of you rushed to your room and you sat on the bed as he took his jacket off.

You didn’t mean to. It was an accident. You’d promised yourself you wouldn’t. You’d felt numb since you’d left the bunker, but when Sam grabbed a beer for each of you, you broke. It must’ve been something in the way he opened the minifridge or how he handed the bottle to you, but it made you think of Dean. That’s when you started sobbing uncontrollably. Sam quickly pulled you into his arms, whispering calming words until you stopped. Even after you’d stopped crying, he held you in his arms for a few more minutes, making sure you were alright.

When he let you go, you got up and went into the bathroom to change. He’d brought your favorite sleeping crop top and shorts so you slipped into them.

As you brushed your teeth, you realised you already missed Sam’s arms around you. You knew you were lying to yourself if you said you didn’t miss Dean and the feeling of him next to you as you slept. You tried to think of something else.

You walked out of the bathroom, ready to go to sleep, when you realised you’d just walked in on Sam, half naked, changing into his pyjamas. You started blushing furiously as the eldest Winchester turned around with a smirk on his face.

“Don’t tell me this is the first time you’ve seen me topless ?”

“Actually, it is, you said as you giggled and blushed even more. I’m going to bed now, I’m exhausted.”

“I get it. Um, Y/n, this is awkward but I was kinda planning on us having seperate rooms so I didn’t bring any pyjamas. Was planning to sleep in boxers and a shirt. Are… Are you okay with that ?”

“With what ?” you asked, too tired to even try and think.

“Us sleeping together. Well not together but in the same b-”

You interrupted him, seeing him get all embarrassed “Sam, it’s okay, I really, really don’t care. I’m used to us sleeping in the same room, we’ll just be… Closer.” and with that you rolled onto the bed and slid your legs under the covers. A few minutes later, you felt Sam join you. The bed felt tiny with both of you in it, trying not to touch. After a while, you abandoned the idea of keeping to your respective sides and rolled towards Sam. He moved him arm so you’d be more comfortable and both of you started to fall asleep. You felt tiny next to him, especially since your feet were at the same level but your head barely reached the top of his chest.

In the morning, you woke up first, feeling your legs entwined with Sam’s and his morning wood against your stomack. Fuck. You couldn’t leave, not without waking him up and making things even more awkward. So you tried to fall asleep again. Thankfully, that worked.

A few hours later, you woke up alone in bed, Sam drinking some kind of berry smoothie and doing the crossword, as always. You didn’t mention the incident and you spent the day in the motel room, playing board games and watching tv. It was still raining when Sam went to check for the fourth time that day if they had another room or at least a spare bed. The answer was still the same : no rooms available.

You didn’t tell him about what had happened with Dean, you weren’t ready yet.

The days passed slowly, each one as uneventful as the last. Each day, Dean called Sam since you didn’t answer.

On the friday two weeks after you’d left the bunker, Sam went to check for another room when the lady told him they were booked for the next week at least. That same day, you decided you were ready to tell him. The night before, you’d cried yourself to sleep thinking of what Dean had done to you. When Sam realised you were crying, he’d made you hot cocoa with mini marshmallows and watched your favorite series with you until you fell asleep on him. You were so grateful. He deserved to know.

You explained to him what had happened the next night. You were sitting next to him on the bed, your head resting on his chest while his arms were wrapped around you. For a few seconds, he didn’t say a word. Then he sighed and spoke.

“I’m sorry, y/n. I should’ve… I should’ve told you about him cheating on his ex girlfriends or warned you stay away. It’s- you just seemed so in love…”

“We were. Or at least I thought we were. 3 years down the drain because he decided to fuck the waitress.” you said, your own bitterness making you want to bawl your eyes out. Again.

“He still loves you, you know. He calls every day to see if you’ll forgive him. He just doesn’t think with his right body part most of the time.”

“It’s too late, Sam. I can’t forgive him and go back to normal, waking up in his bed every morning. We’ll be friends again I’m sure, just nothing more and not right now. I need more time to heal. You can go back to the bunker if you want. I’ll be here if you need help for a hunt, as long as it doesn’t involve Dean.”

“Y/n, if you don’t want me here anymore I’ll leave, but there is no way I’m going back there if you are okay with me staying. He hurt me too, y/n. I trusted him to not hurt you and he did. You don’t know how mad I was when I saw what he was doing to you in the corridor. You mean a lot to me and when I go back, I’m going to punch him in the face, then go to Garth’s house to crash.”

You smirked as you wiped a tear away. “As tempting as that sounds, I’d rather you stay here. Even if that means sharing a bed for a week until I can get us another room. Sorry about that by the way.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind.”

You gave him a kiss on the cheek and you both stared into the distance for a few minutes.

“So… You think you’ll never get back together ?”

“Yep. I don’t even think I love him anymore. Everything he did… It just made me realise who he really is. And that’s not the Dean I fell in love with.”

You’d been in the same motel for seventeen days now. Sam had stopped checking for extra rooms but none of you complained about  the lack of personal space.

You liked how Sam didn’t mind your little habits like midnight snacks or

humming the songs you listened to. You didn’t mind his either : each morning since the rain had stopped he’d go running and bring back smoothies for breakfast.

Once in a while you went on small hunts nearby, but it was as if the both of you had stopped being hunters completely. You didn’t mind that much.

He took you to the cinema one night and you took him to an art exhibition the day after that. You were now both used to the fact that you slept in the same bed every night and actually enjoyed it. But you knew you should go back. Back to the bunker. Back to the hunter life. You’d been gone a month, and althought it was one of the nicest months of your life, you knew you weren’t staying there because you were mad at Dean, you were staying there because you like this peaceful life with Sam. That night you told him about your thoughts before going to sleep.

“Sam, if you’re okay with this, I’m ready to go back to the bunker. I haven’t forgiven Dean, but we can’t stay here forever and I can stand your asshole brother as long as you’re there with me. And anyway, we’ve been here a month.” you said with a chuckle.

“Sure. We can leave tomorrow, if that’s really what you want. Before we leave, y/n, I wanted to tell you something…”

“What ? You like the wallpaper here is that it ?” you joked, looking at the horrible mix of dark purple and green on the wall in front of you.

“Actually, nevermind.” he smiled and pulled you closer.

The next morning, you woke up on Sam. Literally on Sam. You didn’t know how that had happened but you didn’t really care, so you rolled off him started packing everything, from your books to his underwear to your shampoo. When he finally woke up, you’d finished packing, leaving only one shirt and a pair of jeans for Sam to wear. He quickly changed and in a matter of minutes you were out the door.

“I’m going to give the keys back, text Dean that we’re coming back !” you shouted, walking away from him and towards the front desk.

“I already have !” he yelled in response.

You gave the keys to the lady and were about to leave when she spoke.

“So you finally admitted your feeling for eachother ! I’m so happy for you two.”

“I’m sorry, what ?”

“Well, I saw him a week ago and told him about the two rooms that had been cancelled last minute, and he said that he didn’t mind sharing the bed with you. And even without that, I knew you loved eachother from the moment you walked throught that door.”

“Uh, we aren’t together but, thanks, I guess.” and with that you walked out.

You joined Sam in the car and sat quietly. Sam didn’t start the car, both of you just waiting for something, not knowing what something was exactly.

“Y/n, yesterday night I was going to tell you something, but then you made a joke and I said nevermind. It’s something I’ve wanted to tell you since we met and I was going to tell you this three years ago but before I could tell you, you announced you were going on a date with Dean that weekend and so I didn’t.” he said so fast you nearly didn’t understand him. Then he slowed down a little and breathed for a few seconds before continuing. “Since the day I met you, I’ve known it. Y/n, I lov-”

You probably should’ve let him finish his sentence before smashing your lips onto his, pulling him into a passionate kiss.

“I love you too, Sam.” you said before kissing him again, his hair tangled in your fingers.

Suddenly his car door opened and he was jerked away by someone you couldn’t see. Rage filled you as the other Winchester replaced Sam in his seat and started the car, driving off so fast you couldn’t do anything to stop him. He was starting to scare you and what he said did nothing to reassure you.

“Hey sweetheart, we need to talk.”

Tired of treating your wife like the alcoholic she is? Well no more! Now you can mask her chemical issue with some kitschy glassware. We here at Enable LTD know that the medical community can be a fickle one when it comes to verbiage, so we made sure to use the correct wording on our wine products. Notice how we said “A wine glass that fits my needs.” Needs was carefully chosen because we never want to downplay the crippling and debilitating disease that alcoholism is. No. We want to exploit it and sell at least 1500 this month and pay Kevin O'Leary 15 cents on every unit until he gets his 30k back or we are gonna be in some serious Shark shit. 

He was so smug at the taping, he was all “what’s proprietary about this?” And my partner was all “my dick” and I was like “GOD DAMN IT Kyle, this is not what Arizona business school taught us!” Thank God the director yelled cut so the Sharks could take their caviar break.
When we came back, I took the reins and explains “What’s proprietary, ass fuck, is our aerating bullshit glass topper feature- it properly decants the wine while letting the wino attached to it feel like they are sipping elegantly from a glass, even though the glass is being fed by the full bottle beneath it. It gives them a sense of belonging to the party.” Kevin said “isn’t it a bit like the Emperor’s New Clothes? I mean, everyone knows there is a wine bottle attached to that top part- it’s fooling no one.. You’re going to zero.”
One by one each Shark grinned and explained that making housewives feel like they are in control while they go totally off the rails isn’t exactly a business they want to be into and “for those reasons, I’m out.” Kyle and I took it up the ass for those few seconds, thanking each Shark as they shat down our throats. “Great, thank you for your time” and just as we turned to leave, Mr. Wonderful said  "I’ll give you the 30 thousand…“ and proposed the offer we are now choking on, 6 months later.

What the Sharks don’t understand is sometimes, your wife’s predilections are uncontrollable- especially when she’s a 9 and you’re a 6, even with a new hair cut. So I let her drink, big fucking deal. They don’t know what it’s like to have a hot wife who’s a drunk.
I can’t stop her, because she’s so hot and if she gets mad then she won’t have sex with me, which is the whole reason I took her and her 100k of tax debt on in the first place!

 5'9 with fake tits AND blonde hair? Fuckin’ right I’ll let her treat me like absolute garbage so’s long as I get that one way ticket to Fucksville later, shit, I don’t even care if she kisses me back. I’m 5'6, I wear a woven leather belt and I have to wear corrective goggles, not even glasses, fucking GOGGLES, that’s how bad the one eye is. I’m a total monster.
You don’t think people know that when we go out? So yeah, she likes her Pinot- and I’ll tell you what, I prefer her drunk because sober? She’s a raging bitch. She’s  moody, rude and, when sober, painfully aware of the reality she’s gotten herself into at 39. She was gonna be an actress, that’s what she moved to LA for. Then at 20, she got pregnant with twins and of course the guy left her, not totally unexpected being that he was a roadie for Buckcherry and, ya know, he had to go back on tour. Now the kids are grown, one’s a nurse in Covina and the other is on the spectrum and rides the bus as a hobby.
So at 39 she’s all about partying, going to clubs and dressing like a Strawberry sales girl. I don’t care because for the three hours a week I’m not neck deep in wine glass inventory, she’s a’ll mine. People look at us and think "man, that guy must be loaded” or “he must have a huge piece” - none of these things are true, but what I did have was patience, patience for a hottie who just wanted money so she could get drunk and then fuck me half awake whenever she stumbled in at 5am. One time she got her ankle caught in the hedges outside and we just did it right there. I would have taken her inside after but she mumbled something about “leave me here I just want to choke on my own grapey vomit and die in my sleep” and I know how angry she gets when I don’t obey her.
Anyways, after I married her and I was pretty locked into the reality that my wife could only stomach me when she was loaded, I decided to help her out. Rehab wasn’t an option… Because again, then she wouldn’t do me. Yeah, there was an outside chance that she would recover and use me as her rock buttttt for the most part, if movies have taught us anything, it’s that when someone realizes their full potential they drop the loser in their life- you ever see Say Anything ? No fucking way is Diane gonna stay with Lloyd  after she goes to school in England. “Oh hey Cambridge friends, this is my American boyfriend LLOYD, it gets worse, his last name is DOBLER and still worse, he wants to be a kick boxer.” In Say Anything 2 Lloyd stands with a disc man outside Diane’s law firm, only this time he’s begging for change and she doesn’t even recognize him anymore.

So I invented the Wine Glass Bottle- I did it out of love. I did it so my wife could slowly self medicate herself into self acceptance. I did it to get laid. And it was working, we were happy. Sure I was in debt up to my goggles but I had my hot blonde wife with purple teeth. 

The funeral is this weekend.

PS-  We ask that you don’t send flowers, just make a donation to my money pit of a company, Enable LTD.

The WineglassBottle would be  $35 if we were selling it but we aren’t because it’s isn’t about the product, it’s the message. Also we don’t have enough capital for inventory.