god damn the bbc


Bill Withers - 1973 BBC Concert.

00:00 Ain`t No Sunshine
03:18 Lonely Town, Lonely Street
09:14 Grandma`s Hands
11:40 Use Me
16:01 Let Me In Your Life
20:15 Lean On Me
24:47 Harlem

Please do not leave because of Johnlock

I know it’s hart (because the most of you are angry because it’s queerbaiting in their opinion) but please do not leave this fandom just because JohnLock did not happen! To be honest we all knew that it’s not going to happen… they ALL already said that it’s just platonically and a best friendship.
Besides think of all the good moments in this show and don’t leave this amazing family of a fandom just because of that! Or is the whole show just about JohnLock for you?
We, the fandom, truly understand that you are sad, hurt or worse but we have the same feelings ! Please stay with us and in some time you can cheer up!
JohnLock is canon as long as we all stick together and ship it!