god damn sunny


Here’s every time someone on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia says “god dammit.”

If you’ve ever needed a reminder of how brilliant this ensemble is, simply watch this mashup. It’s unreal how many ways you can deliver a single phrase.

Two Types of Fans

Type 1: These are my precious children and I love them so. They’re kinda quirky and a little silly, but I love them anyway.


Alternatively, Type 3: I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my squishy.

there is NOTHING better than a true power couple… the only two people who can keep up with each other, constantly testing one another, intimidating together, intimidating apart, an unrelentless, unstoppable force, the only two characters able to truly mellow and understand each other, god damn

outside the sun had risen, sitting on the new york skyline bright and cheery, but inside despite the sunlight painting streaks across the walls, there was a sleepy haze hanging over everything and alec couldn’t shake it. even after the methodical pounding of water against his back and all of that bright sunlight, he felt like he was still lost in the heavy warmth of sleep, standing there with his eyes closed, water droplets dripping off of his nose and trailing down his bare body to soak into the bathmat, turning it a deeper shade of blue.

he knew, distantly that he needed to snap out of it. he knew he needed to wipe himself down and get dressed, brush his teeth and find something close to what one might call breakfast. he knew that in an hour he’d be expected to be at a meeting and at least partially awake. but his body didn’t care and wouldn’t cooperate, his head lolling as he got lost in the sound of water still dripping from the shower head. he fell back into the feeling of sleep, into the feeling of his dreams. he could still feel magnus’s body pressed close to his, warm limbs tangled up and breath breaking against his scalp as alec pressed his fingers into overheated skin.

somewhere in the loft a sound echoed, a book dropped down on a desk or something falling over and alec jolted slightly, blinking his eyes open to stare at the pattern of the tiles. the sunlight was cutting little shapes in them and he swallowed. right, it was morning. an hour. he had an hour. he groped blindly for a towel and went through the motions of wiping himself off. it barely lasted and soon enough he was stuck once more, bare hip against the sink, brushing his teeth lazily, his eyes shut and his mind trapped in warmth. his dreams had burnt hot against his skin and they still felt trapped, humid and heavy. it was a mixture of fantasy and memory, his hand pushed down magnus’s pants and that smile against his skin. his hand slowed and he let himself dip back into the memory of that dream, so lost in the warmth of it he almost didn’t notice fingers dragging over his skin.

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Sunny Days-chapter 11

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary- Honeymoon period begins

Warnings- fluff and smut. Spanking, Masturbation, Sex, Vibrator, Squirting. Yeah, it’s a dirty chapter.

Word Count- about 4.3k

Author’s Note- Yeah, I meant to move the plot forward and it doesn’t seem like that’s really happening but this sets up how Negan is going to try and keep Sunny occupied and distracted from leaving the room. This was not as proofread as usual, because I wanted to get it out asap.

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Sunny slowly opened her eyes and snapped them back shut against the bright light that assaulted her vision.

Why are the freaking lights on? Who does that?

She sat up rubbing her eyelids with her palms and tried again. Her eyes adjusted and focused on her new surroundings. Her hands flew to her mouth, smothering her gasp. She sat alone in a beautiful king sized bed with the softest silkiest sheets she’d ever felt. There was luxury dripping off everything in the room. She had never seen, let alone been in a room as beautiful as this one. She was almost afraid to touch anything.

She threw off the downy comforter eager to explore. Goosebumps raised along her bare legs and arms. Looking down, she saw she was clad only in a pink satin slip with black lace that hung low on the tops of her breasts from two spaghetti straps. Her back was completely exposed. The hem reached the tops of her thighs and two slits on either side worked their way up to her hips. Apparently, no panties had been provided. Moving to slide off the tall bed, she looked down and saw two kitten heel slippers with black feathery fluff.

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there is a difference between slytherin in canon and identifying as a slytherin in real life!!! slytherin house, in canon, is built on bigoted ideals and upholds bigoted standards and while there are non bigoted slytherins, you can’t pretend that the house is unfairly hated by many because it literally was built on the idea of blood supremacy…. like salazar slytherin was literally like “yeah i only want to teach those with pure-blood” and there’s no way that didn’t lead to systemic bigotry in the house….. obviously in real life slytherins feel that they are slytherin because they think they’re cunning or ambitious or they like the color green i don’t care but criticizing slytherin in canon has nothing to do with people who call themselves slytherins in real life

Episode 13 Goblin Review: My life must have been a reward because I met you

All the good feels and happy moments from the previous 12 episodes were completely swept away with episode 13 - I don’t even remember how it feels to laugh and smile anymore. This review is long (it was a 1 hr 25 min episode)

Shin was shocked how he didn’t realize that Wang Yeo was right in front of him all this time. GR was conflicted because 1) he was still trying to figure out who he really is and 2) it’s kinda harsh news to suddenly learn you’re the person who sent your friend and his family to their deaths 900 years ago. Hence, GR kept asking the same question over and over, “Was that young and foolish face mine, in the end?” Shin was tearful as he told GR that the heavens have and are still on his side because his memories were erased; therefore, GR doesn’t remember what he did, while Shin relives his memories everyday. Some people are saying that it’s immature of Shin to put the blame on Wang Yeo, but remember, Shin was human too and he was put into this situation because of Wang Yeo. When we’re angry, we do unimaginable things even if they are our loved one and, at this moment, Shin was lashing out all his locked up emotions for 900 years. Eun-tak was worried for both Shin and GR as she checked their rooms. When Shin returned home, he told her to pack because they are staying at DH’s house, but he noticed how she didn’t argue nor ask questions. Therefore, he realized that Eun-tak already knew the truth about GR (this probably hurt his feelings because his sister already hid the truth from him). But she gave a very thoughtful and considerate answer because she genuinely was thinking about his feelings and left it up to fate if it was truly meant for Shin to find out the truth himself, “But if you two had been fated to pass each other by, you would’ve done so. And if you two had been fated to meet, you would’ve met anyway.” 

Poor DH was the only one who didn’t know what was going on. Eun-tak, being the considerate person she is, offered to stay with Sunny because 1) to give Shin a peace of mind about his sister (Shin can’t face Sunny at the moment with his current state) and 2) probably to give him time and space to think about the situation. It’s quite true what DH said about Shin just kicking out GR from the house, but like Eun-tak said, “Mr. Reaper has nowhere else to go,” and Shin wouldn’t kick out GR because 1) he’s his friend and 2) he’s Wang Yeo. The transition from Sunny to GR was beautiful as GR returned home to an empty house - just the same as he returned to an empty palace after killing Shin and his family. Sunny and Eun-tak talked about how her memories returned, but what’s important to notice is that even though her memories of being the queen are back - she is still the Sunny we know with her witty remarks. What Samshin said about lives is very significant to note in regards to reincarnation/rebirth, “Whether it be the first or forth, every single time is important.” Sunny said it was her fourth life because she knows of her previous lives and met her brother and lover again; Eun-tak said it was her first because she wants her second, third, and fourth lives to be with Shin. However, we really don’t know whether it is our first, second, third, or fourth life, therefore we should always treasure each life we have because who knows if we’ll be granted a second chance - that’s why Wang Yeo’s greatest sin wasn’t killing Shin and his family, but taking his own life

Shin was conflicted as he was trying to drink his worries away, but images of Wang Yeo and GR popped up in his mind because he could’t distinguish whether they are different or the same (Wang Yeo who wanted his death or GR who wants him to live). Joong Won and GR finally meet again; we learn that Joong Won is an evil spirit/demon who feeds on people’s dark emotions and he was the reason behind Eun-tak’s mysterious deaths (I was so mind-blown over this because it makes sense why death was “literally” hunting her in an abnormal way). This drama emphasizes the importance of names such as when GR demands Joong Won’s, but he refused while questioning GR if he even knows his own name. Personally, I think the reason why Joong Won survived this long was because his name wasn’t transcribed when he died, “That’s how I’ve managed to survive for nine hundred years now.” This second time, Shin reminisced the happy moments with GR. This is important because these were Shin’s true thoughts about GR, despite him being Wang Yeo, and I believe it was at this moment that Shin made a decision - that’s why he picked up GR’s call. If he was still angry, Shin wouldn’t have picked up. GR decided to face his past and confront Eun-tak about the sword, as well as, he asked her to give the ring back to Sunny since he has no excuse to see her because he “erased” her memories. Eun-tak didn’t give the ring right away to Sunny because Sunny was also trying to figure out, for herself, if the feelings she has are her’s or the queen’s

Sunny tried to convince Shin to move forwards from the past, though, Sunny’s answer to Shin remained the same about his decision in regards to Wang Yeo, “Go, Big Brother.” Shin replied that it will not be forgiveness for Yeo if he moves forwards and I think it’s because Shin already decided to forgive Wang Yeo - instead he wants Wang Yeo to understand that he is loved, he must fight, he must protect his loved ones, and he must live on in this lifetime. GR got punished for abusing his powers by the Investigative Agency of the Reaper department (about time this was addressed, I was beginning to wonder how he got away with breaking the rules). His punishment was the return of his erased memories after being tortured in hell for 600 years. After Shin’s and Kim Sun’s deaths, Wang Yeo’s “mental health” deteriorated as he grew up and was given a tonic by Joong Won to improve his health (obviously it was poison). In adulthood, Wang Yeo was seen improperly dressed, his hair messy, pale-yellow complexion (indicating sickness due to poisoning), and he was depressed. I think another reason why Yeo did not wear his complete royal robe was because white (in Asian cultures) symbolize mourning and perhaps he was in a state of forever mourning for Kim Sun; that’s why he drew her portrait. We finally discover how Samshin got the ring in her possession by asking Wang Yeo to give it to her - she probably knew that they will eventually meet again because Kim Sun will be reborn. Wang Yeo then burned the robes as an offering to Kim Sun and took his own life by drinking the remaining tonic, which was served by the maidservant (aka. lady grim reaper). The ironic thing is that Wang Yeo killed himself with his own ‘royal decree’ just as he killed Shin and his family with his ‘royal decree.’ 

Also, if you didn’t notice, one particular cup was shaking (it was a brown cup?) and I believe it might be the one Wang Yeo drank from when he erased his memories. 

Finally, Shin and Wang Yeo truly meet after 900 years. In a fit of anger, Shin pushed Wang Yeo against the wall and grabbed him by the cuff to express 1) how Yeo failed to protect his people, his country, his woman, and himself2) how his sister died to protect him because she was his weakness, and 3) how he won’t kill Yeo because Yeo already atoned for it by taking his own life. Despite Shin holding this 900 yo grudge, none of his reasons were about being killed for “false treason,” but instead were about Wang Yeo’s life. Even though Shin is a goblin, he’s not perfect and is still susceptible to the “weak things” of humans that we call emotions. Shin’s mind was a chaos trying to distinguish between GR and Wang Yeo: are they different or the same? Now that GR’s memories returned, Shin was most angry at him for saying that he wanted to die, again, - this is selfish and inconsiderate of of Wang Yeo/GR. But we can’t entirely blame GR because he’s troubled about what he did and who he really is. Eun-tak returned the ring to Sunny and Sunny remarked how the regrets, sins, and loneliness of the ring were hers all along. When Sunny asked Eun-tak how she is related to her brother, I lost it when I read Eun-tak’s answer, “Because that’s my fate… I can make it rain a bit less. So that the citizens don’t have a hard time. And I can make the first snow of the season come by faster, too… to make the people of the world happier.” This represents Eun-tak and Shin’s relationship: how she makes him happy and he makes her happy. It also shows how she focuses on the positive aspects of their relationship and how she’s always thinking about others - especially when she told Sunny why they became the goblin and grim reaper, “Because the world needs miracles. Beautiful and strange miracles… Because life is a bit lonely since death exists.” Notice how these two descriptions of life and death compliment the roles by Shin and Wang Yeo. Shin, being the goblin, represents the miraculous things that makes life special, while Wang Yeo, being the grim reaper, represents the truth of death that makes life precious

I admire Eun-tak’s genuine selflessness - she immediately jumped in front of Sunny to protect her from Joong Won even though she was scared and was equally in danger. Joong Won hates Kim Sun because she was the reason why Wang Yeo changed. Her birthmark activated to protect her from Joong Won, but this confirmed to Joong Won that her birthmark was disappearing. I admire how Eun-tak continued to put up a strong face in front of Sunny, until she summoned Shin - she immediately rushed to hug him because he’s the only person that she can show weak emotions in front of (Eun-tak always puts a strong face in front of others because of her childhood, but he’s the only one who sees her weakness just as she’s the only one who sees him in his times of weakness). Shin noticed that her birthmark was faint and warned her to worry about herself - that someone else will protect his sister (referring to Wang Yeo/GR). Shin told her to wait two more days because God has asked him and GR a question of “fate” and they must find the answer themselves. 

That’s why GR wrote the special case report for Park Joong Won; this being the first step for Wang Yeo to move forwards from his past and take an initiative against Joong Won who was a father figure to him. In front of Grandpa’s grave, GR warned Shin about Eun-tak’s death and Shin told him to protect Sunny from Joong Won. GR questioned why Shin stepped forwards that day despite knowing that it was going to be his grave and Shin finally told Wang Yeo the words he couldn’t say, “You’d received love from the former king, who’d been your half-brother, from my sister, who’d been your lover, and from me, who protected your Goryeo.” The reason why Shin kept walking forwards that day was because 1) he was going to die anyways, 2) if he didn’t step forwards then it would make the King look bad for accusing false treason on an innocent/loyal general, and 3) it was the only opportunity for Shin to “defy” his king after following all of his orders so that he can finally meet Wang Yeo face to face. All his life, Shin was and still is loyal to Wang Yeo. After telling GR his true feelings about the sword in his chest, Shin finally realized the true purpose of the sword: to kill Park Joong Won

I truly admire Yoo In Na for her performance of portraying a person split between her past and present. Throughout her day, GR followed her while watching her from a distance until they finally talk at the bridge - their iconic spot of their relationship. Bridges have symbolically represented two things in literature and mythology: 1) the transition between life and death and 2) overcoming a challenge/obstacle. Their relationship is truly a challenge, but they both took a step forwards: GR not forcing her to choose and Sunny breaking up with him. Sunny revealed to GR that her memories were never erased because all the sad memories were happy - showing that in both Kim Sun and Sunny love Wang Yeo & GR for who they are. When Sunny called him “Kim Woo Bin,” this confirmed how Sunny loves GR not because he’s Wang Yeo, but because he is his own person. The differences this time around are 1) GR didn’t force the ring on Sunny’s finger unlike when Wang Yeo forced on Kim Sun and 2) Sunny chose to live happily unlike when Kim Sun chose to die happily. Shin, knowing that he’s going to die, took Eun-tak on one last trip to enjoy time together. Eun-tak hugging Shin’s back, his head on her lap while she caressed his face, him presenting the contracts, and her jumping on him and kissing him to get the original one while they both laugh… But the final blow to my heart was when Shin broke down crying while reading the contract, thinking about Eun-tak, and how there is such a thing as forever sad love because he wants to live. T.T 

Shin visited DH and Sunny and wished them only happiness - I cried when he wished for Sunny to have a great life as HERSELF! Thus him acknowledging that she is not only Kim Sun, but also Sunny too. And lastly, he went to wait for Eun-tak in front of the stairs. As she walked towards him, all he could do was gaze at her while engrossed with her smile; he then tells her his plan concerning Joong Won. But the next scene!! IT’S THE SCENE WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR BUT I CAN’T TRULY INDULGE IN IT KNOWING WHAT’S HAPPENING NEXT. Shin instructed her to summon him right away once he calls her, but right as Eun-tak thought he already left… HE CAME BACK AND KISSED HER SO PASSIONATELY, INTENSELY, AND DEEPLY! OMFG… LOOK AT THIS KISS! This kiss was 900 years worth of loneliness and longing… all of his locked up emotions for Eun-tak… the emotions that he will no longer be able to express… he literally devoured her as she could only respond back and became worried because of the intensity of kiss. Despite that wonderfully hot and sexy kiss, it had an aura of desperation and unquenched hunger as he gazed and cradled Eun-tak’s face - trying so hard to engrave her image, every curvature of her face, and the feel of her body into his memory knowing that it was the last time he promised her, “I’ll be back.” 

“So, shall we have our final battle now?” Of course, Joong Won teleported to where Eun-tak was and, at that moment, the buckwheat flowers in the book flew away like dust, foreshadowing how her lover will disappear. Unfortunately, she could not see him because of her fading powers. At the same time, GR sensed the change in Eun-tak’s death card announcement set to tonight. Eun-tak finally realized why Joong won waited all this time - for her birthmark to fade so that he could control her to pull out Shin’s sword. Joong Won attacked Eun-tak while she received Shin’s call and fumbled to start the lighter… luckily she managed to light a flame and summon Shin. However, the tables turn and Eun-tak grabbed Shin’s blade pleading him to kill her instead, “He’s trying to use me to remove your blade! I was fated to die. If not for you, anyway.” Too late, Joong Won possessed Eun-tak’s body and proceeded to remove the blade while Shin stood there as if this is what he’s been waiting for. Right then, GR appeared, commanded (like a king) that the deceased soul answer to the grim reaper, and called out Park Joong Won’s name three times. I KNEW THEY HAD TO TEAM UP! Joong Won was forced out of Eun-tak’s body and Shin caught her while also proceeding to pull out the sword holding onto her hands on the hilt!! OMFG!! SHIN PULLED OUT THE SWORD TOGETHER WITH EUN-TAK! Despite being shocked, Shin wasted no time and swung one last mighty slash at Joong Won with the blade blazing with fire. However, he wasn’t so depressed with the price of his death with the package of Shin’s death too, “But what I did was not in vain, because I’ve killed you once more. It’s the end for you now.” 

Shin fell to one knee as he propped himself up with his sword, barely able to stand, while formally addressing the king one last time, “Forgive me. I will now send word to you that I’ve died a heroic death.” The sword, which was given to Shin by Wang Yeo and was the object of his immortal curse, finally disappeared and Eun-tak rushed to Shin’s side to support him with her own body and pleading the one word that she could only think of, “No! No! No!” She hugged Shin so tightly as if trying to keep him from disappearing while Shin caressed her face, “My life must have been a reward because I met you.” She reminded Shin that he told her he would never let go of her hand and Shin said that he would ask God to let him come back with the first snowfall of the season… the promise in which Shin had signed his life to keep with Eun-tak. The final blow to the remaining life inside me - when Eun-tak desperately confessed, “I love you, Mister. I love you!” and Shin replied, “Me too. I love you. Until the end. I already have.” In the end, their last moments together was them finally genuinely confessing their love for each other, as compared to the first time when Shin silently & indirectly confessed his first love and Eun-tak jokingly and not seriously meaning “I love you.” Shin closed his eyes and disappeared into red sparks as the flame from his heart spread to his body and blowing away in the wind… leaving Eun-tak alone as she collapsed in tears. But one thing to notice is that Eun-tak didn’t bawl into tears in front of Shin until after he disappeared because the actual reality of Shin disappearing into dust was the most painful experience for her… she was probably still holding onto a glimpse of hope that Shin would stay, but the moment he actually disappeared before her eyes was probably traumatizing as all she could do was helplessly watch her love turn to dust. 

So in conclusion, I’m a mess right now. There are 3 more episodes left and that’s a lot of time that still remains to cover the ending of this drama, therefore anything can happen at this point since the sword pulling is done. Since GR is already on probation, he most likely might erase Eun-tak’s memories for her sake and won’t mess up like how he did with Sunny (he’ll probably say - forget everything about being the goblin’s bride and that he existed - return to living a normal life like a human). As for Sunny, she’s moving on with her life by making it meaningful, happy, and successful without it being related to her past life. As for GR, he’s trying to come to terms with his past and 1) he’ll stop being a grim reaper, or 2) he’ll return to being a grim reaper. As for Eun-tak, my poor baby, she’s in so much pain but I think she will most likely lose her memories and we’re going to get a time skip, but she has grown so much to become the wonderful woman she is now. Lastly, for Shin, I still hold strongly onto my reborn theory that he will be back! This can’t be the end for him because in episode 12, the letter by grandpa said he’ll disappear with a “blue spark.” However, in this episode he disappeared with “red sparks.” Red fire symbolizes destruction, transformation, and creation; therefore, perhaps Shin disappearing into red sparks might mean the end of his goblin life but he will be created as a different entity (as a human, angel, or even a grim reaper (theory courtesy of @azhaneeothman)). Of course, he probably is going to have a talk with God.. probably give his answer to the question of “fate” and I believe Shin already gave us a piece of that answer, “My life must have been a reward because I met you.” 

Lastly, did you watch/listen to the ending song? There is a scene of a man standing in the desert and perhaps this is Shin? The desert has two famous symbolisms: 1) loneliness and isolation (death), but it can also 2) represent purification, eternity/endless possibilities, and awareness of oneself (humility). Perhaps this is what Shin is experiencing at the moment… either death or a new beginning from realizing that his immortal life was not a punishment after all. At the very last second of this episode, it was when Shin saw Eun-tak’s future… but this time a new line was added with Shin answering about his choice, “I understand now.” WHAT DOES HE UNDERSTAND!? Perhaps he is either answering himself why he chose to do what he did, OR he’s answering God about the answer to “fate.” :O

Welp… I’m still pulling for a happy ending because… I WANT TO SEE ALL OF MY BABIES HAPPY WITH THEIR LOVED ONES!! (PS: thanks for reading if you’ve read up to this point… I’m so sorry I had so much to talk about). 

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the devil wears prada au where andy still quits but goes to work at a different fashion magazine and rises to the top and then miranda retires/dies and andy takes over as head of runway and ushers in a new era and most importantly dumps her stupid ass boyfriend who was mad that she was becoming successful and that she was putting her career over him when her career was super important to her and he was just being a whining bitch ass baby

y'all need to calm down about taylor’s music video being “racist” or whatever like have you seen it? there is a black ballerina. there are black contemporary dancers. the person who does the twirly thing with the ribbon is black. and yes, there are black twerkers. but there are also white twerkers. and taylor is literally poking fun at the fact that she can’t do any of that and that that’s okay because she’s gonna dance and have fun anyway like please stop looking so hard for reasons to find people problematic and just enjoy something