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Historical RP starters


Under the cut you will find 40 RP starters that are best suited for a historical/set in the past threads. Contains fluff, angst and all the casual ordeal. 
Feel free to use them as Starters alone, or incorporate into longer threads.

Bonus idea:

  • Send and I will generate a random number from 1 to 40 and will write a starter based on it.

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Listening to the Hunchback of Notre Dame musical OST for the first time
  • Olim: how did they make the intro to the movie richer and prettier aaah I love all the layers of voices
  • Bells of Notre Dame: HOLY HELL THAT INTRO. It's weird to hear the first verse with no French accent but I like how it's a group number now. THEY INCLUDED JEHANNNNNNNN. THEY INCLUDED JEHAN I CANNOT OMGOMGOMGOMFG. JEHAAAANNNN. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS LITTLE SHIT. KARA WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS I AM SCREAMING. That's really interesting that they made Quasi Jehan's son. It's less dramatic than the move but I like it a lot. PRETTY CHOIR. DAT HIGH NOTE.
  • Out There: Patrick Page's Frollo is delightfully creepy. More so than his Scar. Quasi needs all of the hugs ohmygod. I wasn't so sure about his voice at first but then it got into the song and now I can get behind this :)
  • Topsy Turvy Pt 1: I like having more crowd numbers. Quasi's interludes are so sweet though it's breaking my heart knowing it all falls to shit.
  • Rest and Recreation: Why did they change Phoebus's last name? I love when they include musical themes from the movies in the stage's songs- they've been doing it since BatB and I love it. Great Douchebag Phoebus is back.
  • Rhythm of the Tambourine: oh FUCK YES. I am SO glad they made her dance a full number of its own.
  • Topsy Turvy Pt 2: I'm sure this scene is longer in the full version. The whole King of Fools part feels REALLY abridged on the soundtrack.
  • Into Notre Dame: I'm pretty sure it wasn't necessary to do this to my heart
  • God Help the Outcasts: WOW.
  • Top of the World: Once in every shoooowww there comes a song like thiiiis.... Ugh are the gargoyles here? WHY. They're a little more palatable here than in the movie at least.
  • Tavern Song: These dark minor chord dance numbers are my aesthetic
  • Heaven's Light: Someone please hug Quasi
  • Esmeralda: why is this melody so bright and jaunty? And who says "punished" like that? Brothels in a Disney show. I don't know why I'm surprised because HoND has always been edgier than most Disney and this is coming directly after freaking Hellfire. But still damn. Yay for Phoebus not being a douche anymore! Seriously this song sounds like something out of Les Mis.
  • Flight into Egypt: the statues are slightly more palatable here. This is still a weak point but it's not A Guy Like You. I'm pretty amused that that was cut lol
  • The Court of Miracles: this scene is so funny in the movie and it's actually quite scary here. Amazing what a key change can do!
  • In a Place of Miracles: Have I mentioned this week that I don't like Phoebus? Nice to see a cut song make it back in, though. And they didn't go full bookPhoebus which is nice. Someone please hug Quasi :'(
  • Justice in Paris: well that escalated quickly.
  • Someday: I LOVE that this made it back in, too. I love God Help the Outcasts but it's always sad when a good song gets replaced. And it found new life that isn't the terrible credits version!
  • While the City Slumbered: Not entirely sure that needed its own track
  • Made of Stone: DAAAAMN. So angsty. So powerful. HELL YES. But poor baby ;-;
  • Finale: YESSSS IT'S JUST AS EPIC AS THE MOVIE. I WOULD LITERALLY KILL PEOPLE TO SEE THIS LIVE THIS CHOIR IS AMAZING fuck yeah Sun God. I do not say that lightly. I WANT TO SEE THE MOLTEN LEAD ON STAGE :O. OH MY GOD DID THEY ACTUALLY KEEP THE ORIGINAL ENDING. MY HEART. NO. ;-; Frollo you bastard. "What do you know of love?" JEHAN ;-; OH SHIT QUASI. Daaamn that's an even more badass karmic death than the movie. It's like the book but terrifying. The Someday reprise is beautiful. And Bells reprise is always lovely. I wasn't expecting the book's ending though ;-;

Talk about reach of the century 

Breaking news someone playing hero and another playing villain sharing an interview together isn’t new. And the audacity in thinking because Daisy had one ONE interview with Adam= john is replaced and no longer Daisy friend???? May god have mercy if John and Adam do interview together 

And tbh if you using Space Nazi in a sentence and being serious you have nothing else to say. Way to reduce actual Nazis to damn space movie, idiots I swear. Whatever have fun watching The force Awaken on repeat, so me and others can enjoy The Last Jedi without hearing some random Anne throw temper tantrum in the theater cause Kylo on screen

A Game of Thrones sentence/starter meme || Part 9

“I fought for you, but I do not love you.”
“It was your blade I needed, not your love.”
“Do I look a liar to you?”
“Wake me if we’re about to die.”
“How cruel can men be?”
“Life is not a song, sweetling. You may learn that one day to your sorrow.”
“The matter is not subject to discussion.”
“Sleep is the great healer.”
“I have made more mistakes than you can possible imagine, but that was not one of them.”
“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.”
“There is no middle ground.”
“I am yours to command.”
“I want what I came for.’
“He says you shall have a splendid golden crown that men shall tremble to behold.”
“Fire cannot kill a dragon.”
“Too much wine, damn me to hell.”
“I killed the bastard, didn’t I?”
“The lies we tell for love.”
“Ought to laugh, but it hurts too much.”
“I have never seen a man cling to life so fiercely.”
“Children are so vulnerable in the innocence of their youth, how well do I remember.”
“Sometimes the gods are merciful.”
“I suppose congratulations are in order.”
“Have you no shred of honor?”
“The man is iron, hard and unyielding.”
“You’ll need someone to share your burdens.”
“I assure you, my price would be modest.”
“What would you have of me, then? Not my wisdom, for a certainty.”
“You wear your honor like a suit of armor. You think it keeps you safe, but all it does is weigh you down and make it hard for you to move.”

Dear DPS mains/ almost the whole team in overwatch,

Don’t leave your healers (or just 1 if u only have 1 cus everyone else chose DPS which is most cases) alone in the payload while u all fight faraway at least leave a tank or someone else there

It’s unbenifical for the healer, who can’t fight more than 3 people at once, or you because if we want to win we need someone on the payload but you need healing because you’re far from the payload fighting so either no one is on the payload but u get healed, or only the healer is on the payload And they quickly die

(Applies to people who are always alone in the payload while the others fight not just healers, but it’s usually the healers)

me trying to articulate my love for park jimin

Right, so im just about drunk enough (a literal entire bottle of wine oh my god) to try to attempt this and I’ve only got half a cup (a very large cup tho) of wine left so Im just gonna dive the fuck right in: this is gonna be a rant/essay detailing my love for park jimin. Idk if im gonna survive this and idk if you will either but lets get the fuck started before I pass out.

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Undertale Quotes that Fucked Me Up

“It would make my brother very happy to see a human. It would really help me out if you kept pretending to be one.”

“S…Still! I believe in you!”

“Please don’t hurt my family.”

“Somewhere in there, I can feel it. There’s a glimmer of a good person inside of you. The memory of someone who once wanted to do the right thing. Someone who, in another time, might have even been…a friend?”

“But nobody came.”