god damn sky

nice soft pynch headcanons

  • listen we all love ronan showing up at college and scaring the shit out of adam’s college friends
  • but im in love with adam coming home because im a gross sappy loser like ronan
  • ronan sits outside waiting all day, and then he sees the BMW roll up and he gets up and he can’t not smile and his eyes cant help but sparkle and everything is coming together now 
  • adam steps out and ronan is all “hey asshole” and adam laughs, and ronan’s ears are ringing
  • “is opal up?” adam asks, but ronan is already nodding and closing the distance and whispers “back of the car” and adam is laughing into the kiss and there is nothing better than that taste in ronans mouth
  • adam actually puts off studying for a day or two that way he and ronan can have time together, because he knows how happy it makes ronan to have him home for a long weekend 
  • they spend hours kissing and making love and going for walks with opal. adam braids opals hair while ronan massages him. adam gives ronan a very different kind of massage later when theyre alone in their room
  • adam is falling asleep, and he is in that nice spot between almost completely asleep but theres a little bit of awareness left, and he can hear ronan whispering things to him because ronan thinks hes asleep
  • ronans arms are around adam and his lovely smouldering whispers are the last things adam hears “i love you more than i can ever tell you” because its easier for ronan to say things in the dark “i want to pull the god damn stars from the sky for you” and he presses his lips on the back of adams neck “and when youre done school itll be you and me, properly, forever” 
  • theres one night where ronan actually really wants to sleep so bad but he just cant so adam makes ronan lie against his chest and scratches his nails lightly over his scalp, and tells ronan stories. he’s surprisingly good at it, making up stories about cabeswater, or retelling his favourite moments about falling in love with ronan. or recounting gansey-dad moments. and the sound of adam’s voice sends ronan to sleep. 
  • my favourite though is when ronan cooks, because adam sits on the counter stealing strips of food from the frying pan, grinning at ronan who is glaring at him 
  • ronan smacks his thigh and adam laughs happily. ronan is all “i dont want you to leave”
  • adam answers “i leave so i can come back” and he tilts ronans head up so he could kiss him properly. 

This still from footage shot by “John Bro” Wilkie shows a disquietlingly large example of a “rod,” a phenomenon in the overlapping fields of ufology and cryptozoology.  On the other hand, it could just be a bug flying close to the camera.

This file was saved from the website of Jose Escamilla, discoverer of rods, which doesn’t feature it anymore.  Escamilla and Wilkie had a falling-out.  The former champions the notion that this and similar images show atmospheric life forms that normally fly too quickly to be seen by the human eye, while the latter is convinced that his footage shows an advanced alien spacecraft that merely resembles a living thing.

Google “John Bro” Wilkie some time if you really want to go down a rabbit hole.

Morgan Rielly - We’re getting married!!

Could you do an imagine where you’re getting ready to marry Morgan Rielly and you’re kind of nervous?

Author’s Note: I’ve been having major Mo feels so I might I’ve had TOOO much fun with this! Also I didn’t put parents in here because, for some of us we don’t have a mom or dad and it feel weird or hurts to read soooo I just put friends….and I made it so Mitch walks you down. Enjoy! -Julianne

They always said this was the day most girls dreamed of, not  you. You never dreamed of this day…okay maybe some but not like most. You always wondered if you would get married. Who that man would be, but that was as close to it as it got. Now you sat here in the dressing room with butterfly in your belly, gold on your eyes and some strangers hands in your hair. Soon you would be Mrs. Morgan Rielly. Oh god.

“Ohhhh look at you! You look so damn beautiful! You should see Morgan! You picked a great one Y/N.” You best friend said as she walked back in the dressing room.

“I need….I need water please.” You said feeling a little panic. You were getting married. MARRIED!

“Okay.” You best friend said getting up at grabbing a water bottle. Just as she handed you the bottle there was a knock on the door.

“I’m going to see who that is. Are you okay?” You asked.

“Yeah.” You said taking a sip.

You best friend eyed you.

“Cold feet?” She asked.

“What! No! I’m just…I’m get married! ME!” I smiled as Morgan’s face popped into my face. There was another knock.

“Hold you pants!” Your best friend yelled. You faced you again taking your hand. “Remember that night you and Morgan come over to my house for dinner so I could meet him?”

“Yeah, You were so sure he was bad for me.” You laughed at the memory.

“Well!” She laughed along. “But then I saw the way he looked at you. Like you put the god damn stars in the sky. I knew that boy was in love with you. Here we are three years later. You two are made for each other! He is just as nervous, but he loves you.” She said placing a kiss to your forehead before going to the door.

“Wow! You look amazing!” Mitch said walking in with Auston.

“Morgan, can’t wait to see you. So he wanted us to give you this.” Auston said handing you a note. With that the boys were gone.


WE’RE GETTING MARRIED! <3 I can’t wait to see that beautiful smile of yours and cuddle with you later tonight……with pizza! :D Dirty mind! ;) Anyways I wanted to say I love you and that am nervous as hell but I can’t wait to make you a Rielly soon.

Love, your soon to be husband <3

You smiled at the note and folded it back up to place in your shoe.

“Ready?” Mitch said popping his head in as the music began.

“Ready!” You smiled.

“Let’s go then.” He said holding his arm out for you.


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I know your pillow is damp with tears every night. I know that you’re too scared to reach out to us. You don’t want to weigh others down. You’re too busy holding everyone else above water, and you’re not giving yourself time to breathe. Please, look at me. Listen. 

This isn’t pretty. What you’re suffering, is probably one of the most painful things you’ve had to experience. You feel everything all at once, and yet nothing at all. You don’t know who you are. You don’t know what to do. 

But know that we’re here. We’re here. The path is dark and gruelling, but we will always help you to your feet. Let us join hands, and welcome the journey ahead.

I swear to you, that you are worth every god damn star in the sky. And it is those stars that shall light our way. 

I can’t even begin to explain what it’s like. He was everything. He was it for me. And I was young and naive and I thought that maybe in this fucking world of strangers I had found the guy who felt the same. Who would make all the stars align in my god damn fairytale sky. And I was wrong. I was more than wrong. I was fooled into believing this man, this fraud, this fucking heart wrencher had the key to my heart in his hands and wouldn’t let it go. And of course I was wrong. Of course I wasn’t the only key in his god damn hand I was only one unlocked door in his sea of opened god damn doors. So there’s your god damn morality. There’s your fucking lesson. Don’t ever let him open the door because if you do my god you’re done. You’re just done.
—  I wanted it to be him.