god damn poison was never cool

anonymous asked:

hello! you probably get this question a lot, so sorry if i'm wasting your time, but i wanted to know how long you've been drawing. Also i think your blog is just amazing, and you seem like such a great and nice person. Whenever i'm having a bad day i go to your blog, and it makes me laugh. now i'm just rambling, sorry.

* First off, I’m super happy to hear that my blog makes you happy!! <:

* As for your question, I’ve quite literally been drawing ever since I can remember, starting way back in kindergarten! Throughout my life I was always the go-to art person in pretty much every class I’ve been in. Well, except now that I’m in an art school, with other people that suffered the same fate lmao.

* Fun story, Once in early secondary school I was disqualified from an outside-school art contest for kids because the judges didn’t believe a kid of my age drew the thing?? I will never forget that. I wanted that badge. And I’m pretty sure I’d probably get like a chocolate as a prize as well? I’ll hold this grudge forever.

* Here’s some of the oldest art I could find last time I was looking through my old stuff. Does anyone remember Bionicle? They were all the rage when I was 10.

* Actually they are still all the rage for me I love those god damned robots. This is a scene from the first Bionicle movie in which the ice Toa Kopaka freezes a Rahkshi, and I remember I always found this scene super cool (no pun intended) (no wait actually this is an Undertale blog, PUN ABSOLUTELY INTENDED)

* One thing I have to say about these archaic 12 year old fan arts is that my Rahkshis looked freaking adorable. You would never believe that in the movie they were actually horrendous poisonous rusty monster robots. 

* PS I am by no means the most reliable of sources, being mostly self-taught, but I have experience, so if you are ever in a dire need of an art advice you can shoot me a message and I can try responding if it’s within my knowledge!
It WOULD be preferable if you did so on my art blog, to keep things organized!