god damn people seriously

my favorite thing
  • person watching Star Trek for the first time: It can't be that gay
  • same person ten minutes later: holy shit

Dear Sidon x Link shippers

I’m sure a good portion of you legit ship them together for various reasons

but to the rest of you (you know who you are)

just admit it

Link doesn’t love Sidon

YOU do

*loud whispering* just make an oc or self insert already I promise I won’t make fun of you

The secret [to success] is… are you capable of understanding what went wrong and why it went wrong. That’s the real key.
—  Some drunk asshole youtuber called Markiplier

Y'all are acting like a bunch of 12 year olds I swear.
Like, you might have seen how I feel about shipping. Basically it’s fine in moderation and fun in a light hearted way.
Idk why you guys are happy Krystal and Kai broke up? Like, even if you didn’t ship them. It doesn’t matter to you.
Why are people taking their ships so god damn seriously that they are celebrating a couple braking up. It’s honestly embarrassing. Like I said, you are acting like 12 year olds. Get your edgy ass off the internet for a while and chill a little bit. And don’t call Krystal a chicken nugget? The fuck? “Eating chicken nuggets makes you gay” ?? Literally stop you are making an ass of yourself.


Holy apple pie, I can’t believe I’ve reached 100 followers! First and foremost, a sincere and humble THANK YOU to all of you beautiful people! God damn, you’re amazing and this fandom SERIOUSLY has the best people! 

Second, how about a SPN fanfic challenge???

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Challenge Rules:

1. Gotta follow me @mrsbatesmotel53

2. Must be reader insert and Supernatural, but other than that it’s up to you and anything is a go!!

3. Your fic must contain the following:

a) A song from the list below. Send me an Ask or a message to request your song, one fic per jam

b) A motel: you must reference it, mention it, something, anything to do with a motel somewhere in your story; because I am Mrs. Bates! ;-)

c) Gotta tag me and tag #mrsbateschallenge in the first 3 tags -If I don’t reblog your fic in a day or so please send me a message!

4. Fics due for the masterlist February 28th! If you need an extension, it’s wavy gravy, just message me!

Hopefully that covers most of it! If you have any questions, ask away!

Let’s get to the music! I’m gonna start with 30 songs, but I have plenty more if needed!


1. Heaven Nor Hell- Volbeat

2. Push- Thousand Foot Crutch

3. Amen- Halestorm

4. The Otherside- Red Sun Rising

5. Madness- Muse- @mysteriouslyme81

6. Do I Wanna Know- Arctic Monkeys @megansescape

7. Jekyll and Hyde- Five Finger Death Punch @jalove-wecallhimdean

8. Could Have Been Me- The Struts- @just-another-busy-fangirl

9. Fire- Barns Courtney

10. Falls on Me- Fuel

11. Come With Me Now- Kongos - @mrsbatesmotel53

12. Roses- The Chainsmokers- @destiel-addict-forever

13. Blank Space- Taylor Swift - @bigdaddymongoose

14. Talking Body- Tove Lo

15. Edge of Glory- Lady Gaga -  @theroute63

16. One More Night- Maroon 5- @fandommaniacx

17. Take Me Down- Pretty Reckless - @kitchenwitchsuperwhovian

18. Hard to Concentrate- Red Hot Chili Peppers

19. Apocalyptic- Halestorm - @riversong-sam

20. Trip Switch- Nothing But Thieves

21. Howlin’ for You- The Black Keys

22. Heathens- Twenty One Pilots- @mindinmarianatrench

23. Big Bad Wolf- In This Moment- @darkoblivion890

24. Something to Believe- Young the Giant @idreamofhazel

25. The Light- Disturbed @kalliravenne

26. Do You Wanna Touch- Joan Jett- @mamaredd123

27. Just Like Jesse James- Cher

28. Shake it Out- Florence and the Machine

29. We Are Young- Fun

30. Paralyzer- Finger Eleven- @percussiongirl2017

Gonna tag the usual suspects and some others to get the word out to any writers that may be interested! Any additional noise you can make for me would be much appreciated!! 

Let me know if you want to be added/removed to/from the list! (Sorry if you were tagged and didn’t want to be… it’s only because I think you’re awesome!) 

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I feel like it’s the same person hoping around. No life I guess. My troubles go way beyond some punk with a keyboard. I’ve been through worse lmao. Like what next? Telling me to kill myself? I’m gonna be a year older and wiser in two hours, I’m too grown for this.

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At this point im no longer just annoyed with people I’m fucking pissed off with people and that damn Harry Potter meme thing I made like I’m ready to fucking throw hands now. It’s god damn meme and a joke and people take this far too seriously and because why??? Because Snape is in the middle of all this that’s why !!!

like dont beat around the bush with me that you’re upset with who’s in the middle. Unless you’re actually that upset that Lockhart or Umbridge got in there I’m 99.9% you’re upset and angry because snape is is the middle. It is my personal opinion and if you even see other reblogs of the same post or spend time on this blog you’ll find I hate him and I’ve made that very fucking clear on this blog and too other people and i am just done with it !!

In celebration of make-up AU week – Killian and Emma break their bed, and go to Ikea to pick out a new one. Set in my Lend me some sugar universe because I am hopeless.

We get together, oh we get together.

Ikea on a Saturday is a nightmare – children screaming in their carts, people practically climbing over one another to get to the 99 cent cutlery, utter chaos at the cart line. It rolls her stomach the second she locks her gaze on the blue and yellow monstrosity and she really wishes they didn’t have to do this at all.

But they do.

Because they broke the bed.

A fact that Killian is infinitely proud of – and one that he has told four employees.  

“In search of a new bed, mate.” He happily tells the pre-teen that’s in charge of the furniture section. Emma doesn’t even have to look at him to know his eyebrows are doing that thing – the thing where one arches and you know immediately his thoughts are nowhere good. “We wore out the old one quite thoroughly.”


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If I’m being real here

Rose Tyler was never good enough for Mickey Smith

And Martha Jones was always too good for the Doctor

I’m really glad they found each other, because god damn, they both seriously spent too much time hoping that people who treated them like dirt would eventually love them back

Another Random Plot Time!

Imagine that both Ciel and Sebastian are F.B.I agents or something like that or something similar to that. Those two hate each other so much for many reasons, and whenever they see each other the only thing they do is either glare or give empty threats. One day, their boss assigns them to a mission in which they have to work together and instantly they object but in the end they agreed since it was either working together or get kicked out. And so, they decided that each one works on a different end, alone; under no circumstances can the other individual get in the way of the other’s work. But of course, that didn’t work and they always seemed to reach a dead end. Seeing that the serial killer had killed a lot and is obviously planning to kill more, they finally agreed to work hand in hand which… Didn’t end very well. Broken fingers, a stab in the leg and 3 dead bodies later they start to find a lead to the answers they need. Slowly, both of them start developing feelings for the other without showing any hints of that, of course. But, when one of them ends up in a deadly situation they confess, thinking the other won’t last much longer and they share a kiss which they thought would be the first and the last. As usual, they were dead wrong. After help comes and they catch the killer plus save, let’s say Sebastian was the one on the verge of death, Sebastian’s life both of them end up in a very awkward situation. Since none of them expected they would ever confess and their conversations were always in the lines of ‘Hi’, ’…’, 'Uhm… Bye…’. Noticing the atmosphere around those two people, their colleagues try to set them up by calling Sebastian and telling him that someone invaded Ciel’s apartment and they have him as a captive. Thinking it was someone that held a grudge on the younger male, Sebastian sprints towards the apartment, after getting the address and all, then slams the door open only to find Ciel getting out of the shower with only a towel on and that ends with Sebastian getting a very awkward boner. But no worries, he fixes that seconds later with the help of Ciel, of course.

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Pmoney, help me out man. I'm really into one of my friends, and I think he's probably into me too, but here's the thing. He used to be into me and he kinda tried to make a move and I turned him down cause I felt differently at the time so we stayed friends. In the time since then I have seen different people and confessed to him that I also kinda like girls, which I think kinda freaks him out. Now I totally regret all not taking the chance I had with him. What the heck do I do?

ugh i fucking hate everyone. look this problem isnt too prominent. if your mom was dying or you lost your eyesight or you were going to be evicted from your house i would love to talk about it and shit, but these petty relationship issues are really starting to get to me, because im not very good at dating anyways. i ruin every relationship i start. youre better off reading a book or maybe just FUCKING TALKING TO THE PERSON YOU LIKE. i am a stranger who doesnt know you or him/her. how great do you think the advice is going to be? seriously. i like cheering people up but god damn. take your relationship matters in your own hands instead of trusting someone who barely exists to write your life story.

“God.. today was busy..” Emmalyn sighed, puffing her cheeks as she put her hands into the large pockets of her turquoise coat, pulling out her cigarettes and her lighter up, lighting it up. Inhaling deeply, the smoke curling around and behind her as she blew out as she walked, uncaring of the looks she got while she did. 

Today she had left her hat behind, but her coat she always had, regardless of where she went. It was her favorite coat and her favorite color.. so it just made sense.. 

Turning the corner, she nearly ran smack dab into a shorter woman, swearing under her breath as she was forced to do a bit of fancy footwork to not do as such. 

“Wha’ the fuck? Seriously, god damn it.. too many people in this fuckin’ place..” she complained, looking down at the woman speculatively, “..Sorry ‘bout that, Short Stack.”

Ok I am not super into BLEACH and I never cared about who Ichigo ended up with, but now that it’s over, Ichihime and RenRuki are canon (I always liked RenRuki though I never shipped anything seriously in the show) 

There’s these people who want Ichigo and Rukia to cheat on their spouses with each other and I’m going to throw out that that in order for Orihime and Ichigo to get married



How in the world could she trick him into marrying her? The same with Renji and Rukia. Renji would have proposed and if Rukia didn’t want to she would have said “No” 

She also didn’t have to go through with the wedding even after saying yes engagements break up all the damn time and divorce is incredibly common, my god people. Cheating…seriously?

Rant over.

I swear to fuckin god and i will say this as many god damn times as it needs to be said

Do not, under any circumstances use an entire race as a racist example. Someone just said to me,

“That shit started when the Islamic starting attacking us, blowing us up.”

Do not ever fucking use the entire race of “Islamic people” or any other race for that matter as an example for such, it is a shitty, shitty thing to do. The Islamic people are god damn wonderful people with a seriously awesome religion, and culture. And you need to fucking respect that, because you would never say that about your own race, no matter how many people they’ve blown up. Just because there are bad people that are part of a race/group of people, does not fucking mean the ENTIRE race is at fault for that. If you know nothing about a group of people, I recommend you fucking educate yourself before spewing utter shit about them.

I hope no one ever has the guts to say anything about any way in such a manner, because if anyone ever said that to my face i’ll punch them so hard they won’t know what “race” means.