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Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz

Doctor Who - who's in the vault????

All y'all saying it’s one or both of the Masters in the vault but u know what I think?

I think it’s the Doctor in there. 

I think Twelve is keeping his future self (still Twelve but from the future) in the vault. Hence the Beethoven piano playing. Hence Twelve telling the one in the vault stories and bringing him food he KNOWS he himself likes. It’s fucking Twelve in the vault guys. 

 It’s Twelve in the vault and if you aren’t convinced yet then lemme just lay some future potential proof on you by reminding you about this guy right here:

Who’s this Classic Who weirdo you might ask? Why he’s none other than The Valeyard – described by the Master as an amalgamation of the Doctor’s darker sides from between his twelfth and final incarnations. 

He was portrayed by Michael Jayston in the original series but just try to tell me Michael Jayston don’t look petty got dang similar to Peter Capaldi. 

The Sixth Doctor spent the entirety of Season 23 of the series trying to stop this evil mother fucker version of himself. And you know how he finally fucking managed to do it? By getting the help of The Master. 

It’s fucking Twelve in the vault guys. It’s Twelve as The Valeyard in the vault, and he’s gonna need the help of not one but two Masters to defeat himself when the time comes. 

(And if it turns out not to be Twelve in the vault then the writers are missing a god damn trick I tell ya what)

When is a monster, 
A jagged, broken thing, 
Not a monster?

A taunt.
You could break the beast.

She sinks into his sheets,
The bed smells like a long day’s work.

Wavering in the doorway,
He knows iron and marble,
Hears no breath but the bellows,
His voice a lantern, searching in a mine.

She’s never seen anything like him.
Her thunderous heart rolls under whitest dress.
When is a monster
Not a monster?

Soot smudges cheeks,
calloused fingers cradle sea-soft swells,
Her skin flushes molten gold.
He trembles,
A bent-winged sparrow.

Her darling mountain man,  
Deep doe eyes,  
Taut muscle beneath burnished skin.
When is a monster
Not a monster?

She hasn’t left his bed since.

She is no toy trophy
Abandoned on a pedestal.
A new language of anvil and steel,
Her hair sheared short,
Pliant arms now hard and lean.
Her laughter rings like wedding bells,
The sweetest echo.

Stay. Simple. Stay here.
Maybe she doesn’t want heaven.
No one will miss her.
No one remembers his name.
When is a monster
Not a monster?

But together they weld,
Palm to palm, breast to breast,
Rooted and solid and whole.


Embers (l.e.a.p)

In the same series as Love, Persephone and Homecoming. Inspired by a line from Caitlyn Siehl’s (@alonesomespoem and this song by Hozier. 


Alright while i was uploading the scenes i noticed this weird thing that happened in the episode. When jack was born, mary literally got thrown away and passed out on the floor. A minute later we see her going against Lucifer like nothing happened.

God damn writers.
Don't make people feel like shit because you think their fic is similar to another.

If they haven’t read the fic in question, if they haven’t copied someone else’s writing, if they’ve come up with the idea on their own, they’ve done nothing wrong. Don’t make them feel bad for it. I challenge you to write a story without a trope or storyline that has never been used before. Most writers source inspiration from the media they consume. They get ideas from movies and t.v shows and sure, even other fics. But because two fics have the same premise, it does not mean one copied the other.

Things like tropes and settings for fics are going to be used by hundreds of people. Unless a fic has very clearly copied another, and I’m talking plot, storyline, characterisation, they’ve evidently stolen someone else’s work and claimed it as their own, don’t make them feel like they’ve done something wrong by using an idea that has been used repeatedly in multiple formats. Stop pointing fingers and stop causing drama.

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And by that metric, you’re all just terrorists. And I kill terrorists.

“right to the good parts” prompt list

4. We slept in the same bed for space reasons but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair //&//12. We were pretending to be lovers but I’m not pretending anymore and I have to know if you feel the same way (Anon Requested: Shadow Moon)

You didn’t know what woke you up. Never having been an early riser and here you were, sitting up on your elbows looking at the white curtains lit up gold by the early dawn. It was warm, the sheets soft, and the sense of peace was only made complete by the man beside you, no matter how much he wasn’t really yours.

Hesitantly you turned your head, looking beside you as again Shadow draped his arm over your waist while he slept. It was a habit that startled you the first time, not sure what he was trying to initiate only to realize it was his natural state of sleeping. It kept you warm most nights, sometimes too warm, but you couldn’t resist shuffling your back into his chest and he’d instinctively hold you closer.

On mornings like this you scarcely remembered why you two were playing house. Something about protecting you or him or keeping something a secret, it didn’t matter why Mr. Wednesday set it up. Just that you couldn’t remember a time being so happy just watching someone sleep. Seeing how relaxed his face was away from the turmoil of the waking world, apart from the nightmares that would jolt him awake of course. The dark stubble he’d wake up and shave only for it to be back the next morning, how you’d kissed and hugged him in quick displays for face value only to melt just seeing Shadow half buried in the pillow and the bed sheet slipping down his bare side.

Shadow shifted just barely and you panicked, turning away and grabbing your phone off the end table as a distraction. But as soon as he settled again his hand briefly tempted to pull you closer, you glancing back at him wanting nothing more than to wake him with a kiss.

You couldn’t help the little image, him the sleeping beauty that he was in a bed of plush white and you waking him with true love’s kiss deep in a glowing magical forest surrounded by a long since abandoned castle. It had you beaming with a smile and silently giggling to yourself as you started some game. A little grip tugged on your hip and you looked down at him, Shadow smiling lazily as his eyes barely opened.

“What are you giggling about?” his voice thick with sleep.

Feeling your cheeks heat you started feeling sheepish. “Nothing. Just thought of something stupid.”

“What was it?”

“Nothing, it was stupid.” his fingers gave a teasing wiggle, threatening you with tickling if you didn’t tell him. A preemptive giggle threatened you which you held back and pulled your phone to your face as a statement.

Lifting to prop his head on his palm, Shadow asked a bit more demanding with a smirk that had you curling your toes. “What was it?”

Anxiously your feet came up, swinging idly as you two watched each other, waiting for you to cave. Taking a slow encouraging breath, your eyes dropped to his smile before leaning in quick, pressing your lips to his and lingered there, savoring the soft warmth he left in your chest with just the smallest touch. But no one was here, no one was watching or listening. There was no reason to kiss him and he’d know it.

As soon as your heart gave way to the anxiety of reality you broke it quick, giving him a very nonchalant smile and went back to your phone, pretending like it was nothing. It was his move now, and the fear of rejection was almost enough for you to beg him not to say or do anything at all.

A small tug pulled on your hip for your attention. It took a moment to find your courage, looking down before being able to look at him. 

Shadow wasn’t mad, he wasn’t even confused. There was a smile in his dark eyes as he scooted himself flush against your side, making you feel so small and nervous with just a tilt of his head, the smallest inclination he wanted more. Licking your lips into a smile, you couldn’t help the giggle that escaped before leaning into another, much less hasty kiss.

  • marvel writer 1: alright lets toss around some ideas for wolverines son
  • marvel writer who is always trynna come in clutch: hes bisexual
  • marvel writer 1: god damn it bill. every fucking time. If i let you have this one will you give it a rest. wolverines son is bi. are you happy bill.
  • marvel writer who is always trynna come in clutch: yeah that works for me
  • marvel writer 1: Alright. okay. we need new ideas for young jean grey. Anyone?
  • marvel writer who is always trynna come in clutch: shes b
  • marvel writer 1: GOD DAMN IT BILL AGAIN?