god damn it troy

to all the people commenting on helen’s looks and not focusing on the trauma this poor woman went through: you’re part of the problem that this whole episode is focused on. You are not any better if you think she’s not conventionally attractive. You’re still commenting on this woman’s features when she isn’t fucking asking for it. This woman is living, breathing, and at no fucking point wants your opinion no her looks. She was kidnapped, locked in a god damned tower, mentally abused, and had to feel the guilt of men dying when she had no control over it. This episode is about the fact that that isn’t her fault. She had to be placed on an island of warrior women for Heaven’s sake because people can’t stop concerning themselves with her looks. This episode showed a woman stepping up, learning how to defend herself, how to trust other women, and all you fucks are focusing on is whether you think she’s hot or not. Rewatch the ep and learn a few things.  

i think it’s fly when you stop by for the summer

The mountains were beautiful. Jeff loved going home in the summer – Christopher and Bethany always visited with the kids for at least a month, and even though he’d gone back to Vegas early with them last year, Jeff had a feeling that staying out in the mountains and visiting Calgary would be good for him. Hell, any escape to a different place would be good for him. And, after a rough playoff season that ended with their elimination in the second series, it seemed like Kent could use a break. New York and his mother’s new family never sounded very relaxing, and Jeff remembered how lonely Kent had seemed last summer.

He would love it in Alberta. The mountains were like medicine. Jeff knew his parents wouldn’t mind his bringing someone home to visit, and Chris and Bethany would be thrilled to have extra hands with the kids. Kent would likely get stuck in Jeff’s room with him, but that was fine. They roomed together all the time on roadies, so it wouldn’t matter.

“Come to the mountains with us,” Jeff said. They were eating dinner before heading out to the NHL awards.

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get to know me meme: twenty favourite male characters ➪ pagan min [1/20]
↳ “I’ve killed so many people for them. But then I realized, I was only using Lakshmana’s death as an excuse to do whatever I wanted to do. Just as you use those ashes as an excuse to do whatever you want to do. God damn if it isn’t fun.”

Here’s What Happened When An Alabama Cop Threatened to Murder a Black Man

In May of 2013, Alexander City, Alabama police officer Troy Middlebrooks was secretly recorded proposing the murder of a black resident, saying that he could hide evidence in order to make the proposed killing look like it was in self-defense, according to a report published by the Guardian Tuesday morning.

But after Vincent Bias, the man Middlebrooks proposes killing in the recording, played the tape to the Alexander City police chief and mayor, the officer was allowed to keep his job, and the city paid Bias $35,000 in a private settlement to avoid publicly being sued, according to the report. In the recording, Middlebrooks can be heard saying that [Bias], whom he allegedly referred to as “that nigger” off tape, “needs a god damn bullet.”

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Having a secret kink filled rendezvous was a fun idea. However it was a bad idea when the tall dark and handsome man wasn’t the right one. And also probably didn’t have the key to said cuffs. It was an even worse idea when it turned out to be grumpy pants Yuri…

“God damn it…” Troy muttered darkly.