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Strike three | M

Summary: No one can be cold like Kim Taehyung, but no one can warm you up like him.

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader obviously

Word count: 8k

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Dirty talk shitloads, light spanking, blindfolds? Handcuffs? Feather play? And Taehyung in like, general. Yeah.

A/N: So i wanted to start my first fic off with a bang (haha get it? Jin would be so proud), and this happened. Dedicated vv sincerely, with my whole heart to @taexyla


Rain patters down hard around you, beside you, and on your head. You curse the Rain God- whoever that damn bastard is (Dude! The basic concept of timing. Please!)- as you plummet your feet into the uneven pavement, gritting your teeth as you glance from your bright phone screen back to the number on the gate again. Nope. Not this one either.

Just what sin you’d committed in your past life to deserve this remains a mystery. Just what you-

Ah! There it is.

The stone ground is hard beneath your cobbled feet as you are faced with uncountable red bricks and a rich splendour of sophistication in the air, and nerves set right into your stomach as you keen upon the ghastly mansion that stands before you.  Your eyes circle around its magnificent sheen walls, zeroing in on a practically everything, thoughts widely biased on how appropriate it would be to hurl a mountain at the place right about now.

Bloody rich-

You shiver. The open streets are really no place for the chilly winter air, and you really are no person to subject yourself to these utterly unnecessary conditions, yet here you are, utterly ballistic at the opportunity to face the bundle of joy that is your boss.  Again. As if seeing your employer for the past eleven hours wasn’t enough. Karma is just in love with you today…

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Dream State

Requested: yup, by Anon.

Summary: Richie has constant nightmares about Reader during the IT Battle, in which they always get hurt and or die. He gets scared and wakes them up thinking they’re dead.

Pairing: Richie Tozier x (she/her) reader

Warnings!: Richie’s swearing/offensive jokes, and some gore.

A/N: I’m not good at describing things I’m sorry, readers. It’s also a song fic, the song is here: Ur mom


Richie panted while running throughout the sewers, the greywater brushing against his ankles like rough beach waves. He could hear (Y/N)’s voice screaming out to him in pain and distress, and he couldn’t have been more worried and scared than then.

“Richie! Please! Help me!” (Y/N) called out with a raspy, dry voice. Richie’s eyes stung while he looked for the way to her, having only her voice to use as a hint. “Richie!” He felt his cheeks get wet while he cried in stress, he was scared to lose her. She was someone he could always count on, she got his jokes and didn’t take it to heart. 

“(Y/N)! I’m coming, I just- I’m coming!” Richie turned a corner and came to see IT’s lair filled with junk from lost kids and his “circus”. Richie’s breath hitched when he saw Pennywise holding up (Y/N) by her neck, her eyes red from crying and dull from him destroying her mind and soul. 

The clown turned to him with a sinister grin stretching across his pale and bloodied face, “Too late, Richie.” Richie’s eyes widened as the six-foot clown dropped you to the shit watered sewer flood, your body lifeless with dull grey eyes.

He noticed your hand twitch and reach up to him, “Why didn’t you save me?” Tears flowed down his cheeks like a waterfall, making subtle drops in the still water. He let out a sob and wanted to run over to you, but his legs were almost glued to the ground as your eyes fluttered shut. Pennywise took long strides over to Richie, towering over him while he leaned down to his height. 

“Wake up, Richie,” His chilling voice echoed against the shit stained sewer walls. His eyes glowed orange while they stared into Richie, seeing past his facade and into his deepest fears. “You’re weak. Weak! Weak, weak, weak, weak! You can’t save anyone.” Richie’s eyes stung more as he shut them tightly.

“No, I’m not!” As he yelled, he shot up from his bed with beads of sweat covering his forehead. Richie rubbed his eyes and reached for his taped up glasses. He placed them on his nose and looked around the room at the emptiness. He was at home, safe. But where were you? “(Y/N)!” 

Richie bolted out of his bed in his spaceship printed onesie, grabbing his shoes and slipping them on carefully before grabbing his flashlight. You lived a few houses down and Richie knew you stayed up late, but it was five in the morning. Who would be awake? You, he thought. As Richie slipped quietly out the door to not wake up his mom, he slid through the halls to the front door, where he noticed the patter of rain from outside.

“God damn it!” Richie whispered to himself and slipped off his shoes and grabbed his mom’s bright pink galoshes. He’d never been out in the rain, so he didn’t own any of his own. So he used his mom’s. Anything for you, after all. Once he slipped on the oversized rain boots, he grabbed his flashlight back and opened the door. “I’m coming, (Y/N).” 

He ran down his front steps and made a left to your house. Rain fell hard onto his hair and onesie and made him almost soaking by the time he arrived at your backyard. Richie noticed your light still on dimly, so he began throwing pebbles at your window, which wasn’t exactly safe. “(Y/N)!”

You were finishing up homework you forgot to do and heard tapping on your window. It wasn’t the rain, due to your window not facing the falling rain. What was it then? You walked over to the window with a scared stance before opening it. A tiny pebble hit your forehead and you looked down at the attacker, “Hey, who do you- Richie?” 

You saw a drenched Richie standing outside with only pink galoshes and a tight-fitting onesie. You raised an eyebrow then gasped, “Richie! Oh, my God. Go to the patio, I’ll be right there!” He nodded and walked over to your roofed patio with the sound of squishing mud emphasizing his soaking wet body. Rain filled to the top of his boots, too. You immediately grabbed one of your big sweaters and slipped down the stairs towards the back door. 

Once you opened the door, you saw Richie sitting on the patio’s bench with his head hung low. You saw droplets fall from his face and a wave of concern and worry hit you. “Richie?” You walked towards him and sat beside him with a frown. Richie sniffled and you scooted closer to him, “Are you okay?” 

He paused and then shook his head before looking up to meet your eyes with tears flowing freely down his cheeks. He jumped forward and wrapped his arms around you, “I’m sick of chasing you so much. You’re always… taken.” You furrowed your eyebrows but hugged the boy back, rubbing his back in circles.

“What do you mean?” 

Richie looked up and sighed, wiping his eyes with his wet onesie sleeve, “I have nightmares about you every night. That fucking clown always… he always takes you away from me. Then you die and I can’t do anything. I love you, (Y/N). I don’t want to lose you, even if I am an asshole.” You smiled softly and took him into another hug, him letting tears flow more while he sobbed. 

“I don’t want to lose you to that fucking clown.”

You put your right hand up to his face and brushed away any tears rolling by, “Richie, you’re not gonna lose me. I love you too. That clown won’t take me away, I promise. You struck me with a cupid’s bow last Halloween, remember?” He laughed behind his cries and hugged you tightly before you raised his head and kissed his forehead softly.

Richie laughed when you removed his glasses and kissed his cheeks, eyes, forehead, everywhere to make him happy. He looked at you with his bright eyes, “I can’t see right now, but I imagine you’re pretty.” You placed his glasses back on him and he smiled, “I was right. I’d like to save this forever, got a camera?”

“You’re pretty sweet when you’re not joking about dicks,” You kissed him on his nose and punched his shoulder playfully. He pushed your shoulder jokingly and laughed along with you. 

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Omg just a thought. A rain machine. A reunion. A wedding anniversary. Their wedding song "When the rain is blowing in your face and the whole world is on your case, I could offer you a warm embrace to make you feel my love". I know it's utter cheese but imagine the parallel. IMAGINE 😫😫😫❤️

wow it’s funny bc i wasn’t expecting to be brutally murdered with feelings today but

Negan Imagine ~ Stormy Times

After the reader loses her last family member she refuses to leave the grave and Negan decides to stay by her side

Requested as a prompt:
“Did you even sleep last night?” “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”

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You saw the clouds above you becoming darker, the rumbling of the upcoming storm becoming louder while you stared at your brothers grave. 

One day was it now.
One day since you lost your last family member.
One day since you had seen him die on a run. 

And one day since you had barely moved from the place where they had buried him. 
You tried to suppress the pictures that tried to find their way into your mind.

All the pictures of how the walker ripped your brothers neck open, of the blood that shot out of the wound while your beloved brother sunk screaming to his knees, of the last time you looked into his eyes before he died and of the moment you had to dig your knife into his skull.

All you felt was emptiness in your body and a horrible pressure on your ribcage that didnt want to allow you to breath freely.

You suddenly heard heavy footsteps behind you coming closer that ripped you away from the pictures, but you didn’t turn around. 

You knew it was him.

He was checking often on you since you sat there, but you had never heard him coming as close as now.
There was definitely something between you and him for some time now, even when you didn’t really know what it was.

He knew what you thought about his methods, about his “wives” and still he seemed to somehow care about you more than about anybody else.

“You should come in Sweetheart, it’s gonna rain damn soon”, you heard his deep voice say.

You swallowed but didn’t respond, you just kept staring at the grave. 

You heard Negan scoff stressed before you heard the footsteps coming even closer.

“You can’t sit here for fucking ever”, you heard his voice adding.

“You’re underestimating me”, you muttered while you didn’t look back to him.

You felt definitely something for him, even if you had tried to suppress it long enough and you knew that if you would look at him now, would see into his eyes, that it would break out of you. 

You couldnt cry yet, the shock of having to see how the walker ripped your brothers neck open stuck in your bones and didnt let you cry.

And you didnt know if you even wanted to.

The shock protected you from the horrible pain that would fill your body up once the first tear would roll down your cheeks.

You werent ready for that and you knew that Negan’s glance, his touch or anything else would let that facade fall apart.

On one side you wanted him to go due to that fear, on the other one you felt the feeling inside you that you just wanted to be hugged.

You saw from the corner of your eyes how he walked next to you but didn’t sit down yet. 

“Did you even sleep last night?”, you heard him ask swallowing. 

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead as well”, you just muttered in response. 

“Don’t fucking ever say that again”, you heard him say before he sat down next to you.

It was the first time you looked into another direction than the grave as you turned a little surprised to him but didnt look directly into his eyes. 

“Listen you’re not gonna fucking die. Not gonna let that happen”, he said while you swallowed before looking back to the grave. 

You felt how his glance was laying on your face as he sighed.

“I’m sorry for your loss. Just wanted you to know”, he said stroking over his beard and looking at you while you nodded slowly.

The sky grumbled while you felt how the first raindrops fell onto you
You saw from the corner of your eyes how Negan looked up to the sky but then back to you. 

“God fucking damn it…”, you heard him mumble while the rain began to intensify. 

You didn’t care about the rain becoming stronger and the rumble of the closer coming thunder more menacing, all you cared about was your dead brother and the wish he would come back while you knew the painful truth.

You felt how Negan put a hand onto your back and with that, he broke the small glas spheric the shock had build around you.

You felt your chest trembling, a mix of cold and heat streaming through your body before you felt how the very first tear rolled down your cheek. 

”Fuck, Sweetheart”, you heard Negan sigh before you felt how he pulled you close to him and slung his arms around you.

With the moment you felt his warmth it broke completely out of you, you gasped for air while the tears began rolling down your face and the pain you had feared that much conquered your body and took it completely over.

You dug your face into his shirt while you sunk into his arms and felt how he laid his head on yours.

His hand run up and down your back, stroking soothing over it while he pulled deeper into his embrace as you sobbed trembling into his shirt.

“Its okay…”, you heard him mumble into your hair before he placed a kiss onto your head.
While the rain got heavier you began to tremble more while your head pounded even stronger.
It mixed with the horrific pictures that finally made their way into your head.
The blood that had streamed over his body and your hands while you had tried to stop it and which you still couldn’t entirely remove from your skin.
The bashed head of the walker you had killed directly after your brother had sunken to his knees.
The last twitching of your brothers body in your arms before he was gone entirely.

“He’s never coming back…”, you whimpered into his chest while you still trembled and as you felt how the rain that became slowly heavier turned your clothes wet.

You heard Negan whispering soothing words into your hair, stroking with his thumb over your cheek while your pounding head didn’t really let you hear his words.

You and your brother had sworn to do everything to protect each other and you had done everything to full fill that until that one day you werent able too.
And you still felt guilty for it.
All you wanted was to turn back time and save him.
“I’m alone…”, you sobbed while your voice cracked.

“You’re not fucking alone, you got me”, you heard him say while his words brought a little warmth back into your cold body.

You stayed for a while like that, deep sunken into his arms while the rain pelted down on you.
After some time you felt how he lifted you slowly up, pressed your rain and tears soaked body closer to himself and began to walk.
Even if you had earlier refused to leave his grave due to the feeling that it seemed like the only way to you to be at least a bit close to him, you let Negan carry you away from it.
While he walked through the rain you laid your head onto his shoulder, nuzzling it into the curve of his neck. 

After some moments you felt how with one second the rain stopped pouring on your body.

You were inside.

Your still quiet whimper sounded through the hallways, as well as Negans heavy footsteps while he made his way through the sanctuary.
“Boss, we-”, you suddenly heard a mans voice begin but was interupted by Negan.
“Not fucking now, Simon”, Negan growled while he kept walking.

After some time you suddenly heard how a door opened.
You slowly raised your head a little bit and found yourself in Negans room.
But you didnt stay there, Negan carried you further into his bathroom.

He let you softly down on the ground of the shower before he backed away to look at you while you looked a bit asking at him. 

“You’ll catch a damn cold otherwise”, you heard him mumble as response to your glance.

“Can I…?”, he asked as he pointed to your soaked clothes before you nodded slowly. 

You didn’t care if he saw you naked right now.

To be honest, you cared about as good as nothing right now.

Negan began to slowly and carefully slip the wet clothes from your body while you kept looking at him. 

The rain had let a few hair strands detach from their normal gelled back shape so that they now hung wet and loose into his face.

His eyes were concentrated on you but not in some lewd way like you had always expected him to look at a naked body, it was more concerned, more focused on what seemed to be more important to him than anything sexual right now. 

Your well being. 

You saw how he removed the last piece of clothing from your body, stroke some hairstrands out of your face before he grabbed the shower head and began to carefully pour warm water over your body.

“Is it alright that way?”, you heard Negan say after some moments. 

You nodded slowly before some small smile flashed over his face.

For the next moments he stayed silent, just focusing on your body until he raised his voice again.
”Just that you know,.. I meant what I said outside, you got me. Always”, he said while not just the warm water turned your body warm again.
”Thank you”, you breathed while you looked at him and he slightly smiling got to your hands.
He washed the last bit of blood from your hands while they almost vanished in his big ones and then carefully continued with the rest of your body.

“Never imagined seeing you the first time naked like that”, he said with a small smirk on his lips while he quietly laughed to himself and brought a small grin up to your lips.

You saw how he smirked to successfully cheering you up a little bit for a moment while he kept going.

Negan turned the water off and grabbed a towel to carefully dry your body and your hair while his glance went in-between to your face, checking if you were mostly alright.

After you were ready, he stood up and left you for a few seconds before he came back with his big bathrobe and pulled you carefully up before he put the white bathrobe onto your body.

Noticing that you were still not stable on your feet he suddenly lifted you up again and carried you over to his big bed.
Negan laid you carefully onto the bed and pulled the dark blanket over your body while his glance checked on you before he went over to the wardrobe.
You looked out of the window where the storm raged outside before you looked over to Negan again.

He pulled his wet clothes from his body while you felt how a small blush creeped up your cheeks as you heard him chuckle.

Negan smirked slightly at you while he chuckled to himself before he pulled a shirt over his torso and walked back to you.

He slipped to you under the blankets, shifted next to you and pulled you back into his arms.

The storm shook on the windows of his room, the rain drummed against them while Negans fingers run softly up and down your arm while his lips rested on your temple.
You had already seen him softer in your presence, but never as soft and as caring as now and you enjoyed it to the fullest.
His warmth, his scent, everything of him let the pain wash slowly out of your body.
The grief was still there and you knew it would rest there for a whole while but Negan made it way more bearable.
“Everything’s gonna fucking work out, Sweetheart. I promise”, you heard Negan mumble against your skin.
You cuddled closer to him while you felt how his lips formed a smile against your temple and while you knew that you would do everything to keep on fighting you could finally and peacefully doze off in Negan’s arms. 

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That’s it. I’m going to court.

I mean what is wrong with them?! They’re treating Kangdoo like a god damn puppet! Hasn’t he had enough?! Is it too difficult to give them some happiness? They are finally trying to see the bright side of life for a change. Let them be!

What if they are gonna stick to the mainstream k-melodrama theme of the early 2000s? Remember ‘Autumn in my heart,’ 'Stairway to heaven,’ ’ Summer scent,’ 'I’m sorry, I love you… ’ NONE of them ended on a good note. NONE of them!

Writers! One of the many reasons we are so addicted to your stories is that we’ll get to see something POSITIVE, something that will give us HOPE in this shitty life of ours. So PLEASE… let us find that hope… ㅠㅡㅠ

Stay With Me

Originally posted by yoonkooks

@thats-heavy said: hey do some namjoon aesthetic shit like y'all like up in the mountains or somethin in a lil cabin.

Thank you for the inspiration lovely, this was supposed to be a short drabble, now it’s 2.1K words. Enjoy!

Characters: Namjoon x Reader, Lumberjack!Namjoon AU (YAS I KNOW ITS GR8)
Genre: much suggestive smut.

“Great, just fucking perfect.” I said slamming my hands against the steering wheel in frustration only to be greeting by a long and loud honk. It didn’t matter though because no one could hear it, no one for miles. Maybe a couple of bears but they wouldn’t come searching for the loud disruptive noise. Shaking my head to clear the thoughts of bears on the hunt, I attempted to start up my precious baby. It wasn’t built for the mountain I was stranded on.

I let out a loud sigh of frustration and closed my eyes leaning my head against the steering wheel. I can practically hear the headlines in a couple months, 21-year-old Girl found dead on route to a Mountain Lodge. Who even goes to a damn Mountain Lodge for spring break? We should’ve gone to a beach house and soaked in the sun after the harsh Canadian winter. But nope, my friends were… unique, they wanted to spend their week of in an even colder environment and go skiing. 

I slumped back against the car seat searching for my phone, praying for at least a single bar so I could send a text message pleading for help. The bright line shone against the darkness of the car illuminating the time, 7:00PM, but what almost made me throw the device out the window was the ‘no service’, that had replaced the connection bars.

“I’m so screwed.” I groaned, collapsing back against the steering wheel. This is how I was going to die, in the middle of the damn woods. Suddenly as if God was punishing me, it started to rain. It wasn’t just your romantic drizzle. It was the beginning of a storm.

Just fucking perfect.

I watched the rain fall, pounding angrily against the glass window. I could survive the night in this car right? In the morning I’ll walk up the mountain, the last sign said the nearest town was a few kilometers away but I didn’t want to take a chance in the dark. From previous experiences in horror movies, as soon as the girl leaves the car she dies.

Suddenly a flash of brightness reflected off the rear-view mirror momentarily blinding me. I gasped in surprise and flung over the car door. Chasing after the 4x4 pick-up truck that was currently driving past my own car up the mountain road.

“Hello! Wait! HELP! STOP!” I yelled chasing after the truck. As the driver abruptly stopped the vehicle, I froze in my place, there was a good chance that person that stepped out of that car was a psychopath and I had just invited my own death.

The car door flew open and a tall man stepped out of the truck. He had blonde hair and was dressed in dark jeans paired with a red plaid flannel shirt. The man looked back at me and grabbed what looked like a towel or a blanket from his car and raced towards me. I glanced down towards my body to see that my clothes were now completely soaked, my white shirt was now see-through giving him a clear display of my black lacey bra. I crossed my arms over my chest in an attempt to cover my revealing state, which only ended up backfiring as it caused chest to look even fuller.

As the man approached me, I noticed how handsome he was. His eyes were dark hued perfect half crescents, his lips plump, his cheeks displays hints of what appeared to be dimples. As the distance between us decreased I noticed how tall he really was, I barely reached his shoulders. The man wasted no time in wrapping the blanket around my shoulders, it seemed he hadn’t even noticed my barely clothed state.

“Are you alright?” he asked, his voice was deep and pleasant to hear after confined in the silence of my car. I nodded, suddenly overwhelmed by my situation, my knees give up and I slump against him in shock, my vision blurring with tears.

“Whoa…” he breathed, wrapping his arms tightly around my figure. He easily lifted me into his arms, carrying me to his truck. I felt the man’s muscles strain underneath my weight.

“I’m sorry,” I said softly, shivering in his arms, I felt guilty for being an inconvenience to him. He simply shook his head once and ran towards the passenger side of his truck. As he placed me on the seat, his arm reached across my body to snap the seatbelt into place. I closed my eyes and leaned back absorbing the warmth of the car.

The man quickly ran to the driver’s side and closed the door. A deep sigh escaped my lips as I felt his large hands press against my forehead and then my neck. I looked towards him and gasped. I was not expecting his face to be so close to mine. His eyes were wide staring into mine with deep concern.  His blonde hair was now wet, and plastered against his forehead. 

I watched as the droplet of water cascaded down his face, brushing against his cheeks, and kissing his lips. He was stunning. What on earth was he doing on a mountain? He deserved to be on the front page of an erotic magazine.

“I’m fine,” I said wincing at how horse my voice sounded, I cleared my throat and sat up. He looked at me dubiously.

“I’m fine,” I repeated, “It’s just shock, I thought I was going to die tonight.” The man looked at me through furrowed brows, still doubting my stability.

“Seriously, I was on my way to the mountain lodge and then my car broke down, and I had no food and it wouldn’t start so I had no heat and-“

“You’re okay now,” he said, in finality, his large hand reached and enveloped mine. I shouldn’t have found comfort in his actions. However, it was as if our bodies were familiar with one another, our hands fit together like puzzle pieces. His actions seem to surprise himself and he pulled his hand away. I stared at my hand immediately craving the warmth of his.

“My cabin is a few minutes, it’s late, the storm will only be getting worse until early hours of the morning. I’ll drive you to the mountain lodge tomorrow, you can stay with me tonight.” he said clearing his throat. He didn’t wait for my response as he drove away.

“Sure,” I replied quietly, “thank you.” He nodded once in response refusing to look in my direction. I furrowed my brows as I stared at his side profile. He noticed my gaze and turned his head towards me. As our eyes met, I quickly glanced away staring out the window.  I felt the heat rush to my cheeks, all the courage I had to look at him suddenly drained from me as I realized I was alone in a car with a stranger.

I jolted awake as the truck came to a stop. I blinked away the haziness of sleep as I stared at the cabin in front of me. It was of average size and looked extremely cozy. I wonder if it’s as cozy on the inside? I smiled at it fondly. I glanced over to see that the man was gazing at me, watching my reaction to his home. As we gazed at each other, I realized we hadn’t even exchanged names.

“I’m [Y/N] by the way,” I replied, extending my hand forward. As my hand reached forward the blanket fell from my chest. His eyes glanced down swiftly, smoothly raking over my still soaked shirt. I reached down and pulled the blanket back up covering my chest. As quickly as his eyes had moved away from mine they returned. He reached forward and shook my hand as well. 

“Namjoon,” he said, his voice deep causing a shiver to rush down my spine.

“Namjoon,” I repeated, testing his name on my tongue, I gazed at his features, his face was expressionless but as I uttered his name I watched one fleeing across his features, lust.

“Let’s go,” he spoke gruffly, nodded towards the cabin. We I opened the door, the first thing I noticed was that the rain had gotten heavier. I hugged the blanket tighter over my body and ran towards the front door with Namjoon in front of me.

As we entered the cabin, I noticed I was right. It was as cozy on the inside. The cabin was well furnished, with shades of browns and white contrasting all around. Namjoon walked past me, shrugging out of his jacket and draping it over a chair. His inner shirt was soaked; it clung to his back, displaying the ripple of his muscles with every movement he made.

I watched him as he disappeared into another room and returned with some spare clothes in his hands. He walked over to me and gestured for me to take them.

“You’ll get sick if you keep wearing those clothes,” he said as I took the clothes from him.

“Would you mind if I used your shower? I feel kind of cold,” I ask nervously, holding the clothes at arms length to make sure they wouldn’t get wet.

“Sure,” he said, turning around and walking back to the direction of the room he had just gotten the clothes from. As I entered the room I noticed it was his bedroom, my cheeks tinted red as I quickly glanced away from the large bed.

“That’s the washroom, there’s towels in there and extra towels in the cupboards.” Namjoon said, standing at the threshold of the room, his eyes never meeting mine, as he turned his head I noticed the tips of his ears turning red. It was then that I realized that he was nervous. He was just as nervous as I was about spending the night with a stranger. 

“Okay, thank you,” I said, looking at him smiling widely.

“Uh, you’re welcome.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck, he met my eyes briefly and then turned back around quietly.

I walked into the washroom and stared at myself in the mirror. I looked like I had just walked out of a horror movie. My make-up was running, my hair was plastered around my face giving me an over all drenched cat appearance.

“Wow, of course, the one time I meet a hot guy that I’m remotely interested in, I look like shit,” I scolded myself in the mirror throwing the blanket that was covering my body on the ground. I peeled off my shirt and bra with ease however my tight jeans were a struggle.

“Cmon [y/n]” I grunted, “You can do this!”

As I finally peeled them down and off me, I heard a loud noise coming from outside the washroom. Every horrible scene from every horror movie flashed in my head as I gulped and opened the door. My eyes met with Namjoon’s bare back as he worked to stack wood into the fireplace. His back muscles tightened with every movement; abruptly he turned around giving me a full view of his firm chest. As he leaned down to pick up more firewood, his biceps flexed under the weight. I sighed, making his eyes looked around for the origin of the noise.

Shock ran through my veins as I quickly closed the door leaning against it. I closed my eyes shut tightly, holding a hand against my chest to calm my hammering heartbeat. Was he starting up a fire because I said I was cold? I smiled opening my eyes, only to be greeted by a large spider that was currently descending down the wall towards me.

I screamed.

I ran out of the washroom completely forgetting my stark-naked state. As I ran out of the washroom my body collided with someone else’s hard body. The impact was so forceful; it landed me on the ground with the second body on top of my own. My eyes flew open only to be met by Namjoon’s dark ones. My bare body was currently flushed against his very shirtless form. His bare skin felt like fire against mine, our breathing rapid and in sync as we both assessed the current situation. His hand reached upward to drag a stray piece of hair and tuck it behind my ear.

“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice quiet, making it sound even deeper.

I am definitely not okay.

A/N: I can’t write smut but if any of the readers wants to continue this please do and tag me in it. Note: I wanted this to be DomJoon

so you know how we’ve all been considering a scene where rey just prances around in the rain like a giddy little kid when it starts pouring on ach-to but here’s another one for you - 

rey just never gets tired of it raining on this god damn island, like it rains and she just drops everything and starts doing cartwheels and running around and some shit

but then kylo comes along to the island and it’s all like really fucking tense, but like in reality he means no harm and he’s just hiding from the first order because fuck that shit

and they have that force bond too right

so he probably came to the island thinking that whatever rey’s been doing in the rain is like just some kind of miscommunication - she’s just happy about rain, maybe she like wants to spin in circles for fifteen minutes, but she doesn’t actually do it


but then it starts pouring for like the third time that day and kylo finally finds where luke and rey have been training

and out of the blue rey just fucking sprints to the nearest patch of empty grass and just starts rolling in it or something

and kylo’s just watching it like “are you fucking kidding me

this is the one i’m accused of having compassion for

this is the girl that nearly fuckign killed me

what the fuck”

but he still just stands there and watches and then he just fucking smiles

like he hasn’t smiled at all before

but he sees this to-be powerful force user fucking around in the pouring rain and he just can’t help but smile.


A Farewell to Vanessa Bayer - Favorite Recurring Weekend Update Character

Meteorologist Dawn Lazarus, who was so awkward on Update she could barely communicate her forecast to the audience.

“Well in the west coast that’s no surprise, sun is always a wow. But hey, if it’s north are you, that’s looking a lot of bit in overcast. But hopefully no god damn rain. And that’s the cast for ya!”

Make The Most Of It - Trent Seven (Part Two of ‘Not Another Happy Ending’)

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IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING! Little bit of angst and then MAJOR FLUFF! Y'all know I don’t write smut but it’s kinda implied, I guess. I hope it’s not too short.

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‘Knock, knock!’ Matt exclaimed, waltzing into the room at the back of the church where she waited. Nick followed his brother, hands stuffed into the pockets of his suit trousers.

‘You ready to do this, dear sister? It’s never too late to change your mind.’ Y/N shook her head, standing up and linking arms with the younger man. The heels on her feet killed, the dress was tacky and the veil was itchy but she put on a smile anyway. Her mother was happy, her father was happy, everybody was happy…Almost everybody.

She practically had to beg her father to let the Bucks walk her down the aisle, she nearly resorted to refusing if he didn’t allow it as they had been there through so much heartache and picked her back up again so it seemed right for them to be the ones to give her away. Pete, Tyler, Mark and Adam were all invited, of course. The music of the organ signalled the trio to start walking. All of those eyes on her, waiting for her to reach the man waiting at the end of the aisle. He was there, clad in a suit and tie and ready to marry her.

But he wasn’t Trent.

‘Matt, Nick,’ The brothers both looked at their ‘sister’, ‘Let me go. I can’t do this, tell him I said thank you. He’ll understand why.’

It wasn’t that he was a bad guy, he was lovely but he wasn’t the man she wanted to be with. Trent had always had a hold of her heart, even if he had to go away for a while. Two people who were just so right for one another, forming a bond that not many people seem to understand. She missed him, his touch and his kiss. She missed the words he would whisper to help her sleep after a particularly rough day, his arms wrapping around her waist when she would make tea and the awful, awful dancing to silly love songs on the radio. Leaving him became her biggest regret. His apologies were, at the time, meaningless. All she wanted was to spend her life with the man from Moustache Mountain, protecting one another from any storm that they may face…and she still left him.

Walking away from him was the hardest thing she’d ever had to do; the look of pure anguish and pain evident on her now former lover’s face. A few weeks later, her mother introduced her to Ashley, a mechanic whose mother worked with hers. He also happened to be coming out of a nasty breakup but of much worse circumstances. Ashley was bisexual and the parents of his ex-boyfriend, as well as his father, were extremely homophobic, the result of their prejudice being the arranged engagement between Bennie and an equally lovely young lady. Ashley hadn’t heard from Bennie in months so his mother got talking to her friends, wishing to introduce her son to possible matches.

Several months into the relationship, he proposed. She said yes but they both knew deep down that they belonged with other people. Their mothers meant well, they just wanted to see their children happy and safe. Y/N did wish, however, that she had at least been allowed to choose her wedding dress.

There was not a ‘last night of freedom’ for either of the couple. Instead, they built a stupid pillow and blanket fort in his apartment and cuddled together.

‘Tell me what he was like again?’ She grinned, looking up at the man.

‘Again? Okay. He was the best and kindest man I have ever had the privilege of loving. His eyes were the most beautiful, wonderful things I had seen in my life. We had made all these big plans; eloping to some cute little chapel far away from home, having our own place together somewhere like Amsterdam…Anyway, you never told me about your guy, not really. What was he like?’

‘His name is Trent Seven and he’s wonderful. You never really know what you’ve got until it’s gone, I realise that now. I told you he had cheated on me and I was too heartbroken to forgive him but I wish I had. He’s my soulmate.’

‘Go to him.’

‘What? Are you crazy?’

‘No, but if you’re gonna do it, do it with-’ She cut him off, giggling.

‘Flair?’ The pair burst into fits of laughter at the dumb wrestling joke. And so, they made a plan. Ashley’s father would be livid but it would be totally worth it if either one of them could be with their ‘true love’ again. Their mothers would surely be okay with it, just as long as they thought that they were doing what was best for them.

The moment she was out of the church, the heels were gone and the bouquet had been discarded into a nearby field. And she ran.

Maybe she had thought that happy endings were stupid, that the prospect of something like that being happy was ridiculous. Now, all she wanted. No, all she needed was to be with Trent again.

People in the town looked at her funny. Well, of course they did, there was a woman in a wedding dress running down the street barefoot. It was like a scene from a cheesy 90′s rom-com, especially when it started to rain.


Never had she been more thankful to climb that bloody flight of stairs that led to his apartment. The estate surrounding was almost deathly silent, a weird thing for a Saturday afternoon, and it allowed her to hear the muffled music coming from one of the homes, his home. The soft, sweet voice of Brendon Urie crooning to Death of a Bachelor was mixed with quiet, choked out sobs. God, it was a gutwrenching sound that made her feel sick to her stomach. At first, she doubted he would be able to hear the gentle tapping of her knuckles on the wooden door, having to convince herself to stay put despite how cold and soaking wet she was. A grunted response of ‘I’m coming’ nearly made her cry. It had been so long since she had heard his voice and it was almost too much to handle. Creaking hinges brought the eerily peacefulness of the quiet estate to a screeching halt, a crack of thunder rolling through the sky with almost perfect timing.

Trent looked awful, safe to say. His eyes were bloodshot and red with tears and yet, she had never seen them light up so fast before. Not a word was spoken as he reached out to touch her cheek, her entire body shaking from the emotional assault that was currently taking place in her brain. Moments later, he had pulled her into his arms, holding her tight as if she would be ripped away from him again if he were to let go. The pair slipped into the apartment, closing the door and shutting off the music. Had anyone else been there to witness the moment, they may have laughed at the sight before them; a runaway bride and a scruffy, dishevelled professional wrestler locked in a tight, loving embrace.

‘You’re here, you’re here. Here, here with me. Missed you, missed you so much, needed you. Can’t believe you’re here.’ The weight of nearly a year apart had been lifted off of their shoulders, breaking the dams that held back the tears threatening to fall. Slurred words and messy movements were enough. Neither cared if they were speaking coherently, her only thoughts were about getting out of the hideous dress and making up for all of that lost time. He was still trying to comprehend that she was back in his arms, in his bed.

Only the sounds of the wind howling outside, the movements echoed in the noises made by the cotton sheets and their whispered, breathy declarations of love were audible in the once lonely apartment. Come night-time , a sliver of moonlight shone through the curtains of the bedroom, illuminating the room just enough so that the newly reunited couple could see one another. Very little was said that night, both silently agreeing that any words that needed to be said could be said in the morning. The peaceful silence would likely be gone by morning so they elected to make the most of it, sharing kisses and pressing themselves flush against each other. For now, it was time to sleep, wrapped up in each others arms where they belonged. Yes, this was finally the beginning of their happy forever.

Today I had a flash back of the best run to this date, which happened to be an interval workout that I did in the suburbs in Cape Coral, Florida.

Mid-summer Southwest Florida heat and a mid-summer Southwest Florida thunderstorm.

It started off calm but dark skies loomed close and I knew I didn’t have much time but I set out anyway.

I felt so light on my warm up even though I felt a weight of fear with each crack of thunder sounding quicker and quicker with each step.

My first interval was fast, maybe too fast but I was in flight now, anxious. And not thirty seconds before the next interval it started. Rain and wind like nothing I had ever experienced was battering my skin. Lashing at my face. Forcing my eyes shut. Creating lakes in my trainers. But I did not stop.

Soon, the storm that was raging around me was inside of me. I felt invincible. I felt strong. I no longer felt scared. I was running, in the eye of a god damn lightening storm, fearless.

Three more intervals down and the rain began to let up. The lightening faded into pink and orange skies. And the thunder was no more.

As I finished my cool down the storm was mere sprinkles, but my soul was still churning. I stopped and looked up at the sky that had produced such madness, such chaos and I cried.

Nature knew I belonged there, in the eye of that storm, that I was a force to be felt, that I too could be strong and wild and beautiful.

Wanted - Jungkook scenario (fluffy/angst/slight smut) - Part 4

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PART 1 / PART 2 / Part 3

A/N: Send me your thoughts on this! Thank youuu ^^ Enjoy!

: Jungkook x You ft. Jimin & Taehyung
Genre: angst, fluffy, smutish
Warnings: badboy, cussing, mature
Word count: 2950

It was too many calls and messages and just no reply. You never wanted this to end this way. You actually started to like Taehyung. You really did. He makes you forget about Jungkook, that he even exists.

You can’t lose such a sweet and kind person in your life. Why, why even you were doing that.
You want Taehyung back.
Want to feel his hands on your body, his lips on yours. See his smile and look at those eyes that you just can’t get enough of.

“Tae It’s me… Again… Please pick up or call me. Please” you said and stared down at your phone.

You felt so upset.
You didn’t answer Jungkook’s messages. Only left them on read. You wanted him to know that you didn’t lose the game. It only began. It’s not gonna be that easy to win.

In school it wasn’t that exciting anymore. You weren’t looking forward to going there. It was, quiet.
No one running around, shouting, looking for something. It seemed too peaceful to be true.
Rose was with Troy most of the time. They are working on their relationship to be better, they also have been arguing these days over little things that don’t even matter.
You were alone.

You saw Jungkook here and there, he was too calm. Not doing anything special, not even looking at girls. Which was surprising.
Taehyung was with him, they didn’t talk. Taehyung was serious most of the time, he looked really pissed off and you know why. Because of you.
Jimin was the sunshine, always smiling and joking around. Soon as he’s with them two his smile fades away, he becomes serious too. Even though you know he wants to have fun, but he can’t because they are ruining it.

Each day, it was raining. It was affecting the mood, everything.
It was slowly killing you that Taehyung is still not answering, replying.

Jungkook wondered why you never replied. Did he hurt your feelings? Are you angry at him?
Did you actually started to like Taehyung and he made you guys fight.
He wasn’t sure of anything, but one thing he did notice you looking at Taehyung with such guilt and it made him question some stuff.

Maybe it was really a game to you make him jealous, but actually gained feelings for another person and now you actually don’t give a slight fuck about him.
What if actually he maybe or should have just started smoothly. Friends. Just friends and see what it leads to. But you would always keep turning him on and make him think of fucking you and nothing else. That’s a problem, problem is him.
He needs to work on himself.

There’s no way in hell you will even talk to him after everything you guys been through.
But he will try.
Maybe you really are worth knowing, having as a friend.

“YAH JUNGKOOK!” Jungkook snaps out of his thoughts, and quickly looks up at Jimin
“Jesus fucking Christ, Taehyung is having a fight!” Jimin shouts and Jungkook’s eyes go wide and he stands up quickly running with Jimin to outside.

“He’s fighting in the God damn rain?!” Jungkook said and they run up to Taehyung and one guy.

Taehyung was on top the guy, punching him over and over in his face.
Jungkook grabs Taehyung’s waist and starts to pull him off.
“Let go of me!” Taehyung shouted trying to get Jungkook away
Jimin hops in to help, to hold Taehyung.
“The fuck is your problem?!” Jungkook shouts in his face and Taehyung smiles

The guy stands up, standing, staring into Taehyung.
“What happened?” Jimin walked up to the guy
“There’s been tension between us for a while. I am Y/N’s ex. So…?” guy laughs
“What were you saying to him? Why did you do this?” Jimin asked
“No I didn’t start it. I mean we met couple weeks ago. And they were together then, like not together together. I already then told him I bet he wouldn’t fuck her, yet Jungkook did when he didn’t even knew her. AND guess what? Taehyung didn’t ever fuck her” guy laughed harder
Jungkook looks away from the guy at Taehyung’s face.
“Because of a girl? Because of that bullshit?” he asks
“At least I had feelings when you didn’t” Taehyung said coldly and pushes Jungkook away slowly, wiping off the blood on corner of his mouth.
“Taehyung-“ Jungkook puts his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder but Taehyung just moves it away and walks back into the school

“Well at least there wasn’t big of a crowd” Jimin sighs
“Let’s go inside” Jungkook said

All of the clothes was wet, their hair, everything.
Taehyung was walking down the hallway, towards the boys bathroom. You were standing near and saw his face having bloody cuts, his fits red.
It was just your mind “go”. So you did and walked up to him.
“Taehyung what happened?” you asked standing in front of him
He just looks at you and walks pass, still walking towards the bathroom. You take a deep breath and follow him.

“Tae! Please” you said and he shuts the door in front of your face.

You roll your eyes and just walk into the boys bathroom, luckily no one was there except him.
He was washing his hands and his face.
“Taehyung…” you slowly walk up to him
He looks at you in the review of the mirror.
“What happened to you?” you kept looking at his face, his eyes who don’t want to meet yours.
“I am TALKING to you” you raise your voice feeling annoyed, forming your hands in your fists

Slowly his dark eyes look up at you. His hands rested on the sink.
“Fight. A fight, nothing else.” He spoke
“Why did you have a fight?”
“Because of the person saying some stuff about you” his eyes move away from yours and he starts walking pass you but you put your hand on his chest, stopping him.
“Me? You fought because of me?”
“TALK to me Taehyung PLEASE.” You added looking at him
“WHY? Why you want me to talk to you? Obviously I was a fucking toy to you. Go and fuck with Jungkook since that’s all you want.” Taehyung raised your voice at you, staring at your eyes
“I don’t want him. I want you!” you raised your voice at him too and just stopped for a moment, getting everything through your mind, what you said.

Taehyung kept looking at you. He was actually surprised to hear that coming from your mouth.
He felt your hand slowly fall off his chest.
“I’m sorry… I really am for everything I’ve done. And how I made you feel.” You look up and quickly get out of the bathroom.
“Do you think… I mean I can forgive you, but I’ll never forget what you done.” He said quietly
“Taehyung, please. I regret what I done. I just wanted him to be jealous, but I know he never was. And while being with you I felt so relaxed and happy. I had such a fucking good time.”
He shaked his head.
“Just don’t tell me you didn’t feel the same?” you stared at him
He licks his lips and looks up at you.
You felt like your heart is breaking.
“You’re lying. I know you’re lying!” you shout and push him, walking out of the bathroom.
You put your hand over your mouth, not believing everything you said, what he said.
“Y/N!” you hear Rose’s voice but you just wave your hand and walk away.
You felt tears building up in your eyes, but didn’t want to cry.
You walk outside and sit on the bench right next to the door. You kept listening and looking at the rain falling down.
Jungkook notices you sitting down.
“You have to do this.” He said to himself and walks out
You look at him and quickly wipe off your tears.
“What do you want?” you kept looking forwards
“Are you crying? Why are you crying?” Jungkook sits next to you
“I am not” you laughed and take a breath
“I can actually see that you are, you know?”
“Just, why would I tell you anything? What do you want?!” you look at his face
“Woah chill. I just asked.” He throws his hands in the air
“Just tell me what you want and get the fuck away from me.” You sigh
“I know this is fucking stupid and you will laugh, but… Can we start off again? As friends?” Jungkook was actually nervous to let this sentence out.
You stop and look at him.
“Are you fucking serious?” you laughed
Jungkook sighs and rolls his eyes
“See I knew you will laugh.”
“It’s so fucking funny. I can’t believe Jeon Jungkook wants to be friends with a GIRL” you said
“I am serious though.” Jungkook had a straight face
Your smile fades from your face and you two kept on looking at each other.
“You only doing this, so as friends we can go more and you can get me more easily” you said
“What?! No. Are you fucking kidding me?” Jungkook turns more towards you.
“I am. NOT. Going to be like I was” he points at himself
You smiled and shaked your head
“Y/N. Trust me for once”
“I had a bad day, so I really don’t want to talk” you said
“Can you please leave now”
“Do it for me. Okay?” you look at him and he slowly nods his head and stands up walking inside again

Unknown number, 5:01PM: You never told me if we are friends or nah
You, 5:01PM: I can’t talk right now.
Unknown number, 5:01PM: I know you’re lying but that is an answer too, so…
You, 5:02PM: Jungkook, come on
Unknown, 5:02PM: It’s fine, I know what I done, how was I towards you. It’s just who I am so. At least gave a try.

You changed the number to his name.

You, 5:02PM: I need time
Jungfuckingook, 5:03PM: Take as much as you need. Peace.

You sigh and turn off your phone. You layed on your bed, hearing the rain still pouring form the sky. You were getting sick of it. You loved rain, but just the sound of it and when you’re inside your room, just it feels calm.

“Y/N!” you heard your mom calling
You stand up and open the door
“WHAT?” you shout but there was no reply
“Ugh” you hated when you answer and she doesn’t say anything and then you have to walk downstairs and see what she wants.
You walk down the stairs and stop Taehyung standing near the front door. He looks up at you.
“A boy says he’s your friend.” Your mom took car keys
“I am going to the store” she added
“Bye” you said and she closes the front door.

You look back at Taehyung.
“What-I- I actually don’t know what to say” you said
“I did lie.” He spoke looking at you
“No matter how much I try, I can’t forget or deny what I am feeling and how I felt when we were well a thing? You would call it?” he smiles looking down
“You.. Um mean it?” you step closer to him
“Yes” he licks his lips
Two of you looked at each other, both of you just walked towards each other and he cupped your face kissing your lips passionately.
Two of you smiled pulling away. He held his forehead against yours and kept looking down at your lips, his thumb runs across your lips.
“I never thought I’ll feel this way” he said quietly
You smiled biting your lip and kissing him again. He slowly pushed you against the wall, not breaking the kiss.
His hands travelling down on your hips, then down behind your thighs, lifting you up. You laughed and kissed him again.
His lips softly were pressed against your neck. You threw your head back, closing your eyes.

You wrap your legs around his waist and your arms were locked around his neck. Taehyung slowly carried you upstairs to your room.
Soon after you were laid down on your bed. Taehyung kissed you more and more passionately.
Your hands tugged on the bottom of his T-shirt, he quickly sat up and took it off, throwing his shirt on the floor.
Taehyung’s hands tugged on your shirt now, sitting you and slipping the shirt off of you.
His eyes travel down your body.
“Jesus you are too damn beautiful” you two lock eyes and his lips find yours again.
Taehyung was so gentle and sweet towards you. His lips touch skin of your neck, leaving marks all over.
His hands travelled down your pants, he sits up again, looking up at you.
“Why did you stop?” you asked
“I didn’t even ask-“
“Taehyung” you smiled and sit up, your face being close to him
“I want you so fucking bad” you whisper to his ear and kiss his jawline
Taehyung licks his lips and smiles, unbuttoning your pants and pulling them off along with your panties.
“Damn baby” he said and leans towards you, kissing your lips again
His hand travelled down your body, his fingers massaging your wet folds, making you let a soft moan.
Not taking long he slipped two fingers inside you, pumping in and out slowly, teasing you a bit.
“Tae-“ you stuttered
He smiled and started to go faster. Your head fell back and a loud moan escaped your lips. It felt so damn good.
“Fuck I need you” you manage to say
Taehyung’s fingers stilled and slowly removed themselves from you. He came on top of you kissing you again. His tongue explored your mouth. It was too damn good. You never wanted him to stop.
His head goes between your legs again. His lips kissing your thighs and suddenly his tongue flattens against you. As his tongue starts circling against you, your hands gripped on a pillow tightly.
His lips wrapped around your sensitive bud, sucking hard. You screamed his name out. You weaved your hands into his hair, tugging roughly. His fingers slip inside of you again, curling his fingers inside you.
“Oh fuckk…” you moan loudly

He was too good. Actually great.
You twitch as he removes his fingers from you again.
Taehyung quickly takes his jacket, getting a condom out of it.
“Wow, you expected this” you laugh
“He’s always in the pocket if something happens” he laughs

Taehyung takes off his boxers and two of you look at each other and you just couldn’t help but smile.
He rolled it on and lines himself up with you.
He looks up at you once more and you nod your head. He began to push himself in you, you bit your lip, closing your eyes. Taehyung started with small thrusts, making you let moans out.
After short amount of time, he sped up, increasing the length of his thrust.
“Fuck.” He groaned
Taehyung’s head fell on your shoulder, he kept speeding up.
Slurs of swear words and names were sent flying of both of your mouths.

“Fuck, Y/N. You’re so tight” Taehyung breathes out
You hooked your legs around his waist. You felt a sweet, hot burn that made you tingle.
“Fuck yes” you choked out
You could hear the sounds of skin slapping skin.

After a few more thrusts you came un done around him moaning out his name. your wall tightened around him and soon after Taehyung joined you.
You could feel how his thrusts are slowing down. Two of you rode out your orgasms. Soon after Taehyung pulled out of you.

Everything was silent, all you could hear is heavy breathing coming out of your mouths.
Taehyung looks at you and kisses you one more time before falling to the side.
You smiled and looked over at him.
“Like fuck yes” he laughed
“Y/N I AM HOME!” you hear your mom shout
“Oh shit” you both said and quickly cleaned up the mess and got dressed

You open the door and peek if your mom is coming up.
“She’s not near” you said and turn around seeing Taehyung falling on the floor while pulling up his pants
You laughed.
“Well bravo for me” he laughs and pulls them on

Taehyung walks up to you and kisses your lips.
“I don’t want to leave” he whispers
“And you don’t have to” you look up at him
“I just want to say, sorry for-“
“You don’t have to apologize for anything, It’s all my fault.” You cut him off
“I got all of your messages and calls.” He laughed
“By that I saw you really are sorry” he added

“I have to go now. I’ll see you tomorrow” he said and you wrap your arms around his waist hugging him.
“Hey you didn’t put on your shirt” you laugh
“Right” he smiled and quickly took the shirt off the floor, putting it on, taking his jacket

Tae, 8:36PM: hey so like in case there is any confusion
Tae, 8:36PM: you’re fucking mine.

Taehyung leaves his phone and looks at Jungkook.
“So where you been?” he asked
“Nowhere” Taehyung said
“Yeah right. Come on. Let me hear something funny in a while from you” Jungkook leans back on the couch
“Funny? You know what’s funny, I just fucked Y/N. She’s mine now” Taehyung smirks
Jungkook’s eyes go wider, he starts to be nervous in a way.
“What? No way” he tried
“Yeah, she feels so fuckinggg good man” Taehyung smiled

Jungkook licks his lips. He felt something. He felt jealously.

SHIP #61

(we don’t do star wars ship anymore, sorry for that)

I ship you with Bjorn 

• All your shield maiden friends were in practice, it was a really hot summer day.
“Bring them some water would you” ask you Lagertha “I don’t want my women to be thirsty”
You take a jug and some glasses and bring them to the practice.
“Come on Alenia you lazy ass” you yelled at your friend who smiles focus on her assailant. 
You put the water down, and watch to your left where some guys practice. Lagertha’s son was here, you always crushed on him, but he has that reputation… Some people even told he had a son in the desert.
“What did I do this time?”
“What?” you raised your eyes, you were staring at him for too long now. 
“You always give me that kind of looks, so what did I do?”
“Nothing Bjorn Ironside, you’re weirdly calm today” he smiled at you, sweat on his face and muscular arms.
“I better get going” he said turning his axe in his hand, you smiled at him back and watch him go. When this crush will disappear??
• On the top of your toes you try to pick up some apples on a tree, it was too fucking tall for you but you couldn’t fight, you can god damn pick apples doesn’t it? But you have been injured younger and had a pretty bad scar on your knee, making you lose your balance sometimes. 
When reaching for the apples, your body shiver and you fall because you’re knee didn’t support you. « Fuck » you moan of pain. 
Someone pick you up in his arms you turn to the blue eyes bjorn gives you
« I can walk »
« No you can’t »
He glanced to your scar and put your dress right on it. 
« You don’t have to cover that »
« It’s ugly »
« I have plenty to you think i’m ugly?»
You silence was enough for both of you. He sighed and carried you home even tho you ask him not to.
• Things got strange between you two, he was at your house way more than needed, and you wondered why, and you always want to understand what’s happening so one night, you let your heart out
« Bjorn what are we doing? »
« What do you mean? » he stop in his making of a braid on his hair. 
« I mean you’ve been here every nights for the last weeks »
« Yeah so what ? » Bjorn was blushing, you never though you’ll see that one day.
« So what, don’t you have a few wifes, or children to see somewhere I don’t know » He frown his eyebrows « Do you hear you talk?»
« No, sorry I didn’t wanted to.. »
« Well for someone who hate judgmental people you’re being a bitch right now»
« WAIT Bjorn »
He was already leaving your house, it was pouring rain outside, « wait »
« What? »
« I’m just lost, explain to me »
« There’s not much more to explain Y/N » say bjorn wet hair on his face « I like you, I really do and you don’t »
You didn’t know what to think, you were glad to heard him saying that, but also surprised, and then..
« Wait who said I didn’t like you back? »
« I don’t know you’re not quite easy to figure it out, you always stare at me like crap and that’s a shame because I love your eyes so god damn much »
It feel like the rain washed away all your anxiety, you relax since a long time, you gently touch his arm. « I do like you , I always had »
You move your hand to his cheeks and softly touch his lips with yours. Under the rain. Lucky for you you didn’t mind at all.

it’s been raining literally for 6 days. where is the god damn sun. i’m sitting in my car yelling profanities at every single rain drop that falls on my window i hate them ALL

Hi, I just came home from a Tegan and Sara concert (w/ Japanese Breakfast) and HOLY SHIT IT WAS AMAZING. it was surreal, it was passionate, it was remixed like a damn god and fucking Tegan Rain Quin looked me dead in the eye while she sang ‘all you think of lately is getting underneath me’ and i almost died. This was my first ever concert and let me just say, these Canadians have given me a reason to fucking live and not give up on my music. Also Sara was in the zone tonight and looked hot as fuckkkkk. but best of all was how Tegan looked at Sara like she was the most perfect thing ever while Sara was talking about flossing 😂. i love them SO MUCH.

Story time


Y'all know BTS dropped the album of the year today right?!

Anyway I was on the train in the way home and I was listening to the album (mic drop omg kill me) (anD THE PIED PIPER LYRICS OMGGG)

Anywhoooo I freaking missed my stop on the god damn train and ended up 20 minutes away from my house with a further 20 minutes to wait for the train back so I’m like that’s fine that’s cool whatever


so I’m waiting 40 minutes for a train which takes 20 minutes to get to my house

TO MAKE THINGS WORSE ITS FREAKING RAINING SO BAD (god damn uk weather I wanna kms)

So I’m all wet and shaking because it’s cold Im bout to get pneumonia or some shit and die I stg

Basically this is the story of how I ACTUALLY die because of bts thnx

Ps the album is fucking lit and it was 100% worth the death