god damn it i love her so much

“You speak so highly of him,” he said to her,
“Why do you do that? Why do you speak of him as if he put the stars in the sky when he did nothing but break you so god damn much that the cracks in your heart were practically visible through your eyes.”

She laughed, “that’s the thing about love, isn’t it? You’ll let them get away with murder, even if it’s your own.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

Favorite Relationship : Tyler Posey and Shelley Hennig.

Shelley Hennig “He’s genuine and It’s real. It’s kinda weird. That’s what I tell everybody. I love that about you.” 

Tyler Posey “I love Shelley so damn much. She’s the sweetest, really fu-king caring, so funny. My god. I’m so in love with her.”

Michael Cordero was The Best example of a television love interest, and i mean that so so genuinely.

in s1, i wanted to love Rafael so much. he was hunky, suave, and the obvious pick. but Michael? Michael snuck up on me. Michael took me completely by surprise in the best possible way.

he was sweet. he was genuine. he was kind, and gentle, and supportive.

and, in the most wonderful way, Michael Cordero loved Jane so god damn much.

literally all he ever wanted was for her to be happy. all he wanted was for her to be loved and feel loved, and he gave so much of himself to her. he raised a child that wasn’t his like his own. he supported Jane’s journey to chase her dreams with so much passion and encouragement and kindness and he was, in every possible way, the sort of character who makes you want to be better.

Michael Cordero was a gift and i’m so happy we got to watch his character flourish, and i’m so lost as to how i’m going to move on from this.

Goodnight! just a reminder NOT to vote for a third party this coming November because 99.9999999999999999999% it’s either Clinton or Trump! As a Bernie Sanders supporter, if you’re Bernie or busting you are wasting your vote! If you don’t want Trump to win you HAVE to vote for Clinton! He WILL WIN if you don’t!!! just a PSA!!!

Ngozi could have given us turmoil. She could have given us fighting and screaming and the threat of jack and bitty’s relationship coming to an end. What I love about Ngozi, and subsequently Check Please, is that we see how a relationship can have serious problems without watching the characters get dragged through literal hell and back. Ngozi leaves out the unnecessary shock value for actual plot development and characterization to the point where I’d give my damn life for Jack Laurent Zimmermann and Eric Bittle and pretty much all her other characters I’m so whipped 

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You probably getting tons of messages. But when you have time can you speak about Clarke giving Roan the Flame? I mean she stood there thinking about it; Eliza acted that scene out so well! Even while she was offering it you can see she really didn't want to. Then the tear & the face of realizing what she just gave up. The "I loved her mom" Got me in the feels; but her giving him the Flame was just another a "god Clarke. why do yo suffer so much" moment for me.

honestly, i was touched by both scenes simply because clarke and lexa’s relationship was actually in the foreground in both interactions, which is something i felt was needed, because if the writers want clarke to move on they need to give her the moments in which she can face her own emotions and share them with someone else - thank you abby. damn if the scene with roan didn’t hurt me more though. everything clarke and lexa have been through in s3 was re-called in that moment and you felt their history in every single corner.

there is a great personal alchemy at play during the entire scene, because clarke’s goals, hopes, memories and priorities are also greatly tied to what she wanted to achieve with lexa, but ultimately couldn’t. the way she shares her experiences/knowledge helps her with her otherwise sentimental state and overall pain, because it is (as eliza said) not destructive, but constructive.

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Dating Sam Wilson Would Include


[pairing]: Sam x Reader

[warnings]: um cuteness because it’s Sam for god’s sake, swearing, brief mentions of sex

[a/n]: okay so here’s one more headcanon for you guys to have while I’m writing the next part of Need Her and a few of my requests which I should start posting tomorrow or the next day. I’m so sorry, just bear with me please.

[another a/n]: okay but i love samuel thomas wilson so damn much and i am personally offended that he doesn’t get as much love as say steve or bucky or tony because this my bitch and if im being real he’s the real fav.

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Dating Sam Wilson would include…

  • We’re not gonna lie to ourselves, Sam would be the most fun person to date in the whole world.
  • Making dumb videos on Snapchat.
  • The whole media absolutely adoring you two together because you’re a fucking power couple.
  • Babygirl, you would be treated like a queen.
  • Him calling you ridiculous nicknames.
  • Ex: Sweetums, the Bee’s Knees, Baby Cakes, Angel, Angel Face, Angel Eyes, Babygirl, Buttercup, Darlin’ of Mine, Princess, Honey, and so many more.
  • Him pushing you around in the shopping cart at the grocery store.
  • You guys just really couldn’t be in any shopping environment without messing around.
  • Taking pictures of each other when you pass each other on opposite escalators.
  • Trying on everything in every shop.
  • Probably getting kicked out of most stores.
  •  Shit talking together. 
  • You know what they say Angel, couples who talk shit together, stay together.”
  • Him being a cheeky ass bitch all the time.
  • Sex. Lots of it. Everywhere.
  • The sex would probably be really cutesy and playful with a lot of teasing and it would be really great. 
  • Okay, okay but listen, listen. Matching outfits.
  • You would trust each other 100000000000%
  • Like you would know the password to his phone and everything and when you were close to his phone and he got a text, he would ask you to check it. 
  • He wouldn’t be so much protective because he would understand that you’re a strong woman that can handle her own shit. But if you ever voiced to him that something was wrong and that you needed him, he would kick somebody’s ass into next week.
  • Him watching you spar with someone else on the team and being so fucking proud when you pin them.
  • That’s my girl.
  • Okay but you would constantly be hacking each other’s Instagrams and posting dumb pictures on there.
  • Him holding your hand when he’s driving.
  • Singing an off key duet of Sunday Candy whenever you’re in the car.
  • Wearing his Air Force t-shirt with his name on the back all the time.
  • And he fucking loves it, let’s be real.
  • Slut dropping together whenever a song with a beat drop comes on.
  • Pranks. No one is safe from the two of you. You prank everyone.
  • Sometimes you even prank each other. 
  • Matching footsie pajamas.
  • Him getting v v jealous whenever you’re talking to Bucky.
  • You and Bucky plotting to get Sam mad by pretending to flirt.
  • Constantly singing the best Disney duets.
  • Going to DisneyLand together a lot and getting those cheesy couples shirts.
  • He would love to kiss your cheeks and it would be super cute because he’d always be doing it.
  • The public would all agree that you guys are relationship goals.
  • A lot of hand holding.
  • Him playing with your hair a lot.
  • You would make fun of each other a lot, but that’s Sam and [y/n] language for “I love you”.
  • Being in love with your best friend.
  • Hilarious pillow talk.
  • He would love you more than anything in the whole entire world.
  • person: I hate Jaehee! Why can't she just fuck off and let me have Zen?
  • me: Jaehee is actually really nice.
  • Inside: you fucjing shit don't talk crap about my wife. She is the greatest being ever and she's trying her hardest to get through her work, yet she has to deal with bullshit so much you fucking slum you don't even understand how much love she deserves. Give her a god damn break or I'll break your flip film duckin neck

i’ve been trying to find the words to describe how much ginny baker means to me. its only been, what? 6 episodes? its crazy to think that in just those few episodes she can have this much of an impact on me. this character, this story… deserves seasons upon seasons of its incredibly powerful story telling. because i don’t know about you, but i am getting struck in the heart over and over and OVER by this god damn beautifully courageous WOMAN! i don’t think i will ever find enough words to express just how much she means to me, and how much i love her. thank you kylie bunbury for playing her so perfectly.


Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus, I don’t even know where to start with her anymore.. she’s grown so damn much since being Hannah Montana, she’s been crazy, she’s been provocative, she’s been kind, she’s been loving but through all these God damn years she has been true, true to us and true to herself! She has NEVER let anyone tell her what to do or what to say and yes she’s made a couple wrong turns and some bad decisions but she has turned all the negativity she has received into nothing but positivity, sure she’s not perfect but she’s a really good fucking person and you don’t have to like her or her music or what she wears but just respect her for who she is, she’s just a human being trying to truly make the world a better place and for that I love you Ms Cyrus and I thank you for everything you’ve done for us (your fans) and the LGBT community. ❤️💛💚💙💜



i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.