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Games and Piercings (Voltron Langst One-Shot)

Based on the prompt by @ohwhataprettypinkhat ! Please do enjoy!

           Lance had a game as a child, being the middle child. He really didn’t get too much attention from anyone except for the stray little one or two. Or when something drastic happened to him, like a broken limb or something. Which is why he created the game. Whenever he would talk, and he would notice someone not listening. He’d say something crazy. He’d remembered one time specifically. He was maybe eight at the time. With a gap-toothed grin and a mint green band-aid on his cheek as he babbled to his mother. Wild hand gestures and crazy exaggerations as she chopped vegetables at the stove. He remembered her nodding along, humming ‘yes’s and ‘okay dear’s every so often as he paused.

           “Hey Mama, I’m going to go off to war and break my arm, okay? A hum.

           “Okay mijo, go have fun.” Lance frowned before he stumbled off. Later that day he did actually break his arm. His friend’s mom had to call the ambulance and Lance’s mother hadn’t even know he was at the hospital when his friend’s mother drove him home and talked to Lance’s mother herself. Lance had smiled as he was smothered with attention and love from Garcia’s mother. But, it wasn’t his mother’s attention. It wasn’t the attention he wanted.

           They’d never notice.

           Even when he went off to Garrison, the game continued. Telling instructors he was going to go clubbing. Or that he was off to become a rebel fighter. Giving loud, exuberant stories about sailing the seas. Hell. He told his best friend Hunk he was going to go throw himself off the Garrison room. All he got was a absent minded smile and a ‘okay, see you at curfew.’ Lance wasn’t even sure Hunk had heard the leaving part.

           Then he was a paladin. One of five defender of the universe, fighting an intergalactic war. He was the first one chosen in over ten thousand years. And still, when he’d make jokes, or give his serious opinions. No one heard him. After so many years of the same game, he’d finally gotten bored. So, Lance did the only logical thing.

           Change up the rules.

           Allura was one of the few who noticed him, so she helped him out with his little game. Smiled when he told her the rules. How he’d say crazy things to see if someone was listening. Except for now, just like that one time when he was eight. He’d actually do them. And see how long it took for them to notice the changes.

           First was with Pidge, he’d sat in a room with her for three hours. Talking loudly and in great detail about the new blue highlights he was going to get in his hair when they stopped off in the next planet. How they’d be blue and teal and he was going to look like a god damn gorgeous fucking mermaid. Pidge only ignored him, only noticing and greeting him with a ‘huh?’ after three hours of Lance talking. The reason she noticed him was because Allura had entered the room and called his name.

           He’d gotten his hair dyed on that planet, just as he said he would. And no one noticed.

           The next one was his first ear piercings, he had been sparring with Keith, spouting nonsense as they fought in hand to hand combat. Lance was losing pretty much the entire time. But Lance knew that wasn’t anything new. Keith barely could tell the difference from fighting a training bot from fighting Lance. He got his piercing the very next day. Allura had done them herself. After one of their self-care and venting sessions.

           And it just spiraled from there. Hunk was cooking one day as Lance was drawing and talking about a tattoo of the ocean themed Lion he was going to get to cover most of his upper left arm. Shiro was his verbal bouncy wall for both his right eyebrow piercings. Pidge, that was his tongue piercing. Keith caused his lip piercings, both of them. Hunk had driven him for the belly button piercing. Shiro had gotten him the star tattoos on the corner of his right eye. It was fun yeah, Lance loved the little changes in himself. Each one gave him confidence in his appearance, but they also hurt him.

           It was like a reminder. Each thing he got was a time he was ignored. Rejected and alone. There were like constant reminders of his failings to get the attention he craved. Even Allura was getting agitated. Assuring him that she always noticed when he added the more noticeable things, and being surprised and often delighted and intrigued to see the more obscure and hidden changes. Lance always smiled when she fiddled with his new piercings, buying him new shiny ones that she matched with her own ear piercings, when she admired the progress he made in training, or when she traced his new tattoos with delicate nails. In return he always helped to braid her hair, painted her nails. Hell, he’d learned how to speak Altean for her. She was like the doting big sister he’d always wanted. He’d always craved to have.

           Most of the time, it was able to shove away all of the bad thoughts. Enough to stave off the personal demons inside of him. Clawing at him and constantly nagging at him. Reminding him that he was just a speck in the universe. That he could die one day, and there would be not a single person to mourn his death or go to his funeral.

           Those thoughts hurt. Until eventually, they didn’t. Soon the buzzing thoughts became normal in the back of his mind. Fading to silence as his excitement and live retreated in the castle. Being reserved for celebrations on saved planets, or for the Alteans that paid him attention and treated him like the family he saw them as. The paladins only seeing the bored, indifferent side that Lance adopted to deal with the people who no longer seemed to even care what he did.

           At least, he thought they didn’t, but by the time they did notice he didn’t care whether they did or not.

           It was a planet with a higher rate of gravity and magnetic activity. Gahtic’al or something? It wasn’t in a tongue that Allura talked about very often, but Lance was sure he’d get it by the time he meant the natives. The only thing he recognized as noteworthy was as Pidge announced they’d have to get rid of any metal they carried on them. Lance’s eyebrow raised up. His tongue running over and rubbing against the metal in his mouth. He almost felt anxious. It’d been a while since his skin had been bare of piercings. But, Lance knew he’d have to take them out as he watched even Keith give up his knifes. Lance sighed as he stepped up.

           His hands were already reaching to his ears to take off his piercings in his ears when he felt eyes on him. Shiro was gapping at him as he pulled more and more metal off of his face. Then incredulous as Lance even pulled up his shirt to get off his belly button piercing. Shiro studied Lance up and down. There was three holes in each of Lance’s ears, one industrial bar, and two piercing holes in his right eyebrow. Snake bites, a belly button piercing. Were those tattoos on his skin too?! Shiro gaped. He. When? Lance. Who cared more about his skin and hair than he cared about his health, had piercings and tattoos? And dye in his hair?! Shiro looked around, seeing more dazed and staring paladins. Guessing he wasn’t the only one who hadn’t noticed. Maybe it had happened recently? Shiro looked back to Lance, who looked calm and relaxed. Shiro was in awe.

           The boy looked so different. His body was stronger than Shiro remembered it to be, it was still lean. But with obvious strength, power, and muscle tone that didn’t compromise the litheness of his figure. His hair was brown with shimmering hues of blue and teal that framed his tan and tattooed skin perfectly. His face was set in a neutral expression. Not unfriendly, more of a calm blankness that looked like it could change into the most heart warming smile, or the scariest glare in the world. With a sharp jawline and the soft glowing blue lights of the ship, Lance looked striking, almost ethereal. With sharp royal blue eyes that were trained on a smiling Allura. What the princess did next surprised Shiro.

           “Lance, your tongue piercing too?” Lance seemed to gauge her words for a moment before he got them. Immediately sticking out that long tongue, revealing a thick black metal piercing straight through Lance’s tongue. Causing Shiro to catch a noticeable shudder run through Keith. Almost making him smirk. Keith always had a thing for the blue paladin. And a thing for piercings. Keith had to be in heaven. But, how long had Lance had these piercings? Was Shiro so caught up in training and leading that he hadn’t notice so many drastic changes in one of his paladins? Lance grinned at Allura.

           “Thanks princess.” Pidge was the first one to talk, pointing accusingly at Lance.

           “What?! When did this happen?!” Lance quirked an eyebrow at Pidge, the expression on his face was friendly, but didn’t hold that same joking light it once did. Now it just seemed like a cool neutrality, as if he’d just noticed Pidge’s shock.

           “What? The tongue piercing? I got that…” Lance frowned and looked to Allura, [When did I get the tongue piercing again?] Shiro gaped as fluid Altean language left Lance’s lips, as if he’d spoken the language his whole life. The other paladins’ reactions were much the same as Allura answered back.

           [I’d say, eight months ago? Your newest thing was the industrial bar, which was about six months ago, and the tongue piercing was about two months before that. Didn’t you get it at that at the market place on Shero’sic?] Lance nodded.

           “Yup. I remember now. It was eight months ago. Remember? Because I got it shortly after my face tattoos.” Allura nodded.

           “Mmm, I still like your arm tattoo. But the stars are quite quaint.” Lance’s fingers brushed the two small stars just at the outer corner of his right eye. Bringing Shiro’s attention to the little stars that almost looked like beauty marks next to Lance’s almost glowingly blue eyes. Lance placed the peicings into a small bag for safe keeping and handed them to Allura to put with their other metal objects while they landed on the planet. Lance looked back at them expectantly.

           “Well? Don’t we have a job to do?” And Lance walked away from them with Allura, leaving four shocked and confused paladins in his wake. Just what happened to their blue paladin? When had his body changed so much. So drastically in front of them without notice? When had he matured into such a strong young man? Calm and patient. The gleam and innocence of a child no longer in his eyes.

           What had they done to him?

You wanted Part 2? You get Part 2


the slut and the falcon(s) - Jughead Jones and Archie Andrews

little disclaimer:

this is for @mrsjugheadjonesthethird ’s writing contest! i really like their work and stuff and i also kind of really wanna get noticed with my own work, and what better way than to do this? even if i probably will not win, it’s worth a shot

prompt: ‘fuckin’ veronica, man, always listening in on archie and jug’s conversations.’

word count: 3,152

another little disclaimer: jughead still goes to Riverdale, and he’s in the Southside Serpents

warnings: swearing, A LOT OF SIN, like dominant ass fucking archie and jughead, some drug use (just weed), a threesome with archie and jughead, spoilers! etc. (and some vague jealous jughead)

and, god.. this has.. daddykink.. i’m such a slut..




It’s quite early to be having full fledged conversations, especially at Riverdale High. It’s supposed to be all zen and whatever, and yet, it is seemingly the complete opposite of zen. Especially when you grab your notebook and your folder and close your locker, only to be faced by nobody other than Veronica Lodge, her face glowing with excitement, and you think, how can someone possibly be this jovial at seven in the morning? “Yes?” You greet her anyway, yawning.

“Alright. So I’m walking down the West wing, right? And of course, I see this bitch Cheryl, and she’s talking to me about the dumb River Vixens and I’m like half paying attention. It’s right near her locker and Archie and Jughead are standing there talking about something but I can’t tell what, right? So I switch spots with Cheryl and she keeps babbling on about something irrelevant, and then I hear Archie talking about how they both think you’re hot and I’m like ‘woah’, and Jughead is like talking to him about all of the shit he would do to you if you were together. It honestly was hot as fuck. So Jughead’s going on about how he wants to fuck you -”

You stopped her right there.

The Jughead Jones wanted to do that with you? You, the co-captain of the River Vixens? Southside Serpents Jughead Jones? The once passive aggressive but is now a complete bad boy Jughead Jones? That one? Fuck Archie, man, that was all Betty’s. But Jug? It couldn’t be. “I feel as if this story is fake..” You chuckle and cock a brow at her. “But it was a good laugh. You got me.”

“Then tell me, (Y/N), if I was joking, why would Jughead be eyeing the fuck out of your ass in that skirt right now?”

You widened your eyes and whipped your head around, and sure enough, Jughead is slumped up against the lockers with a cigarette inbetween his white teeth, smoke flowing out through his puffy, perfect lips. Immediately, you turn red, your heart literally dropping into your stomach. He notices you staring at him and he quickly takes another drag of his ‘cancer stick’, before walking off, completely unashamed.

You had always been a good girl. Perfect grades, perfect attendance, perfect record, perfect life, in a nutshell. You had known Jughead, since, what, last year, maybe? The beginning of this year? Point is, mama always told you not to be with his type. But ever since you’d met this particular boy, you could not stop thinking about him. He was so intriguing and your heart throbbed whenever you saw him.

And sure, you had hung out, but it was mostly at Pop’s, which isn’t even a one on one thing. It involves you, him, Veronica, Betty, Archie, and maybe Kevin. Every sincle time you would be around him things would seem different.

Jughead was another story. He was sent to juvie at the mere age of ten for trying to burn his elementary school down, which was, in fact, false. He was bullied severely by assholes like Jason Blossom, and basically, the entire football team, the only exception being Archie. He’s never had a birthday party because he claims his family makes it this arbitrary day and they pretend to act like everything’s okay, when really, they are not. It made him lonely. His mother moved away with his sister, Jellybean, and he was sent to a foster family on the Southside, - his father, FP Jones, is in jail for covering up the murder of Jason Blossom - and god knows why he still makes the effort to come to Riverdale everyday. All in all, he’s lived a fucked up life. Inside, you knew there was a huge teddy bear that honestly needed a hug, but on the outside, all that really called to you was his image. He was so hot and you hated yourself for thinking so.

“Hey - (Y/N)? Earth to (Y/N)!” Veronica was snapping in your face, and it took moments for you to realize what was going on, and that the bell had just rung. Jughead had dissapeared, and you were left with confusion, and slightly damp panties, but it was alright. Shit happens.

You shook your head and nodded quickly, looking over at her. “Sorry! I’ve got to go to class, Vee. I’ll catch you later?” Before she could reply you rushed off to your first period class, which was Social Studies - you had it with Jughead, that you knew.


Social Studies is an actual nightmare.

It starts off with Jughead sitting right next to you this time. Your teacher is neglectful enough to not care, and while teaching, Jughead keeps biting his lip and eyeing your thighs, which are not covered by anything but the cloth of your cheer uniform’s skirt. You’re trying hard to pay attention, taking notes and tapping your foot on the ground.

The thing about these desks that you’re in right now is that they are close, and all the way in the back of the room. So, inevitably, Jughead’s gonna do what he wants to you, as long as you’re okay with it. About halfway through the class, there’s a note passed to you, and you open it.

‘archie told me to do this to you. -j’

You’re even more confused, but before you can speak, Jughead’s hand is on your thigh.

Your fucking thigh.

You tense up immediately and widen your eyes, covering your mouth in order to contain a gasp. Oh my god, this is really happening. It’s really fucking happening, in the middle of Social Studies, at exactly 7:34 in the morning. Jughead’s hand is squeezing, rubbing, massaging at your skin. His hand grazes your panties and you look down, grabbing his wrist in a quick but gentle motion.

'not here. are you insane?’ Says the note that you pass back to him.

Jughead just smirks and pulls his hand away after reading it, clearing his throat.


At Lunch, it’s you, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Kevin, and Jughead. You’ve made the stupid mistake to sit next to him, and Veronica is smirking at you from across the table. It’s all so tense.

You continue to think about what happened in Social Studies and get quite squirmish in your seat, Veronica glaring at you with a knowing look on her face. “Is there something wrong, (Y/N)?” She asks, raising her brows at Jughead, who was locked into his laptop, fingers typing away, completely ignoring the discarded lunch beside him.

“Huh?” You snap out of your Jughead filled trance, and boy, was it a good trance. “Oh.. no! No, nothing’s wrong. Just thinking about that big Social Studies test coming up.”

“Is that the only thing coming in Social Studies?” Veronica purrs, causing Jughead to look up at her, his face turning pink, completely throwing his bad boy aura off.

“Veronica!” You gasp, your eyes widening with surprise. “Wh - How do you even know about that?” You break into a whisper, leaning over the table to talk to her better without anyone hearing.

“Jug told me, he figured out that I listened in on he and Archie’s convo, and he practically spilled out every naughty, sinful thing he’s ever wanted to do to you. It was quite hot, actually. You’re lucky.” She gushed, flashing a smile to Archie, who was invested in Betty at the moment, apologizing to her for some unknown reason.

You shook your head and sat back, continuing lunch in a calm silence, your thoughts filled with images of Jughead.


After school lets out, you and the rest of your group head out to Pop’s, an annual tradition for the five of you. You’re sitting next to Jughead, across from Archie, Betty, and Veronica.

Betty has her head turned with annoyance, and Archie has yet to redeem himself for whatever he’s done. Veronica is sipping lightly at a double chocolate milkshake, and Jughead is still stuck in his god damn laptop.

It’s really not fair, the way he can look so gorgeous while being nonchalant. It makes you tingle, and you still can’t believe that he wants you.

There are a couple of jocks at the table next to yours, and they’re whistling at you, calling your name and shit like that, and Jughead notices this. He grunts and immediately sets his hand on your thigh, which is visible to everyone. You squeak and smile at them, turning to Jughead. “Right now?” You whisper.

He doesn’t say anything and watches the boys leave, scowling at him and rolling their eyes. You shrug, laying back and closing your eyes.

After a few minutes of calming down, you feel a hand back on your thigh, which surprises you, causing you to open your eyes.

You soon realize that it’s Jug again, your breath hitching. Betty asks you what’s wrong, and you just shake your head, knowing about her tragic, inevitable crush on Jughead, closing your eyes once more.

Jughead chuckles quietly and lets his hand travel up into your skirt, squeezing at your skin gently. His fingers trace shapes into your hipbone and you try your hardest not to make any noise. He’s not making anything noticeable, just typing more paragraphs into whatever he was writing with one hand.

You tried so fucking hard not to do anything. And this is just the beginning. Jughead’s hand is in your panties now and beginning to explore what’s underneath, his fingers moving in a way that has you feeling like you want to melt.

Betty and Veronica don’t notice, but Archie does.

His facial expression turns from regretful to interested in a minute, and you see this, because you’ve opened your eyes yet again, laying your head on Jughead’s shoulder and nuzzling it, thighs clenching around his hand.

“You know, Jug,” Archie begins to say, “I don’t think (Y/N) is feeling too good. Should we take her home, or?”

“I think that’s a great idea,” Jughead replies quickly, his hand immediately slipping out of your underwear, causing you to sigh with frustration. “Betty, Veronica, you wouldn’t mind. Would you?”

“Well, yes -” Betty starts.

“No! Not at all!” Veronica then quickly interrupts her, nudging her side and letting the three of you escape the tiny booth. “Have fun. Feel better, (Y/N). Text me later.”

Betty growls with discontent and rolls her eyes, sitting back with her arms crossed, and you can practically feel how angry she is.

You fake a cough and let the boys take you by each arm, their grips firm and wanting.

You shiver.



(okay i cannot wait for the sin anymore, we’re getting right to it. listen to Believer by Imagine Dragons if you really wanna get the vibe)

It starts off with them taking you home, slamming the door and escorting you to your room, to where Archie locked the door, and Jughead picked you up, pinning you to the wall.

You cried out when Archie began sliding your skirt down, getting to his knees and kissing at your thighs, while Jughead was working on giving you hickeys on your neck and collarbone, his thumb rubbing your chin. Your toes curled and you whimpered, gasping occasionally.

“Oh, fuck, I - I -”

“You what?” Jughead huffed, flipping your shirt off. “Get on the bed. Go.”

Strangely, the urge to obey him overcame you. Archie finished taking the rest of your clothes off, not bothering to tease you. You jumped onto the bed and layed down, Archie removing his shirt.

Jughead licked his lips and grabbed your hips, dragging you over to him. “Arch, do whatever you want.”

Archie did just that, leaning down and licking a stripe up your aching cunt, releasing a much needed moan from you. He smirked at the reaction, beginning to eat you out, while Jughead kissed at your chest, taking one of your rosy buds into his mouth and sucking.

“Ngh -”

And something in you just snapped, your submissive side coming into play so quick into the moment.

“Daddy, Daddy -” You whimper, squirming underneath the both of them.

They both stopped, Jughead’s eyebrows raising as he pulled away from you, his hand roughly grabbing your chin, thumb slowly grazing over your lower lip. “What was that, slut?”

“Daddy,” You gasp out. “Please, I need more.”

“Oh, this is fucking precious. Captain of the River Vixens, innocent, Miss Perfect, has a daddy kink? Who would’ve fuckin’ thought?” He replies, feeling himself harden even more.

Archie chuckled and went back to what he was doing, smacking your thigh and sliding two fingers into you.

“God, I bet you love to get fucked. Hm?” Jughead continued, curling his hand around your throat lightly. “Tell me. Tell me you love to get fucked.”

“I love to get fucked,” You sob out, your hole clenching around Archie’s fingers, which spread out so he could add his tongue into the mix. “I l - love to get fucked, Daddy, please..”

This is the most fun Jughead has had in a while. He’s grinning, fucking enjoying how submissive you are in this moment. It’s amazing and he knows that you’re all his, partially Archie’s. This is a great opportunity to do everything he’s ever wanted to you. “Yeah?” He leaves his thoughts. “Do you want Daddy to fuck you?”

“Yes!” You felt your eyes start to well up with tears, legs spread for whatever would come your way. “Please!”

Jughead unbuckled his belt and set it down on the bed, slowly taking his jeans off, revealing his very satisfying bulge in his boxers, his shirt coming off as well. You noticed that his body had many bruises and scars but didn’t ask, because aside from that, he was fit, and not ugly at all.

Archie whispered something to him and they switched places, Jughead grabbing his jeans for a moment and pulling a condom out - he had come prepared. He lined himself up after sliding it on, teasing himself at your entrance.

You whimpered and felt Archie bite at your collarbones, which made you melt in all the right ways, completely vulnerable in his touch. Jughead began to slowly push in, causing you to gasp and throw your head back. “Oh - Daddy!”

“Good girl..” He purred quietly, spiraling his hips again, getting himself prepared before all but slamming into you, not waiting to go slow.

You felt literal tears rolling down your cheeks because of how good it felt, your hand curling in Archie’s hair, the other wrapping it’s fingers around his length, stroking furiously.

Archie moaned gently into your ear, moving his hand down to rub at your clit while Jughead mercilessly fucked you, biting his lip.

You spread your legs out more and bucked up, watching Archie move and place his cock on your mouth. “Suck,” He ordered, and you complied, opening your mouth and feeling him move in, completely humiliated at how much you were enjoying this. “Good girl..” He muttered, “Come on.”

You gave him what he wanted, immediately bobbing your head the best you could with the position you were in, your entire body on fire in this moment. Your tongue grazed the vein on the underside of Archie’s member, and he grunted, gripping your hair.

It’s been about fifteen minutes, and Jughead was pounding into you so hard that you were sure you were going to feel it the next day. He was moaning loudly at this point, his breathing uneven and harsh. “I’m so close,” He panted. “Holy fuck, Archie, she’s so good..”

Archie pulled you off of his cock and stroked himself, nodding. “She really is, Jug. Oh, my god, I’m gonna cum. You’re such a good girl, (Y/N), aren’t you? Look at me. Stick your tongue out.”

You obeyed him and clenched around Jughead, whining out in desperation. “Daddy - fuck, Daddy, I’m so close, yeah..”

Archie was very vocal when he came, hot spurts of him streaking out onto your cheek and your tongue, and you got as much of it into your mouth as you could, gasping. “Mm!”

Jughead, who’s noises should have been fucking illegal because they were so hot, came at the exact same time, his whine broken and amazing as he threw his head back and spilled into the condom, his hips jerking even closer into you. “Fuck - (Y/N)..”

And finally, you came, which was very rare because guys were never good enough. Your legs wrapped around Jughead’s lower body as you arched your back, taking in a deep breath, “Daddy -! Fuuuck..”

The three of you layed there for god knows how long, just breathing heavily and calming down. It was all so intense.

“(Y/N)..” Jughead murmurs, pulling out and cleaning himself up, tossing the condom into a nearby wastebin in your room. “Do you smoke?”

“I have before, why?” You reply.

“Can we do that? Right now? It would be such a good way to end the night, babe.” Jughead asks, going through your drawers, grabbing a small gram of what seemed to be marijuana, which was conveniently set next to a unopened pack of the paper for blunts.

You nod, smiling and quickly rolling three joints up, grabbing a lighter from your night stand.

And then, you smoked, it took a while to finish completely, but after you did, you were high, and cuddling Jughead, in the best fucking mood ever. Archie was snoring on the other side of the bed, and honestly, you wouldn’t have this day any other way.

Jughead slipped his serpent jacket on and blew some smoke into your face, giggling and wrapping an arm around you to pull you closer. “You were really good.” He told you, licking his lips. “Like, really good. And I rarely ever tell anyone that.”

“Thank you..” You cooed, kissing at his jaw. “I’m gonna give you a bunch of hickeys for everyone to see tomorrow.”

And that you did.


The next day at school, Archie and Jughead are clinging to you. They sit next to you in class, in the courtyard, at your locker, and at lunch. Jughead is littered in hickeys and you kind of love it.

Every girl is jealous of you in this moment, especially when they see you get fucking escorted to class by both of them, and you realize just how lucky you are.

“Okay - we’ll see you at Pop’s?” Archie asks at the end of the day, running a hand through his soft hair.

“Yeah, definitely.”

“Okay, good. Jughead, are you gonna go with her?”

Jughead nods and grabs your hand, pecking it. The gesture is sweet and you feel your heart start to warm up, a blush coming up to greet your cheeks. You giggle uncontrollably, and look over at him. Jughead says his goodbyes to Archie, and then squeezes your hand. “You ready, doll?”

“Yes,” You laugh. “Daddy.”


god this took me like a WEEK AND A HALF to finish oh my fucking god hey hi i’m sorry i am LATE but i really put a lot of effort into making this good! i love u all and honestly i’m not even gonna try with a/n’s anymore

but if u enjoyed this like repost comment follow u know the drill


until then,


Mistaken Identity

Originally posted by highwaytosupernatural

Summary: Mistaking Dean for your blind date saves your life… literally

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: making out? Home invasion/being attacked in your own home. 

A/N: This is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog trope challenge! My prompt was #22: mistaken identity leads to a relationship. Considering doing a part 2, but unsure at the moment. Enjoy!

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How He Fell in Love | Yoongi

Description: How each member falls in love with you, a unique story of how love begins. Yoongi and you fell in love, slowly and quietly, first you were connected by your passion for music, then both your passion for each other. 

Genre: fluff, slight angst

Word Count: 2.1k

Series: Seokjin | Yoongi Namjoon | Hoseok | Jimin | Taehyung Jungkook

A/N: I haven’t written anything in a while, so I’m a little rusty so please be easy on me TT. This is just a short series I’m planning while I’m working on some longer fics, hope you enjoy!

It really wasn’t anything special, no fireworks or spectacular sign of the Gods that indicated that you, in fact were the one. It was more of a subtle spark or two that flew when you said his name, the warmth that bloomed in his chest when you kept asking if he was really okay, when everyone but you and him believed he was. He fell in love with you, slowly and quietly, with your smile, your witty comebacks, your ability to lose your train of thought in any situation, but leave him speechless just the same, your laugh that made him laugh, even when he thought he couldn’t.

Yoongi wondered if had you felt it too. How he would swing by the restaurant you worked at between his busy schedules to leave you a tip. How he stayed back late just to get in a few words with you. How he smiled at you. How he stared at you. How he wanted you.

It became clear after time that you two were cut from the same cloth. Your first common thread was your love for music, both of you were passionate, as you had also had dreams of being a musician. It was actually when you had handed him the USB around your neck filled with your songs that you became anything more than just a random waitress. It was a random night when he happened to stop by a random restaurant, nothing really special about it. Yoongi actually admitted after your first year together that he had completely forgotten about your USB for the first week, only listening to it after randomly finding it in his bag while he was rummaging for his own USB. And with that, you both had a good laugh about fond memories. Anyways, back to the story.

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He is KIND
He loves Animals (ESPECIALLY COWS)
He loves MALEC
U can lose yourself in His BEAUTIFUL HAZEL EYES
He has a SMILE that can light up an ENTIRE TOWN like the 4th of July..
He is the MOST BEAUTIFUL SOUL I have ever laid eyes on (Trust me i have met way too many people in my life so far)

SO are we looking at the same guy??? coz i am SURE some of u guys are seeing the WRONG MATT… (Matt is fat??? R U GUYS EVEN FOR REAL???)



learn to appreciate pure genuine souls, instead of body shaming…

I know my post is not going to make a difference coz haters gonna hate and body shamers are gonna continue what they do but remember u guys aren’t perfect either…

*****I love Matthew more than anything in my life, so I will react and not just turn a blind eye when someone says shit about him…****

Thank You

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Hi Seii!, can I request a head canon of the bidders+mc putting their child to sleep & the bidders wants to get very sexual but MC doesn't feel up to it b/c of exhaustion. Surprisingly the bidders awakens MC 😁😃🤘🏼✌🏼.

It was minutes after she had put the baby down to sleep- thinking she was going to get some rest herself since the baby had been waking up almost every two hours like clockwork. Sex was the last thing on her mind though, it had been a while since she and her husband had done it, she couldn’t be bothered with it- mainly now since she had been extra tired.


He started to nibble at her earlobe, a smirk gracing his lips as he watched her squirm under his embrace and a tiny moan escaping her delicate lips.

“Not Tonight Eisuke…” She said breathlessly, though her body was telling something different. He’d tease her until she finally had enough, pushing him down on the bed and climbing on top of him. She placed her legs on either side of his waist as she pulled his arms above his bed.

“You wanna play? Then let’s play…”

And, with that, she began biting at his neck- the smirking playing on his lips because he got exactly what he wanted.


“Babe?” He shook her shoulder, trying to get her to wake up but, to no avail- it didn’t work. He sighed deeply… He didn’t want to masturbate again but, right now it looked like it was the only feasible option.

“Soryu?” She questioned, his name coming out more of like a moan than anything else. He ran his fingers through his hair- trying his best not to pounce on you. He did, however, find it cute that she was constantly thinking of him in his sleep and that’s when it happened.

She rolled over, pulling him into her as his lips accidentally crashed onto hers.

“I missed you,” She mumbled and he smiled, leaning in for another kiss as he began kissing down her neck- leaving visible marks for the world to see.

“Show me how much you missed me, baby.”


“You better not sleep Koro…”

Ota was beyond annoyed. He understood that taking care of the baby was taking more out of you than usual but, he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t control his urges. It had been a while since you had sex with him and he just wanted to feel you- to touch you.

“Mmmm… Stop Ota- I’m tired…” You mumbled under your breath but, being the persistent person he was, that wasn’t gonna stop him. You felt his lips in the nape of your neck as he ran his tongue along the side before blowing his cool breath on the little streak.

“Come on Koro… I miss my wife…” He mumbled, turning you over and kissing you heavy.

You wanted to sleep but, after all the teasing he put you through- you wanted to show him that he wasn’t gonna get the best of you so when you leaned over while he was sprawled out on the bed, sulking, your lips instantly connected to his neck. Giving him a taste of his own medicine.

“Next time don’t tease me…”


He had come to you sound asleep and the baby lying right next to you. It was adorable, to say the least, and he ruffled your hair slightly before picking your child up in his arms. He pressed a kiss to her forehead as he carried her to place her gently in her crib, praying that he didn’t wake her. 

Making his way back to your shared bedroom, he saw you turn over now that your daughter wasn’t lying underneath and he couldn’t help but stare. God damn it, you were gorgeous. He walked over to your side of the bed, sitting down next to you and caressed your hair.

“Sweetheart…” He tried to wake you but, you were in a deep sleep at the state. He tried to get his urges to go away but, it didn’t work so he leaned in to kiss you, softly. You moaned into it and he couldn’t help but deepen it.

Your eyes flutter open when you felt him rub against your bare skin causing you to squeeze your thighs together.

“Mamo?” You questioned but, his lips were on yours again, his tongue pressed against your bottom lip. You parted them slightly and giving him a little bit of access before pulling back- shook.

“I missed you, sweetheart…”


He watched you rock the baby to sleep before gently placing them down in the crib. He wanted nothing more but, to see you keep singing but, since the baby had finally gone to sleep, you wanted to rest. Baba waited for you to get out of the shower but, with you walking around with a towel around your body and the way he gazed. You felt his arms wrap around your body, pulling the towel off your body to expose yourself to him.

“Come on Princess…” He growls, tugging you by your hand toward the bed.


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Over the Rainbow

Google Tell Me Something Good Chapter 3 Update

Words: 1,335

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The walls that once had been a bright, brilliant sapphire during Lance’s childhood were now faded and dull, like the color had been extracted from them and all that was left was the faint memory of the hue that once lived there. Maybe the noise blaring from the cheap speakers laying in the center of the messy room was physically shaking the color away, everything did seem to be trembling from the shear force of the sound waves. It was ironic that such a slow, mournful song would be playing so ear-splittingly loud and cause such chaos. A wistful guitar roared through the air, stuffing the small bedroom (and surely the rest of the house) until it was on the verge of bursting from the pressure. Soon a sweet, dreamy voice joined in, causing more tremors that threatened to toss picture frames off the walls.

“Little boys don’t cry

Little boys aren’t shy

Little boys are tough

They do stuff that little girls don’t try

“Little boys don’t dance

Little boys wear pants

Little boys are bold

And then told they don’t hold little boys’ hands”

Lance didn’t want to think.  

He had turned up the music as loud as physically possible in a desperate attempt to blare out all the thoughts tearing his fragile brain apart but it was no use. There was no stopping this.

Words and phrases were spilling haphazardly into his mind in an incoherent jumble, words that Lance had feared of hearing for so long.  

SIN.You’Re gOinG to HEll.WhY ArE yOu doINg tHis tO us?iF yOu APologiZE fOR YouR siN MAyBe gOD wiLL FoRgiVe YoU.DOn’T SaY ThHe G-A-Y wORd iN fRoNT oF YOuR LitTLe boTHeR.ArE YoU sURE??DISQUISTING. HoW aRE yoU sUre? WHerE dId wE gO wRoNG? MAYbe wE cAN FIx You.SIN.You kNow YoU’rE GoINg TO HeLL rIgHT?iS It BecaAUsE It’S CoOl To BE G-a-Y NOw? PLEASE Don’t sAY tHe G-A-y wOrD.ThIs iS nOT OkAY.I cAnt suPPoRT tHiS PaRT oF yOU.CHOICE. WHy WOUld youWanTthiS?WHy?LeAvE.GETOUTOFMYHOUSE

Lance felt like he was going insane and that his head was going to burst at any second.  

Any moment he was going to lose the miniscule amount of composure he had left, that he was hopelessly clinging on to like his life depended on it. Maybe it did.

“There’s somewhere over the rainbow

And if you change the way you love

Then maybe you can go”

And there it went.

Without thinking, Lance picked up his old, wooden desk chair and hurled it forcefully across the room. It crashed into his bedroom door before falling back onto the tiled floor with a thud barely audible over the blasting music. Surprisingly, the chair held together perfectly, looking as though it hadn’t even been scratched.

Lance laughed bitterly.  

Guess that’s the one thing that isn’t broken in my life.

With that, he grabbed the nearest bag and started packing frantically.

“Cause somewhere over the rainbow

There’s a man who’s powerful

And he wants to know

Where the rain goes

After the pain goes, they’ll be dancing with halos

Somewhere over the rainbow”

What moved Lance at this point was the adrenaline from the excitement of throwing the chair and of knowing what he was about to do. He was tossing various possessions of his across the room as he searched hurriedly for the things he needed and shoved them carelessly into his dark, navy blue backpack. The bag was already part way filled with his school supplies, but it was the best he could do at the moment so in went his mp3, a few pieces of clothes, precious pictures from times long past, his wallet, chargers, and anything else he could fit. Lance went around his room until the backpack was full to the brim, only closing when he used all of his limbs to push the contents of the bag as close as possible.  

“Little boys don’t sing

Little boys are kings

Little boys fly kites, they ride bikes

They don’t like little girl things”

Leaving the bag temporally on the crowded floor, Lance put on his swamp-green jacket (his favorite), put his phone into the back pocket of his jeans, lifted the pillow he had used since kindergarten off of his bed, then swung the backpack over his shoulders.  

Finally, Lance was in front of his door.

He sighed deeply, adrenaline beginning to kick in again.

Guess this is it.

He took one more look at the door in front of him, dented and white paint chipping, before he pushed it open and stepped uneasily into a dim hallway.  

“Dad said, ‘I know my baby’s special

And you’ll grow to be a man

And I know the world may dance with devils

But be strong, be flown to this holy land”

Fear crawled down Lance’s spine as he crept down the dark, vacant hallway careful to not be heard, not that much could be heard over the music that was still booming from out of his room. Light entering from an open doorway in the middle of the hallway illuminated the space around Lance enough for him to maneuver across the floor without making noise. The harsh, white light grew brighter as he neared the doorway. Not only did the light become more apparent, but so did the voices.

With the noise from his room growing slightly fainter, Lance could now make out the voices of his mom and dad yelling again, fighter over what they were going to do with their bi son.

Lance didn’t want to listen, all the mattered was that they were distracted.  

He snuck a quick peek over the side of the doorway and insured that both his parents were facing the other way before he quickly passed the opening and continued down the hallway. In a couple of steps, Lance was finally at the front door of his house. Well, the front door of what used to be his house anyway.

His free hand sprung out eagerly, reaching for the wobbly handle.

“There’s somewhere over the rainbow

And if you change the way you love

Then maybe you can go”

With a twist and a pull, Lance opened the door.

Cold, fresh air washed over him like a wave, his exposed skin was ignited with sensation as he walked out into the autumn night.  

Lance took a deep breath in, enjoying the scent of grass, leaves, and freedom.

He stepped all the way out of the house, gently closed the door behind him, and walked down the cracking, cement drive way passing the lush front lawn. Soon, he was on the side walk, under the yellowing leaves of tall trees and the light of the stars.

Hiking his backpack higher on his shoulders, Lance let out a peaceful sigh. The stars were beautiful.

Don’t get him wrong, Lance was scared shitless; he didn’t know if his parents were going to try to put him into conversion therapy (something he knew they had been considering), whether or not he would ever be able to return home, how he would be able to provide for himself while still being in high school, or where he was even going to go. Today had been absolutely horrible and his life was going to be extremely more challenging from now on. But god damn it, the stars were gorgeous tonight.

He was going to enjoy the very limited time he had left while he was still in shock and the whole brunt of the situation hadn’t hit him full force yet.  

As the music coming from Lance’s room grew fainter and fainter, turning more soothing than sad, he imagined escaping to space and flying among the stars far, far away from his problems.

“The streets are paved with bricks of gold

And if you want to see, come pray with me

Cause somewhere over the rainbow

There’s a man who’s powerful

And he wants you to know

Where the rain goes

After the pain goes, they’ll be dancing with halos

Somewhere over the rainbow.”