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Mistaken Identity

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Summary: Mistaking Dean for your blind date saves your life… literally

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: making out? Home invasion/being attacked in your own home. 

A/N: This is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog trope challenge! My prompt was #22: mistaken identity leads to a relationship. Considering doing a part 2, but unsure at the moment. Enjoy!

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Okay but in all seriousness Daveed honestly makes me so emotional. Like sometimes I am almost in tears because A) He is so god damn gorgeous like who gave him the right B) He has grown so much from Hamilton like now he is an executive producer, an lead actor in a new show on TNT, and Clipping is really starting to take off and starting to get the attention it deserves. Like he deserves all of these amazing things because he is such a blessing to this shit hole of a world.

!!!! I 100% agree! He’s doing so much and getting so many opportunities and he deserves it so much because he is so talented and works so fucking hard! Daveed is truly a blessing.

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after a long and hard day you decide to jump into the shower on the milano, suddenly quill jumps in too....

You barely let out a squeak before a calloused hand clapped itself over your mouth. After a few moments of initial struggle against the intruder, however, you weren’t surprised to see that the shiny metal of the wall gave way to a very blurry reflection of the Milano’s captain. 

“Dammit, Peter,” you huffed as you finally managed to shimmy out of his grasp. It was a small area; small enough for one person as is, and the extra addition made it near impossible to move. But you were used to it at this point. Any time you got in the god damn shower, he followed shamelessly after. 

At first it was great, having a gorgeous man like Peter Quill ravage you in the shower’s hot steam until you could hardly walk every day (sometimes twice when you’d decide to take your revenge while he was bathing). But soon you grew tired—not of the sex, but of your lack of privacy. You were used to being alone. It wasn’t ideal but it was all you knew, and despite you loving Quill with every fiber of your being, it was still a bit difficult to fully adjust to constantly being in the company of another. 

Today was an especially bad day. You’d so looked forward to getting some time to yourself. To being able to focus on getting yourself completely clean for once as Quill had tagged along with Rocket to hit some of the bars on Knowhere. But now here he was. Unexpected. Very handsy. And too lazy to bother undressing. 

You watched the mud from his boots flow past your feet and into the drain, earning himself a look of disgust from you. 

Peter frowned and snaked his arms around your waist. “What’s wrong with you?” he cooed. 

“I was so clean and then…” you trailed off as you stared at the grime that was now coating the ground. 

A look of understanding crossed over Quill’s face and he pulled away so he could begin to shed his clothes, and there was just something about it that was…cute. Not sexy. Cute. A trait that you didn’t think Peter had the capacity to be. Granted, he wasn’t trying. You were sure that the thoughts going through his head were those of his typical ego; complimenting himself on his seductive skills. But little did he know, the way his bit his lip and attempted to cover up the fact that he nearly lost his balance as he worked on shedding himself of his pants was more puppy-like than it was “sex-god” (or sex-lord as he’d correct you when you failed to remember his ideal play on his “Star-Lord” alias). 

“Come here,” you finally said in defeat. It was official. Resisting Peter Quill was impossible. 

His smirk quickly disappeared when you dodged his attempts to kiss you on the lips and pecked him on the nose instead before spinning him around and grabbing the shampoo. 


“Shut up,” you cut him off and squeezed a generous amount of the product into your hand. “You’re gross." 

He opened his mouth to protest but it snapped shut the moment your fingers began working through his hair—which actually was a little on the greasy side—to lather the shampoo. His shoulders fell, his muscles relaxed, and he couldn’t help but chuckle at the way he caught you standing on your tip toes out of the corner of his eye. He debated lowering himself a bit to give you easier access. He was still in his boxers, after all so there was no need to worry about the position to be “unflattering”. But he liked the way the shifted back and forth. He liked the tiny noises of frustration you’d make when the water caused a bit of shampoo to bounce in your eye. 

Peter had told you weeks ago that he loved you. But it was in that moment that he realized how much he truly did. 

This has been sitting and staring at me in my inbox for like a week now…and yep. You guys/anon thought it was gonna be smut but then I M. Night Shamad;lskfjd;lan-ed you with a fluffy plot twist. 

I’m so sorry. I’ll amp up the smut in the future, I swear! 

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Requested by Anon.

Request: Can you write an imagine where the joker falls in love with the reader who just so happens to be a beauty queen & he kidnaps her & she falls in love with him . It can have some smut in it .

Warning: Kidnapping, language, handjob, weird ‘love’.

A/N: I know I’m a cunt for taking so long, and didn’t write a full smut scene, but here we go. #FML But the scenario kinda struck me. It gave me all the Joker vibes and awww, I kind of lost myself in this Imagine because I wanted this to be as realistic as it could be. 

You didn’t know how long he held you captive. Maybe a few days? 

No. Longer.

Maybe a few weeks or months? 

That’s better. 

You nodded to yourself even thought you couldn’t answer the question. 

The place he held you captive was huge and bright- an apartment in one of the highest buildings in Gotham. You knew exactly where you were, you were able to see your own apartment from the bedroom’s windows. The doors were locked and you had only access to the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom. All in all, you were bored with no real technology and clocks around here, beside the kitchen untensils.

Since the Joker had kidnapped you and had made you follow his precious rules, you tried the hardest to hate him, to be afraid of him. You feared him, sure, however, another part of you adjusted to the situation, liked him even. You had accepted him in your new life. Why not enjoy the ride as much as you can while it lasted?

And now, you stood in the kitchen and did what you always did. Cooking dinner for the green haired gangster called The Joker. There wasn’t much you could do with dull knives and the basics. So you decided to make something easy. Noodles.

 You had just finished cooking when the front door suddenly opened and the Joker came in, a smile on his red lips. 

“Hello, Honey.” His voice was merry and you let out a relieved breath. You didn’t like him in a bad mood. He sometimes got violent. “I see you cooked something.”

You smiled constrainedly and watched him closely as he sat down on a chair. “Mm-hm. I didn’t have much but I guess spaghetti is alright?” 

“I’ll call my men later to bring you everything you need. Make a list, honey. Whatever you need shall be yours.”  

You wanted a loaded gun and a ticket to Hawaii or Puerto Rico. As long as it was far away from Gotham City. You couldn’t stand this god damn city anymore.


“You look gorgeous today.” He complimented you with a toothy grin and let his glance slide your body up and down. “Like always.” 

“Thank you.” With a nod you turned to the meal you needed to serve. 

You had always known that you were beautiful, and it had been one of the reasons he had taken you away.

Beside the fact, he also called you smart, sexy and adorable.  

He sighed grumpily. “You’re so silent. What is it? Tell me, what’s wrong.”

“Nothing is wrong. I’m just tired.” You glanced at him, slightly afraid of his reaction and mood swings. “Nothing to do all day but cooking and cleaning up. You’re always gone.” 

“Ohh, did you miss me?” He sang playfully and pulled you onto his lap, letting you straddle him, and caressed your cheek. “Tell me the truth. What bothers you?” His eyes fixed yours. 

For a moment you faltered, but decided to tell him the truth. “I… I feel lonely here. I miss going out, meeting my friends and family. I don’t even know how long I’ve been here. Fuck, I don’t even know what time it is!” 

Staring at you, the Joker’s eyes grew colder, more serious, and you gulped hard. You didn’t want to anger him. “What do you say. I take you out, to my club tonight? My negoation partners probably wanna meet my love.”

That surprised you. “Love?”

He chuckled and showed you his metal teeth in a huge smile. “Oh yes. The woman I did fall in love should know the men I work with. Don’t you think?” He said it as if it was the most normal thing he had ever told you, and something in your stomach fluttered. It confused you, how deep ran your strange feelings for him?

You didn’t need to answer the question because the Joker did it for you when he pressed his lips against yours. He groaned, his lips moving demandingly, hungrily. Immediately you responded and wrapped your arms around his shoulders, pulling him against you, kissing him eagerly back. 

Tardily you began to move your hips, feeling the hardness under you. His hands wandered to your ass, squeezing it and pulling your skirt a little bit up while you opened his pants, tugging them down, reaching for his hard cock. You enfolded him and started moving your hand up and down, excruciating slow.

“How very naughty of you, [Y/N].” He moaned into your mouth, grabbing your thighs, squeezing them when little shockwaves jolted through him. 

Carefuly, you moved your thumb over the tip, over the wet slit, smearing it, before quickening the pace. He moaned louder and you gribbed him tigher, moving your hand faster up and down, knowing he would cum any second. 

He groaned a last time before he cummed and splattered your hand and his pants with his semen. You looked into his bright eyes and thought about his words, his little confession he had made just a few minutes ago.

The Joker had told you he was in love with you.  

“Dinner’s getting cold.” You told him, a small smile on your lips as you moved your fingers to your mouth to taste him, licking your fingers clean.

Maybe, you did fall in love with him too. 

And maybe only time could tell what will happen in the future. 


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(Requests for Imagines and Headcanons are open.) 

The One With The Popsicle.

Summary: You and Chris hadn’t seen each other in three weeks. When he’s about to come home, a storm kept him away. You know you missed him, but you didn’t know how much until you started to lick a popsicle while watching Captain America, which made you absoultely horny.

Author Note: I’m still waiting for your requests!

Warnings: Masturbation, a bit of smut and fluff. Oh, and words (cock, dick, fuck) ;)


You checked your cellphone umpteenth time. The time Chris told you he’d be home was getting closer and you were a mess of emotions, you didn’t know if you were happy, excited, nervous, anxious; actually, there could be a new mening of your set of emotions. All you knew was that you had really missed him this time and that you really love someone for the very first time.

As you put back the cellphone in your pocket, you slightly smile. How this happened? How suddenly Chris Evans crashed in your life and moved all the loveless and reckless ideas you always had before him? His smile, of course, that was the beginning, then that look in his eyes, definitely. That look made you feel like he was the only focus in the entire room and as he walked, making his path towards you, the people started to dissapear. God damn, he was (is) gorgeous, those deep and eclipsing blue eyes. Your cellphone rang, taking you back to reality. Chris.

“Hey” you answered.

“Hey, babe, how’s it going?”

“I just got home, I was at your sister’s”

“Oh, dear Lord, I beg for mercy everytime you got together, I guess the whole world does the same” he laughed, you knew he was kidding because he loved how well you get along with his family, but also, ‘cause something was going on; he always started with a joke before saying something serious.

“Yep, babe, you should. But this time, we didn’t give you the honor of being our topic”

“What did you two talked about? Girl’s stuff? Me?”

“I ain’t gonna tell, mister. And yes, and a bit” you added answering his questions. “why do you want to know?”

“I feel curious, what if you talked about, I don’t know, sex, maybe?”

“Oh, come on, Evans, would you like that I talk with our sis of what we did three weeks ago? Or would you like that I tell you what she tells me about her sex life?”

“Bad thoughts are coming, and bad-bad, not bad-cool, I’ll never ask again”

“Great, so… what’s up?”

“Oh, yeah… I called you because I think I’m not gonna make it tonight. All the flights are being cancelled for the storm.”

“Well… is just another day, right?”

“I miss you so bad”

“I can’t wait to see you, when I said that it’s been three weeks I just relized how much I’ve been waiting for you, Chris” you sighed “but it’s just one day, babe”

“Just a few more hours, I promise.”


“Babe… don’t be sad, I’ll be the first thing (person) you’ll see in the morning”

“I’m ok, are you?”

“Yeah, you sure?”

“Yes, Evans”

“Well, I gotta go, I need to check what’s going on. I love you, doll”

“I love you more, Chris. Oh, and, babe?”


“I’ll be waiting for you”

“And I’ll find the way to be there. I love you”

“I love you too, take care”

“You too”


You were wearing shorts and your favorite Chris’ t-shirt. It felt a warm weather, so you decided to watch a movie. Even when you and Chris had been dating for over three years and living together the half of your relationship, you still watched Chris’s movies when you felt like missing him more than usual. You pressed play and Captain America began.

After the first hour, you paused the movie and went for a snack, you picked a popsicle. When you were licking eat you couldn’t help to think about your boyfriend’s dick. You missed playing with it. You were listening to Chris’ voice, closed your eyes and licked the popsicle, you really wanted it was him instead of the tasty popsicle.

Your hand went down, you opened your legs. You started to rub your clit as you licked the popsicle thinking and wishing it was Chris’ cock.


You’d fallen asleep in the sofa. It was nearly five am when Chris opened the door, he left his suitcase in the hall, he was about to go upstiars when he saw the tv on. Your feet were over the armrest. He smiled when he realized that you were watching his movie. He knew you weren’t a big fan of action movies. He squatted and took a look of your peacefull face. His hand went straight to your hair and started to caress it. You took a deep breath. Your eyes started to open.

“Morning, beautiful”

“Oh, my God, Chris!” You sit up as he did “you’re here”

“I promised it”

“I missed you so fucking much” your arms were around his neck and his hands in your waist.

“I don’t ever wanna leave you again”

“I don’t ever wanna let you leave again” you smiled. He moved his hands and framed your face. He kissed you softly, you also missed his kisses.

“You were watching… me? I knew that you were missing me, but I didn’t realize that it was this much”

“Oh, you have no idea. I started to lick a popsicle and then it came the idea that it was your…” you stopped talking when you realized what you were about to say.

“My what?”

“Your…” you avoided to look into his eyes.

“My dick, maybe?”

“Your dick, maybe”

“So, basically you’re saying that you missed my dick more than me?”

“I never…meant to say that, you’re playing dirty”

“So sad, my dick kinda wants to teach you what’s like to be with the person you’ve missed like crazy”

So, that was your relationship with Chris, going from novelettish to fleshly needs in seconds. Your hand started its way down, you bit your bottom lip and looked Chris while you were doing it.

“I’d love that lesson” you tease.

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Prompt: “We need to talk.”

Character: Steve Rogers (Suggested by anon)

Warning: N/A

Looking back on it actively avoiding Captain America was always a plan that was doomed to fail and a pretty terrible plan in general. Steve Grant Rogers was always going to be the type of guy who sought you out and demanded and answer and he was always going to be the type of man that would notice you avoiding him…not that you were doing a good job of being subtle, literally turning the other way in the hallway wasn’t a good start on the subtlety part. 

It wasn’t your fault really, okay it was your fault…because you just had to go and fall for that stupid perfect face and that stupid nice personality and that stupid good soul and those ridiculously perfect arms…and then you couldn’t face him because you were shy and nervous and just a scientist and he was, well, he was Captain America and those two things certainly didn’t balance out or add up…and god, you couldn’t handle being around him when all you wanted to do was kiss his stupid stupid face. You had a problem, so you’d chosen to avoid the source of that problem…who unfortunately was over 6ft, strong, and very much sentient and noticed you avoiding him. 

It was early enough in the morning, however, that a knock at your door had you opening it without thinking and then proceeding to try and close it, but having a hand get in the way and hold it. Blue eyes looked through the slit of your door that open and at you, with your messy morning hair and your ruffled pajamas. 

“We need to talk.”

“N..no, we don’t, we don’t need to talk, why would we need to talk?” You could already feeling the nervous shyness come through and just wanted him to turn around and go away, you didn’t want to talk about this, you didn’t want to have to admit it. Have to admit that his stupid jawline was stupidly gorgeous and that he was so god damn nice that it actually cause you problems. 

“Y/N, let me in.” You didn’t have much a choice if you were being honest, he could have stormed in if he wanted to, so you decided to just let him in; opening the door wide enough for him to slip through before shutting it.

“Why have you been avoiding me? Did I do something?” You moved further into your apartment, rubbing a hand against your head, before turning to look at him already feeling heat fill your cheeks and a nervous shake hit your hands. Fuck. 

“I…uh, it’s not you…I…” You couldn’t get the words and it was just so hard, why was this so hard? How come you could spout out chemical formulae, but not some simple feelings?

“Then what is it?” 

You closed your eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath, before snapping them open, determined to get the words out because you had to and this was torturous enough without it being dragged out any longer. “I like you, okay, Steve?! I like like you and I know it’s totally weird and you’re out of my league and I shouldn’t, but I do…so I figured…it would be easier if…if I just didn’t see you?” 

“You’re avoiding me because you having feelings for me?” The look of confusion on his face was adorable and it was annoying that he couldn’t do anything without being endearing in some way. Why couldn’t he just stop being so bloody perfect for just a second?


“That’s stupid.” You nodded in agreement to his words, 100% stupid, most stupid thing you’d ever done he was totally, totally correct. Yup.

“I know, tota-” You eyes widened in shock as you were cut off by Steve planting his lips on yours, “Mmph” and he was kissing you, Steve Rogers was kissing you…what do you do? what do you do?! 

Some how you managed to come to your senses and close your eyes, pressing back into him, your hands sliding into his hair to draw him closer. Before the two of you pulled apart, his forehead pressed to yours, and you couldn’t not stare because Steve Rogers had just kissed you…oh wow…

“I like like you too, stupid.” 


“I still remember how you move so slow”

Title: million dollar houses (the painter)

*smut/ fluff*

“Hey baby, are you ready? The guys are on their way down already, they’re waiting for us I think” my boyfriend called from the living room area of the hotel room.

“Yeah, give me just a second baby.” I called, attempting to tie the string on the back of my bikini top, attempting to keep my chest secured inside of it.

“Hey Jack, could you help me with the strings on this thing? I can’t get it.” I called, hoping me he could hear me over the video game he was playing while he was waiting.

“Oh, yeah baby, just give me like a few seconds to beat this boss, and I’m there.” He called, and I sighed, continuing to attempt to tie it, hoping I could get it before he finished, because god knows how long it’s going to take him.

“GOD DAMN IT!” Jack screamed in frustration, and the sound the the controlled smacking against the floor followed his frustrated hell.

A few seconds and a couple of cursing streaks later Jack was stopped in the doorway of the bathroom, hungrily looking at me.

“Jack, I’m your girl formed not a slab of meat, stop drooling.” I commented, snapping him back in reality.

He slowly walked up behind me, his fingers fumbling around with the strings until they were put up in a now behind me, he then began to slowly run his fingers up and down my sides, resting his hands on my hips as he pressed a few kisses along my neck and jawline.

“Baby, I thought I asked you not to bring this bikini, you know how it makes me feel.” He whispered against my skin, sucking gently at the patch of skin just below my ear.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Jacky.” I spoke, faking innocence as I looked into his list clouded eyes through the reflection of the mirror.

“I think you do know (y/n)” Jack almost growled, pressing his erection to the lower part of my back, moving his hands up my body to squeeze my breasts.

“I-I think he boys are waiting on us.” I whimpered, attempting to distract myself from Jack’s touch.

He sighed in defeat and threw his shirt at me from last night as he agreed the sun screen and bottles of water into our bag.

“What’s this for?” I asked, holding up the shirt against me.

“I want you to cover up with that, cause if you don’t you’re going to have guys staring at you, plus it’ll keep me from trying to bang you in he elevator.” He chuckled, giving me a crooked grin as he walked over, slinging the bag over his shoulder before he leaned down to press his lips to mine.

“You’re beautiful.” He whispered before dragging me out into the hall, leading me over to the elevators where all of the guys were waiting on us.

“Took you long enough!” Alex shouted smacking Jack in the chest.

“Sorry man, ditz over here couldn’t get her top tied, and god knows i, not letting her out of that room without a top.” He chuckled and hooked his arm around my waist as I glared at him.

“You know I love you, quit pouting.” He laughed, sticking his tongue out at me as we all piled into the small glass box.

“Jacky, pretty please?” I begged my boyfriend, pulling on his arm, attempting to get him away from the group of guys for at least a few minutes so he’d play in the ocean with me.

“Why (y/n) I just wanna sit here and drink my beer, and talk to these idiots.” He chuckled as he looked up at me.

“Okay, for one you’re standing.” I chuckled and stood closer to him, resting my chest on his, my breasts pushing together slightly, my cleavage catching his eye.

“And two, if you do I’ll give you an extra treat later.” I whispered, leaning up to press my lips against his, as I pulled away from his I could feel his erection pressed against me lightly.

“Hey guys (y/n) and I are gonna go fuck around in the ocean for a little while, if you wanna come you can.” Jack called to the other 3 as I began to walk towards the water, I could feel his eyes glued to my body as I went.

“Jack! Let’s go out further!” I giggled and ran in the water like a little kid, I could hear him splashing close behind me, his lanky figure being pushed around by the waves.

“I think this is far enough, any more out and I won’t be able to see you there munchkin.” He laughed as he picked me up, my legs wrapping around his waist.

“I’m not even that tiny you ass, I’m standing on my knees” I commented, splashing water towards him.

“This isn’t the only time you’ll be on your knees today.” He chuckled and winked at me.

I just laughed at him and walked a little closer.

“Wouldn’t it just be a shame if this bikini just untied itself, I mean we could only blame the waves” As I pretty much threatened to flash him and the entire beach I slipped my hand back to the knot he had tied earlier.

“That’s it, I’m taking you back up to the room, you won’t be able to even think straight for a few hours after I’m done with you.” He promised as he drug me out of the water, past the boys and straight up to the elevator doors.

“god I’m going to do some terrible things to you when we get up into that room (y/n).” He breathed as he attacked my neck with small wet kisses, I let a small moan go as the elevator door opened and Jack pushed me inside of it, hastily pressing the button to our level.

He pushed me against the wall of the elevator, wrapping one of my legs around his waist, as we were sharing a passionate kiss, he began to trail his fingers down my tummy, stopping at the elastic of my bikini bottoms.

As he slipped the tips of his fingers below the elastic the elevator came to a stop, a few levels short of ours.

“Shit” Jack mumbled and we quickly detached from one another, attempting to look innocent as a family of 4 walked into the elevator, the mom giving us a rather judgmental look as she held her two kids against her the daughter squirming away as we finally made it to our level, he quickly pushed me out of the door, and towards our room.

I pulled the key card from my top and swung open the door, flinging the key towards one of the beds as Jack grabbed my waist, pinning me to the door.

“I think I need to take care of something first.” He mumbled against my skin as he played with the strings of my bikini, finally uniting the knot he had made a couple of hours earlier, the material falling away from my body, only leaving me in my bottoms.

“god, you’re beautiful.” He spoke quietly as he kissed my collar bones, leaning down to kiss down my chest, kissing the gap between my my breasts, stopping to massage them for a moment before he continued.

“Go lie down on the bed, take off your bottoms and spread your legs.” He growled as he left the room, you followed his instructions and a few seconds later he came back into the room, a condom in hand.

“Mhm, my baby does know how to listen god damn you’re so gorgeous.” He spoke as he tossed the item next to your head leaning down to kiss down your thighs, taking a painstakingly long time to pay any attention to your core, finally he pressed his lips to your slit, running his tongue along the area, collecting your juices on his tongue, using his thumb to rub harsh circles on your clit,

“Oh god Jack, quit teasing and just fuck me already.” I moaned and felt him detach from me, leaning up to grab the condom, pulling down his soaking swim trunks to reveal his member before he rolled the piece of rubber down onto his member, his hair flopping into his face.

I giggled at the almost cute sight above me as he held himself above me on his forearms, using one of his hands to guide his member to my entrance

“Baby, are you ready?” He asked quietly as he pressed his lips to mine, I nodded my head furiously as he pressed the head into me, giving me a second to adjust before he slammed into me .

“Does this feel good baby?” He asked as he grunted

All I could do was nod my head as he continued to pound into me,

“None of those other boys on that beach could make you feel the way I do, only I can make my princess feel this good.” He thrust a little bit faster and I began to pant as I felt the knot tighten in my stomach.

“Baby, I’m close.” I moaned, scraping my fingernails down his back, leaning up to kiss him for a minute before he broke away to speak

“Me too baby, just let it go.”

I felt the knot relates and the liquids rush over him, he let out a deep throaty groan and I felt his hot seed fill the top of the condom.

We stayed like that for a moment before he pulled out, and got up to dispose of the condom, he walked back into the room with a pair of boxers on, and a pair of my panties and his shirt in hand.

“Here, put these on.” He smiled as he tossed them in my lap, sitting on the edge of the bed until I had the articles of clothing on.

After he noticed I had the shirt over my head he moved over to where he was flat on the bed next to me.

“God, you’re so cute in my clothes.” He commented, leaning up to press his lips to my cheek as I moved to toss one of my legs over his, resting my head on his chest as he reached for the remote.

Twenty One (Contains Mature Content)

a/n: does anyone else wanna cry for a few hours bc our babyboy is all grow’d up? :-( writing this made me want to rip my hair out, btw. enjoy. xo

warning: i’ve never really written smut like this before, so be cautious about reading. don’t get mad if you’re like ten and you get offended by the sex, k.

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