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Making gifs for Hannigram day and I just need to scream about this moment for a second

I’m just???? I always forget how god damn intimate this bullshit is. The way Hannibal holds onto it for just a breath too long after Will takes it in his hand. This feels like a touch. It feels like a kiss. And for what this means to Hannibal, to be sharing in such an experience with someone–with Will–for the first time, it might as well be so much more than that. It might just be the most intimate moment of his life up to that point. 

I would like to see a sort of phantom-of-the-opera themed fic, where Will works for the opera, not as one of the singers, but in the orchestra pit.

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(long stream-of-thought summary of the story below)

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One More Tomorrow, Chapter 9

photoset by @slashyrogue

TGIF! I finally managed to sneak in some time to write more for this fic! I’m very excited for this part and I hope you will be too! As always, I’m happy to discuss with anyone my little AU <3

+ my friends suggested to start an AO3 account. I’m not sure. Thoughts?


The first snippet and the illustration for the AU’s right here: http://shoegazerx.tumblr.com/post/152786138151/one-more-tomorrow-wwisoldierhannibal-x

Chapter 2 is here: http://shoegazerx.tumblr.com/post/153871686396/one-more-tomorrow-cont

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Chapter 8 is here: http://shoegazerx.tumblr.com/post/160275426691/one-more-tomorrow-chapter-8


Hannibal’s lids were heavy and he felt his eyelashes a tangled mess of bent pins, pricking his skin. The heat he was nestled in was a cocoon, his breath only adding to the overbearing air, yet he took it all in, gently, in long, drawn-out inhales. Stale sweat and cum and hay and unwashed hair, he took it all and it was still not enough.

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my favorite thing about the season 2 commentary is when bryan and caroline are talking about how the sex scene with will & margot made a lot of people angry because she’s a lesbian, and they were like ‘hahaha yeah hopefully we can give margot a lesbian sex scene’ and caroline was like ‘what about me! margot and alana!’ and they both laughed like MAYBE HAHAHA WHAT A FUNNY JOKE but you JUST KNOW THE COGS IN BRYAN FULLERS BRAIN WERE TURNING LIKE “WAIT A GOD DAMN SECOND.”