god damn i love this country :)

You wanna really show a fanfic author you love them?
Marry ‘em


okay I felt bad leaving out the others I know of cause they’re so cute you guys, so cute.

So of course there’s @dinovia-grant who met her wife through the Startreck Voyagers fandom

Then @rtarara who I’m fairly certain met her wife in a roleplaying forum where her wife changed the gender of her character to make it gay (so the story fit better).

And then!! There’s @zennie-fic and @inspectorboxer who are married to each other and I s2g, no lie, they are the cutest people. FOR EXAMPLE. One time we were all in a group chat together and Zennie wanted something and Box saw it in the chat and went and got it for her and I was like, “god damn, that’s love.”

So anyway, I wanted to share. They’re all so lovely and I am so impressed. What initiative it takes to cross the country to get your bae

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hi leda! i just reread the portrait (still love it!!!) and it reminded me that you mentioned working on one from stiles pov. i was just wondering what are the odds of that still happening? i love your fics and art!

The odds are…probably not very good. It never got past a doc of unconnected sentences I thought were funny at the time, and the only part that’s longer than one or two sentences was the moment Stiles saw Derek’s portrait for the first time:

Behind that plain wrapping was his fiancé. The man he would marry, the face he would be looking at for the rest of his life once he hit eighteen, that he would hopefully grow to love despite this all being for politics. He just had to unwrap it.

With one last reassuring smile and nod from Scott, he ripped back a corner of the brown paper.

And screamed.

Because the eye that glared out at him didn’t want to marry him, it wanted him dead where he stood.

Scott waved off the guards who burst into the room and came around the frame to see for himself. Even he had to take a moment to scrape together something positive to say.

The portrait was…well, it was a portrait alright. It was about as portrait-y as a portrait could get, right down to the stiff and proper posture and deep, disapproving frown. Stiles hadn’t even known someone so young could look that disapproving, or that it was possible for an artist to so meticulously capture the precise moment a man realized he was capable of murder.

“He’s…” Scott stopped and cocked his head to the side while he thought. Stiles did as well, because there was a chance it could look less frightening at a slight angle, and he was desperate (it didn’t look any less frightening at a slight angle).

“He’s distinguished,” Scott decided.

Stiles squinted at him. “He’s homicidal.”

“He could be both.”

The eye glared at them through the torn paper.

“Scott, my future husband is going to kill me!”

Beyond that, the only concrete plan I had was Stiles being perpetually more terrified of each glaring portrait of Derek that arrived, and then leaving the country to avoid them:

The farther he got from that, the better, so it was perfectly reasonable that he had to travel to an island off the far southern coast to study the mating habits of the Slender-billed Gull. No amount of his father’s disbelieving squint would make him break; mating habits of very specific birds were fascinating. 

He loved birds, god damn it.

Old People: “Fucking immigrants.  Taking our jobs, not speaking proper english.  Go back to your own damn country.  Only true americans like me can live here.”

Old People: “I don’t want gays to get married.  It makes me uncomfortable, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with me.”

Old People: “What’s with all this love for trans people all of a sudden?  It’s like an epidemic!  God made you one way…at least that’s what I believe, and what I believe is always right.”

Young Person: *posts a selfie*

Old People: “Ugh your generation is so entitled.  The most narcissistic and selfish generation ever.”

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rant topic: Dragon Age Dwarves

this is also for @lumateranlibrarian and @dearophelia because all of you have fucking good taste! 

Okay. Dwarves. DWARVES. You guys. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love dwarves, especially DA dwarves. BUT I’M GONNA FUCKING TRY. 

So first off, they’re complicated. There are so many different types of dwarves. You have your Orzammar dwarves. Your surface dwarves. Then there are dwarves in other countries, like Tevinter. There are the Kal-Sharok dwarves (side note, I want there to be a Kal-Sharok dwarven companion in DA4 so badly it hurts).

Their lore is really amazing, with their thaigs and their culture. I mean, they fucking eat moss. That’s pretty damn badass. 

I know everyone is like ‘ooh Solas and the elvhen gods’ when I’m just sitting here like ‘THE FUCKING TITANS ARE WAKING UP PEOPLE!’ My dream is that some day the dwarves remember how to use magic at some point in the series. 

And my greatest fear? That the game turns into a dwarf-elf showdown. Old god verses the titans. BECAUSE THAT WOULD BOTH BE AWESOME AND TERRIBLE. 

Real talk though. If you’ve never played a dwarf in Origins or Inquisition, please consider giving them a try. Dwarves are amazing. Like, I want to cry because dwarves are so fucking amazing. If you do, I WANT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT YOUR DWARF.

ethnic ambiguity; or, what is lily evans? a collection of microaggressions

i am neither pakistani nor turkish, but i am (like lily here) ethnically ambiguous. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve been asked what i am, told i am not asian enough or not white enough, called exotic or “oriental” (good gOD do not call me oriental), and how much i’ve watched my mom and grandmother suffer for their race in this damn country. so this is for @prongsyouignoramus, but this is also for me. may we someday have canon characters who look like us. love you, precious human <3


• she goes by lily, has ever since the first time in primary that a teacher refused to call her by her first name

• she’s always rather liked her full name, ayşa lily evans, she never thought it was that difficult to say, but the teachers and the other kids cant or dont want to learn to say ay-sha, so lily it is

• by age ten she knows her family’s story a lot. her mother is half pakistani (punjab, she thinks, but some details are fuzzy) and half turkish, moved to england in 1951 shortly after india and pakistan split.

• dad learnt turkish for her mother, they say, and lily always liked the language, but her favorite is the way urdu rolls off her tongue

• tuney (mariam petunia) has a hard time with the languages though, she tries really hard but the words dont always sound right when she says them

• she and her sister dont look very much alike at all, petunia looks a lot like dad with blonde hair and a small english nose, but tuney’s skin gets really dark in the summer and she never ever burns, and she has their mama’s long, elegant fingers

• lily looks a lot more like mama, darker skin and kind of rounder nose. she’s short like mama too, has thicker and coarser hair than petunia, but their hands and chins are absolutely identical

• its hard to go to the store with just her sister and her dad, the other people always look at her like she’s the odd one out and the clerks always ask if she’s petunia’s friend from school

• the languages have always been harder for tuney, the prayers too, but they both learn really young how to make chawal kofta and the flat, oven baked bread with mama. Petunia was always better at cooking than lily, but lily still treasured the times with mama making kofte and paratha and whatever else they wanted for dinner

• when she goes to hogwarts, the tables are filled with shepherds pie and everyone’s favorite english foods, but she’s never been able to freely eat meaty english food before in case its not halal, so she has to settle for the vegetable options (which are still lovely and delicious of course)

• professor mcgonagall is the first to notice little first year lily evans isnt eating much at meals, and assures her matter-of-factly that they make accommodations at meals. professor mcgonagall becomes a fast favorite of lily’s

• lily loves her new housemates to bits, but something makes her a bit uncomfortable when little blonde emmaline vance asks “what are you” during their third evening together

• “dad’s british, mama’s pakistani and turkish” she says hesitantly, though what she wants to say is “i’m a person”

• she loves hogwarts, really she does, but she’s also kind of uncomfortable because people are always asking what she is or where she’s from, what muggles are like, and she just wants to curl up under mama’s shawls and eat desserts because she knows there’s not gelatin in them

• “i’m british” she says exasperatedly one day in third year when some boy asks her what she is for the twelfth time that year

• lily’s always been close to her culture, she loves the smell of mama’s mendhi and the cabbages pickling in the pantry, misses speaking turkish with her parents, practicing her writing after school

• petunia’s never been like that, maybe it’s because she’s the firstborn or maybe because no one believes she’s mama’s daughter, but in the summer before lily’s 7th year she brings home a man who wrinkles his nose at the keema aloo they’re having for dinner, and lily just wants to scream at him for his obvious disdain and disrespect but petunia doesn’t want her around anymore, so she eats her meal but doesn’t taste it, and escapes to her room as quickly as she can get away

• she’s back at school, irritated at the world, and the first ravenclaw who calls her features “exotic” and “different” gets punched straight in the nose and earns her a detention on her first week as head girl

• the nib of her quill breaks one day in charms, and she mutters a barrage of turkish and urdu swears, and she doesnt notice james potter look up at her from across the aisle

• he approaches her that evening, “were you swearing in hindi earlier in charms?”

• “urdu, actually,” she says, surprised. “i thought you spoke tamil”

• “i know a couple hindi words” he shrugs. “mostly the swears”

• “typical,” she rolls her eyes and walks away

• she realizes later in bed that james potter has never once asked her what she “is”

• she volunteers the information herself, next time they’re on heads patrol. “mama’s pakistani and turkish. my grandfather’s from west punjab.”

• “i always wondered” he replies easily.

• “why didnt you ask?”

• “because i know what cultural insensitivity feels like”

• a week later remus approaches her. “so. lil-ay” he says casually. “you got a favorite food?”

• she smirks. “you ever heard of lahana turşusu? Or aloo ki bugia? Baklava?”

• remus grins in reply. “no, but i can pass the message along.”

• that evening, sprinkled among the mincemeat pies and hearty stews, lily finds pickled cabbage and half circle potatoes, baklava for dessert, and she shoots a grin at james potter who sits down the row. he pushes his glasses up his nose, returns a shy smile in return, and helps himself to a heaping plate of aloo ki bugia. she asks him later how he did it; he introduces her to the house elves in return.

• james and lily swap travel stories on their next patrol. James talks excitedly about his summers on the southern coast of Tamil Nadu, of curry and spices and how the english can’t seem to be bothered to flavor their food. In return, she tells him about the palaces and museums of Lahore, how she loves the sounds of the call to prayer, the hurried bustle of the streets of Istanbul, and agrees fiercely about the English fear of flavor.

• “my real name’s janardhan” he says quietly one day. “nobody can say it though, so i go by james.”

• “my first name is ayşa” she replies. “it means ‘she who lives.’ mine’s spelled the turkish way, so no one wants to learn to pronounce it. so i go by my middle name, lily.”

• its nice, she thinks, having a friend who understands. it’s different of course; she’s never been denied help or been given lesser treatment by Slughorn, she’s never been outright bullied or hated for her skin color, but he’s never been asked what kind of asian he is or dealt with the odd misbalance of not quite belonging in a category. They both know how it feels to see their mother hated for her skin color, her clothing, her religion, her culture; and she finds it comforting to know that next time john davies calls her exotic, james potter will be near to hex him for her.


I don’t care if you like country or if you don’t. Trixie Mattel is so God damn talented. This is SO good.

Seo Linn - Caisleán ar an Droim (Castle on the Hill le Ed Sheeran as Gaeilge)
Seo leagan Gaeilge don amhrán breá nua ó Ed Sheeran, Castle on the Hill. This is an Irish language version of Ed Sheeran's new song, Castle on the Hill. An c...

I’m putting this out to our Irish Community here on Tumblr. I’ve only recently come across this band “Seo Linn” and I am obsessed. No I am absolutely no Gaelgoir myself, but I try, and often use Irish every day in small ways. I’d love to be fluent, and I think the Irish language is so god damn important to us as a culture and as a country.
Even if you don’t have a word of Irish, check these guys out. They’ll make you love the language. They make it sound like something you want to learn.

Memories Best Forgotten Chapter 4

Dean X Reader, Sam x Reader

2600 Words

Summary:  The reader is in a relationship with Dean Winchester,  but one night something happens with Sam to change that. She doesn’t want to hurt Dean, but doesn’t know what to do. But then, the choice is taken out of her hands.

Catch Up: Masterpost

After Dean left, you turned back towards Sam. “Sam I’m sorry, I care for you, I really do. But I can’t risk what I have with Dean for something that might happen with you.”

Sam sat down at the table, cupping his head with his hands. You felt horrible, but you knew in the end somebody’s heart was bound to be broken.

Unsure, you paused, before placing your hand on Sam’s shoulder, trying to offer some solace, but he shrugs it off before standing up, and moving towards the kitchen door.

Your heart breaks as Sam turns his tear filled eyes on you again. He was controlling his emotions well, but you knew he was upset.

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161 who is it? Who are you seeing behind my back?

“Alright that’s it.” Aaron says dropping his fork and knife onto the table and looking over at you. You look at him in surprise.
“What’s wrong Aaron?”
“What are you hiding from me?” Oh shit. He knows. How does he know?
“What?” You ask with a small laugh, “I’m not hiding anything.”
“Yes you are.” He levels you with glare and you know he’s not buying it. “You’ve been sneaking around. Where were you last night when I got home? You’re never out that late.”
“I told you Aaron. I ran out of gas.”
“You never run out of gas. You get paranoid when it hits a quarter left.” He gives you a pointed look then sighs. “What other excuses do you have for me?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Are you seeing someone behind my back?”
“What? No! Of course not Aaron!”
“I know I’m gone a lot but I never thought you’d betray me like this.”
“Oh my god Aaron! I’m not cheating on you!”
“Then where were you last night?”
“I told you, I ran out of gas!”
“You. Don’t. Do. That.” He growls. Damn him. Damn him for knowing you so damn well. You were just trying to get him a birthday present that would get him out of the country so he couldn’t work. Somewhere the three of you could relax and you needed his team to help you out. Could he just chill the hell out?
“Aaron, I love you. I’m not going to cheat on you.”
“Then what’s going on?” He looks like you’ve kicked a wounded puppy.
“Damn it Aaron!” You cry getting up from the table. You go to the bedroom and pull his birthday present out from under your bed. You stalk back into the dining room and drop the box on the table. “This. This is what I was doing. Go ahead. Open it.” You cross your arms over your chest and he unwraps the present. He finds the paper inside. It’s a week long vacation to Jamaica, for him, you and Jack. You’d been at Rossi’s ironing out the issue of time off for Aaron. Derek got you a sweet deal with a friend of his and Garcia had been keeping info away from him. You couldn’t have done this alone.
“So where were you last night?”
“At Rossi’s. I was making sure that he had gotten all of the time off you need.”
“I’m sorry.” He looks up at you clearly ashamed.
“Yea, you should be.” He stands and pulls you to him.
“How can I repay you?”
“I have plenty of ideas. Starting with a nice long massage.”

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Hi! I just wanted to know if you watched the new Natsume y ep and if you're just as emotionally wrecked as I am after watching it :)


God. This episode reinforced some things, dude

  • Touko and Shigeru are such great people. They’re so kind and happy in their life, even before Natsume (especially AFTER Natsume, too)
  • That image, of the Fujiwaras with a child at the aquarium - can you even imagine how cute it would have been if they adopted Natsume earlier?? God. That sad, tormented boy from the ‘Long Way Home’ arc, who ran away at night sobbing for his dad, who used to stop by an empty temple on the way home from school because it was a quiet, safe place he felt like he wasn’t intruding. I want to see that kid being fussed over the Fujiwaras, playing in the countryside, brightening so visibly and enormously every time the Fujiwaras accepted him and made him belong 
  • Natsume is a sad kid. That, if anything, was like a punch to the stomach. We knew he has Issues and that his childhood self was more outwardly upset, but god, seeing him through Touko’s eyes was hard. He was like an apparition. He was silent and complacent and the very embodiment of ‘don’t rock the boat.’ This is a kid who knows he’s a burden but can’t do anything about that but be quiet and let the people around him do as they please. He blushed happily when Touko fussed over him being out when it was late and cold and dangerous! I’d fuss over a 14yo stranger if they were out when it’s dark. This kid is starved for affection, and has learnt to close himself tightly off so he doesn’t get hurt, and sometimes blanks out. Not just because he’s seeing youkai, I suspect. But because that’s who he is, that’s how he was raised. (He has to internalise things. God knows he could never externalise them in the environments he lived in.)
  • The stark contrast between this silent, vacant eyed Natsume who first came to live with the Fujiwaras and the Natsume we see now, in season 5, is SO HUGE. I’m so proud. Natsume smiles so much more and he engages Touko with conversation and he yells in the house and HE’S SO TALL. My boy is growing up :’)
  • Shigeru going from indecisive and apathetic about what they’ll have for dinner (which is fine; the same conversation happens in my house every other day), to enthusiastically being like, “Meat!!! Natsume’s so thin!! Let’s feed him lots!!!!!” MADE ME WEEP. Touko was equally as determined and excited to feed this damn kid (the hero we deserve!!!!!!)
  • Natsume coming home - so shy and hesitant and 100% ready to be denied - with Nyanko-sensei, asking if they can keep him, and getting so damn HAPPY when Touko says yes - KILL ME
  • Touko either a) knows or has suspicions about Natsume’s ability to see youkai, or b) she flat out doesn’t care. I think it’s a mix of both. She loves him, and sometimes he startles and says things that don’t quite match up and comes home hurt and dirtied but she does. Not. Care. (She cares, but not like that, not in the embarrassed, violent way other relatives did)
  • Just. God. The Fujiwaras and Natsume love each other and are so happy and feel so safe and content in that big, old house in the country, I’m gonna cry again
Happy Fourth of July

A/N: Hey guys! So here’s a special fic to celebrate the 4th of July! Hope you like!

Tagging: @sammyxorae @twoeggsonehart @clever-girl-velocistar237 @kangdaesungofficial @sammys-angel @samanthasmileys

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 1,687

Characters: God!Chuck x Reader

Pairing: God!Chuck x Reader

Warnings: None, really. Swearing maybe? Some fluff as well. Oh, the use of the Lord’s name in vain. Lol.

Your name: submit What is this?

Summary: It’s the Fourth of July and Chuck decides to take the reader out for a day at the beach and to a place for some special fireworks.

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Francis is not a rapist, you obnoxious little shits!

I used to rp with a France, and it was actually extremely fun. He was kind, courteous, and a perfect gentleman. Yes, Francis can be a little over-affectionate, but that’s honestly normal in his country.

He is the country of love. He becomes emotionally attached very easily, and physical affection is the best way he can think of to share his feelings with the people he cares about.

I’m 20 years old. I’m having trouble figuring out why teens are so obsessed with rape, abuse, and God damned Stockholm syndrome!! Stop it!


Have I ever told you guys about my racist/homophobic dad?
Some classics include:
“I’m not racist but they should stay in their own country”
“Gays want everything and they should keep it to their goddamn selves”
*insert every discriminatory name in the fucking book while driving*
I’m not gun ho and a hardcore social justice person, but god damn show some fucking respect toward your fellow human.
If he asked why I’m moving to England. There’s a fucking reason why.
Majority of it is to get as far away from him as I can.

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it is me, the pacha anon. i'm a simple anon, i read "oh my god i think i like you", i reveal myself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) memes aside, please feel responsible for digging my pliroy-shaped grave with your A+ writing, because DAMN

THANK THANK THANK YOU. I am enjoying the fuck out of writing it. I love writing JJ. I can’t wait to get them back in like…the same country, you know? 


going on to tumblr and seeing that someone has left me a message about my fic is like…the best fucking feeling??? on earth??

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Damian would listen to anything but country (I hope...) But I think he would like classics maybe Lindsey Stirling but I'm not exactly sure...Hmmmm DAMIAN WHAT DO YOU LISTEN TO! Also have an amazing day!

God please not country, but damn classical is my shIT. I love my boy even more. Have a great day Anon!

I love westerns tbh and god I want sbr to be animated rn bc fuck western anime with ghosts that’d be fucking awesome