god damn i cant get over this


honest to god i hate the fairly odd parents SO much why the fuck did TIMMY FUCKING TURNER get god damn fairies?? both his parents love him…. he lives in an upper middle class household…. his only problem is that he has a kind of mean baby sitter sometimes…. AND THEN you look at fuckin chester. his friend chester…. oh my god. this boy deserves fairies so much more… he lives in literal poverty, his dad is UNIVERSALLY HATED so much so that he wears a bag over his face bc he cant even show his face in public without being harassed… and this guy doesnt deserve fairies? are u serious? did u think i wouldnt fuckin notice that shit? did u seriously think i didnt see chester mcbadbat standing right there next to timmy stupid ass turner? chester eats from the fucking GARBAGE CAN. im sorry but i cannot believe for one second that timmy deserves fairies more than chester, who is the sweetest kindest person on the whole damn show and he gets shat on constantly by the universe and the fact that his friend timmy gets god parents and not him is like the icing on the fucking cake huh, the last slap in the face from the universe to confirm to chester that life sucks…. listen chester i am here for you and i love you even when the rest of the world doesnt… i WILL protect you

Signs first thought when seeing their crush

Aries: love me. right here. right now. 

Taurus: get ugly fast, my cheeks cant take this much smiling. 

Gemini: your’e honestly the hottest piece of ass. 

Cancer: please come over to me and talk to me. MAKE ME YOURS.

Leo: Damn. Damn. Be mine. Forever

Libra: that hoe better notice me, he/shes soo fine. 

Virgo: wow. are you human, i wouldn’t mind taking a dip in your gene pool. 

Scorpio: I swear to god ive never seen anyone look better. I want you to be forever mine *long period of internal groaning*

Sagittarius: that butt.. in those pants…

Capricorn: good lawddd

Aquarius: Is it possible for a person to get hotter over night because you did. Wowwowow. 

Pisces: be with me right now dammit. 


Fenrys (my lil bby white wolfie)

I honest to god cant get over him.

His looks, his attitude, just fucking everything about the male.

The way that he took the oath to protect his twin even though he HATES THE BITCH.

How he makes it so fucking cpear he hates the oath that bounds him to her and all he wants is to be free my wee bean.

That he fought so hard for Aelin on the gods damned beach.

And dont tell me he wont do WHATEVER he bloody can to help her from the inside, like he may be able to do much bc of the oath but he will fucking try and fight.

Its BREAKING me guys.


Noone ever made me feel the way you did, no.. I’m not talking about just happiness. I’m talking about giving me a reason to wakeup every day and I could hardly wait to hear your voice. I’m talking about purpose and meaning, i’m talking about reason. I’m saying when I was with you my bitter emptiness closed up and it started to restore itself. We do all these things such as getting jobs and graduating and going out with with friends but none of this compares to you. None of this means a damn thing when it comes to you. I would have given up everything in my life to be with you without a thought. What we had was short but to me it was so real and I cant get over it. Nothing makes me feel like you. I felt like i’d drunken a bottle of the finest wine when I was with you, high on life. For the love of god, tell me I meant something to you because i’ve never felt more worthless than I do now.

the dragon ball z fandom needs to drop the whole “its filler its not canon if its not in the manga” because its such a DUMB argument i cant stand it

it was part of the anime so i consider it canon. stop trying to erase arguments just because youre not happy with the idea of it. 

legit i havent seen any other fandom get so bent out of shape over god damn filler