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After today’s episode I couldn’t not draw this. Damn you, my beautiful gay sons, I’m trying for weeks now to make some bigger Victuuri drawing but you guys don’t make my life easy with all these cute scenes. Really fast sketch with some mild shading.

I sound too calm? I’m actually screaming at my screen even now lmao

Commission me!

Ya like talking about Eddsworld? Ya REALLY like Eddsworld? Ya wanna talk about it directly with others?

Then join the Eddsworld Network!

I’m currently in another network with quite a few people. Over 20 actually! We spend a lot of time talking about the character the network was created around as well as just casually chatting about anything we please! So, it’s quite an experience and it’s quite fun to just chat with others!

To Apply:

  • You do NOT need to follow my own blog. [Don’t worry. It’s fine. But if you want to, you can. :) -is 30 away from 700 at time of making this post-]
  • You HAVE to follow the network’s blog: eddsworldnetwork
  • Check the FAQ and the Rules pages on the EWN blog.
  • Fill out the form on the blog. [Click APPLY.]
  • Reblog this post. [Spread it around, ya know~!]


  • Well, ya know, ya get to talk to others who also like Eddsworld!
  • You might make some new friends you’ve never met in this fandom yet!
  • Group chat to talk about Eddsworld or just chatting casually about whatever!
  • We may sometimes have a day or night or two every once in awhile where we all join up together on rabb.it in Rc’s private chat room and watch some Eddsworld eddisodes together or something else entirely! Maybe even play online multiplayer games together like Town of Salem! :)
  • Badge to promo the network on your blog once you’re officially in perhaps~? -wink, wink, nudge, nudge-

Network is always open and there is no limit to how many people are accepted.

Have a good day~

I can’t believe people actually demand fanfic authors update.  Writing is damn hard; it takes me like 7 months to write a 15 000 word research paper.  If someone said I OWED it to them to write 20 000 words every month, I would probably punch a hole from my computer screen to theirs and use their eyeballs as stress relievers.  I’m absolutely floored that fanfic writers even have time to update at all, because god knows I wouldn’t be able to turn out anything remotely close in terms of quality and quantity.  

The sense of entitlement of fanfic readers is completely insane.  That fanfic you’re reading is a lovingly crafted product of time, sweat, and tears. The writer has probably poured hours upon hours into just one chapter. You DON’T deserve an update if you give a writer shit, you deserve a swift punch in the throat.  

I just felt this had to be said, because I read the reviews on one of my favourite stories and it just pissed the hell out of me because I know the author reads and responds to all the reviews and probably felt kind of down after reading some of that bullshit.  We should be celebrating our fanfic writers for crafting these incredible forms of expression, not putting them down for being human.  

God, I feel so gross. Going from a brutal thirty-three degrees Celsius for two months to a couple’a days of damn near freezing just before the storm smacked New York City to this– dreary weather has got me feeling like I could crawl under a rock and sleep there forever. F’course the complete perv sat next to me on the flight over could still be havin’ a proper piss on my mood right now. Ever want to see a twenty-something frat boy go from casanova to squealing little imp in less than sixty seconds? Scalding hot coffee spilled all over that area is key, friends–…”

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