god damn hustle

One Shot #6

Title: Drunk

Ship: Slight Sam x Drunk!Reader

Prompt: None

Description: The Reader and Dean are drinking at a bar close to the motel when they challenge each other to shots. Across the bar, a man notices her when she wins and makes his own challenge with her, leading her her intoxication. The man drops her off at her motel room and Sam has to take care of her.

Warnings: Intoxication, Mentions of the Daddy kink, drinking

Word Count: 2,092

Master List

Ever since she began hunting with the Winchesters, she was going out to random bars with the oldest, Dean. Dean didn’t mind having a drinking buddy for a change and (Y/N) didn’t mind that Dean flirted with anything that walks when he was drunk. Of course, they had no attraction to each other whatsoever, it was still hilarious to hear the pickup lines Dean could come up with when he was completely hammered.

One time, around November, the two were at a bar connected to the motel together. For being a small bar, this thing was almost filled up to the brim with travelers, lonely men, and just people looking for a drink. It was loud but not the loudest bar that the pair had been to. Dean and (Y/N) were seated at the counter on stools, challenging each other to whiskey shots that Dean didn’t think (Y/N) could handle. “I’m going to make a bet right now,” (Y/N) began, picking up her first shot and holding it near her mouth, “If I can get all five of these done before you, you have to let me drive ‘Baby’ to the next hunt when we’re done with this one.”

Dean smirked, thinking she wouldn’t be able to. Every time they went to the bar, (Y/N) usual ordered “chick drinks”, as he put it. There was no way she would be able to handle whiskey shots, let alone five straight. With a chuckle, Dean picked up one of his shot glasses and mirrored it to (Y/N)’s. “Deal.” Was the last word before they downed their glasses, (Y/N) slamming hers down first and reaching for the second one. Not even a second later, Dean slammed down his and grabbed his second. Of course, (Y/N) shot that one faster than the first, ignoring the burning feeling traveling down her first.

As she moved onto her third and then fourth, Dean stared at her as he moved on to his third, definitely slower than her. Picking up her last and final shot, she downed it and slammed it on the table, meeting her eyes with Dean’s who just finished his fourth. “God d-,” Dean hickuped and covered his mouth, “God damn, woman. You hustled me!”

(Y/N) smirked, taking pride in her work. “The only reason I’ve been getting ‘chick drinks’ was so I could finally trick your ass.” Her words were slurred, leaning on the counter for support. Rolling his eyes, he took his final shot and laughed, “Well you did and it won’t happen again, I promise you that.” (Y/N) smiled, before placing her hand on Dean’s shoulder, “Okay, Winchester. I think we’ve had enough, let’s head back to the motel before we get completely hammered.” Just as she twirled around in her seat, a tall, handsome man walked up behind her, a sweet smile on his face. “Hey there.” She raised her eyebrows, trying to make it seem like she wasn’t as drunk as she really was.

“Hey, I saw you across the bar take those whiskey shots like water. That was… incredible.” He sat next to her in the stool, looking to Dean and smiling at him. “I’m Troy, by the way.” He held his hand out to the both of them and they shook it one by one. “I’m (Y/N) and this is my friend, Dean.” He brushed aside his dark hair revealing a set of deep brown eyes, ones you could get lost in if you looked for too long. “Nice to meet you, (Y/N).” He gave a little side smile before he began again, “Mind if I buy you a drink?” As nice as it sounded, (Y/N) shook her head and turned towards Dean. “I think I’ve had enough to drink for a while.” She chuckled, Dean smirking once he realized this guy was trying to pick her up.

“Well, I’m going to turn in.” Dean stood up and stretched, giving (Y/N) a little wink before leaving the bar, leaving her with the Troy guy. She turned back towards Troy, a smile across her lips, “I guess I could have another.” She sighed as Troy ordered another round of whiskey shots. “Oh come on, I’ve already had five, I can’t do ten! I’ll die of alcohol poisoning!” (Y/N) giggled, as he split up the ten shots and pushed five towards her.

“I want to see if you can win against me.” He smirked, fidgeting with a shot glass. “What do I get if I win?” She was already starting to feel the effects of her first five. If she has five more, she won’t be able to walk properly. “If you win, I’ll escort you back to your room and leave you alone for the rest of the night.”

“And if you win?” She knew there was going to be a catch with this guy. Troy leaned in to whisper in her ear. “We ditch this place and go back to my room.” As handsome as this guy was, (Y/N) wasn’t one to have one night stands. She had to be in a relationship with her partner and know if he had anything that could be spread to her. Being on the road with an itchy private area doesn’t really sound like a good time. Sighing, she thought for a second. As handsome as this guy was, she didn’t really want to spend the night with him. She had to win this even if it would kill her.

“Deal.” Her words left her lips and he began the countdown when she picked up the shot glass. Three… two… one.

She shot down the glass at the same time as him. This guy was definitely faster than Dean, challenging her to keep going. She slammed down her first glass and grabbed the second, slamming that down just a little faster than him. Her third went down roughly but she still put it down and moved onto her fourth by the time Troy was done with his third. The fourth was smoother, but still burned. The effects of the first round with Dean was really dawning on her, making this a little harder than it should be. When she slammed down her fifth and final shot, she looked up at Troy who was amazed by her, putting down his fifth a little after her.

“God damn girl, you really must not like me.” He chuckled. The contents of (Y/N)’s stomach threatened to make themselves visible. Cupping her mouth as to not puke all over this guy, Troy took it as a sign to take her back to her room so she wouldn’t be sick in the bar. “Why did you make me do that?” Her stomach churned as Troy hopped off the bar stool and paid the tender, helping her off.

She held onto his shoulder, her legs feeling like spaghetti as they walked out of the bar. “I didn’t make you do that, you agreed to it. Honestly, I thought I would be the one winning.” He laughed, his legs starting to shake as well. “God, I hate you right now.” She slurred. As they made their way to the strip of motel rooms, Troy turned to her, hoping he would get a proper answer out of her. “What’s your room number, sweetie?” He chuckled as (Y/N)’s hand traveled up to his neck. “But there’s people in my room, don’t you want to go somewhere more private.” The drink was definitely taking control of her mind.

Thinking about it for a second, Troy shook his head. “You’re too drunk. I wouldn’t forgive myself if we did anything, sweet cheeks.” (Y/N) frowned as she told him her room number and they stumbled down the walkway to it. Troy knocked on the door, Sam answered it not even a second later. “She belong to you?” Troy chuckled, motioning towards the girl leaning on his shoulder. “Sadly, yes.” Sam rolled his eyes and helped (Y/N) into the motel room, the darkness compared to the outside lights disorienting her. “Thank you so much for bringing her back.” Sam shook the man’s hand and smiled.

“No problem, Bud. It’s kind of my fault she’s this hammered anyways so it would only be fair if I got her home safe.” Troy smiled before turning away and walking back to his own room. Sam closed the motel room door, noticing that (Y/N) was already in his bed. “(Y/N), that’s… my bed.” Sam sighed, accepting that they were going to have to share even though it was agreed that he was have his own bed this trip. The trio usually switched off once in a while every trip so they wouldn’t go insane with the lack of space between them.

Rolling his eyes, he walked over to (Y/N)’s side of the bed, looking down at her. “Do you have to go to the bathroom?” He asked, this time more cautious of drunk (Y/N). Last time she got hammered, she ended up peeing in the bed, too drunk to even know what she was doing. (Y/N) looked up at the tall man and nodded. Sam chuckled before helping her up out of the bed and over to the bathroom on the other side of the motel room.

“I’m not pulling your pants down for you, so you’re going to have to figure that one out on your own.” Sam opened the bathroom door and helped her in, looking her in the eyes as she smiled. “Aw, I was sure you wanted to, Sammy.” She slurred, making Sam roll his eyes. He never liked drunk (Y/N). She was more flirty when she was drunk… and definitely more horny. Whenever she got drunk, she would unwillingly crawl into one of the boys beds and try to cuddle with them and touch them.

As much as Sam had a crush on (Y/N), he would never take advantage of the girl when she was intoxicated. “Just go to the bathroom so we can go to bed.” Just before he closed the door from the other side, he heard (Y/N) whisper something. “I’m sure you do want to get me in bed.” Sam scoffed. Her attempt at flirting when drunk was horrible, even worse than Dean probably.

Across the room, he heard Dean moan, waking up. “Sammy?” Dean sat up in the bed, not as drunk as (Y/N). “Yeah, Dean?” Although he was the youngest, Sam felt like a parent whenever his brother and friend got drunk. They always acted like children. Sam walked across the room and sat on his bed. “Is (Y/N) back? Please tell me she is.” Dean rubbed his forehead, worried about the girl.

“Yeah, she’s in the bathroom.” From the looks of it, Dean was beginning to sober up after a quick nap. “Okay, good. I kind of left her with that guy. Really stupid of me.” He sighed, “Is she okay?”

“Hammered out of her mind, but she’s good.”

“Oh, that’s bad.” Dean looked up at his brother’s face through the darkness. “Yeah, I know. She’s not going to want to sleep tonight. Meaning I’m not going to get any sleep tonight because she’ll be all up on me.” Sam rolled his eyes when he heard her yell come from the bathroom. “Saaaaaaaammmmm! I’m done!”

Dean chuckled and pointed towards the bathroom. “Better go get your girlfriend.” Sam scowled at his brother as he stood up from his bed and crossed the room to (Y/N) in the bathroom. Opening up the door just a crack, Sam didn’t look before asking is (Y/N) was decent. “Do you have your pants on?”

“Sadly.” She piped up, leaning against the sink as Sam stepped in and helped her out and to his bed, tucking her in. “You would be a good dad,” (Y/N) smiled before taking a second to think, “Daddy.” Dean erupted into howling laughter at her words, sending a red tint to Sam’s face. Thank god it was dark in the motel room because Dean would never let it go that Sam was blushing to being called ‘Daddy.’

“Just… go to bed, (Y/N).” Sam rolled his eyes and tried to shake off the blush before crawling into bed on the other side of her, hugging the edge of the bed as tightly as he could to prevent further awkwardness. But, it wasn’t long until (Y/N)’s body was up against his front, curling up and pulling his arm around her. The only thing he could do was hope that sleep would come and (Y/N) would be sobered up in the morning.

Imagine Loki secretly (very secretly) being obsessed with the Hustle and trying very very hard to keep this secret. Imagine that whenever you leave for work he’d turn it on and dance while loudly singing the “do do do do do dodo do do”. Imagine one day you forgot something at home, so you come back, and when you open the door, all you hear is; “Do The Hustle! do do do do do doodoo do do, do do do do do doodoo do do”. Imagine slowly walking toward the living room where he is disco-ing adorably in the middle of the room. Then, imagine him suddenly turning around, and seeing you with your eyebrows raised and your mouth slightly open. Imagine him going beet red, and saying, “You weren’t supposed to know…”

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