god damn her eyes

Hey Emerald, have you ever walked in on Cinder and Raven doing something inappropriate? (Asked by yoritomokenji)
  • Emerald, scoffs, annoyed: Occasionally. And to make it worse, I'D BE THE ONE YELLED AT.
  • Mercury, sitting across an armchair, playing a game on his scroll: You're the one that just walks into places without knocking.
  • Mercury, stopping for a minute, looking disgusted: The....the kitchen...
  • Emerald, her hands on her hips, narrowing her eyes: The. God. Damn. KITCHEN.

Netflix and Chill - Ethan




I looked angrily at my step mother as I was just about to snap on her ugly ass. “What the fuck do you want me to do! I’m only a fucking kid! You can’t just expect me to quit YouTube and get a career! I’m making god damn money I’m just god damn keeping it from you!” I shouted angrily at her. She just rolled her eyes at me. “Don’t roll you eyes at me. I can’t roll my eyes so now you fucking can’t.” I said rolling my eyes as well.

“Y/n people your age are getting jobs. Don’t be that ugly cast out like always. Get a god damn job.” She said rolling her eyes once again turning around to walk back to the kitchen. “Walking away from you fights isn’t always the answer!” I yelled at her. “Well I shouldn’t have to fight if you’ll just get a job!” She finally yelled at me. “I don’t even know why my dad married you!” I spat at her.

Yes I said it. The one word no girl should ever say to another girl. But I said it. “Y/N! Y/M/N! Y/L/N! I want you the hell out of this house right now!” She yelled at me. I rolled my eyes. “Like I fucking care. Not like I have a loving father here!” I yelled making my way towards the door opening it. “Let the door hit you on the way out!” She yelled. 

She’s acting like a mother fucking child. I made my way over to my car hopping it and starting it. I pulled out of the driveway and drove to the only other place besides Grammy’s place. And that was my boyfriends apartment. I drove there finally but once I parked the car the tears started falling. I got out of my car and up the elevator and over to the door knocking on it.

Grayson answered it and looked at me. “Y/n? Everything okay?” He asked. I just shooked my head. “I just need to see Ethan.” I breathed out looking up at him. He nodded and let me in. “He’s in his room.” Grayson said as I started down the hallway. I made my way to Ethan’s room opening the door without knocking and I heard him groan. “I swear to god Grayson.” He said turning around from his bed. 

His expression softened once he saw me and understood what was happening  and opened his arms. I walked over to him falling onto the bed and into his arms and cried my eyes out. He stayed quiet and let me just cry. He knew what to do at these points. Stay quiet in till I tell him everything. I pulled away and looked at him sadly. He kissed my temple and gave me a smalls smile. 

“What happened?” He asked. I gave him the whole story and he also started to look mad. “Your step-mom is a cunt.” He said rolling his eyes playing with my small hands. “I know right.” I chuckled a bit. He cracked a smile bringing his lips towards mine. “How about we watch Netflix and chill? And just cuddle no sex.” He laughed as he saw my face.

“Please.” I asked. He smiled nodding and put on Fuller House. HE knew everything that made me happy and smile. That’s why I love him.

“Ethan.” I said looking up at him as he started the first episode of it. We’ve watched it about ten times already. “Yeah.” He asked smiling at me. “I love you.” I said scared to what he would say. “I love you too.” I smiled kissing my cheek and wrapped his arm around me and brought me closer to his strong warm body.

I stayed the night there and a a week in till finally going back to my house.

Heated Practise

I was kinda inspired by Mashima’s art so here is like a crappy and tiny little section of what I imagined. Enjoy~

Pairing: Nalu


Lucy sighed as she stared at Natsu who was standing on the other side of the mat. He stretched and clapped his hands together before rolling his shoulders. Sweat covered his half naked body as he looked at her with a stern and determined gaze.

“Natsu,” she whined, “everyone’s gone home. Can’t we wrap this up?” It was true. Natsu had forced Lucy to stay back after the lesson so he could perfect the new technique and she was beyond tired. Her whole body ached and she reeked.

“C'mon, Luce, just one more time. Promise.”

He used those eyes that got her into this god damn wrestling class to begin with. Those eyes she couldn’t possibly resist and she grumble, taking her stance and stepping onto the mat.


Natsu stepped closer to her and they circled one another, hands raised. They stared one another down and her wrestling partner grinned wildly before muttering a quick ‘go.’

Lucy thrust her arm forward at Natsu knowing the procedure. He swiftly moved to the side, placing a hand on her shoulder in the process. The blonde shut her eyes as she now prepared for the part she hated most; the fall.

She felt Natsu’s foot kick out her footing and she lost her balance and fell when he applied the force to her shoulder. Her body landed flat on the mat and she grit her teeth, though the mat broke her fall it still hurt a bit.

What Lucy didn’t expect was the weight that suddenly landed on her. She opened her eyes to come face to face with Natsu and felt her lower body being crushed under his.

“Sorry, Luce.” Natsu grinned and Lucy’s cheeks darkened. He stared at her as she sputtered like a fish and made no move to get up any time soon.


“Hey! It ain’t my fault I fell,” Natsu defended and flicked Lucy’s nose with his free arm while the other held up his weight. She whined beneath him and Natsu chuckled.

“You’re blushing.”

“Get off, Natsu.”

“Lucy’s blushing,” he teased and her eyebrows narrowed as she pouted.

“I said get off!”

“And why should I, hm? I’m comfortable,” he snickered and leaned closer to her face, which burned hotter than before. His dark eyes stared into hers and Lucy nearly choked on her own spit.

“Luce,” Natsu cooed and she swiped her tongue over her dry lips. She couldn’t stand this. Having Natsu topless hovering over her and teasing her like this and just being oh so close.

“Natsu, please,” Lucy whispered, her voice holding a tinge of desperation and the feelings that had been locked up. Natsu’s eyes flickered from her lips back to her brown eyes.


Gah I’m sorry it’s so short but like I couldn’t write anymore it got too much and my heart can’t take it •////•

The Move (G-Eazy Imagine)

I bit my lip looking over at G-Eazy. He was looking at me, I could feel his stare every time I moved or talked to my friend who dragged me to his concert and meet n’ greet.

I looked at my friend who was happily talking to another fan of his. “Alex, I think I’m going to leave. I really don’t understand why you brought me here in the first place anyways.” I said drawing her away from her conversation. I just wanted to be at home where I could watch some god damn Netflix!
She rolled her eyes at me, “for the last time, I think you would look cute with him! I just want to see you and G stand next to each other! I feel like you would be cute together. Besides you said you would take pictures.” She said pouting.

Feeling his stare on me, I looked back at him again. He put up his arm up and made a come here motion. Rolling my eyes at him, I turned back to my friend, “fine lets go and get your picture! It’s not like he has a line to meet him. You ask for a picture he says yes, you pose, and I take the picture so I can leave this place and go back home.”
“Fine just let me finish talking to Peyton.”
I nodded looking at the room before looking at my phone to see my notifications.

Someone came up to me. They cleared their throat, getting my attention. I looked at them. The guy was about 4 or 5 inches taller making him somewhere around 5'7 since I was 5'2.
The guy smirked at me, “my name is Brandon and I think we’re both ready to go back to my place.”
“Like I would want to go back to your place!” I said anger oozing out of my voice.
“Well you see babe.” He bit his lip and leaned closer to me, “You don’t have a choice. Let’s face it you couldn’t anything to me that would last for long except giving me pleasure.” He winked.
“Well I could give you both pain and pleasure but I have to admit after what you just said to her I’d rather make you feel pain.” A voice said from the side.
I glanced to see who it was, G-Eazy. He was glaring at the guy who had backed away from me a bit. G towered over him. You could tell just by looking who would win the fight.
“I’d run if I were you.” G said in a threatening voice.

The guy scampered off leaving me with a man who had been staring at me a little too much. (😂 I’m sorry! I had to put the Shawn reference in there)

I turned to G, “thank you” I smiled.
He smiled back, “it’s fine. I couldn’t let some as beautiful as you get hurt could I?”
I smirked, “you could’ve you just wanted to know why I didn’t fall for your little move. You saw the guy and thought, perfect opportunity.”
He frowned at my thought process, “you are the first person in awhile that hasn’t fallen for that move, who’s a fan.”
I smiled, “that’s where your wrong. I’m not a fan. My friend made me come here. Yeah I had a date with Netflix that I missed.”
He laughed, “I’m sorry you had to miss your date.” He looked down at me, “is there a way I could possibly take Netflixs place and take you on a date.”
I bit my lip looking at him from under my eye lashes, “I was thinking about breaking up with Netflix anyway. So yeah I guess you could.”
His eyes light up with my response. His smile is amazing, “well then, beautiful, I’ll text you.” He handed me his phone so I could put my number in.

I put ‘beautiful’ as my contact name. Making a come here motion he stood beside me well more like crouched so we were both in the frame for the contact picture. He did the same with my phone, putting his name as 'G Baby’ but the picture was different by far.

Taking me by surprise he picked me and made my legs wrap around his waist. His hands on my ass to support me. He had someone else take a picture of us. G got my phone back and put it in his back pocket of his jeans. His thumbs rubbing circles on my ass.

I pressed my forehead against his, “you could put me down you know.” I breathed.
He chuckled, “I know”.

This time I took him by surprise. I pressed my lips against his neck. Sucking a little before pulling away. Looking at him innocently. He grabbed my ass when I had started sucking on his neck.

His lips brushed against my ear, “don’t start something you won’t finish.”
“Then put me down” I whispered.
He did that muttering tease under his breath.
I winked at him, “I’ll be waiting for your text.” before grabbing my friend and pulling her away. Thankful she didn’t see G and me.

“-and that’s a close one, Stark just barely ducks in time, and she’s already off in pursuit of something- not clear yet whether she’s seen the Snitch or if she’s repositioning- Quaffle to Poole and-”

Arya curses, swerving just fast enough to avoid colliding with a Hufflepuff Chaser, and looks around again. She could have sworn she’d seen a flash of gold before the bludger had whistled past her ear, and she’s lost it now, gods be damned.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Lyanna jerk to a stop. “Stark!” she starts to shout, but something hits Arya hard from behind and suddenly, suddenly she’s flying.

She didn’t know someone could have eyes that blue.

Uncle Robert has very blue eyes too, but that’s a silly thing to think right now, and gods does her head hurt.

“Whuh?” she says intelligently, and Mr. Blue Eyes looks up guiltily from the floor.

“Stark!” says a voice to her left, and Lyanna is looming across her field of vision. “How do you feel?”

Why is she so loud? “My head hurts,” Arya manages, and Lyanna clucks disapprovingly.

“Well, of course it does, but-”

“What happened?” Arya asks. Lya’s face falls suddenly, and has that terrible look of concern that Sansa gets when nobody wants to tell Arya what’s going on.

“A bludger hit you from behind,” says Mr. Blue Eyes.

He hit you with a bludger from behind,” snaps Lyanna. Arya notes Mr. Blue Eyes’ build, the yellow peeking out beneath his jacket- the Hufflepuff beater, the big one. Gendry, supplies the part of her brain not shrieking in pain, Jon told you to watch out for him.

“You knocked me off my broom,” Arya says slowly.

“I didn’t mean to,” he says defensively, hands up against Lya’s accusing glare.

“How do you accidently-”

“They have a mind of their own, alright?”

“Miss Mormont! Mr. Waters!” says Pycelle as he shuffles across the room, and Arya bites back a groan. “If you cannot be quiet in the hospital wing, you will have to leave.”

“Sorry,” the two mumble at once.

Anyway,” Lya continues more quietly, “he knocked you off your broom, and Greenhands got the Snitch, so there wasn’t much we could do.”

Arya does groan this time, letting her head fall back on the pillow. “The championship-”

“Never mind the championship,” Lya says, though Arya knows her well enough to know that she very much does mind the championship. “Wylla caught your broom, and Pycelle fixed you up all right, but he thinks you have a concussion.”

Mr. Blue Eyes – Gendry – looks guiltily at the floor again.

“Look, I have to go, okay? I already told Lannister that you won’t be in History of Magic.” Lya squeezes her hand quickly before turning and walking out. Arya thinks she hears Pycelle sigh in relief from the other side of the room.

She turns and looks at Gendry again. “Is there a reason you were sitting here watching me sleep?”

Gendry blushes, and if her head didn’t hurt so much, she would be amused. “I wanted to make sure you were okay. And say sorry and all that. I didn’t think it would actually knock you out.”

Arya considers that for a moment. “I’ve been knocked off my broom before, and you’re the first person to actually wait in the hospital wing to apologize.”

“I gave you a concussion,” he points out stubbornly.

She pauses, letting the pain in her head subside a little bit before answering. He’s very nice, says the less-than-helpful part of her brain, and his eyes are very very blue.

“I’ll tell you what, Waters. Buy me a butterbeer and maybe I can forgive you.”

SPOILER FOR NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE: octavia comes back to arkadia just as the black rain starts. so she runs to get help get people inside and see’s who out of the corner of her eye playing in the god damn rain? JASPER FUCKING JORDAN !! so, her warrior self runs over, grabs him by the goddamn collar of his shirt and drags his ass into the ark like the mom-friend she is. ( spoiler provided to you by @crimiinalchemiist and i )

                         you don’t expect me to buy that shit, do you?she scoffed, rolling her eyes. ‘ you’re telling me every god damn convenience store in pensacola was out of chili cheese fries? really?

❪ ℕ ❫ — @bellatorvm // for a starter

Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend’s Attitude After They Woke Her Up From Her Nap

I think I am not going to have everyone be sassy, some might be grumpy as well just to give some variety. 


“Jagi,” he said softly as he shook her shoulder. She groaned, rolling away from him and off to the side a little. He tried again, having to reach more to touch her as he poked her shoulder. “Jagiya.” 

“God damn it, Baekhyun,” she snapped as eyes flew open, her lips settling into a snarl. “If I ignored you the first time it’s kind of clear I didn’t want to wake up, wouldn’t you say?” 

Baekhyun smiled, not offended by her sass in the least as he sat down next to her and then curled into her side, resting his head on her shoulder and smothering her with his affection. “We have dinner reservations.” 


“Jagiya we were supposed to meet them ten minutes ago, we’re late,” Chanyeol said as he sat down next to her on the bed and shook her. 

“You don’t need me to hold your hand for everything, just go do it yourself,” she said snarkily as she hugged her pillow closer. 

Chanyeol smirked as he poked at her, trying to get her up. She swatted his hand away, snarling something inaudible at him. He pressed his lips together and looked at her curled up form, grabbing onto her sides and encircling her body with his own, trying to make her want to get up. 


“Get up,” Chen said for the fifth time as he entered their room. She groaned again, turning over once more so she was lying face down in the pillows. He walked towards her and nudged her foot with his own. “Jagi, come on.”

She turned and threw a pillow at him and the immediately turned to laying face down. He managed to move side in time to watch it smack into their dresser and knock her hairbrush to the floor. Her voice reached him muffled. “Fuck off Jongdae or I will never sleep with you again.” 

He smirked to himself as he bent down and picked up her hairbrush. He threw it at her, watching it bounce off of her ass and onto the floor. When she turned to look at him, he stuck out his tongue as he smiled. “Get up.” 


He smiled as he called her name softly, strolling into their room. She must have forgotten they had late lunch reservations. When she didn’t respond to the sound of her name he walked over to her and gently swept her hair from her face. “Jagiya.”

She still didn’t respond, so he tapped her shoulder a couple times. “Jagiya, wake up.”

Her eyes snapped open and she snatched his arm, holding his wrist with an iron grip. “I will lock you in the bathroom and leave you there for three days.” 


“Baobei,” Kris said from the doorway of their bedroom, looking at his girlfriend laying on the couch fast asleep. 

They were supposed to go shopping to pick out more furniture of their new apartment that only had a couch, bed, a couple of chairs, and too many boxes with no where to put their content. They needed proper shelving and loads of other essentials.

Kris knew she was napping because they had done much of the moving by themselves, but he hated the empty space. He was tired too, but they still had stuff to get done. He grabbed a plushie from one of the boxes and then threw it at her. 

“What the fuck?” she snapped as she pushed the bunny from her face and look at him with a pout. “Go fuck your mother. I’m exhausted.” 


He found her face down on the kitchen counter, head resting in her folded arms. Kyungsoo smiled as he walked up to her and gently wrapped his arms around her, kissing the top of her head as he ran his arms up and down hers. “Hey, maybe you should move into the bedroom where you will be more comfortable?” 

“Maybe I’d be more comfortable without you putting your hands all over me,” she said snidely, not moving underneath him. 

Kyungsoo backed up and looked away from her awkwardly. “Alright, I’ll leave you alone then.” 


He walked into their room and saw her napping on their bed. He looked at his watch, knowing they had an event to attend tonight. He walked up to her and then sat down next to her, laying his hand on her side. 

“Baobei,” he said as he shook her lightly. “We need to go in an hour and you have to get ready still.” 

She opened her eyes and rolled towards him, blinking at she looked up at his face. “Five minutes.”

“You need to get ready,” he reminded her. 

“I don’t take as long as you do to get ready, I am sure I can afford five minutes.” 

“But I don’t take long…?” 


He looked down at his girlfriend who slept on the couch, her chest silently rising and falling. He poked her with his fingers in the collarbone. She blinked up at him, watching him sip his soda out of a straw. 

“What?” she asked as she looked around with confused eyes. “Do we have something to do today?” 

“No, I just wanted to watch Tv and you’re on the couch.” 


Sehun found her laying on the floor with their cat, holding it close. At some point she must have laid down to pet it and then fell asleep in the process. He walked up to her and nudged her with his foot, trying to get her to wake up. After a few attempts she stirred. 

“What the fuck do you want?” she asked him grumpily as she frowned and hugged her cat closer. 

“Fine, sleep on the floor.” 


His text tone rang and he looked at the screen with lazy eyes, redirecting his focus from the book he had been reading. His eyes widened as he got up and rushed to his room, hating to wake his girlfriend but now reminded that they had somewhere to be. He bent down to her level and gently squeezed her shoulder, trying to wake her up. 

“Jagi we have to go,” he told her quickly as he shook her shoulder slightly. “We were supposed to be at my parents five minutes ago.” 

“Junmyeon,” she said quietly, her eyes remaining closed. “I will break every finger you’re touching me with if you don’t leave me alone. Go see your whiny mother yourself.” 


He flopped down to their bed, occupying the space next to her as he turned and began to poke at her side to wake her up. She turned away from him and pulled the blankets higher over her body, covering everything below her nose. Tao pulled at her ear lightly. 

“Baobei, wake up,” he said as she continued to ignore him. 

When she finally got sick of him, she turned on him and let out a frustrated groan. “For fuck’s sake, Tao, go have a shower by yourself.” 


“Jagi,” he said as he tried to wake her up. She didn’t respond and they had to meet Luhan at the cafe in twenty minutes. He tried again, this time shaking her a little. “Jagi~” 

His girlfriend stirred and then looked at him with nothing short of daggers in her eyes. “What?” 

He smiled as he flexed his hands in front of her. “We have to go, get up!” 

if you’re defending Zayn after all that he’s done to Perrie I literally don’t understand you why are you viciously defending a boy who publicly humiliated his ex after breaking off a 3 year engagement AND after she lovingly stood by him even though his fans were disgusting to her all of that time?? open your god damn eyes and stop defending someone who is trying to get people to gang up on a person who did absolutely nothing to deserve it


malayalam movie cliches 101: when you and bae have to cross a wobbly old single log bridge which is functionally made for one person to cross at a time so you are both ‘forced’ to cross and get all up close and personal with each other. 

Chirakodinja Kinaavukal (2015): Malayalam cinema’s first spoof film


Okay. Shoutout to Deanna for being the baddest bitch on the Walking Dead. She runs with Rick and shoots walkers. Rick says “We need to back up.” Deanna’s response? “WE need to back up.” as she continues to shoot walkers. She finds out she’s bit. Her response? “Well, shit…” She’s dying, has a gun in her hand. Instead of shooting herself, she literally goes out with a bang. She opens the door and shoots the rest of her bullets at those god damn walkers who did that to her.

No one really bats an eye for Deanna. She deserved more credit. She’s more badass than Alexandra Breckenridge’s character. Deanna is an example of a brave, badass bitch. And I totally salute her for that.