god damn he looks good

Heat (Ethan)


You kicked off your covers and smacked your head against your pillow in frustration. It was way too hot in your apartment. Your AC had blown out on you last week and let’s just say it had been hell — no pun intended. You looked over to your boyfriend who was sleeping peacefully beside you with not a care in the world. You were envious how he could sleep so sound in a condition like this. Realizing that you wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep you slipped out of bed and into the kitchen to get a cold glass of water, filling it with tons of ice, hoping by some miracle it would take away the sweat that was beginning to form on your forehead. You leaned against the counter, downing your drink in two gulps before refilling it almost immediately. When you shut the water off you heard footsteps approaching from the hallway. You saw Ethan’s figure peer at you in the darkness before he came into the faint glow from the stovetop light, squinting, and scratching at his head.

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Egyptians: so what gender is this new god you made up?
Akhenaton: it’s a sun
Egyptians: no but what’s between its legs
Akhenaton: hands