god damn cool

I had an awesome dream about Magic last night

It was like this weird amalgamation of the Yugioh anime and JJBA but Commander was the only format and people played on those hologram things like the ones from Yugioh and your Commander was like your Stand and had a big dramatic summoning animation, and I was playing with my Karlov deck against a Derevi deck and the spirit of the card spoke to me and told me how to win the game. 10/10 best dream I’ve ever had.

Happy Easter from the Easter Hound!

(This was taken at our pet expo adventure yesterday)

Darkness Records
Jeff Rosenstock
Darkness Records

Burn my Mona Lisa. I would like another chance to put stars in her eyes, fire pipes in the sky, and brass knuckles on her hands. She can breathe. She can see when you’re not watching. Throw away my letters. I would like another shot to put a shine in your smile, make your nights worthwhile like I’m with you when I’m not. I disappear and I reappear. I’m made of magic.

so my brother sometimes talks in his sleep and he'll have a completely rational conversation until like the last few sentences and this just happened
  • brother: hey what's your sign
  • me: what are you talking about
  • brother: like what's your sign like a star sign or whatever
  • me:
  • brother: i know what mine is
  • me: okay
  • brother: stop
  • me: ?
  • brother: my sign is a stop sign
  • brother: because i need to stop

Dad:76 making sure all his kids were stabilized with some granola bars and meeting other cool dads at Otakon.

Please tag other people if you know them!

The fantastic Mercy is @frostyghost

The crazy-good Soldier:76 is @buddaknife

The fellow Dad extraordinaire is @wizard-of-waz! Always good to see Dads looking out for their kids