god damn band

Eric told me I could post all the doodles I liked as long as they were spoiler free so beware the floodgates have opened and I’m gonna be brushing up a ton of my StreetSmart sketches 

Sooo, @VisitPurgatory asked for Orphan Black crossover with Cophine double date!  Here it is my friends. 

As a bonus, here’s Wynonna and Sarah bonding over drinks, leather jackets and sisters

Doodle requests are still open! Though there are quite a few lots in line so it could take a little while.

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anonymous asked:

What kind of sexy are Buck Compton and Frank Perconte? ❤️

Buck Compton is “full contact sports are foreplay and we have lots of sex while camping” sexy

Frank Perconte is “he knows how to cook, and clean, and do the dishes, and vacuum up after himself and it turns out a clean house is a major turn on” sexy