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Title: Silly little wonder, all but fonder.
Description: Imagine a world where a lover’s touch is your biggest wonder.
Setting: Canon of course I mean duh. Okay, post Alvarez arc
Rating: Just pure fluff. Rlly. Just. Fluff.
Word count: 1583
Word pages: 3
A/N: this is the first time I ever post anything for the Fairy Tail fandom that I’ve written, and second time I post anything I’ve written at all on tumblr, so I kinda feel like hurling, saying that I’m trusting you guys a lot so pls be nice. Also what is english grammar, i’m so sorry I struggle so much especially with present and past tense, and I also feel like I should apologize for how messy my writing is, but thats just
how it is
I guess


Juvia is the type to notice things quickly; especially when it comes to Gray, which really isn’t that surprising. Juvia has never given it any second thought, except maybe starting to take her thoughts with a grain of salt, soon learning that she could be quick to misinterpret situations.

So when she starts noticing that Gray is always touching her, one way or another, she decides not to give it much thought.

Especially given the situations the war with Alvarez had put them in, believing it was Gray just needing comfort after several traumatizing moments.

And she’d be lying if she said it wasn’t a delight; if she denied the small squirm her heart made whenever Gray spots her in a room, making his way toward her, even mid conversation. Sometimes he wouldn’t even truly greet her, just silently fold an arm around her or make a careful touch to the back of her hand.

Whenever they were sitting together at tables, he’d go for the seat next to her; squirming his way in if there isn’t space, grazing the tip of her knee with his, or silently learn against her, shoulders brushing and hands intertwining.

It had surprised Juvia greatly at first – she never really taken Gray as one that enjoys pda, and as time process, it doesn’t really seem to be the case either. She had been flustered to begin with, being used to be the one to make the first move and not him. But she had silently turned away her head, hiding away her blush; it had felt like a dear secret that everyone could see, one everyone acknowledged, but not out loud.

Gray seemed to gravitate towards her, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world and never had it been any different.

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How Dean would react to you not returning his love:

‘’GOD DAMMIT!’’Dean screamed. The sound of crashing and banging as Dean took a golf club to the Impala. You stared out the window, tears leaking down your cheeks. He didn’t know you were here, didn’t know you could hear him. He had confessed his love but unfortunately you couldn’t return it. Not in that way at least.

You watched him destroy his prised possession as he smashed it to pieces before he slowly sunk to the floor and began to cry.

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i just had an idea... Imagine tobirama's collar being like a white feather boa instead of fur. It just gets bigger and fluffier every time the senju capture an uchiha messenger hawk/falcon... "he always seems so eager to care for the uchihas birds, i wonder why...?" When the uchiha see tobirama on the battlefield and his collar is drowning his neck in fluff they are just like "god dammit thats where they went..." I can imagine madara dying all of his hawks/falcons black out of sheer pettiness


“…..Brother, why are you painting your falcons. Why.”

“For spite, Izuna, shut up and hand me that bottle of dye.”

Let’s Play - GTA V - Plane Insertion (45:00)
  • Michael:Can you get the fuck in the plane before you get shot in the fucking face?
  • Gavin:Lots of that there F word in there.
  • Michael:GOD DAMMIT. I got shot in the head as the plane was coming out of the hangar.
  • Gavin:OH. Why is there a gang attack WHERE ALL THE FUN IS?!
  • Michael:Are you dying in the same spot as me or are you somewhere else?
  • Gavin:Yeah! Why put a gang attack where people are gonna come?!
  • Michael:*laughing* I think that was their thought process actually.

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