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valentine’s day

author’s note: seems like I’m blessing y’all with a smutty josh fic on my least favorite day of the year. i hope you all enjoy and if any of you didn’t have a valentine for the holiday, don’t fret because you’ll always me, josh or tyler to count on. (please let me know if i succeeded on my first josh smut k thx.)

warnings: daddy kink, slight dirty talk, fluff and just a shit ton of sin.

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Going Viral - SkartoArgento - Deus Ex: Human Revolution [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 3/5
Fandom: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex (Video Games)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Adam Jensen/Francis Pritchard
Characters: Francis Pritchard, Adam Jensen, David Sarif
Additional Tags: augmentations, Body Modification, Hallucinations, Hacking, Virus, Frenemies, Friends to Lovers, fun with memory clusters

Pritchard discovers the dangers of having neural augmentations, and it’s up to Jensen to try and save him.

Fun fact: I meant to finish this yesterday but made the mistake of watching The Plague Dogs while I took a break. Never seen it before. Was fucked up for the rest of the evening.

Anyway, I really hope you guys like this chapter. When I try and do plot I always feel like a two-year-old with a crayon trying to colour inside the lines… so I hope this isn’t too bad!

Have you ever watched or read or listened to something that caused so much emotional damage that you temporarily can’t function as a human

Like you just sit there and think about the thing that made the feelings and wallow in them for hours

Georgia wants a pre-recorded interview segment on ESPN, but she’s willing to settle for TSN. With Jack’s permission she’s talked to management, PR, and HR and they’ve come up with a plan of action. There’s a script of sound bites for reporters she’ll feed to Jack, and the media team has the perfectly curated 100-character response to negativity, as well as several options for a hashtag. With Jack’s nomination, and win, for the Calder Memorial expected, the timing couldn’t be better. All that’s left is Jack’s go-ahead, and they can have the announcement out in two weeks.

Alicia is pushing for a print interview. She knows her son, and he would feel much more comfortable without the looming cameras and harsh studio light. Any magazine would fight tooth and nail for the exclusive rights to Jack’s coming out, it wouldn’t have to be a gripping article: a fluff piece about his rise to the NHL, a brief mention of his anxiety and time in rehab, low ball questions sent ahead of time so he can look them over with his PR team. Alicia’s played the game before, she has contacts she can send to Jack when he’s ready. Now that he’s been nominated for the Calder, he’ll have to act fast to get the interview to coincide with his win.

Bob thinks actions speak louder than words, and he’s vying for Jack to propose to Eric on live TV. He can arrange for flowers and a band. It’s a tight schedule with the Calder ceremony only a week away, but he’s never shied from throwing the weight of his name around. A gesture like that would capture the hearts of America and Canada. Hell, people around the world would be talking about it. He’s got all the major sports sites bookmarked so he can read every article written about Jack’s coming out and decide which ones will be blacklisted and which will be given exclusive Bad Bob interviews in the future.

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But imagine if the Avatar and the Marvel universes collided

Asami and Tony would become besties in five seconds and go into a mad engineering spree. 

While Steve and Korra would just stand there watching them in horror like         “Oh my GOD we are all gonna die in pain!”


I really don’t want All Might to get new, not-oversized clothes for him bUT IF HE MUST CAN WE AT LEAST HAVE THE KIDS TAKE HIM OUT FOR SHOPPING

Someone please stop Iida

This is it. This is what I wasted my entire life on by accident. This spontaneous doodle got so out of hand. It was supposed to be just Uraraka and Deku with Toshi. Why did I add Iida. Why did I shoehorn a disembodied Tsuyu there. Why did I completely redraw Toshi’s head for this at last minute. Why did I make this. Why. Why was this allowed.

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I wonder, what was Iruka-sensei's reaction when Kakashi-sensei (accidentally) kissed hanare?

He was on his way to class, walking by a window, when he saw it.

It was just a mere coincidence, he thought, and hoped for it to be true. It was an accident. But was it?
Kakashi has always been popular with women, and Iruka had no doubt that he’d get love letters and ambiguous offers on a daily basis. Then again, this was something else — he usually rejected most, if not all of them, for his own good — and Iruka knew how coy and reserved the infamous copy-ninja was when it actually came down to any physical interactions with other people.
But he couldn’t help but feel helpless and hurt when he observed the scene.

“How silly”, he said to himself, swallowing and clenching his hand around the documents he pressed against his chest by now. “You’re so silly.”

‘Such a silly chuunin’, he thought, forcing a smile onto his lips. 'Just look how he is backing off — this is clearly just a misunderstanding, so nothing to feel bad about. He didn’t want that, it’s obvious.’

It was still something that stayed on Irukas mind for a long time.

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Can you do something NSFW with male MC? Headcanon, fic, doesn't matter just be gay 😆

Okay! Here’s the RFA boys + V and Saeran’s reactions (And Vanderwood cause he deserves some attention too) to Male! MC surprising them with a kiss. 

Picture that they have gone on like one or two dates and haven’t kissed yet, and Male! MC surprises them with it ;3

*EDIT NOTE* I typed this really late at night and I realize now that they asked for something NSFW with male MC, and this isn’t really NSFW… Oops. Sorry. Lmao. I did fill out a NSFW headcanon with Male MC this morning though, so hopefully that even things out. *Scurries away into the abyss* SORRYYYYYY


  • He and MC had gone on around 4 coffee dates and played quite a few hours worth of LOLOL
  • They held hands on the way home on their most recent coffee date
  • Yoosung was a mESS
  • he was bright pink
  • had the BIGGEST SMILE!!!!
  • “Your hands are warm, MC, hehe…”
  • MC couldn’t handle his cuteness anymore!
  • he had to act now!
  • DO IT NOW!
  • MC pulled his hand, whirling Yoosung around like a princess
  • He slid his other hand onto Yoosung’s cheek and leaned in, pressing their lips together
  • Yoosung’s eyes were wide with surprise
  • a muffled squeak escapes his lips right before they kiss
  • He melts in MC’s arms
  • Gently places his hand on MC’s shoulder
  • MC slides his hand into Yoosung’s hair
  • this boy tastes like p e p p e r m i n t wtf yoosung
  • He pulls away and leans their foreheads together
  • Yoosung is blushing and smiling like an idiot
  • “Why.. Why did you do that?”
  •  MC grins
  •  “You’re just too cute, Yoosung! I couldn’t hold back anymore.”
  •  Yoosung hides his face in his hands
  •  “MC!!! You’re embarrassing me!”
  •  MC fake-pouts
  • “So you didn’t like it?”
  •  Yoosung gasps
  •  “No, of course I liked it!”
  •  MC hugs him tightly and Yoosung wraps his arms around his waist
  •  “Can you… Can you do it again?”
  • yes, yes I can Yoosung


  •  It was their third date
  • Zen had taken MC to a lovely restaurant by the ocean
  • they went for a walk through an adorable park, gazing over the sunset, their hands laced together
  • MC noticed Zen staring at them from the corner of their eye
  • “What’s up, Zen?”
  •  Zen smiles widely
  • “You just look so handsome. I can’t keep looking at you.”
  •  MC laughs
  • “This coming from the famous musical actor who’s known for his good looks!”
  •  Zen’s face falls
  • “I don’t want to be known for my looks.”
  •  MC grabs his hands and leans in, kissing him on the lips quickly
  • Stares Zen in the eye, whose face is now as red as his eyes
  • “I didn’t mean it like that. I was just teasing you, Zen. You’re an incredible actor, everyone knows that.”
  •  Zen smiles even wider than before
  • “Really?”
  • MC nods assertively
  • “Of course! I only settle for the best, you know.”
  • Zen presses a kiss to their forehead, laughing softly
  • “You’re so precious, MC.”


  •  Jumin had bought out the entire show for an orchestra ensemble MC wanted to see
  • “Jumin there is no one here?”
  •  “I know.”
  •  God dammit Jumin
  • MC was lowkey pleased though?
  • The ensemble was incredibly romantic
  •  Jumin held their hand on the way up the elevator, holding the door to the penthouse for him
  • “Jumin that was lovely. Thank you.”
  •  Jumin smiles, pouring them both a glass of wine
  • “Anything to please my prince.”
  •  blushing!!
  • “I wish I could do something for you though, Jumin.”
  •  “Just having you around is enough.”
  • MC balls his hands into fists
  • There is something you can do MC
  • MC grabs him by the collar, yanking him down to his height
  • Jumin is caught off guard as their lips are pressed together
  •  He quickly recovers, his arms making their way around his waist, pulling their bodies together
  • MC runs his tongue along Jumin’s lip
  • Jumin eagerly responds, he’s clearly been waiting for this
  • MC pulls away a bit, releasing his hold on Jumin’s collar
  • Jumin smiles softly
  • “What’s the occasion?”
  • MC blushes, looking down shyly
  • “I just wanted to do something for you… That was all I could think of.”
  • Jumin slides his hands onto his waist
  • “Well, I must say I am more than pleased, MC.”
  • He leans in for another kiss
  • more like another makeout session
  • MC has opened the floodgates
  • SOS


  •  It was your second date
  • Saeyoung had taken MC up onto the roof of his building to look at the stars
  • They were both wrapped up in a blanket
  • snug and warm!!!
  • Saeyoung wrapped his arm around MC’s waist, pulling them closer together
  • MC laid his head on Saeyoung’s shoulder, content in silence
  • Saeyoung ran his hand along his back softly
  • “Hey, MC?”
  •  “Yes, Saeyoung?”
  • “I’m really happy you’re here with me.”
  •  “Why’s that?”
  • Saeyoung smiles sadly
  • “I didn’t say it, but I felt really alone before you came. Everything got better when you showed up. You made everything brighter, just like the stars in the sky. It’s like I was just dark before you came, but now there’s stars all throughout me.”
  • MC is m e l t i n g
  • “Saeyoung…”
  • “I’m serious, MC.”
  • Saeyoung turns to him, smiling happily as he stares into his eyes
  • “I’m really glad you’re here.”
  • MC slides his hands into Saeyoung’s hair, pulling their faces together
  • Saeyoung immediately meets him into the kiss
  • MC moves to straddle his hips, sliding his tongue into his mouth
  • Saeyoung’s hands are trailing down his back, rubbing circles on his hips
  • They pull apart ever so slightly
  • MC smiles widely
  • “Agent 606 here to make sure 707 is happy beyond compare.”
  • Saeyoung laughs loudly, tilting MC’s chin towards him, their lips hardly touching
  • “707 reporting, Mission completed.”


  •  This was probably their 7th date
  • Okay V you’re a sweetheart and MC adores you
  • but stop being such a goddamn gentleman
  • V would barely hold hands with him
  • “I just want to make sure you’re comfortable, MC.”
  • you could make me feel a hell of a lot more comfortable there, jihyun
  • One day MC came over to his house for dinner
  • The table was set with candles, a beautiful array of food had been made
  • V was waiting at the door with a small bouquet of flowers
  • “They reminded me of you.”
  • okay I can’t
  • MC throws his arms around his neck pulling him into a kiss
  • V drops the flowers in his surprise
  • MC continues mouthing at his lips, and V finally loosens up, placing his hands around his waist
  • MC pulls away gently, smiling up at V
  • “Finally.”
  • V blushes a bit
  • “I didn’t want to overstep my bounds…”
  • “You can overstep. I’m okay with you overstepping anytime now.”
  • V smiles a bit, giving a small nod
  • “Well, let’s have dinner first *Slides his hands down MC’s waist* then we can talk about… Overstepping.”
  • damn bring on the m e a l am i RIGHT? 


  • They had hung out almost every day for the past week and a half
  • Saeran wasn’t super comfortable with physical contact
  • but he was getting pretty used to MC
  • when they watched a movie in his room he would sit right next to MC so their sides touched
  • he had stopped flinching when MC placed his hand on his shoulder
  • even began to lean into his touch when MC played with his hair
  • lowkey loves having his hair touched
  • Saeran had brought MC a cup of coffee to their apartment to surprise them
  • Saeran is blushing, trying to play it off like it was nothing
  • “Well, I was coming here anyways, I thought I might as well since I know you like coffee…”
  •  MC pulls him inside, giving him a quick peck on the lips
  • Saeran is blushing bright red as MC pulls away
  • “Thank you, Saeran.”
  • “Uh.. Uh.. Yeah. Yeah you’re welcome.”
  • MC laughs
  • “You okay?”
  • “What? Yeah. Um. Yeah.”
  • MC leans in close
  • “You sure?”
  • Saeran looks away, his face still bright red
  • “..Yep.”
  • “You didn’t want me to kiss you?”
  • “Of course I-”
  • Saeran awkwardly coughs
  • “I mean.. I guess I don’t mind…”
  • “So I can do it again?”
  • “….If you want.”
  • don’t be such a fucking tsundere Saeran just admit you liked it you lil baby


  • Vanderwood and MC had been hanging out quite a bit
  • They were sitting in his car, looking out over the city lights, just talking
  • Vanderwood admitted that it had been a while since he had gotten close to anybody
  • “Why’s that?”
  • Vanderwood laughs darkly
  • “Well, working for a secret hacking organization, it’s not like I can just go being close to anybody. Companions, friends, lovers… They’re all things people can use against you. We aren’t supposed to have any for that reason.”
  • MC feels his heart breaking
  • How long had this man been lonely?
  • Give him love ok
  • He leaned across the console of the car, tilting Vanderwood’s face towards him, connecting their lips softly
  • Vanderwood gently reciprocated the kiss
  • MC pulled away slightly, staring him in the eye
  • “You don’t need to be alone anymore.”
  • Vanderwood stared up at him apprehensively
  • “I don’t want you to get hurt.”
  • “I don’t want you to be alone.”
  • “That’s not-”
  • MC kissed him again, silencing him before pulling back to speak
  • “This is not negotiable! You are stuck with me, alright?”
  • Vanderwood shook his head, laughing as he ran a hand through his hair.
  • “God… You’re a handful.”
  • MC nodded, playing with his hair.
  • “You bet your ass I am.”

God dammit I shouldn’t try to hope. But god DAMMIT PLEASE BE TRUE

And if this is the thing Seiko gave Bandai I can only imagine that it didn’t work on Bandai because he was already dead by the time she gave it to him.

If Seiko did actually save Kirigiri from the grave she will officially be best girl in my eyes



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Imagine Richard Castle meeting Flynn Carsen and finding out that magic is real and starts freaking out in glee.

Imagine Kate’s skepticism and Eve slowly easing to her that yes, it is real and yes, it is annoying at some points but yes, it is useful.