god dammit nagisa

I just felt like writing about these dorks kissing

“Haru-chan would you rather… not swim for the rest of your life or give up mackerel forever?”

“Give up mackerel.”

Nagisa can’t say he’s surprised at how fast Haruka answered but he was hoping to at least get him to actually think about the question for more than ten seconds. Nagisa had been trying for the past ten minutes to get Haruka to make a tough decision but so far all his questions were answered with ease. It was starting to actually get frustrating.

“Okay then… How about this would you rather swim only during competitions and relays or not swim at all?”

Perfect! There was no way he’d answer this as quickly as the last-

“Swim during relays.”

God dammit!

Nagisa let out a frustrated noise that sounded like a mix of a yowling cat and deflating beach ball as he rolled back and forth on the floor. Haruka let the barest hint of a smirk grace his face at Nagisa’s mini fit before going back to his usual expression of nothing. Nagisa huffed with annoyance and glared at Haruka with a pout. At this point he had given up and just blurted out whatever came to mind first.

“Fine would you rather kiss me or never go swimming again?”

“Kiss you.”

Without missing a beat Haruka reached over, pulled Nagisa on top of him, and kissed his lips. It started with light pecks and lightly brushing their lips together but it was enough that Nagisa couldn’t even remember what he was annoyed about. He completely forgot everything as Haru runs his fingers along his hips before resting just above his ass. The blonde smiles and urges Haru to open his mouth so to deepen their kiss. The older teen obliges and their light kisses turn into a full make out session.

“I’d really like to know how it got to this point.” Rin says from his seat a little ways away as Mako and Rei already start leaving the room.

  • Nagisa: *Glancing around nervously*
  • Kyoko: The cookie jar is over there kid, I think I left one cookie in it.
  • Nagisa: Shh, I'm hiding!
  • Kyoko: Why?
  • Nagisa: I started calling Mami "Mom" and she's really happy but...
  • Kyoko: But?
  • Nagisa: She's going to make mom jokes. I can feel it.
  • Kyoko: Jeez.
  • Nagisa: I'm so scared.
  • *Mami has been behind her the entire time*
  • Mami: Hi scared, I'm Mom. *Grins wickedly*
  • Kyoko: Tough break kid. At least I'm off the hook.
  • Homura: Hi Off the Hook, I'm roommate.
  • Kyoko: God dammit.

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