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What made you ship dazushi? :3 It's a great pairing but yeah only a few ship it T_T

Anon. Anon. Are you sure you want me to answer this question? Because this is going to a never-ending stream of word vomit.

Honestly though, there’s a reason I’m an artist and not a writer, so coherency and eloquence will be null. Also note that I only feel things without knowing why I feel it, and thus have an even tougher time presenting my thoughts. This struggle is going to be evident.

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You ever think that Newt and Graves are already married though?

Like before the events of FBAWTFT, Newt and Graves had met. Newt was 18 and Graves was 22 and they met through Theseus who was all ‘Perry, this is my precious baby bro and the reason I live in this world, Look at him. Cute as a baby hippogriff, biting and all.’ It’s not even a marriage in a traditional sense. It was more something Newt and Perry sign in for Perry to keep his family property or for Newt to have an international travelling permit or SOMETHING.

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Requested by the lovely @girl-next-door-writes

“Bones! Have Med Bay ready immediately. She’s been hit. ”Jim yelled into the communicator as he lifted you into his arms, giving the orders to be beamed back up to the Enterprise. Your vision was blurred, as Jim held you tightly.

“Hold on (Y/N). Bones will fix you.”

The last thing you see are Jim’s dark blue eyes before you passed out.

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What Comes Next?: Switched [2] (King George III X Reader)

Pairing: King George X Reader w/ brother! Alex

Triggers: Violence also, laughter might kill you

Prompts: Soulmate AU where you switch bodies with your soulmate on New Years after your 22nd birthday

Word Count: 1432

Countdown (1) Awake (3)


You were walking towards your - wait no, his chambers, trying to decipher why fate paired you with the man that your friends and family were fighting against, when all of a sudden you were knocked to the floor by an unknown force with a searing pain on your cheek and jaw. you looked around for the culprit but found no one in the vicinity nor any traces of a person.

“What the hell just happened? I swear I didn’t imagine it….” You thought to yourself. Instinctively you put your hand to cheek only to immediately withdraw it from the immense pain you were faced with. You had no idea what just happened, which scared you as you realized how little you actually knew about soulmates.

You brought yourself back to your feet and cautiously continued to walk towards your chambers, and tried not to think about how George was dealing with the situation. No doubt he found out who you were, a rebel rather than a loyalist.

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50 Facts About Han Solo (+1)

SO I HAVE NOTICED, in my expansive (ha) perusal of the Star Wars fandom, that while Han Solo is like, a token character, the depth and complexity of his character often gets dismissed/forgotten in meta and analysis in favor of our favorite dysfunctional family of skynerds. Which, I mean, I love the skynerds, BUT. Han is such a lovely dweeb that I feel as though it is scandalous that he doesn’t have 3095830549 posts about him because GOSH SO MANY POSSIBILITIES, aND THUS, I have taken it upon myself to compile a post with all my nerd pirate boy headcanons RIGHT NOW. I’m trash because I gratuitously cherry pick ideas from the EU bye

Let’s make a list, because I love lists:

  • He had a mother and little sister (his dad walked out on ‘em when he was really young), but they died some time during the Clone Wars through no specific malicious purpose, but rather for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After the Death Star, he can’t bring himself to leave right away, even though he now has enough money to pay off Jabba and more - he doesn’t know how old the Kid is, but he can’t be more than eighteen, and that’s - that’s barely anything, Chewie, he tells the wookiee defensively after confronted about why they’re still awkwardly hanging around (and really, Chewie has no problem awkwardly hanging around, but Han is defensive anyway), and hell, he doesn’t have any folks left in the world and that’s a terrible kiriffin’ place to be so I’ll just. Hang around for a little while. Make sure he’s back on his feet, that he’s got a place to stay. (And he doesn’t think of his little sister, because she was so young when it all happened and so was he, but he really does. Kind of.)
  • He eventually gives back the Alliance the money they gave him as reward for rescuing Leia/taking down the Death Star because he feels like it’s burning a hole in his pocket and Chewie hasn’t said anything but he’s obviously not happy with it and dammit, ya big ball of fuzz, are you happy now?
  • (Leia doesn’t know)
  • (She actually doesn’t find out until quite a bit later, when General Rieekan happens to mention it one morning when she’s reading reports and trying to figure out how to make a deal with the Bothans and drowning herself in luke-warm caf because she can’t sleep at all and she’s given up even thinking about it - and the padd slips out of her hand, just barely, and all she can do is say  ”oh” and pretend that when she wakes up in the middle of the night with a scream that’s more of a sob and her nightmares dancing at the edge ofher consciousness, she’s not crying just a little bit harder than usual)

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Let the games begin - Ch. 3

Photo created and gifted by the marvelous: @wonders-of-the-enterprise

Today were taking it back to the Enterprise to see how Jim and Bones are coping. You get three guesses and the first two don’t count :)

2,364 word(s) of angsty, sad goodness.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

I think I have decided on around 7 chapters. SO, if you wanted to be tagged for the rest, yay! just shoot me a message. If you don’t want to be tagged, then shoot me a message and I will try to keep my tears to a minimum, and go to my room until further notice. Be gentle. I am a delicate flower.

Special thanks to: @outside-the-government for encouraging me to write again, and for being my beta and idea bouncer. Also @imoutofmyvulcanmind for being an idea bouncer, yay!

Tags: @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @feelmyroarrrr @fandomheadrush @yourtropegirl @bkwrm523 @trekkimagines201 @arrowsshootyouforwards @captian-hannah-kirk @hellhoundsandunicorns @kaitymccoy123 @starmission @kilismaiden @malindacath @starr-trekkk

Jim sat in his Captain’s chair, wound up tight, barely hearing all the commotion around him. He had all the crew looking and listening to anything and everything that could possible give him a hint or a clue as to where you and Jo had been taken.

“Were being hailed Captain” Uhura exclaimed.

“On screen” Jim ordered.

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Is there really any other choice besides Saphael for the ship meme? :D

Thank you! Sorry this took so long, I’ve had quite a lot going on. These are my first ever headcanons so thanks guys!

Who wakes up first?
Simon 100%. Raphael is the grumpiest morning (evening?) vampire ever and it takes him at least 2 hours to wake up. In this time he skulks around with messy hair, wide eyes and the cutest frown Simon has ever seen! If anyone dares to wake him up earlier they will enjoy the full wrath of a half asleep and incoherent vampire leader. Simon wakes up and just lies there for a second appreciating the beauty before him but then will get a call from Clary and have to rush off or just sit and read comics for a bit. Simon really misses coffee.

Who is grumpiest in the morning?
Ooh I got carried away with the first one didn’t I? But in case you missed my point: definitely Raphael.

Who cooks breakfast?
Well they don’t really cook? They’re vampires??? But Raphael will get the blood normally because Simon really doesn’t like drinking it because it reminds him what he is. He’s so caring in his own special way and always makes sure Simon eats (drinks?) enough. Although I think if Raphael is having a really rough morning Simon will get the blood and Raphael will always be really touched because someone is looking out for him, him.

Who serves the other breakfast in bed?
Well they don’t exactly do breakfast but I think it really depends. If they are both having a lazy day with no vampire politics of fighting then I think Raphael would do it because he cares about this idiota and Simon still isn’t very good at the whole children of the night thing. But I think if it is a normal day it would be Simon as Raphael needs to be coaxed out of bed with something and he will not be responsible for Raphael’s actions if he wakes up on the wrong side of bed.

Who suggests the skip work and stay home?
It depends on the situation. Simon of Raphael has vampire leadery things to do: he always whines and pouts and sometimes threatens to hurt Raphael’s precious jackets. Raphael is not amused but has to tear himself away or convince Simon to come with him because he finds it extremely difficult to say no to his fledgling. On the other hand, there is no stopping Simon when his friends are in danger, no matter how much Raphael gripes and threatens as he is concerned for Simon’s safety. Simon gets this and tries to be careful but he can never just leave his friends.

Who falls asleep on top of the other?
Raphael. He'like be up late, curled next to Simon signing documents and going over alliances while Simon binge watches his favourite shows on Netflix (after showing the clan the joys of the internet) because dios, he has to get this done, and slowly his eyes would start to droop, his pen falling out of his hands while he curls up rather like a cat on top of Simon, with his head tucked under his chin. Simon would look sort of dumb founded because the fearsome clan leader is the human embodiment of a cute, fluffy kitten with his hair slightly mussed and his lips opening with every exhale.

Who always has to be touching the other?
Simon. Just to make sure that Raphael’s still there. Raphael sometimes glares at him when he’s trying to be the Leader but he lives (deaths?) for it and wouldn’t change it for anything.

Who stays up until 2 reading?
Simon. He’s not yet got the hang of the whole sleeping in the day thing thing so he’ll often feel like he can’t sleep. This is good for when Raphael gets awful nightmares about his past so Simon can talk to him and help him through it. He mostly reads comics (Spider-Man is his favourite) but he also likes Steven King and sometimes reads Twilight to laugh at the vampires.

Who kisses their partner while they’re sleeping?
Both. It’s mostly Simon because Raphael is just so dang cute while sleeping; looking just like an angel (canon) and he just can’t resist because this beautiful vampire is with him, him and he is such a grumpy little darling but he looks so peaceful now and God, he has it bad. And when Simon falls asleep during the day because he’s just so exhausted and he never gets a break from saving the world and making stupid life changing decisions Raphael gently carries him bridal style (see: episode 8. Although without our precious Simon being dead!) and he places him cautiously on the bed because this idiota needs his sleep dammit. After he presses a gentle kiss on Simon’s forehead and walks away, smiling softly; despite having to go and sort out two squabbling fledglings.

Who is most protective?
Ahhh indecision! I can totally see both tbh but for now let’s say Raphael (until someone convinces me otherwise). Nobody can hurt his fledgling. As seen in the show, he is very protective over his own and will defend Simon to the death. If somebody even looks at Simon wrong… God help them. He will constantly be hovering, just in case something goes wrong because he can’t let Simon be taken away from him, he can’t let the best thing that’s ever happened to him go. (Magnus teases him so much about this but Raphael just rolls his eyes and mouths “Lightwood” which promptly gets the warlock to shut up)

Who cares too much?
They both care so much?? About each other?? They love each other so much??
Who sings in the shower?
Oh my god Raphael! He sings old these Spanish songs and Simon mercilessly teases him about it and Raphael gets this cute pink tinge to his cheeks and rolls his eyes and Simon finds it so adorable and great now I can’t get this stupid smiley look off my face this is perfect okay?!?!

Rate this ship: 10/10 It is basically my entire life and I love them both so much!

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do something for lewthur plz (⊙ω⊙✿)

Hoo boy, and so it begins, I doth have my first request, and…lewthur? oh god please tell that’s not what I think it is-*searches it* YUP YUP YUPYUPYUP IT’S ARTHUR X LEWIS.

Shhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooooooot. Welp, I did say that ship requests were allowed….hmmmhmmm yes, I have walked right into this one. Mhmmm. Yup. 

For clarification, I don’t actually ship this but it’s kind of cute and I gave it a shot, but ugh this was hard to write: I just suck at anything romance-based and ugh I’m sorry this is so cliche and incoherent and stupid and long-winded because when I feel like I can’t write something well or I’m nervous or think I’m not doing something right I just dump a million words and aughhhhhhh…also, I consider this an AU because there is no way I can think of fitting this ship into the canon of the video currently. Bleh. 

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Blake doesn’t like the boat.

           Which isn’t a terribly surprising discovery. It’s one of those things she suspects she could have deduced without having to actually go on said boat. It rocks one way and she shifts another, but by the time she’s found her balance, it’s rocking back again and she’s scrabbling to find purchase on the wooden deck once more—

           Warm fingers close around her elbow, and instinct has her ripping it away, one pale hand already diving over her shoulder to grab Gambol Shroud—

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fic: This Ain't Love (It's Clear To See) - Olicity, 17/17 - COMPLETE!

This Ain’t Love (It’s Clear To See) (63945 words) by callistawolf
Chapters: 17/17
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, Tommy Merlyn, Laurel Lance
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Season/Series 01, What-If, One Night Stands, Romance

He was tired and lonely, and she was looking at him like she wanted to eat him up and dammit, it felt good. It didn’t have to be a problem. He was a big boy now and she seemed like she had a good head on her shoulders. This could work, he promised himself. But then, why did that feel so much like lying?

Author’s Note: Soooo yeah this chapter is pretty much smut. If you aren’t interested in smut just content yourself that they spent the night together and it was lovely and there’s such promise for both their futures, blah blah blah.

THANK YOU to lunarsilverwolfstar for her beta work on this. She assures me this chapter isn’t nearly as terrible as I think it is.

And THANK YOU to all my fine readers. Your comments/reviews/favorites/kudos and ongoing interest in this story have really kept me going. Bless your patience and I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Thanks for reading!

You can also read this chapter on Ao3 or FF

Dinner was good, not that he hadn’t expected it to be, but he knew Felicity had chosen something quick to prepare and his expectations hadn’t been very high.  Plus, his focus was more on dessert. But the quick pasta stir fry she’d whipped up tasted as good as anything he could have ordered in a restaurant.  And while he’d helped her by chopping the vegetables, she’d mixed up a quick batch of cupcakes for them have after the meal.  He’d protested her efforts at first, but she’d insisted, telling him that everyone deserved cake on their birthday.  

He was still sipping the wine from dinner, that infamous 1982 Lafite Rothschild, when Felicity brought out a cupcake with a candle stuck into the frosting.  Oliver chuckled and sat back, enjoying the happy smile on her face.  Then, she began to sing to him.  It was just the standard, old birthday song but the way she sang it, it was as though he’d never heard it before.  He’d heard her humming along to music a few times but he’d never really heard her sing and, god help him, she had the voice of an angel.  

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Unicorn [Klaine] PG

Based on freakingpotter’s absolutely adorable MIB fanart.
Fluff, fluff, unicorns and stuff.  Don’t worry: you don’t need to be familiar with Men in Black (or Men in Black III) to understand this.
~1,700 words
Also available on ffnet and AO3.

Special Agent Kurt Hummel was stewing over his latest assignment as nondescript as possible when he heard the diner’s tiny doorbell chime, announcing a newcomer’s arrival. 

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Niall: "You are my peace and my pain."

The Pain:

The pain was categorized in three sections, Niall found, each one correlating into a different aspect of his life. It wasn’t like the pain in his knee after having something thrown at it only weeks after his surgery - the love he had for you didn’t immediately bloom into crushing agony. Instead, it was a slow build, a fire beneath his chest that waited for the right moment to wither away the barriers protecting his heart. 

The first category consisted of seeing you with someone else. It happened at the beginning of your friendship, when he was merely a boy in love who tripped over his feet too much and toppled over pints of beers when he wasn’t paying attention to anyone but you. It was red behind his eyes, a scorching heat that turned his insides into fury. There were many moments that he could remember: seeing their hands on your waist, pulling you close, kissing the cherry Cola off your lips. After a while, Niall couldn’t find it in him to be angry at anyone but himself. He couldn’t blame the person who had captured your feelings, but he could drown his own sorrows of being too late in other lips to kiss, although he had a feeling they would never taste as good as yours. 

The second category was you being “an absolute pain in his arse.” He said this constantly, sometimes jokingly with a smile tilting the corners of his lips until you silently deemed his kissable without making a physical move. Instead, you would have wrung your hands out in front of you and waited to be picked up in a car that Niall couldn’t compete with, among with the other things that he didn’t have, although the person who stole your heart succeeded in. Other times, the phrase was bit into the dark with his hands covering his face, his fingers frustratingly sliding down his face until they cupped his chin or rubbed at his tired eyes. You would stand there and take it although you knew you didn’t have to, and the quietness behind your words broke Niall’s heart all over again. He never meant it. He wanted to say something else instead, but he never found the right time. That hurt more than any other pain. 

The third and final category was something Niall tried to push to the back of his mind as best as he could. It was deeper than a knife to his heart; sunk into his bloodstream faster than a ship after it hit an iceberg. He had to breathe through his nose to distract himself from the pain of seeing you cry. It didn’t happen much, but once was enough to traumatize him. It started on a rainy day when you stormed into the coffeehouse he worked at, distressed with your fingers wound into your scarf like you might be seconds away from ripping it apart. The owner had taken a liking to you and all the good things Niall said about you, so the elder man placed a fatherly hand at your back and guided you towards the back where Niall was having his lunch. When he saw you, head tilted down with your arms curled in on yourself, he was out of his chair in an instant, his hands coming towards you until they were cradling your face. What happened, what happened, what happened was the mantra of the day, whispered into the shell of your ear while comforting shushing noises were dispersed into your hair. Soft “petal“‘s and easy-spoken “love“‘s were whispered until you breathed in enough air to speak. 

The Peace: 

Perhaps Niall was selfish because of it, and he would completely own up to that in the coming of years, but the peace that was brought to him that day was the murmured statement coming from your bitten lips, “We broke up.” 

His hands slid down from your face, dropped from your shoulders, and slowly cascaded like a waterfall of relief until they were pressed against your shaking hands. “Love, I’m… I’m so - ” He didn’t have the chance to apologize for something he had no control over, for you were pushing your face into the apron still tied around his waist. 

“I didn’t know where else to go. I just wanted you, I think. Yeah, I really just wanted you." 

Niall didn’t speak, although he was thinking, and his mind was a jumbled mess of god dammit, you’re so beautiful, you’re such a pain in my arse, please don’t cry

"I’m right here,” he promised softly, tucking one of his hands at the base of your neck until your face was firmly hidden into the soft hair lining his chest. “Not going anywhere, okay? I’ll have you sit behind the counter with me while I make pretentious businessmen their stupidly bland black coffee if I have to." 

You wanted to clarify it, even as Niall was rambling to keep your thoughts at bay, so you pressed your toes into the ground and said it, “I’m not sad.” 

With furrowed eyebrows, Niall didn’t know what other conclusion to come to. “Then why are you crying, petal?” 

"I think I’ve been in pain for so long, being with someone I didn’t want to be with.” You sucked in a breath while Niall exhaled the one he had been holding in his chest for months. “Now that they’re gone, and I don’t have to be with them anymore, I can… I can breathe, you know? It’s like I can find peace within myself." 

There was no other ironic time for Niall to brush your hair behind your ears and place a lingering kiss to your forehead, holding you close until he was sure you were a part of him.