god dammit harry!

Gellert Grindlewald was a brilliant and charismatic Nordic wizard in his mid 40′s/50′s, and they thought Johnny Depp instead of the obvious choice…???


So everyone remembers this guy, right? The one that was so powerful he could do magic without a wand, one of the hardest feats to accomplish, which takes years of practice, and he’s doing it so casually, like it’s easy.

Well, he’s reading a Brief History of Time by Steven Hawking. What actor just stared in The Theory of Everything and The Danish Girl? Eddie Redmayne. What new movie is he staring in?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The new Harry Potter movie.

Conclusion: this powerful wizard is actually Newt Scamander, the main character in the new movie.


The timing works and everything.

Love You Goodbye


Here we are, back in the same fucking place we’ve been ending up, right in front of each other, yet farther away than ever. I can only see her, her trembling hands, her unapologetic eyes, her strength and her unwillingness to be here, but I can’t feel her the way I used to. I used to feel her warmth, her tranquility and unconditional love, even when her side of the bed was cold and untouched. I felt her when she loved me, when she gave me her all, when she was keeping me just as close as I was keeping her.

She stands tall, looking as beautiful as ever, one of my shirts hanging loosely off her shoulders. Damn, she looks just as beautiful as ever, with those beautiful eyes and those beautifully plump lips. Fuck, Why would she do this? Come back here like it wouldn’t effect me? Everything she did effected me, especially when she comes knocking on my door after weeks of our break up. We were doing so well before it happened, we were holding the whole world in our hands. We were it for each other, we had it all figured out, but I should have known something so good, something too good, had to have an ending. It wasn’t realistic for us to have something so good, it wasn’t possible.

Why did she have to end it?

“Why are you here?” I whisper. I can’t look her in the eye, because I’d lose the last bit of dignity I still have for myself. 

“I know you didn’t come to apologize,” I mumble, “so why are you here?”

She sighs, taking a step toward me. I still can’t feel her when she does so.

“I haven’t seen you in weeks,” she says, “I wanted to check up on you. Nobody’s gotten in touch with you.”

“What a pity.” I sarcastically snarl, rolling my eyes at her comment.

Of course I know nobody’s gotten in touch with me, I haven’t been myself since she left. I couldn’t keep in touch with my surroundings, I couldn’t even keep in touch with myself. Answering phone calls was the last thing I wanted to do, especially when my throat was raw from our screaming and my throat was burned from my constant drinking. I didn’t want anybody to see me, not when I was at my worst, not when I had no idea what was going on with me.

“God dammit, Harry! Why the fuck do you always do that? Stop giving me an attitude when I’m genuinely fucking concerned about you!”

Y/n slams her palm against the frame of my door, looking away from me as she does so. I can see her flutter her eyes shut, ever so slightly, as if delicately pushing her emotions away. Her breath is shaky, each sounding like a broken cry ready to rip out from her insides.

“I’m so concerned for you. And I know after 4 years of being together and having it all come to an end is so fucking hard, and I know after this we can’t be friends, but God dammit, I still care for you. When the boys called me because nobody knows how you’ve been or how you’ve been holding up, I got so scared.”

She looks up at me again, her glossy eyes wandering around me. I show no emotion, I have no emotion. No matter what she says, nothing will change. It’s impossible for us to go back the way we were before, especially when all we did was fight. Some days we said nothing at all. Those were the worst, when I  wanted so desperately to say something, but my throat closed in on itself, my tongue got stuck in the thickened air, and my teeth sunk into the flesh of spoken words.

“I didn’t want to hurt you, Harry.”

I see cobwebs between her teeth, flies flying out from her throat. She wanted to hurt me. We spent nights trying to get each other to crack, trying to win our battle. She meant to hurt me, if she didn’t, she’d show some mercy in me. She would have called me, texted me, come over and scream her shame on me. But I got nothing, nothing but a goodbye and endless nights alone.

But somewhere in her eyes, I see some sort of truth, hidden deep in her bright, glowing irises. I feel weak, beaten down, feel myself slipping back into her. I miss her, so much so that seeing her now, I want nothing but to feel her. Arms enclosed around me, nails sunken into my shoulders, lips mushed into mine. I want to feel her heart beat against my chest. I want to feel her love me like she used to.

“Why don’t you come in?” I mumble, stepping to the side to let her in.

She nods, stuffing her arms into her pockets before walking in. She looks around, inspecting the home she once shared with me. 

“Everything’s different.” She whispers, gliding her fingertips across the coffee table.

I nod. “I rearranged a lot once you left. It felt really weird to be in the same house you wouldn’t be apart of anymore, you know? That may sound so fucking stupid, but I just felt like everything needed to be different than how it was.”

She nods slightly, still looking down at her hand, “Yeah, no, I get it, yeah.”

I look at her, back in the same place we’ve been ending up, right in front of each other, yet farther away than ever. Why did this happen? Why did something so beautiful end up being so destructive?


“No, Harry,” she says, “I know what you’re going to say, but I can’t go back to that place again, Harry, back to where we were. I can’t..”

“I know,” I sigh, groaning when I try to think of what to say, “but fuck, Y/n, can we at least end this right? We ended so fucking horrible, and I can’t sleep knowing we ended on such horrible terms. After 4 years, after 4 fucking years, don’t you think we deserve more than that?”

“I don’t know where you’re getting at..”

“Of course you know where I’m getting at, Y/n, don’t pull that shit on me.” I whisper.

I take short strides to her, unwilling to stop until I can feel her again. She looks at me in the most beautiful way in the world, I almost cry when I see it. I reach my hands out to her, tenderly cradling her face in the palms of my hands.

“If you won’t be mine tomorrow, can you at least love me tonight, for one last time?”

Her breath hitches in the back of her throat, and I can feel her melt in my hands. She looks into my eyes, taking her hands to the back of my neck, running her fingers along my hair. Before I can do anything more, she pushes my neck so that our lips meet halfway. I missed the taste of her, the taste of her strawberry lips that always seemed to be mixed with a pinch of wine. The taste of her lips reminded me so much of what used to be. I picture her sitting on the fresh cut grass in our local park, her floral dress falling mid thigh, leaning back on her elbows to soak up every bit of the summer sun. That’s when she first kissed me, she made the move, which was new for me, but fuck, it was so empowering, ironically. 

I see her dancing in our kitchen, wine bottle in hand, just my flannel on, cooking pancakes on a Saturday morning. I see her sitting in the passenger seat, looking down at a map as she sang to Roman Holiday. I see her everywhere, I see every place we went, every memory we’ve had, and I can’t seem to pull away from it all.

“C’mon, Harry. C’mon.” She slurs against my lips.

I feel her taking my arms down, wrapping them around her waist. I immediately get the hint, lifting her up so that her legs wrap around my hips. I make my way up to my bedroom, which is completely effortless to me. I am so used to carrying her up these steps, it’s almost a habit of mine to do so. 

I place her down on my bed once I make it up. Her hair is sprawled out against my pillows, and I find the biggest urgency to fist it all in my hands. I wasn’t going to, but then I remembered if I don’t do it now, I’ll never be able to do it again, so I grab all her hair and fist it in my hands, pulling it so that her head is thrown back, giving me easy access for her neck.

“Fucking hell.” She groans.

I suck on her collar bones, my teeth grazing the surface of her skin until I hear her hissing. I would normally stop, but I take it upon myself to bite down on her already sore mark. She grips my hair in her hands, lifting her back off the bed while moaning out a slight “fuck”.

You’re mine” I growl, “and no matter what the hells happens to us, you’ll still be mine.”

She nods, pushing my hair back so that it doesn’t fall in front of my face. She said she does it because she likes to look at me when we make love. She said it made her feel special, the way I looked at her.

I slip my fingers underneath her, well, my shirt. It didn’t register just how fucking insulting it is for her to be wearing it at a time like this, when she stops by just to see if I’m alright before leaving me again. How degrading it is for her to stop by wearing something that’s mine when she doesn’t even want me anymore.  

“You’re seriously wearing this when you’re about to walk out on me?” I ask, a hint of annoyance finding its way into my words.

“My fuck, Harry” she groans, “why can’t you just let me do goodman anything anymore?”

“It’s insulting.”

“It’s a shirt.” She spits, “Get it off of me if you don’t fucking like it.”

I didn’t find time to argue with her anymore, because I can feel my patience wearing thin, and I can see hers is, too. So before I find my way into making this into something bigger, I slip it off of her. My lips find their way in between her breasts, kissing down until her bra hits against my lips. 


She obeys, arching her back so that I can unclip her bra. Her straps fall loosely against her shoulders, and I moan at the sight of her being nearly half naked in front of me. She never failed to intrigue me with her beauty, it was always so pure, and I always found something different within her to make her beauty even stronger than before.

I slide her bra off down her arms, leaving a trail of small goosebumps with each glide. Oh, how beautiful she looks like this, with her face full of impatience, her eyes glossy from the pleasure, her skin left in beautiful marks and trails of sensitive skin.

“Always will be the most beautiful girl I’ve seen.”

She smiles, humming softly at my words. Her fingertips run up my sides until my shirt is over my head, my chest now exposed to her, where she places her hand onto me, scraping her nails against me.

“Can you please make love to me already?”

The way she says those words unhinges something in me, a flick of fire igniting inside my chest. I can barely recognize myself when I push down her jeans and rip her thong off of her. I think the way she said it just made it more real, that this will be the last time I hear her speak those words, that I have no choice but to do as she says.

She sheds off my clothes as well, until we’re both naked, right against each other, where my hips are snapping against hers, where my tongue is her tongue, where my hands are her hands, where my love is her love. We become one, for what seems like the first time in decades. This is when I’m me, when she’s with me, both killing me but making me feel alive all at once.

Her moans are a symphony, a song of love and undoubtable pleasure. My name is the chorus, repeated with a couple of curses, which sounds nothing but beautiful to me. 

“Oh fuck Harry, please, you need to go a little faster here.”

I snap my hips harder, faster, my fingernails stabbing into her sides, I nearly see blood being drawn. Her lips are on my neck, on my jaw, on my lips, everywhere her lips can reach and I can’t seem to let go of the back of her head to keep her there.

“FUCK!” We let out at the same time, our highs mixing together like we have, everything mixing to one.

The feeling makes me collapse, roll out and next to her, where her sweat rolls down her neck, falling to my fingertips. Our breaths swallow the room, there is nothing else that can be heard. It’s peaceful to me, it keeps me calm, it reminds me that she’s still here.

I can feel her this way.

She rolls onto her side, her cheek resting upon my chest, her hand intertwining with mine. I suddenly feel numb again, I somehow lost myself again. I feel her, I do, but I feel her leaving now, slipping sway from me like she had before, I’m not too sure if she’s still here or not.

Why does it have to be this way?

“This is it, huh?” I ask, starring off into my world of nothingness.

I feel her take in a sharp breath, her cheek running against my chest.

I already know her answer.

“Yeah, this is it.“

How They’d Kiss You...

A/N: This is really random, I know, but awhile back I saw someone do this before and I was just going through some of my saved gifs and I was like, ‘I wanna do one of dem’ so I did one. I don’t own any of the gifs, I just found them by searching online. So, enjoy?

(There will be a separate post for the Marauders Era guys posted at the same time, I’m just doing it in separate posts so I can later organize them in my masterlist better)

Golden Trio Era:

Harry Potter

I personally feel that Harry would be really awkward and wouldn’t want to make the first move unless he was absolutely sure that’d you’d be okay with it, that being said, when he did make the first move, I think he’d always ask first. 

“Y/N, would it be alright if I kiss you right now?”

Ron Weasley

Ron would be so romantic. I don’t know why I feel this way, I just feel like, every time you two were to kiss, he’d want it to mean something. He’d kiss you to let you know that you’re special and that he loves you.

“I love you so much, Y/N, don’t ever forget that.”

Draco Malfoy

Touchy, passionate, and possessive. We all know Draco is a very sensual guy, but I also believe that a reason why he’d be so ‘touchy’ is because he wants to make sure you’re still there, that you won’t leave him like other have in the past. I also totally think he’d enjoy kissing you against a wall in my opinion, or anywhere for that matter, he ain’t shy. 

“I’ll make you remember my lips like the back of your hand, love”

Fred Weasley

Cuddles and forehead kisses. Fred would also be very touchy, but in a completely different way than Draco is. In a way, he has no filter. He doesn’t care where you are, who’s around, or what you’re doing, if he wants to kiss you, he’ll kiss you. 

“C’mere, babe. Let me love you.” 

George Weasley

Different from his twin, he’s not so big on public affection. Anytime he would kiss you in public would be, well, the gif. Very silly and not serious, but all the love is still there. I think he’d totally be similar to Ron when not in public, being all cute and romantic. 

“George, did you just lick me?” “It’s called a kiss, Y/N.”

Extra A/N: Why, why did I do this? Now i’m just sitting on my couch feeling all lonely again, god dammit. Whatever, I’m fine. 

The Fandoms right now....
  • <p> <b>Supernatural fandom:</b> "GOD!"<p/><b>DC Fandom:</b> "Dammit Barry!!"<p/><b>Harry Potter fandom:</b> "Belle Hermione!!!!"<p/><b>Disney Fandom:</b> "DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY DORY!!:<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "So...nice day outside, huh?"<p/><b>Sherlock fandom:</b> "Yeah the sun's out and it's pretty warm- WAIT WHAT IS WATSON DOING IN CIVIL WAR-"<p/><b>Marvel Fandom:</b> "HOW CAN THEY MAKE STEVE HYDRA? THAT MAKES NO SENSE LIKE HOW CAN YOU DISRESPECT YOUR OWN CHARACTER LIKE THAT-"<p/><b>Sleepy Hollow Fandom:</b> "Tsk, tell me about it."<p/><b>Game of Thrones Fandom:</b> "Hodor." 😢<p/><b>Star Trek Fandom:</b> (wakes up upon release of trailer and 50th anniversary) "So, what did we miss??<p/><b>Star Wars Fandom:</b> (stares into the camera like "The Office")<p/></p>

coffeecyclist  asked:

Please please please update Harry fratboy soon??

Okay part 6 is here!!! Hope you enjoy xo.

“Hey,” Harry breathed, his chest falling.

You sucked in your lips, unable to utter a word.

“Did you just get here?” he asked. “I didn’t hear you knock.”

You swallowed and nodded. “Yeah, just got here.”

Your voice was a bit shaky, but you prayed he didn’t pick up on it. A smile slowly spread across his face, instantly melting away some of your fear.

“Come in,” he said, stepping back to allow you space to enter.

Once inside, he shut the door behind you and offered you a beverage. This time you took him up on his beer offer, hoping it might help take the edge off. You knew it was none of your business, but whomever he’d been talking to on the phone had really set him off and it unnerved you.

You sat on the edge of Harry’s sofa while you waited for him to return from the small kitchen. You spotted his phone on the coffee table, face up. You secretly wondered who the person was he’d spoken so harshly to, if it was male or female, and if they were a saved contact in his phone. You shook your head, cursing yourself for even caring. It didn’t concern you.

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Okay but seriously the Pokémon Go battle teams are EXACTLY like the Hogwarts houses, colors and all. Red Valor is used to represent the bravery of Pokémon like Gryffindor, blue Mystic focuses on the wisdom of Pokémon like Ravenclaw, and yellow Instinct focuses on the gut feelings of Pokémon like Hufflepuff. All we need is a team to represent Slytherin-

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He's mad at you (2) (1D preference)

NOTE: I once already did a preference like this. And it is my most liked post ever! A couple of weeks ago, someone asked me to do another one :-) So here it is! This is not a sequel on the previous one. Just five new situations where he’s mad at you! Hope you enjoy. 

Previous “He’s mad at you” preference


Harry: You stormed through the entrance of the stadium where the boys were planning to perform tonight. This had been going on for four days now, and you were absolutely sick of it. You walked with a heavy pace past the security guards. They knew you were Harry’s girlfriend so they didn’t bother. It took you five minutes to walk to the backstage room. You knew exactly where you needed to be. And when you smashed the door open, you instantly stormed in, grabbed Harry’s wrist and pulled him outside. ‘What- … Y/N?’ He stammered confused. But you didn’t care. You took him to a private room and slammed the front door shut. ‘God, dammit, Harry bloody Syles.’ You yelled at him, tears welling up in your eyes. He just looked at you with utter shock in his eyes. ‘You don’t have the right… You don’t have the right to be mad at me for so long.’ All the emotions you had been holding in for so long, where finally coming out. ‘FOUR DAYS!!!’ Shouting it to him, gave you a weird feeling of satisfaction. ‘I know I was wrong. And I’m sorry for that. I was just frustrated and I missed you. But that doesn’t mean you have to ignore me for four days. I can’t live without you, Haz.’ Tears were rolling down your cheeks. You didn’t even bother anymore. Letting them fall gave you a feeling of liberation. ‘If you want to end this just do it! But don’t let me sit here and-’. But he didn’t let you finish. ‘Oh, stop talking shit like that, Y/N.’ He cut you off while cupping your face and crashing his lips into yours. And he took you off guard, but you didn’t care. Your body released all the tension from the moment you felt his touch. Finally… After four days. 

Louis: When you reached Harry’s front door, you instantly felt the nerves building up inside of you. You called Harry an hour ago, because Louis walked out on you during a fight. He told you that Louis was with him, together with the other lads, just like you kind of expected. You asked if you could step by, and you could. So that’s why you were standing here, still shaking from the big fight you had with your boyfriend. When Harry opened the door, you met his reassuring smile. ‘He’s in the living room.’ He told you right away and you nodded at his words, stepping into the house. ‘Does he know I’m here?’ And when you saw Harry shaking his head, your heart sank even more. What if he would start yelling again? You didn’t want to fight in front of the boys. You just wanted to talk to him. Harry led you to the living room and you followed him nervously. ‘Louis, there is someone for you.’ He announced. And you just didn’t dare looking at Louis facial expression. The only thing you heard was a sigh from him. You heard him standing up and coming closer. ‘Don’t do anything stupid L-’. ‘Harry, please. I know my girlfriend, thank you.’ Louis groaned, when he grabbed your wrist firmly, but not hurting you in any way. ‘Come with me.’ He said to you, while pulling you with him to the kitchen. He closed the door behind him and a silence fell over the room for a couple of seconds, until he broke it again. ‘Can you please look at me, Y/N?’ You heard him say and you immediately did what he asked. But when you met his eyes, you saw something you didn’t expect to see. A smile. His crooked, loving smile. And you probably pulled off a really weird facial expression, because he let out a little chuckle. ‘Are you not mad anymore?’ You asked him carefully, still not really believing his reaction. And when you saw him rolling his eyes, it was a confirmation. He was not angry anymore. ‘I love you. And when you tell me something about your plans, and I don’t agree with that, I get angry. Especially when we are talking about your health.’ His expression turned to serious again. ‘So don’t ever come to me again with the idea to go on a diet because you saw a random magazine telling you you should. Because that’s bullcrap. And I’m not having any of it. Got it?’ His eyes on yours, making sure you understood what he said. And when you nodded, telling him you agreed, he smiled again. And took you in his arms, ready to kiss your lips and go home with you.

Niall: ‘That’s it… I’m done.’ Niall’s voice said, standing up and walking away from you. You looked up confused, still in the heat of the argument. ‘Where are you going?’ You asked while standing up yourself and walking after him. You weren’t planning on letting him get away like that. ‘I don’t know. Just out.’ He growled when he stepped into his shoes and opened the front door, ready to walk out on you. ‘No! Stop it, Niall.’ You complained when you slammed his hand off of the doorknob and closed it again, placing yourself between him and the way out. ‘Move.’ He glared darkly at you with eyes full of anger. But you weren’t afraid. He would never do something to you. ‘No.’ You replied, pronouncing the word slow and clear. ‘Dammit, Y/N. Just move.’ He yelled, rushing his hand through his hair, but you still didn’t flinch. Not even a little bit. ‘No.’ You saw him trying to gather himself again, by heavily breathing in and out. And you both said nothing for a while, not a word. You could feel the tension, you could feel his frustration and his anger and you just knew that letting him get away in this state, was asking for accidents. So that’s why you did what you did, and you weren’t regretting it. What you did regret, was making him furious like this. So you said the words, that would make it stop. ‘Don’t be mad…’ You broke the silence in a whispering voice. ‘I’m sorry I said that. I know you are busy and I know that you are trying… Just know that I miss you when you are not here. And that’s why I get frustrated once in a while when I feel like I don’t get enough ‘us’ time.’ Those words made him look up at you, and you instantly noticed his eyes softened. He even gave you a weak smile, and that was a huge step forward. ‘I know, baby…’ He nodded, while cupping your cheek in one hand. ‘I know you do. And I’m sorry about that.’ His voice came closer until you felt his lips on yours, first soft and sweet, and then slowly more passionate, like you loved. And when his lips parted from yours again, you met his crooked smile. ‘Ready for us time?’ He smirked. And you couldn’t do anything other than nod, extremely excited and with the brightest smile.

Liam: You were standing next to Liam in front of the flashing cameras. The Brit Awards. One of the most glamorous events of the UK, something you had been looking forward to for months. And now you were finally standing here, you felt like utter shit. You had a fight with Liam in the car on the way over here. You asked him about his ex-girlfriend, because lately it had been in the news that they would be a couple again, and although you trusted him, you still worried. And when you mentioned it to him he practically exploded. He was so mad and crushed that you even asked him about it. The last ten minutes of the car ride he didn’t say a thing, and when you had to get out, he loosely placed his hand in yours, but not as surely as he normally did. And when he let go off your hand to stand with the boys for a picture, you heard some people behind you calling your name and asking about his ex-girlfriend. You didn’t reply, you didn’t turn around to face them. You just waited for Liam to come back and you really hoped he would. Suddenly you heard Liam’s voice above the other voices. ‘If it’s not obvious already, I’m here with Y/N. Not with my ex. And I don’t want to be here with anyone else. So stop making up rumours that are not true. Thank you.’ He said while gripping your hand again, more confident than ever before, and he led you away from the people. ‘I-…’ You started, ready to apologize to him for losing your faith in him for no reason. But he cut you off instantly. ‘Don’t worry. I Love you. Just trust me, and we’ll be okay.’ He said only for your ears to hear. And you nodded fast, deciding not to let yourself go like that again. ‘Good.’ He answered, before he laid his hand  on your lower back and kissed your head softly. Not for a picture, but just for you to feel okay again. 

Zayn: The fight tonight was worse than other times. You never really were the couple that went to bed mad at each other. But today he was definitely planning on doing that. He went upstairs in the middle of the fight, and he had slammed the door behind him. This was the first time you actually felt scared to go to your own bedroom. But you had to go eventually. So you cradled all your will together and made your way up the stairs, entering the dark room. He went to bed already. That was obvious. You tried your best to not make any sound when you crawled in bed yourself. This was not going to be a good night. You were not used to sleeping alone. And although you weren’t alone, it did feel like that right now, while his back was facing you. You laid there for five minutes, hearing him breathe softly and the tears were leaking down the sides of your face, onto your pillow. This was no use. You were not going to have much sleep like this. So you got up again, silent as possible, and made your way over to the door. ‘Where are you going?’ Zayn’s low voice startled you for a minute and you immediately stopped in your tracks. You had to find your own voice again now, although you weren’t sure you could speak. ‘I- . I don’t know.’ Your voice broke, standing still in the dark. You even forgot what you were about to do. You just wanted to be with him. There was nothing you wanted more. ‘Com’ere…’ He whispered softly, completely changing the tone of his voice. And you obeyed immediately, not doubting for a second. You crawled into bed again, and you felt his arms wrap around you, pulling you close against his chest, just where you needed to be. ‘We’ll talk about it tomorrow.’ He whispered into your hair, just before he pressed a meaningful kiss on your lips. ‘I love you. Sleep tight.’