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okay everyone, it’s been like 10 hours since i watched the latest episodes of Teen Wolf and I’m still really emotional about it so I’m making this post at the risk of looking like a loser BUT

I am really, truly, sad to see this show end

Teen Wolf Fandom was the first fandom I’d ever been involved in. It’s the first time I’ve connected so deeply with characters and had the opportunity to share those feelings with people who felt similarly. The only other universe I’ve felt so connected to was Harry Potter, but I was never part of the larger fandom community for that experience, instead it was just me and my best friend sitting in the gymnasium on the first day of sixth grade wishing we had gotten our Hogwarts letters. 

It’s true, there are some many part of the TW fandom that make me regret this whole thing. The fandom and the show itself can be range anywhere from annoying to infuriating at times, but with that came friendships with amazing people that I would never have without Teen Wolf. 

So shout out to @sleepy-skittles, my salt mate, and @derekslaura for watching the new episodes together and yelling about them, and for torturing each other with every single rarepair and/or worst case scenario possible. It’s been so great to have friends in my corner still excited about this show. (And also salty about the same things I am lbr).

I would probably never have made friends with anyone without @queerlyalex (ILY), who has led me to not only making friends with Kat and Ellis, but also @clarz, @rohruh, @kristsune, @littlerosetrove, @mermaid-reyes, @queerlylonnie@hadeshadaheart, @stripeysocksandoxfords , @notenoughgatorade , @raleighrambles , @authorkurikuri , @somnambulipstick @50-points-for-ravenclaw, @bladeofsolstheim , @bleep0bleep and  @veronicabunch .Thank you to @anamelesstraveler for always encouraging me to write, and always being ready to yell about Derek Hale/Hoech, and to @lena221b for the appreciation of fine ass men and cows, of course. Shout out to @blackfeatheredthing, @athenaohwise1 , @tinderbox210 and the rest of my derek x lydia fans (maybe one day I’ll write them again…. hopefully). 

@brandibees you were literally one of my first mutuals, and one of the very first people I ever spoke to on this site, and i appreciate you so much, okay? 

There’s so many more wonderful people I’ve become friends with, like @acountrygirlsfun, @fandom-madnessess, @banshee-cheekbones, @lozenger8, @elfysparkles88, @sterydia, @carpelucem, @tatesraekens, @shelleyshennigs, @clarissamorgentern, @petals42, @haleandlightwood, @ti-re-elintes, @burritomistress, @sunshineandtigers, @whatthehellisahoechlin, @shakendust, @isaaclydia, @braedens, @draeden, @stilesbansheequeen, @stilesanity, @bistiles @fighthaus and @aussietonkin (I’m sure I’m forgetting people, but just know I love you all)

So long story short - thank you Teen Wolf, for giving me the opportunity to interact with so many amazing people, and for creating a universe and cast of character that I love so much.

I will miss you.

(ps - if anyone wants to join a gchat for the last episode on sunday, let me know)

About Havenfall is for Lovers and how far we’ve come

I’ve been playing these games since I stumbled across Asotria: Fate’s Kiss. Medusa was immediately what caught my eyes. Cyprin’s route hadn’t been released yet but I still found it really cool they were included as an important, prominent figure and non-binary. 

I’m not gonna lie, trying to find content for afk on tumblr made me a little sad at first? Cuz there wasn’t much that included Medusa or Cyprin. I did find some though, and I was super happy to be a part of such a little fandom.

And seeing that fandom grow? Seeing the voltage games get condensed into one app, seeing more titles being released and giving me more opportunities to play a wlw as a wlw, seeing more and more effort being put in to diversify and include more differences, and seeing it get more and more popular…

It means so much to me. 

It really hit me when Mackenzie Hunt’s pilot was released. She was what I saw the most of. People posting screenshots, making text posts, saying how much they love her and adore her and how happy her character makes them. I feel a huge sense of pride in having been allowed to be a part of the process as a player. And it is SO EXCITING to see so many posts on here loving a launch butch wlw woc. 

Medusa, Serena, Altea, Aurora, Madison, Sofia, and now Nova and Mac, they all mean so much to me and I can’t thank the writers and producers and developers and the entire team for all their hard work, and I’m sure you’re all just as excited as I am about seeing so many fans engaging online!

I remember two years ago following @xekstrin for RWBY stuff, who got me curious about Astoria Fate’s kiss by posting about it, who then directed me towards @theivorytowercrumbles and @sailorscooby and I still follow them all to this day! These games mean so much to me.


Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut/Angst + Vampire!Taehyung

Warnings: blood play, graphic depictions of death/violence/murder, suicidal thoughts/depression

Word Count: 7,734

Description: The red tint of his eyes were laced with a deadness that perfectly reflected your own. The familiarity kept you returning to him over and over again, you thought that maybe it was just so you could have someone who understood all of the pain. 

A/N: This scenario was inspired by the lyrics from “Mirrors” by PVRIS

NOTE [!]: this was originally supposed to be multiple parts, but i’ve realized that i just don’t think i’ll ever find the motivation to come back and finish this, sorry guys :// i deleted the ending, so now it seems like there’s at least semi-closure at the end (even if the ending isn’t the best) instead of leaving you guys off with that god awful cliffhanger from before. 


You watched the fragmented colors of orange and red reflect off of the clouds as the sun started to descend below the horizon. The light fall breeze whipped through your hair carrying the invisible scent of your body down into the quickly approaching night life of the city; that gust of air might as well have been a bullet to your head.

They were already stirring. You watched from the rooftop as the citizens ran into their homes, windows were being barred, and the streetlamps suddenly erupted as they prepared to become spotlights for the unlucky; for you.

You looked out at your city one last time, the vantage point of the roof giving you a complete view of the entirety of it all. The corner of your mouth crept into a smile as you said a final goodbye to the miles of spread out land that held all of the beautiful and heart breaking memories from your past twenty years of life.

By the time you made it down the five flights of stairs, and opened the door that led into a dimly lit alleyway, darkness had already imposed itself upon the sky. Even though you had completely accepted the consequences of what you were doing tonight, it still didn’t stop the pang of fear that coursed through your body at the sight of the pitch black scene above you. It was a sight you’d only seen a handful of times in your life, and the memories that accompanied it made you tremble with anxiety.

Shrill screams, blood, maniacal laughter, desperation.

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Surprise Visit - (d.l.)

That is my edit, but feel free to use, also follow my new insta for Derek

Warning(s): smut, cursing, mention of drugs & prison

your pov


“Derek, calm down! What’s going o–,” you yelled but were cut off by banging on the front door.

“Y/N, don’t open that door,” Derek said panting from running so fast.

“Derek, why? What’s goi–,” you were cut off again by your front door being pushed open.

“Derek Luh, put your hands up! You’re under the arrest for the illegal distribution of Marijuana and Methamphetamine,” a police officer yelled, others behind him with guns pointed at your husband.

“Excuse me, what the fuck is going on here, Sir?” you questioned, starting to get really upset.

“Y/N, baby I’m so sorry. Take care of everything,” Derek said talking about the company you guys owned, he was being cuffed by two large police officers.

“No, no, no. Please no! Let him stay!” you screamed, trying to reach Derek’s body, but a policeman held you back. “Please! For fucks sake! Derek I’m gonna get you out! Until then I’ll have everything under control,” you hollered, racing out to see him being put into the cop car, “I promise, baby,” you whispered, tears streaming down your face.

That was nine months ago and he still won’t be out for another three months. You visited him regularly, usually about four times a week, and he called you whenever they’d let him. You were also taking care of the company you and Derek owned together, which was dealing drugs for one of the largest drug cartels in America.

You were currently getting ready to see him today for a conjugal visit because of his good behavior. Finally you finished your makeup, which was just a bit of eyeshadow and mascara topped off with your signature lipstick. After spraying perfume and getting into the new lingerie set you bought for Derek, you put on your outfit.

You walked in front of the mirror inspecting your attire. Deciding you looked decent enough, you slid on Derek’s white oval shaped sunglasses, grabbing your car keys and headed out the door. Turning on your car, Jungle by Drake blared from your speakers. You sped your way to the prison, the anticipation of seeing him and doing much more with him getting to you. Finally, you pulled into the prison parking lot and found a parking space. Looking into your mirror one last time, making sure your lipstick hadn’t smudged.

You opened your door and walked up to the entrance, taking a breath you stepped into the lobby. “Hi, Mrs. Luh! It’s great to see you again,” Officer Gilinsky said eyeing you up and down.

“Eyes up here, sweet cheeks,” you said as he stared at your exposed midsection.

“S-sorry, just you look–,” he stopped to think for a second, “amazing.”

“Watch it, Officer. Wouldn’t want my husband to know you’re flirting now would you,” you said cheekily at the blushing officer.

“No ma'am, we wouldn’t,” he said, cheeks turning a crimson shade. “Alright, lets take you to see your, um, husband,” he said grabbing your arm. Before entering the room to meet Derek, you had to go through all the security procedures. Which meant that Gilinsky would have to pat you down, and he did, way longer than he should have. “Okay, all done Mrs., now, as you already know: keep up good behavior and there will be a search every four hours. Enjoy your time with Mr. Luh,” he said opening the door to the private room.

“Thanks, sweet cheeks,” you said pecking his cheek, causing him to blush again.

“Let me take you on a da–,” he started.

“Ah, ah, ah. Don’t push it honey, I’m still married. Remember?” you said pointing at the large rock on your ring finger.

“Y-yes, ma'am,” he replied, “Mr. Luh will be here shortly,” he said stepping out of the room. You sat and waited for what felt like an eternity, but had only been a mere fifteen minutes. Oh my goodness, just hurry up! you said to yourself. As if someone was reading your mind, the door opened, an in walked your handsome spouse.

“Oh, Derek!” you said, running into his arms.

“Baby, I missed you so fucking much,” he said, showering kisses all over your face, “you look beautiful as ever, ma.”

“Thanks baby, you should see what’s under it,” you whispered into his ear. “Oh, Mrs. Luh, I plan on it,” he said placing his lips onto your exposed neck.

“God, I fucking love you,” he said kissing you fiercely. Derek pulled away slightly out of breath, looking into your y/e/c eyes intently. You could see the love in his chocolate brown ones as they darkened. Before you could reply ‘I love you’, he grabs your hand pulling you over to the small bed in the corner. Derek sits onto the bed and pulls you in between his legs, you still standing. “I. Love. You. So. Fucking. Much.” he growls kissing you between each word.

“I love you too, Derek,” you say, lacing your fingers into his brown locks, “more than you know, my dear.”

“Strip for me, mami,” he commands, using your favorite pet name. His voice makes your body shutter in excitement. You quickly slip your white skirt off and look back at him as he stares at your ass in the white thong you were wearing. “So, so beautiful,” he whispers, gripping your ass. He helps take off the pink top you had on, kissing the tops of your exposed breasts of your bra. Derek removes his clothes and pulls you on top of his body onto the bed. “Sit,” his fingertips dig into your hips. In one swift movement of your hips, he enters you slowly.

You let out a sound that’s a combination of a moan and a gasp, “fuck, it’s been too long,” he groans. Derek grips onto your hips, surely leaving bruises, he starts to lift your hips up and down as he pounds into you, giving you little time to adjust to his size. Derek’s abdomen tightens every time you slide back down. Your moans echo off the walls as you claw at his chest, your nails digging into the soft, tanned flesh. He groans at the pain your inflicting on him, enjoying every second of it. “Fuck, daddy! Just like that, oh–ugh, oh my fuck,” you shout gripping onto his hair, tightly.

“That’s right mami, moan Daddy’s name. Let this whole prison know who’s making you feel this good,” he grunts out as he flips you onto your back and pounds into you harder, your breasts bouncing from the power of his harsh thrusts.

“Mmph, right there, Derek! Oh, I-I’m gonna c-cum,” you moan, raking your nails along his back.

“Oh yeah, you like that don’t you?” he smirks at your loud moans. “After this, I’m gonna eat that tight little pussy,” he groans, thrusting his hips faster, his lips sucking hickeys onto your jaw. “C'mon baby, scream my name,“ he taunts, his thrusts becoming sloppier as he senses that your extremely close.

"Ugh! Fuck, Derek– I’m cumming!” you shout, not being able to hold it back any longer you come undone on him, screaming his name.

“On your hand and knees, doll,” he demands. You look at him with lust in your eyes. You hadn’t expected him to stop until he came too. You quickly do as your told, he moans at the sight of your juices running down your thighs. Derek gets behind you, his hands on your lower back. He slowly enters you, groaning at the feeling of you clenching around him. You cry out as he begins to pick up speed, the sound of skin slapping against skin echoes throughout the room. Derek pulls onto your hair roughly, making your back meet his chest. “I’ve missed this so much, baby. It’s been hard without you,“ groans out. With one hand gripping your hair and the other rubbing your clit, Derek begins thrust deeper into your, hitting your g spot that makes you scream from how sensitive you are. He grins as he continues to hit your g spot harshly.

"Fuck! I love you so much! Derek, Derek!” you scream out his name. “That’s it Y/N. Scream my name. Who makes you feel this good?” Derek says into your ear.

“You, Derek! You, you, you!” You loudly moan, the pleasure taking over your entire body. His movements become to a complete halt causing you to whine out from the loss of contact. “Don’t whine, Y/N,” he scolds, sliding in too painfully slow for your liking.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. Faster, go faster,“ you moan out. “What? I didn’t hear you Mrs. Luh. Repeat that, if you don’t mind, doll?” Derek’s pace begins to slow again. “Please go faster, God dammit! Please, daddy!” you cry out. He laughs liking the sound of you begging him to fuck you. He quickly obliges and continues his deep thrusts. Your eyes close tightly at the pleasure you are receiving, your hands gripping onto the pillows. Your legs begin to shake and your arms give out as you feel your second orgasm taking over your body. “Derek, I-I’m gonna–” you cry out as you cum for the second time.

"Shit, shit, shit! Oh– and I’m cumming,” Derek says to you shooting out onto the bedsheets. Once you both come down from your highs, Derek flips you onto your back, gripping your ankles and pulling you to the edge of the bed. Your eyes widen as Derek head disappears in between your thighs.

“I don’t t-think I can h-handle much m-more,” you groan. He smirks looking up at you from in between your legs. Derek spreads your legs apart as his tongue flattens against your clit. Your hands intertwine into his brown locks and pull on it, causing Derek to groan, sending vibrations onto your centre. Your body convulses as you come undone all over his face. “Derek, oh god!” you yell out as your thighs tighten around Derek’s head. He climbs up your body and places a gentle kiss to your lips.

“You’re beautiful, mami,” he says beaming down at you.

“That. Was. The. Best. Sex. Ever,” you say panting between each word. “You, my love, are a sex god.”

“Why thank you, Mrs. Luh,” he says cheekily.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Luh,” you reply mocking him. You guys were cut short from your moment when Officer Gilinsky saunters into the room.

“I’m here to tell you that Mr. Luh is free to go. Warden’s orders, you’re out early for good behavior. Stay out of trouble Derek.” “Oh my god! We’re going home baby!” you scream hugging him close.

“I love you, Y/N,” he says kissing your lips.

“And I love you,” you reply. You quickly two get dressed and collect your things and get ready to head out of the building. But, before you leave you stop by to tell Officer Gilinsky goodbye.

“Derek, he’s been trying to get with me since the first day I walked in here. Can I just kiss him once, make his dreams come true?” you ask.

“One little kiss, that’s it. Anything more, I slit his throat,” Derek says seriously.

“Hey, Officer! Gilinsky!” you shout getting his attention.

“Yes ma'am,” he says walking towards you. You don’t say anything but kiss his pink lips quickly.

“Don’t miss me too much,” you say kissing his cheek and walk away leaving him stunned. “That did the trick, I think,” you giggled grabbing ahold of Derek’s hand, intertwining your fingers.

“Yeah, I bet. Now, we’re going home and I’m going to punish you for that,” he said.

“But you said it was oka–,” you start.

“Yeah, but I changed my mind,” he smirked pulling you towards his Maserati you’ve been driving.

He was okay while he changed into his sweatpants, and he was okay while he brushed his teeth and washed his face, and he was okay when he was looking askance at the fancy little box of chocolates that had appeared on his pillow while they were gone.
He was okay climbing into bed and he was okay turning out the light, and then he lay back in the darkness and pulled up the covers and realized that he was not okay at all.
—  Shadow of the Templar: Double Down
This has always been one of my favourite quotes in the series but god, this line so real :(

idowhatimust  asked:

“You are my sunshine” ((i'm so sorry friend :'D ))

Send me “You are my sunshine” for my muse’s reaction to yours dying in their arms

Jesse could have shot her. He saw her, the tall woman with long, sleek hair, dart behind a pillar for cover. He could have ran after her. He could have killed her right then, and ended it. Even as he watched her lean out, exposing herself to get the kill shot, he couldn’t move.  The realization had hit McCree like a tidal wave and he was drowning and suffocating in his own breath.

Hanzo was pinned, his back to the sniper, fending off another foe at close range. Jesse inhaled as the woman’s finger moved to the trigger. His own hand flew to his revolver but the motion felt like he was moving through wet concrete. Hanzo’s name burst from his throat, but he wasn’t even sure it was comprehensible, just that it was terrified.

Hanzo turned, startled, to look at McCree, eyes wild with adrenaline turning into an expression of worry when he registered the cowboy’s desperation. Their eyes met, gaze unflinching even when the shot rang through the air. Hanzo’s body jerked and stiffened.


A window behind him shattered as the bullet that had just passed through his body continued on its ruthless path. The archer looked to find the sniper, eyes locking on her as she retreated, her mission complete. His eyes returned to McCree. He took one step forward, two, and then the blood began to flow. Red and fast, pouring from the hole in his chest and leaving a sticky trail on the ground.

McCree didn’t remember starting to run, but he found himself sprinting to Hanzo just as the man stumbled and collapsed. Jesse was vaguely aware that he was saying something, repeating Hanzo’s name over and over, as if the mantra would heal the fatal wound out of sheer will. He dropped to his knees, arms encircling Hanzo and pulling him to his chest, cradling him. The archer tried to inhale but his punctured lung was already filled with blood. The only sound was a choked gurgle as red began to leak from his mouth, staining his lips. 

No no no no no no

Hanzo was fighting. God, he was fighting. But it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough to stop the black from overtaking his vision like spilled ink, taking over everything except McCree’s face. Jesse

They wished they could share some heartfelt last words, but neither could speak. Jesse choked on his own breath and Hanzo choked on his own blood. Hanzo shivered, shuddering, as his lungs tried to expel the liquid, but it was too late. He jerked again, and then it was done. He hung limp in Jesse’s arms, once sharp gaze now blurred and glazed over.

McCree’s throat began to burn. He didn’t understand why. When his other senses finally kicked in again he realized that he was screaming. Yelling. Cursing. Sobbing.

He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Angela. She looked solemn and shaken, trying to get to Hanzo’s body to examine him but McCree wouldn’t budge. He held on tight. He screamed something so harsh at her that she flinched backwards.

Don’t. Touch. Him.

Angela said something into her com, and soon more allies appeared. Whispering. Staring. Some with horror at Hanzo, others with pity at Jesse. It was Morrison this time who tried to separate the two. McCree yelled some more, but eventually his strength gave out and he let Angela lift Hanzo up while Morrison kept a firm grip on Jesse’s arms as he fought weakly. Morrison ordered him back to the safehouse, but he just stayed on the ground, drenched in Hanzo’s blood.

It should have been me.

Touka: Are you a Virgin?

Kaneki: Yeah…Unless you count the multiple times life has fucked me over

The Angel and The Prophet

Summary: Reader is a prophet and has eyes for her trench coat wearing guardian angel

Characters: Castiel x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 2803

Warning: Language, Fluff, SMUT, bondage I guess, NSFW

A/N: @arcturuz requested Cas smut and here it is! Special thanks to @sofreddie for talking through the idea with me :) Quite nervous about this one, never written for Cas, so I hope I just do the angelic stud justice! Fingers crossed!
Also! Absolutely mind blown by the reception on This Means War, thankyou so much for the love, it’s honestly made my weekend.

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Dear Diary…or whatever

You’re new so…Hi! Never written a diary before, but there are things going down in my life that has just GOT to be recorded.

Where do I start? This has been the craziest couple of months I’m not sure if I’m dreaming in all honesty. We’ll go from the top I guess.

I’m walking home from work one night, cutting through the park. This crazy storm just seems to start and it’s like it’s following me. I’m jogging along, very wary that I’m in a wide open space but I can see my apartment block so I just decide to make a break for it. Then I hear this loud crash and I black out. Somewhere in this black out I had a dream. Two guys, proper lumberjack lookalikes with all the plaid, driving along in this sweet ass car, talking some crazy shit. Demons and monsters and something about vessels for Michael and Lucifer? Stopping the apocalypse? Real bat shit stuff.

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