god consciouness

Things about prayer that I should have learnt a long time ago: 

1. God doesn’t need your prayers. The prayers are for you. Why? Because praying five times a day isn’t merely a pointless ritual; it establishes a routine, a sort of rhythm to your life. It is the one part of your to-do list that you get to check off, even if the rest of your work is unfinished. 

2. Don’t expect some sort of enlightening experience when you pray after a long time. I think that’s what I found most disheartening about prayer, that I didn’t feel a ray of light enter my heart, that I didn’t feel cleansed when I prayed after a long time. Prayer does feel nice, but the “cleansing” the “enlightening” comes after a while and it comes from within. It comes with the stuff you do along with prayer. It comes from the effort you put in to becoming a good person and into becoming conscious of God. 

3. Beating yourself up about missing prayer disheartens you more. Beating yourself up in general is disheartening. Take it easy on yourself. 

4. You’ll never expect it, but one day you’ll be crying in sujood and it isn’t because you’re weak it’s because you’re taking a step towards being stronger. Don’t be afraid to cry in prayer. It’s nice to feel yourself humbled towards God. You don’t have to cry in front of anyone else, but you can sob your heart out in front of God and that’s perfectly okay. 

5. That discomfort you feel about having missed a prayer, is something that you should address. Don’t brush it off. If you brush it off once, you’ll do it again. Go pray. It really is good for you. 

My new year’s resolution is to befriend/be associated with God-conscious people. Because those who fear God, are clear with their intentions, pure with their emotions and gentle with my feelings. Beautiful!!!!!!


Two-part collab with the lovely @momonart to an absolute must read called Corner of a Birdcage by @oxeh! This fic captured me the moment it began! The pacing is perfect, the squad dynamics couldn’t be better, and the slow burn is to die for on top of great writing!! It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a fic; if you haven’t read it already, what are you doing here?

You are the instruments through which creation is to become physically conscious, the species through whom one day the whole material universe shall become aware. You are God’s organs of awareness, awakening, in this turning age, from the sleep of historical subconsciousness. Masculine and feminine are both rooted in the unified divinity whose Spirit now awakens in you, whose identity you now remember to be your own. In spirit you are not separate from these two aspects of God, but you have brought them into being from the infinite ocean of your wholeness, to clothe yourself, to know yourself as this family in time. Creation is brought into being through the loving interaction of these, your own inner polarities.
—  Return of the Bird Tribes
jummah mubarak! happy friday!

remember to be extra God-conscious today. try to read or even listen to surat-al kahf, even if just a little. hope you all have a blessed friday. 


Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Insecurities

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by @jackbarakms:   Could you maybe do a one-shot with Bucky Barnes where the reader is ashamed of the hair on their body but Bucky makes them feel better about it. Just like loads of fluff please! (I have a problem with this, I always feel so horrible about my body hair)

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She’s so close he can see the soft spray of freckles that are dusted across her nose and cheeks like a perfect inverse of the Milky Way. He maybe doesn’t even necessarily feel her lips, soft yet insistent, pressed to his own. But he does feel the fire in his cheeks, and his insides turning to batter in the best way possible.

It takes a hot second for it to sink in actually, but he does manage to pull himself out of his mind enough to kiss back.

And he’d been chased by gnomes and witnessed an interdimensional apocalypse, but my God, this was what it felt like to be alive.

Q: between the spirit and the body, is it the love that provides the bridge?
M: what else? Mind created the abyss, the heart crosses it.
—  Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj , I am That

“The Pandeism”

Pandeism is a theological doctrine which combines aspects of pantheism into deism. It holds that the creator deity became the universe and ceased to exist as a separate and conscious entity. 

Pandeism is proposed to explain, as it relates to deism, why God would create a universe and then abandon it, and as to pantheism, the origin and purpose of the universe”


favorite fictional ladies | catherine parr (the tudors)
“Should I play the coward? You know that I never wanted to marry the King, but since I had to, I may at least use what influence I now possess to further the cause that I believe in with all my heart; the cause of the Reformation. Then at least I can address my God with a clear conscience and an honest soul.”

I can’t believe fucking SU discourse like this show is one of the most progressive cartoons ever and people still get mad when it tries to be progressive in ways ppl on tumgl.org aren’t taught to be positive about

The pain is overwhelming.
The nights only seem to darken.
The sun seems far from sight.
‘Joy comes in the morning.’
But where is the morning, and where is the light?
Your strength is fading,
like a mighty mountain,
crumbling, carried into the midst of the sea;
lost and sinking.
'All it takes is faith as small as a mustard seed.’
But what if that faith is smaller still? Gradually waning into a state of nonexistence?
What if hope and love seem to slip through your fingers, like bittersweet memories?
'Yes, grace. My grace.
When you feel like the night is perpetual;
when you feel like you’re all out of strength, hope, faith and love;
look to Me.
I am everything you are looking for and more.
I have risen, and you will rise with Me, too.
The night is ending;
the day will come.
Just run to Me, My child.
—  There is always hope. There is grace for every day.