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Ehem, let me present to you obscure pics of this beautiful face! Let me just be thankful for a moment that I am lucky to be born in an era where this man is alive.

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Can you write "Your housemate just came home and now you’re shoving me in the closet/under the bed/out of the window but I only have one shoe on and no underwear oh my god (AND you’re trying to kiss me while shoving me this is just perfect)" for Brett/Isaac? Thank you!

there are…. so many prompts in my inbox… and yet…. this one speaks to me

Smooth skin glides over smooth skin. Touching, touching, touching… Brett leans up to kiss at the underside of Isaac’s jaw. Isaac grins and runs his hand up Brett’s stomach again. “Say it again,” he murmurs, like Brett hasn’t said it a million times already.

Brett grins, feeling mischievous. “What?” he asks. “Say what?”

There’s a sharp pinch to his hip, and he jumps, just a little. “You know,” Isaac retorts, burying his mouth in Brett’s neck.

For a moment, Brett lets him wait. Then, afraid of being pinched again, he says, “Isaac, I love you.”

Isaac raises his head and grins. Then, there’s a honk outside, and Isaac’s smile slips from his face. “Oh, no,” he says. Then, “You have to hide.”

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Chloe Bennet makes a reference to a line in episode 1x02 of Agents of SHIELD, during an interview with Brett Dalton at Comic-Con (July 2014), before it airs.

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