god both hate them and they take it very personally

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I'm really hating seeing bernie bro's coming back with "bernie would have won" tweets. i'm from the uk and a huge supporter of jeremy corbyn. and I was really rooting for clinton when she was running, which is probably weird to both bernie and jeremy supporters. maybe because it's very different here idk but one thing i do know is that bernie (some jeremy supporters but they're not as... vicious) supporters on twitter irk the hell out of me!

god i saw all the takes comparing them and like, i’m a relatively good person, i deserve to be unhindered by takes like this because they are Bad and Tiring

Having been a SuperWonder shipper...

Formerly shipping them, I can see the appeal. The two most powerful beings in the world, the symbols of truth and justice ending up together. It makes sense on a couple levels. Two physical gods making it together,

The thing is, and I cannot believe it took me so long to get this sense I’ve argued this in every other area about Superman/Clark/Kal-El, is that it completely misses the point of the character.

Superman isn’t supposed to be a character like, say, Thor or Goku. Barring the fact that we’re supposed to get some action from his stories (his first comic was Action comics, so naturally it needs action), the point of Superman isn’t supposed to be an action hero, he’s meant to inspire people.

also, I hate the sheer amount vitriol that Diana gets for only being able to love the Superman side of things, it’s the writers fault, guys, leave Diana alone

With almost any other hero out there that might have dated Wonder Woman (using hero as a unisexual term here), it might have been alright, but not Superman, because he already had the perfect mate for who he was and what he represents.

Lois Lane is one of the most hardcore motherfuckers in comics, with or without powers because she’s on a singular hunt for truth and justice just as Clark is. She represents at the core of her being the strength that Clark was raised to love and respect in humanity, thanks to his parents.

Though I will argue until I’m blue in the face that Lois is Clark’s one link to humanity (he was raised as one, after all, and I think that undersells his own humanness, but that’s just my opinion.), there can really be no doubt that, at the very least, they work so well because they compliment each other in so many ways, from Clark being a wizened idealist to Lois being very much the same with a barbed tongue to match (and we love her for it), and going back to Clark, we see that he’s very much a soul that wants to do the right thing.

Between the two of them, we see a strong heart that will fight tooth and nail, with no powers save her rapier wit and a Pulitzer prize and we see a man with all the power in the world that sees everything he admires about his home in a single, focused person that will always be there to both support him and take him down a peg.

In the end, it’s the story of a sun god that fell for a story teller and I hate that it took me so long to realize that.