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Azurrin Week 2016 Day 5: Song


anonymous asked:

Honestly run 12 was less cop jk and criminal jm and more bad baby boy jm and daddy jk just saying ❤

Hehehe well, everyone interprets things differently ^.^ My personal headcanon is:

So Jimin’s that guy who thinks he’s “bad ass” cause he spray paints “fuck” on the side of buildings and blows up small cherry bombs in peoples’ mail boxes. He’s really small and fast though, so the cops can’t ever catch him.

Jungkook finally corners him one day, and finally gets a good look at Jimin’s face and is so fucking confused, cause how can this boy with the face of an actual angel be such a little brat? Jimin smiles cutely at him and concedes, holding his hands up to let Kookie handcuff him. His breath hitches when Kookie does, just loud enough for Kookie to hear. Jungkook whips his head up but Jimin’s just looking at him all innocent like.

He takes Jimin back to the station and Jimin is sentenced to a few hours in the cell. All throughout the day he’s either whining to Jungkook (who’s desk is near the cell), asking him for something, or staring at him with hooded eyes and a slight smirk. Kookie tries his best to ignore Jimin but damn the boy is hard to ignore! Especially when he starts singing softly to himself. 

The twelfth time Jimin says he’s got to pee, Kookie gets fed up and slams his laptop shut, causing Jimin to flinch. He stands up and walks slowly over to Jimin, wrapping his hands around the bars and trying to stare intimidatingly at Jimin. Jimin is slightly surprised, but recovers himself quickly and smiles that damn cute smile.

Interrupt me one more damn time and I swear- You’ll do what? Punish me? Jimin interrupts Kookie, the smirk growing on his face. He knows he’s won, having finally gotten Kookie’s attention. Kookie growls under his breath and steps closer to the bars, as does Jimin. They have a stare off, and it frustrates the hell out of Kookie how nonchalant Jimin comes off. That is, until Jimin’s hand darts out between the bars to grab Kookie’s tie to wrench him closer. Kookie’s almost thrown into the bars, but he’s strong enough to hold himself back slightly.

I’ve never seen such a pretty officer before Jimin purrs, and Kookie mentally groans. No wonder this guy’s never been caught. The door opens as another cop enters the room, and Jimin releases him instantly, stepping away from Jungkook. He winks as Kookie turns to go back to his desk, and almost giggles when he notices Kookie shaking slightly.   

When it’s finally time for Jimin to be released, Jungkook unlocks the cell and gives Jimin his stuff back. Jimin is unusually quiet, and Kookie becomes wary. Mind giving me a ride home officer? You did drag me all the way out here. Jungkook honestly doesn’t know what he’s done to anger the gods but it must have been something. He nods, and grabbing his stuff off his desk, leads Jimin outside to his car. 

Kookie breathes a sigh of relief when he pulls up to the address Jimin asked him to drop him off at, and Jimin hadn’t made a single move on him. He gets out as Jimin does, and is thrown completely off guard when he’s slammed into the side of his car. Jimin is close, really really close, and even though he’s a good few inches shorter than Jungkook, has an air of confidence that makes Jungkook’s heart beat wildly. Jimin looks up at him from under his eyelashes and smirks.

For a split second Jungkook isn’t sure whether Jimin is going to kill him or kiss him. Jimin brings himself as far as a hair’s width away from Jungkook’s lips. He had slid a thigh between Jungkook’s legs, and it requires pretty much all of Jungkook’s concentration not to grind down on it. I sure hope we meet again officer Jimin breathes against Kookie’s lips and Kookie shudders against him, his eyes fluttering closed. He hears a giggle, and then Jimin is gone, skipping up to the apartment complex. Jungkook watches Jimin give a small wave, and disappear behind a wall before his knees give out and he collapses against his car.