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Hi! So can I request a blurb please? I would LOVE to see a Harry blurb based off the song, There's Us by the Backstreet Boys? Ever hear of it? It's fantastic! Thanks 😘😜😘

can you do a harry writing where y/n is an architecture student came to study in London

Could you do one where Harry tries to break you out of your shell because you’re a shy person and keep turning him down when he asks you out, that would be so cute x

Hey Susie! After a week I have now gotten through all of your blurbs/one shots about Harry and love them all. Would you maybe write a little something about you maybe moving in with Gemma in London and Harry meeting you that way and developing a crush on you and how that would all pan out?

So…Pam sent me this request and I’d been sitting on all the others for awhile and a light bulb went off, this would make a great series.  

There’s Us is one of my favorite love songs ever, not even because it’s my boys who sing it.  It is a beautiful, angsty, pull emotion out of you from the depths of your soul type song and they sound like angels singing it.  If you’d like to hear the song, you can go here to listen.  I based it mostly off the chorus.

This will be three parts.  Starting with this.  I hope you enjoy it.  

Thanks to @harrys-furrowed-brow​ for the banner

The Beginning…

Ok so it sounds weird when I say it.  But I love buildings.  My friends always tease me, because honestly, who in the world loves buildings.  But I do.  I love the curves and the straight edges.  I love the way windows are placed.  I love the way corners come together.  I love the old buildings with intricate carvings on the outside and new buildings with their modern lines and clean outlines.  I was a geek for it.  If there was a channel all about buildings, I’d watch it 24/7.

I got the chance to go to London when my Structural Design professor, Mr. Franzen, handed me a brochure about studying abroad.  He knew I would never have gone for it without his goading.  So every day as class let out, he called me over and asked me if I’d applied.  I finally did, never thinking for a moment I would get chosen.  But I was.

I had a month to plan how I would get over there, a job situation and where I would live.  I made the decision fairly quickly that I didn’t want to live in any school housing while I was there.  I wanted the full London experience.  So, I got online one weekend and I figured everything out.  My parents bought me the plane ticket, bless their hearts.  I found a job at a book shop in the area where I wanted to live.  The lady I spoke to on the phone said she was the owner and in her thick British accent, “I been lookin’ fer someone for a bloody year!”.

The hardest thing to find was housing.  But the school’s website had classifieds on it where students could advertise things and one of them happened to be rooms for rent.  I emailed the first couple that looked promising and after a few responses, I had my living situation handled.

I was off to London a week later.

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The Narrow Gate (Part 1)

Summary: In the wake of the events of the Battle of Washington, D.C., a tormented Bucky Barnes takes sanctuary with an unlikely ally: God. As he tries his hardest to accept the absolution that was given to him by walking on this new and virtuous road, he comes to realize that it was not God that he was searching for…

Pairing: James Buchanan Barnes x Reader

Words: 1735

Warnings: Priest kink. A swearword, and suffering. 

A/N: Welcome, dearest reader. Please see my masterlist for more context and warnings. This fic was never supposed to happen, but then a certain anonymous reader suggested how I could bring my priest kink to life, and here we are. Thank you, anonymous. And an even bigger thank you to @queennsansa for always supporting me and stimulating my (depraved) mind. This story would definitely not exist without you. I am grateful to you for all your help. Happy sinful reading, everyone.

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Chapter 1: Praying For Deliverance

Matthew 18:18 “What things soever ye shall loose.”

Shifting her weight in her seat, [Y/N] tried to find a comfortable position on the church pew. Not that she had a lot of options when it came to finding comfort in this place of worship. With a quickening pace, trickles of raindrops spattered down the stained glass until the clear fluid percolated into the glistering crimson shades. It conjured up the image of shedding tears of blood through the broken slits of the window pane, and it made [Y/N] shudder. The humid rainfall was getting to her. She emitted a long and audible breath, unknowingly expressing her restlessness, and flipped through the pages of the Bible.

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Date Night


“Do you want the window seat?” Harry offered as we shuffled down the train towards our spot.

“Holy shit.” I chortled. “You can so tell you’re an only child.”

What?” He screeched, slinging his bag into the overhead compartment.

“It’s an unwritten rule, Curls. You gotta take it in turns. If one gets the window seat there, the other gets the window seat the next time. Rule applies on trains and planes. Often also applies for the front seat of the car. Everyone knows this.”

“I didn’t know this.”

“Because you’re an only child.”

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jun being a dad and being so lovely to his wife and child

✎ i just want to prefix this by saying, i’m sorry it’s not a full-fledged scenario! i’ve never done a bullet point style before, however, this request has been collecting dust in my inbox for ages and i think a bullet point would be most fitting! so enjoy!

also, i did not know whether to make the bby a boy or girl, so you can decide!


⦁ the day you purchased your first pregnancy test, oh my god you were a very nervous, overwrought lil peach who spent at least an hour or so pacing in the bathroom, slapping the box against your wrist.

⦁ “lol stopping being a loser and just take the damn test, [Y/N]!!!”

⦁ once you saw those two pink tiny lines, tears immediately began dampening your lashes and your breath fell short and your heart started swelling.

⦁ i am a mother!!!! i have my own flower child now!!! whoop whoop!!!

⦁ you’re so inexplicably joyous and wow it would be great if junhui were there to celebrate with you. but then you’re like, junhui!!! he is the father!!! and even though you’re married the anxiety returns bc what if he is not as happy as you!!

⦁ eventually ur man comes home from practice. he’s in his usual white tee and black sweats with his duffle bag over his shoulder. his hair is bit damp toward the ends but he looks very soft.

⦁ you’re sitting on the sofa, looking a bit hollowed. he notices your eyes are slightly puffy and he can decipher a timid glint in their irises. he drops his things and scoots next to you, slipping an arm around your waist and pressing a lil kiss to your temple.

⦁ “did you have a good day, bby?” then he hears a faint sniffle as you dig into your hoodie pocket and show him the test. at first he doesn’t exactly understand or entirely know what it is so he’s like, “cool lol.”

⦁ and then you sigh whilst laughing at the same time. “no ya big idiot, it’s a pregnancy test!! i’m pregnant!!” you study his reactions very meticulously. he looks at you, then the test, then you, then the test.

⦁ before you can get another word out, junhui’s shaking his knees and scooping up your legs to pull you into his lap. his palms cup your cheeks and he steals a long kiss from your lips n then plants many short ones on your forehead.

⦁ “i am a father!!!! you are a mother!!!”

⦁ you both start tearing up a lil more. “omg so true!!” *high five*

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The Penrose Triangle

Part 3

Everyone left eventually. He was convinced as much. Maybe it wasn’t because they’d willingly left, but the universe somehow decided that when he was born, people would come and go, and apparently the words would too, so he decided if he never knew who his second soulmate was, he’d never lose them.

Maeve had left – taken away at just over the age of 30 after the universe taunted him with her love for just over 100 days. Elle had left, unable to reconcile her desire for revenge and her role as a law enforcement agent. Emily had left, and fuck if that wasn’t too complicated a situation to delve into on his way into work. Granted she’d come back from the dead, but it wasn’t the same, because she needed to create a new life for herself. Gideon had left, with just a note saying he was sorry for how him leaving was going to affect Spencer.

No one’s life revolved around Spencer. He knew that. And that was fine. Everyone’s lives were intertwined with someone else, who was affiliated with someone else and so on and so forth, so did Spencer ever expect anyone to make a decision for themselves based on how he’d react? Of course not, but it didn’t help him from wondering whether or not anyone of his friends or loved ones who’d left realized or cared how it would affect him. Emily was the only one he knew of for sure that regretted the way everything had happened, but that was because she had been the only to ever return.

Elle and Gideon were god knows where. As he rounded the corner to pull into the Bureau parking lot, a meeting with Hotch waiting, he let his brain wander. If he had his way, they’d be back, but in lieu of them returning, he hoped for their happiness. He hoped that Gideon had found love again. After losing his college sweetheart to Frank Breitkopf, he couldn’t deal with the horrors of the world, vanishing into thin air. Spencer hoped that he’d found someone else, a light coming to his eyes that had been ripped away so violently years earlier, as he saw new words spring to life across his skin.  Together, they would travel across country over and over again, taking in the beauty of the world that had been eroded away during Gideon’s 30 years with the BAU.

In Elle’s case, Spencer couldn’t even hazard a guess as to where she was. In the time he’d known her, she didn’t have those blessed or damned words (depending on who you spoke to). Maybe she had found someone since then. Maybe not. But wherever she was, he hoped she happy. In a perfect world, she’d have formed on organization for sexual assault victims, something to help the people she had so desperately wanted to help, in a way that didn’t require breaking the laws she swore to uphold.

So that was what, five, six people that had left in one way or another? Gideon, Elle, Emily, Maeve, his father, and most recently Blake. Like a mother to him, she’d left after he got shot. Again, the horrors of this job kept taking their toll on the ones he loved. Having Blake leave hurt more than he thought it would 

The friends he did have he loved more than anything else in the world. However, they definitely weren’t known for minding their own business. Actually quite the opposite, which was bothersome no matter how pure the intentions. But Blake was different. Blake always made it known that she was there for him if he wanted to talk, but never forced him too, through words or body language. She was effortless to be around, but in a familial way rather than a romantic way. He was convinced that if the universe hadn’t already showed him that it was possible for him to have a romantic soulmate, he would’ve seen Blake’s first words to him on his arm. For all he knew, they could be lying under the bandage he continued to wear – more than a year later. Although Maeve’s death was getting easier to handle day by day, he still wasn’t ready to see those words. There were too many awful possibilities that he couldn’t handle after all he’d been through.

After parking at 7:13 in the morning, he’d apparently sat in the car in deep thought for the past six minutes. His brain told him to move (he did have a meeting to go to after all). While he took the steps up slowly, wanting more time to himself and his mind to wander, he tried to decipher Hotch’s words. What did he want to talk about? Hotch had only said that he wanted to talk to Spencer before work in the morning, but it was a solo meeting.

Gently, Spencer knocked on the door, cracking a small smile as Hotch said good morning. “Come on in, Reid,” he said, sitting down at his desk and searching the younger agent’s eyes for how he was feeling this morning. “How’re you doing?”

“Sleepy,” Spencer replied with a shrug. He sipped at his coffee, which he wished he could ingest in IV form because once he was physically up he hated wasting time on actually getting up mentally. “But otherwise okay. Why did you want to talk to me this morning?”

Hotch smiled, Spencer, much like himself, was always the kind of man to cut to the chase, but for his extensive IQ, he hadn’t deduced what it was that Hotch wanted to talk to him about. “I just wanted to talk about how you’ve been feeling since Blake left.”

In a huff, Spencer got up to leave. “Sit, Reid. I’m not done.”

Spencer rolled his eyes and turned back into the seat, taking another large cup of coffee and nearly burning his throat. “Why do we need to talk about this? It sucks. End of story.”

“Not end of story. You dam up your feelings and when it gets to be too much we both know what happens.” Spencer saw the smallest of glances between Hotch and his own arm. He was referencing the dilauded he turned to, or desperately wanted turn to, during times of great stress. “Reid, you and an invaluable asset to this team, for your mind, and just the dynamic of the team. We all need you, but we need you at your best, and when you keep these emotions bottled up, you are not at your best.”

A minute or two passed by, during which time Spencer stared everywhere but where he was supposed to. “Everyone leaves Hotch. That’s my life. What can I say? My father left, then Gideon left, then Elle left, then Emily left, came back and left again, then the love of my life got shot, and now Blake is gone. What am I supposed to do with that? Am I supposed to operating at full capacity barely a month after Blake left?” When he was younger and had just joined the Bureau, Spencer wouldn’t have allowed himself to get so snappy with a superior, but aside from being his boss, Spencer also considered Hotch a friend, and right now his friend was making him angry. “Because I’m not. But I always get back to where I need to be when people leave me alone to grieve in my own way. Blake understood that.” He said that last bit under his breath, a lone tear stinging at the corner of his eye as he looked down at the floor.

Hotch understood. They all got each other to a deeper degree than most people understood their friends given what they did for a living, but Blake’s connection with Spencer went deeper still. “I know Blake leaving hurt you, but that’s all the more reason to seek someone out to confide in. Does keeping in all make you happy?”

“Of course not,” Spencer snapped, raising his voice slightly higher than he’d intended. “What would make you think that? It makes me miserable.” 

“Nothing,” he replied matter-of-factly. “Then why don’t you speak to someone?”

“Because either way I’m miserable. I keep it in, I’m miserable by myself, or I let it out and make everyone around me miserable. Why would I do that to the people I love?”

“Because we love you,” Hotch said. It was rare he said those exact words to his co-workers. He was more the type to imply it than say it, but Reid needed to realize that despite his childhood, where he was, in essence, alone, it wasn’t that way any longer. “Talk to someone. Anyone. Whether it be one of us or not.”

In his head, Spencer knew he didn’t want to be an ass, but that’s where his heart was headed, so he just shut his mouth…until he couldn’t anymore. “Do you ever take your own advice?” Hotch was the king of keeping in his emotions, or at least that’s what Spencer thought. “Do you ever talk to Beth about the cases that get under your skin?” The sentiment was filled with such vitriol, probably because Spencer assumed that Beth had been Hotch’s second soulmate.

“Not anymore,” he said, getting up and walking around to sit on top of the desk. “Beth and I broke up.”

Spencer had been looking down at the floor the entire time, but his head sprung up at the realization that Hotch’s second soulmate didn’t last. “I’m sorry,” he said. “After…” he didn’t want to say Hayley’s name. It was still a sore subject; Spencer could tell. “I was really happy that you’d found your soulmate again.”

“She wasn’t my soulmate.” Hotch watched as the surprise spread across the young man’s face. “I don’t know whose words these are.” On his arm was written ‘she must’ve been an incredible woman.’ “These weren’t the words Beth first spoke to me, but we got along really well, and since neither of us had any words on our arms, we decided to just go for it. We were both convinced, and still are, that those words can pop after you start a relationship. That it doesn’t have to happen before. It can. It can be something that the universe has ordained for you, but we both believe that it was something that individuals could change.”

“And did it?” Spencer asked, genuinely curious. He’d never expected that Beth and Hotch hadn’t been made for each other. They just fit together so perfectly.

“Well, no,” Hotch smiled. “But that doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Look, I like the idea of having someone, or multiple someones, out there in the world waiting for me, but I also like the idea of having some control over my own destiny, that those soulmates or soul companions can be of your own choosing as well as the universe’s.” Spencer had never really thought of it that way before, which was astounding considering how much time and energy he’d put into the whole concept as a child.

The earlier tension faded to the background when the conversation had changed direction. “I never really thought of it like that,” Spencer finally said.

“I think you have,” Hotch said, continuing when Spencer looked confused. “Whether you’ve actively thought about it like that, I think the reason having these people, or some of them anyway, leave, hurt so much was because you felt a deep soulmate-like connection to them. Especially Blake, Emily and Gideon.”

Spencer swallowed hard. When he’d come in the room, he’d been angry, then the mood turned to pity for the demise of Hotch’s relationship, to slightly more light-hearted, but now…now he was sad again. Spencer was pretty sure this was the opposite of what Hotch had wanted from this meeting. What Hotch had said made total sense though. That’s why he’d been hit by people leaving so much more than other people, because for Spencer, the people that came to him later in life felt like soulmates; they felt like those childhood friends and loved ones that he’d missed out on, so seeing them leave was like a dagger in the heart.

The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to cry, and eventually, he couldn’t stop himself, openly sobbing in Hotch’s office.

Hotch got up and closed the blinds, just in case people decided to start walking in a little bit earlier than usual, and once he returned to his desk, he grabbed Spencer by the shoulder, hoisted him upward and wrapped his arms around him. “Look, Reid. We are never telling you that you have to talk, but we are here if you want to talk. We may not have all the same experiences as you do, even though someone like myself has lost a loved one in the exact same way you did, but that doesn’t mean we can’t listen, and as your friends, that we wouldn’t want to.” Spencer hadn’t lifted his head from Hotch’s shoulder, but he nodded that he’d heard him.

After a minute or two, Spencer’s tears dried up and he lifted his head, making eye contact with Hotch and giving up; giving up trying to look okay when he wasn’t. “Now listen, I think this soulmate thing is bothering you more than you’re letting on. We’ve all noticed that you have your arm bandaged up. You have other words?”

“I saw the faint outline of ink, so yes, but I don’t want to look at them.”

Hotch put out his hand and reassured Spencer. “And you don’t have to. What I want to say is that the words don’t have to dictate your life, if you don’t want them to. If you keep that bandage on, and two years from now, you feel a spark with someone, take that bandage off and realize that the words don’t match, don’t give up your autonomy. We were born into this universe where this exists, but that doesn’t mean he have to think of it as God. Pursue love in your own way. Let it come to you. And maybe, one day, you’ll realize that you have the power to change your fate. What I’m saying is remain open.”

Spencer breathed a cleansing breath, feeling a little bit better after talking with Hotch. “I’ll try,” he said, walking toward the door. As he turned the doorknob, he stopped in his tracks. “Do you think I could come in this time next week?” He asked, realizing he sounded like he was talking to a therapist. “I have no idea what I’m going to need to say or if I’ll need to say anything, but I might feel better coming to you.”

“Same time next week,” Hotch replied with a laugh. “Bring a book if you feel like it. Just know that I’m here.”

“Thanks Hotch.”

And with that, Spencer walked out and went back to his desk, his shoulders slightly more uplifted after their talk. As Hotch sat back down at his desk, he’d hoped he’d gotten through to him. He liked the idea of a soulmate as much as the next person, but he would hate to see Reid close himself off to the world and all its possibilities just because his feelings he had didn’t align with the words painted across his skin.  Whether he was romantically linked or not, he had soulmates all around him – if only he allowed them in.

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Tear in my Heart Part 1

Relationship: Tony Stark x Assistant!Reader

Warnings : a lot of angst, Tony is kind of an asshole but it’s ok.

Word Count: 3k (got a little carried away)

A/N: I’m SO sorry for not being active. School just started and I’m really busy and I don’t have a lot of time reserved for writing! It’ll slowly set back in motion soon enough, I have a bunch of things on the way so stay tuned! Xx Enjoy.

What an asshole, you thought. You’d just gotten fired by your asshole of a boss because “you weren’t reaching the company’s expectations”. You were probably the most valuable employee in the small company, your degree in biomechanics and your previous job as a personal assistant for Pepper Potts when she first got started gave you enough experience to get a job anywhere. 

You huffed angrily as you shoved the key into the keyhole of your apartment in Soho. The first thing you did was shrug off your heels and then poured yourself a big glass of Sancerre. 

You sat on the couch watching some Netflix, letting the stress built up throughout the day melt away. That’s when your phone rang.Little did you know, that phone call would change your life. 


Pepper Potts was a woman to be reckoned with. She could pile you in lawsuits until your office is filled with enough legal papers to bury you in work for the next few years, but she could also buy you your favourite flowers and mother hen you.                                     

  She was qualified in so many fields, being the CEO of Stark Industries was the least of her problems. Being the CEO of such a prestigious company was a privilege and an honour. She strives under the stress and performs under the pressure. 

She would say that the hardest part of being the CEO is the rumours, the misconceptions and… the lies that the company carries because of her previous boss and, now, former CEO of the infamous Stark Industries. Tony Stark. As an assistant for the troubled engineer, Pepper has seen the many facets that comes with her boss or previous lover.

She’s encountered the playboy, the engineer, the philanthropist, but those are labels he’s given himself. Things he’s told the press. Pepper, through her many years beside Tony, has met the side of him that the public doesn’t see, aside from Rhodes, obviously J.A.R.V.I.S. and maybe Banner. She’s seen the sweet, caring and fiercely protective side of Stark, the side of him that despises his father and hides his scars. She’s lived through the panic attacks and the PTSD. She was the one who kept his drinking problem under wraps and worst of all, she’s witnessed the tail end of his insecurities.

 That said, Mrs.Potts being CEO was a blessing and a curse. A blessing because she’s never had an opportunity such as this, but a curse, because she couldn’t watch over Tony as much as she used to and she could tell that her best friend was spiralling into oblivion. 

That’s when she decided to contact (Y/N) (Y/L).She hired (y/n) as her personal assistant before Stark, when she was first getting started. One day, she put out an article online and in the newspaper and by the same time the next day, Pepper Potts had one of the best assistants in town. You were trained and you were good at what you did. Never late and sometimes worked extra hours without asking.

 You know how to operate schedules and spent enough time with Pepper as friends to know how your boss would want things done. After working together for a few years, Pepper went to work for Tony, but you stayed present for awhile. 

At some point, you decided to leave and explore for something new. In the time that Mrs. Potts worked for Tony, and you worked for Pepper,you’d never talked to Stark, nor did you have a need to.

 That’s when you got a phone call from an old friend. You put down the glass of wine and picked up the phone.

“Hey, Pep it’s been awhile, how’s it going?” You asked, happy to hear her voice.

“Not bad, not bad, I’m so busy! How about you?”

“Honestly, not too good, I just got fired because I, apparently, wasn’t reaching the company’s expectations.”

“God, that’s terrible, what a load of bullshit!” You laughed heartily. “Anyways, in a way that’s great for me.” You frown. “Because I have a job offer for you.”

“What! Are you serious?”

“Yep. But, it’s probably going to be the hardest job you’ll ever have.”

“Come on, Pepper…”

“Ok, I need you to be Tony Stark’s personal assistant.”But wasn’t Pepper… Oh, you forgot. Pepper wasn’t his personal assistant anymore, she was the CEO.

“Um. Well, I guess I can.”

“No, (y/n), you need to understand. Tony’s a real handful, he’s sweet, but I’m telling you, it’s not going to be easy.”

“Now that I’ve taken the job, maybe you should tell me a little bit about him.”

She wanted you to start as soon as possible, so she started to go through what was basically your job description. She explained to you that he spends a lot of time in his lab and other than organising his meetings, you’re essentially going to be a full-time babysitter. She talked to you very briefly about what happened in Afghanistan and the bomb incident with the Chitauri. She went over how that damaged him, how he suffers from anxiety and PTSD. She urged you not to tell him that you knew of this information or else he will immediately close off and probably fire you. 

She told you to always keep an eye on what he was eating, because sometimes, when he gets too engulfed in his work, he won’t eat or sleep. She said that there’s an A.I called J.A.R.V.I.S, and you could ask him anything. The Stark Tower is ready to accommodate any needs you have during your stay there and that your hours will be from 9 AM to 5PM, which is standard, but she warned you that you might be staying a little longer than that.

After a long 3 hour phone called, you finally hung up still feeling unprepared for your new job. Tony Stark had a reputation, that, in itself, made you nervous.You decided to start Monday, next week. At least your old boss had the decency of firing you on a Friday. You sighed laying back down on your couch, hoping that the weekend of preparation ahead of you would go smoothly.


Monday morning, you woke up bright and early, prepping yourself for your new job. You got dressed and made yourself breakfast. You arrived at the Tower with twenty minutes to spare, all your documents and schedules under your arm.You pass all the security and finally make it to the elevator that was slowly ascending. 

The ding echoes in the empty elevator, stopping at floor 65. You hold your breath, but let out a sigh of relief when you see Pepper standing there, greeting you with a small smile.

“Oh, Thank God, you’re here. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.” 

You look around, there’s a long rectangular desk with a desktop, file organisers, pens and other stationeries all set up in front of a large Stark Industries panel to the right of two glass double doors you could only assume led to a couple of conference rooms. 

“Yes, ok, so I have a press conference downstairs in about forty-five minutes and I need you to prep Tony for me. He should know the gist of it, but just hand him these cards and make sure he dresses himself, he should be in the living room which is down the staircase, to the right, thank you…,” she rapidly spitfires orders and gets interrupted by her phone ringing.” OK, I really have to go. Good luck!”Before you could add anything, she’s already taken off. 

You take one big breathe and head down the beige granite staircase and into to Mr.Stark’s living room. As predicted, the genius was seated on a couch, tapping away on his tablet, not noticing your entrance. You stand in the middle of the room, a bit dubious, and clear your throat. You shyly tuck a strand of hair behind your ear as your new boss finally notices you.

“And who might you be?” For a second, you are paralyzed by the intense gaze of deep, mahogany eyes boring into you. Quickly you regain composure and introduce yourself.

“Hi, I’m (Y/n) (L/n), your new personal assistant, I’ll be working by your side from now on Mr. Stark.” 

“And what about Pepper?” He asks, getting up and walking to the bar.

“She is actually the one who hired me, I was her assistant for a couple years, a while ago.”

 “Ah, so you must be the infamous (Y/n).” You flush a little bit.“Um, Mr. Stark, you have a press conference,” you check your watch.” In about half an hour. Mrs. Potts wanted me to hand you these cards and we need you in a suit in the next ten minutes.” 

You hand him the cards and put your things down on the counter as he watches you carefully, taking a mouthful of scotch thoughtfully.

“I like you. You’re bossy. Like, Pepper.” He says, quickly. You’re not sure what to make of that, does that mean he’ll keep you? Or does it mean that he’s rather have Pepper back? Anyways, you don’t have time to dwell on these things because you need to be doing your job.

“Look, do you need help getting dressed? Or do I need to come in and help you because unless I want to get fired, you need to look immaculate two minutes ago.” You tell him, matter of factly.

 Pepper told you that he was a man who liked to mess around, but if push came to shove, he’d always be there. He raises an eyebrow at you, studying from far. 

“Ok, then.” He retreats to what you can only think is a giant California closet.

 “I’ll be waiting for you at the front desk.” You sit down and exhale forcefully, that was an eventful first hour of a job. You login to your computer and check his schedule for the rest of the week. There’s a benefit planned for tomorrow and back to back meetings for the following few days. Luckily, the rest seemed pretty empty, other than little appointments.

You pick up once again your tablet and purse, readying yourself for the whirlwind that is Tony Stark.

 The sound of expensive crystal-embellished Louboutin sneakers against grey tiled floors brings you out of your work-frenzied trance. 

“Ready, Mr.Stark?” You ask walking towards the exit, your heels clicking along the way.

“Damn, press conference,” he mutters under his breath, he probably wasn’t supposed to even say it out loud,” Um, yes. Sorry”

You stifle a chuckle, adjusting your glasses to try and hide your amusement. The moment the elevator dings, you both are swamped by flashing lights and people’s shouting over the chaos. Mr. Stark, over here! Mr. Stark, what do you have to say….

By the time you actually get him backstage, you’re out of breathe and a little overwhelmed. It was never like this with Pepper. Out of the crowd, you take a moment to admire Mr. Stark.

 Even through all that chaos, there wasn’t a hair out place in his neatly coiffed mane, his designer sunglasses were straight and his suit didn’t have a wrinkle in sight. You had yet to learn that that is what Tony Stark is, a man, imperfectly perfect amidst the cacophony he had made for himself. Who knew you’d fall for it.

“So, why are you leaving?”“Because everything I want is there, inches from my face, but I can’t have it. I can’t have him.” 

You learned a lot with your time at Stark Industries. You learned everything to learn about stocks in a night because, as it turns out, Tony didn’t feel like handling these things, so now you had to do it.You learned that he like three shots of espresso if he works late at night in the lab, but he likes a big old classic latte if he had a decent night’s sleep, which didn’t happen often. 

You learned what his favourite whiskey was and that he gifted a Dom Perignon in the birth year of his lower-class guests.

 You learned that he prefers grey suits and ties, but has a deep appreciation for bow ties. You have his facial features ingrained into your mind. You know when he’s upset or cranky or needs food. You know when he’s hungry or hasn’t slept for three days. You know his ticks and pet peeves and the fact that he likes coco puffs and waffles.

Your mind and body was in tune with his. You kept up with his lightning intellect. You enjoyed watching him tackle a problem even if there was no paradox on this Earth he couldn’t solve. He was a man who wasn’t fazed and you were enamoured. 

During your time there, you watched too. You watched him through parties and banquets and dinners. You’ve seen him laugh till’ he was clutching his stomach. You watched him drink into despair and wallow in depression. You watched him struggle and cry on to your shoulder. You watched him mull memories around in his head and you watched him replay regrets right before his eyes.

But, you also watched him walk into his bedroom with countless leggy woman. Heard them have fun, the clinking of glass, the giggles of drunkenness. You’ve watched him trip over his clothes in the after-glow, you’ve seen a walk of shame and an air of nonchalance.

 And the part that hurt, the part that made you leave, is watching his eyes that were alight, dim down at the sight of you,and then his voice, asking you to escort them out. Again. And again. And again.And one day. You just had enough.

“Goddamit, (Y/n), where are you?” He said over the phone.

“Tony, I’m handling all the meetings you dumped on me last minute, I can’t be by your side and do this at the same time.”

“You know what, it doesn’t matter. I’ll just call Pepper.” He hangs up. Staring at your phone, gaping. Did he just? Tears start forming at the edge of your eyes, but you push them back. This was the last straw. Tonight. 

You were going to leave.—“Pepper, I don’t have time for this…” The genius says.

“Yes, you do. Look at me!” He faces her, surprised. “That poor heart is being torn apart because you’re being an inconsiderate asshole.”

“No, I’m not, she’s doing her job. Which is what I pay her for, by the way.”

“So you’re telling me that sending her after the girls in your room is out of the goodness of your heart? You love her. Why are you doing this?” He slouches against his desk, suddenly looking, feeling, so tired.

“Because I’m poison and she’s pure and all I’ll do is ruin her.” His voice so quiet, Pepper barely heard it. “She’s too good. She can’t- she can’t love me.”

His former lover is stunned into silence. “Shouldn’t that be something she decides for herself? She’s a grown woman, Tony.”

She leaves without saying another word, Tony, stays silent.

Of course, he’d fallen for her.She was… everything. Everything she did had him entranced. From the way she walked, to the way she talked to the way her face would scrunch up when she’s busy or to the way she bit her lip whenever she focused on a task.

 But, these, aspects, those things were the physicality of it. This damned woman kept him together. Kept him from falling apart. From the moment she walked in asking him if he needed help getting changed, to the moment where he realised that the reason his heart was beating so fast all the time wasn’t because of the alcohol, or his pain, it was because of her.

He couldn’t help it. 

She was beautiful and pure and so, so good it made him look   like a bloodstain on a white sheet. He couldn’t hurt that. He couldn’t do that, to her of all people.So he thought, maybe, maybe if he drove her away, she’d be safe. Safe from him. 

As your tired feet make way to his floor, you shift your purse from one shoulder to the other. You huff quietly as you hear Tony, pouring another drink.

“Tony, we have to talk.”

“Oh, it sounds like someone’s in trouble. Wait a second, I shouldn’t be saying that if that someone is me.” Not laughing at his joke,you sat down in front of him.

I’m leaving” You blurt out, you look at him through teary eyes. Your breath is shaky and your hands are gripping the edge of the counter. You stare at him, gauging his reaction. But, you don’t expect seeing what you saw. 

Him angry? Yes, definitely. Him relieved? 



“What, did you just say?”

 You raise eyebrows, anger pounding your skull.

“I said good.” He stated simply. 

That stung. That stung so fucking much. The anger is slowly replaced with hurt. The tears cascade your cheeks as you bow your head.

“Wow. That’s, that’s rich.” You get up, wiping your tears. Laughing to yourself, what’d you think would happen? You thought he’d care? Your laugh echoes through the room, but it’s empty. It lacks joy and it’s cold and ironic.

 “Have a great fucking life.” You stalk off into the elevator, not looking back.

Soryu Oh fanfic: Daddy

This idea was brought to you by @dumb-and-dumber-with-leah and requested to write ASAP by an anon. I don’t like the daddy kink at all but this seemed like a fun idea so I decided to do it. I hope you all enjoy it!

Soryu has met your parents before and they get along well. You were so happy when your parents gave their blessing and approved of Soryu and your relationship. The two of you aren’t ready to get married yet but you both see it happening in the future. Right now, you want to enjoy the fun times of dating before fully committing with each other, although, the two of you resemble a married couple sometimes.
You were on the phone with your mother and she invited the two of you to dinner at your parents house. You accepted immediately and informed Soryu of the plans. He was excited to see them again. Seeing him happy makes you happy. Knowing that he grew up with the mafia and not real parents, you’re glad that your parents treat him like a son sometimes. Who knows, he might be their son-in-law someday…

A few days pass and you and Soryu have arrived to your parent’s house.
“We’re here!” You say excitedly as Soryu pulls up and puts the car in park.
“I’ll get the door.”
Soryu opens your car door and gives you a hand to help you out.
“You’re being such a gentleman, we’re not even in my parents house yet.” You tease.
“What, I can’t be a gentleman to the woman I love?”
“You’re being very sweet today…are you trying to get something? Or are you nervous?”
“____, I’m in the mafia, I don’t get nervous. Now let’s go, your parents are waiting.”
The two of you walk up to the front door and knock. Your mother greets you with a big smile and warm hug.
“Hello ____ and Soryu!”
“Hi mom!”
“It’s nice to see you again Mrs. _____.”
“Oh don’t be so formal! Call me by my first name or just call me mom.”
“Mom, he’s my boyfriend.”
“I know, but aren’t you two going to get married soon?”
Soryu scratches the back of his head and blushes.
“Soryu, you’re planning on proposing to ____ right?”
“Mom don’t pressure him like tha–”
“Well I’d like to someday…”
You turn around in surprise and shut your mouth. Soryu’s unexpected words leave you speechless.
“Hey ____!”
“Hi dad!” You give your dad a hug as he enters the room.
“Hello Soryu.”
“Good evening sir.” They give each other a firm handshake and your dad gives Soryu a pat on the back.
“Dinner is almost ready! Make yourselves comfortable.” Your mother says before rushing to the kitchen.

Dinner is finally ready and everyone sits at the square table. You are seated across from your mother, Soryu is to your left, and your father is to your right.
Your mother serves everyone some food until the plates are filled.
“This smells delicious honey.” Your father says to your mother.
“Thank you.”
“It looks delicious too.” You say.
“Well dig in!”
“Mmm…I tastes delicious.” Soryu says after swallowing his first mouthful of food.
“Why thank you Soryu!”
“I does taste good, but something is missing…” You say.
“Oh it’s probably the salt. Our doctor told us to cut down on the salt because we’re getting older and need to take care of ourselves.”
“You’re doing a great job. You both look great.” Soryu comments.
“Soryu you’re so sweet. No wonder ____ chose you.”
“Daddy, could you pass the salt.”
“Sure sweetie.”
“Sure baby.”
Your dad and Soryu speak at the same time.
Your face turns red in embarrassment and you freeze.
“I don’t think you’re her daddy.” Your father says and lightly chuckles.
“Of course not, my mistake. I must’ve uhh misheard her.” Soryu says awkwardly and his face turns red as well.
“The two of you are flushed. What’s the matter?” Your mother asks.
“N-nothing mom.”
“It doesn’t seem like nothing.”
You’re embarrassed try to brush it off and change the topic. Little did you know that you’ve triggered Soryu’s slight arousal.

The rest of the dinner continues smoothly as if the awkward incident never happened.
It’s late and you and Soryu decide to head home. Your parents dismiss you at the door and you walk to the car. You sit down and Soryu puts the keys in the ignition.
“I can’t believe that–”
“Don’t even talk about it. I’m so glad they didn’t find out what it meant.” You cut him off.
“It was so hard…” Soryu mumbles to himself.
“What did you say?”
“When you said daddy, it kind of turned me on.”
“Oh my god…did you..?”
“Yeah but I calmed down after a little while, but it was a little challenging to control myself.”
“I’m mortified.” You say and look down.
“Why did you say ‘daddy’?”
“Because he’s my dad and that’s what I call him sometimes. I didn’t think I’d make you go hard.”
You sit in silence and Soryu starts the car. Before he starts driving he gives you a passionate kiss.
“What was that for?”
“Just to show you what you’re getting into when we get home. I’ll make you say daddy again.”
“I can’t say that again, not after what happened today.”
“Oh, we’ll see about that.”
You cover your face with your hands and Soryu smirks. When you get home you spend the night making love and he manages to make you call him that 'forbidden word’ throughout the night.

anonymous asked:

How do I convince someone that american sniper is a horrible movie?

Ask them to question the integrity of Chris Kyle himself. The film took many artistic liberties with Kyle, displaying him as someone with regret about his actions in the war. Though Kyle did actually struggle with PTSD, he repeatedly stated that he “had fun” doing his job and called Muslims savages.

Understanding that the film goes deeper is an important part of understanding its importance as a bad film. People have to know to look behind what you see on the screen and into the person it is based off of. If the film is based on a person with no regrets about the lives he stole, then his character feeling remorse for his actions means nothing.

Actual quotes from Chris Kyle:

“Honestly, I don’t know what will really happen on Judgment Day. But what I lean toward is that you know all of your sins, and God knows them all, and shame comes over you at the reality that He knows. I believe the fact that I’ve accepted Jesus as my savior will be my salvation. But in that backroom or whatever it is when God confronts me with my sins, I do not believe any of the kills I had during the war will be among them. Everyone I shot was evil. I had good cause on every shot. They all deserved to die.
Chris Kyle, American Sniper

“But I wondered, how would I feel about killing someone? Now I know. It’s no big deal.
Chris Kyle, American Sniper: Memorial Edition

“Savage, despicable evil. That’s what we were fighting in Iraq. That’s why a lot of people, myself included, called the enemy “savages.” There really was no other way to describe what we encountered there. People ask me all the time, “How many people have you killed?” My standard response is, “Does the answer make me less, or more, of a man?” The number is not important to me. I only wish I had killed more. Not for bragging rights, but because I believe the world is a better place without savages out there taking American lives. Everyone I shot in Iraq was trying to harm Americans or Iraqis loyal to the new government.
Chris Kyle, American Sniper

This is a man that had no reaction to killing men, women, and children, assuredly many of them civilians.

The film also paints quite a pretty picture of Chris Kyle as it glosses over many important things that happened to him post-Iraq. He made various false claims like killing car jackers or punching Jesse Ventura. If this was attributed to his PTSD, I don’t know. But, still, they cherry-picked. And there is no law to say you can’t cherry-pick in film based on something real in order to condense it and make it concise. However, they cherry-picked in such a way as to avoid all things that would not paint him as a hero. They even glossed over his death, not making it loud and clear that he was shot by a fellow soldier with PTSD after his tours in Iraq. This could have left many people thinking he died while serving, making him the ultimate, all sacrificing hero.

When a film erases a certain part of a person’s history, especially one that is indicative of a person’s character, then the film itself is a fraud.

What people also should realize is that the whole film is a dehumanization of Muslim people. The film is constantly black and white, good vs. evil. The Americans are good and the Muslims are evil, exactly as Chris Kyle saw the world. He saw each and every person in Iraq as the enemy, evil people to be taken out for the sake of the American people. In the film, Muslims are either actively evil or nameless collateral damage.

Most Muslims are not even given a name. Each American soldier has a name, a backstory, a wife, a family, children, mothers, friends, dogs, whatever. They make every effort to make the American soldiers as sweetly sympathetic as possible, while not even bothering to give any Muslims names.

One man in the film, Mustafa, is Kyle’s enemy. He is a Syrian sniper and that’s all we know. He, unlike Chris Kyle, is given no backstory, no family, no reason for doing what he is doing. They had the opportunity to make the antagonist a complex character and instead he is flat and one-dimensional. They push the idea that Muslims are cold, uncaring people with Mustafa. He does what Chris Kyle does. He is a sniper and he kills American soldiers as Kyle kills Iraqis. Kyle is shown as a hero for doing the same thing Mustafa does because he is given a reason, a family, a sense of purpose for protecting his country. Mustafa is painted an anonymous sniper who kills for sport only.

This ties into the sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves scene in American Sniper. His father tells them there are three types of people in the world.

From the movie:
“Now, some people prefer to believe that evil doesn’t exist in the world … those are the sheep. And then you got predators who use violence to prey on the weak. They’re the wolves. And then there are those who have been blessed with the gift of aggression, and the overpowering need to protect the flock. These men are the rare breed that live to confront the wolf. They are the sheepdog.”

Chris Kyle is America’s patriot, the sheepdog. He protects his flock because he is a rare breed. He sacrifices because he is better than the rest.

Muslims are the wolves. The evil, lying, deceitful wolves. They prey on the weak and take what they want. They must be eliminated.

This is what the film is telling us. Maybe not directly, but this is what seeps into people’s subconscious when they watch this film. It can fuel Islamophobia immensely and perpetrate great damage.

The American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee says threats against Muslims in the U.S. has increased since its release.

Abed Ayoub, the national legal and policy director for the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), told the Guardian that complaints from his organisation have skyrocketed the movie’s wide release – and $90m box-office take, an all-time high for the month of January.

“Great fucking movie and now I really want to kill some fucking ragheads,” read one tweet. […] “American sniper makes me wanna go shoot some fuckin Arabs,” read another.

One tweet read: “Nice to see a movie where the Arabs are portrayed for who they really are - vermin scum intent on destroying us.”

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee has even sent letters to “American Sniper” star Bradley Cooper and director Clint Eastwood, imploring them “to help reduce the hateful rhetoric,” according to USA Today. The group wrote that it has seen “hundreds of violent messages targeting Arabs and Muslims from moviegoers of the film.”

Media has a huge impact on the world. These threats are not to be taken lightly. These are real people capable of committing atrocities against Muslims and their mindset has been influenced by the film American Sniper. That is a fact and it’s not a joke. Understanding the effects of media on society is just as important as understanding that Chris Kyle took no remorse in shooting people.

Provide them with the startling facts about the casualties of war.

In Iraq, over 70 percent of those who died of direct war violence have been civilians. Iraq Body Count conservatively estimates that at least 133,000 civilians have been killed in direct violence due to war between the invasion and early May 2014.

The war in Afghanistan continues taking and destroying lives, both due to the direct consequences of violence and the war-induced breakdown of public health, security, and infrastructure. Civilians have been killed by crossfire, improvised explosive devices, assassination, bombing, and night raids into houses of suspected insurgents. Unexploded ordnance from previous wars and from US cluster bombs continue to kill even in the absence of fighting.

Hospitals in Afghanistan are treating large numbers of war wounded, including amputees and burn victims. The war has also inflicted invisible wounds. In 2009, the Afghan Ministry of Public Health said fully two-thirds of Afghans suffer mental health problems.

At least 20,000 civilians killed in Afghanistan.

Clearly, the U.S. has caused many, many casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq since the wars started and have disregarded the people they have inadvertently affected by displacement, health care breakdowns, and more.

There’s very good article written by Joshua Brollier in The Palestine Chronicle that you could read called “No More Truthless Heroes: Glorifying the Chris Kyle Story”.

Mr. Kyle was a man who professed “no regret” for killing 160 people during his four tours in Iraq.

The belligerent and misplaced aggression and ensuing chaos after the 2003 Iraq invasion led to hundreds of thousands of casualties (over a million by some calculations) and the largest refugee crisis in the region since the Nakba, with over 4 million Iraqis being displaced from their homes. In addition to the many thousands of Afghan casualties, more than a decade of crushing warfare and billions of dollars per week being spent on the effort, Afghans have been “perishing under one of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates in the world. At least 36% live below the poverty line and 35% of Afghan men do not have work. The UN calls the acute malnutrition of nearly one million children in the Afghan south ‘shocking’. Almost three quarters of all Afghans do not have access to safe drinking water.”

Given these appalling truths, I am not inclined to write off the immense suffering we have caused around the globe as a necessity or reframe it as victory, nor to join in the popular declarations that Mr. Romesha and Mr. Kyle were heroes. I don’t want to demonize them either. They are part of an imperial system to which many in the US are deeply tied and unquestioningly support with tax dollars. Quite possibly Mr. Kyle was a “family man” to his circle and a loyal friend to his comrades. But can we really honor him as such when he was willing to rob Iraqi families of their fathers and sons?

Even as he may have initially been deceived into thinking Sadaam Hussein was responsible for 9/11, how could he extend payback to the entire Iraqi population and return for three additional tours without questioning this logic, which was so full of holes that even the Bush administration gave up on defending it? If you are going to take a life, wouldn’t you want to know with the highest certainty why you were doing so? No, this is not a hero.


This does a really good job of articulating how incredibly devastating war is. I think a really important part of understanding why American Sniper is a bad film is understanding why these wars are wrong and their horrendous effects. Also, my favorite part of the article is when Joshua Brollier asks how we can honor a man as a family man when he destroyed Iraqi families. He makes a good point about not reframing devastation as a U.S. victory.

They have to understand that this is indeed a propaganda type film. Propaganda, noun: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

It explicitly continues the idea that all Muslims are bad and deserve to die. This is a point that Chris Kyle himself made loud and clear. Countless innocent civilians have been murdered in Iraq, and some of them actually by snipers. Kyle is not absolved of guilt because he is a sniper. There is a huge possibility that many of his recorded kills are civilian lives. Note: recorded kills. Not all kills in Iraq and Afghanistan are recorded.

The bottom line is, Chris Kyle is not a hero. He didn’t care about who he killed. He had fun. He had the time of his life stealing lives. There are plenty of soldiers who go and fight because they truly want America to be safe. Just as there are plenty of cops who get up every morning and want to protect people and arrest law breakers. But just as there are bad cops, there are bad soldiers.

Your job is not what makes you a hero. Having a gun strapped on you and firing it doesn’t mean you’re saving lives. Actively participating in something dangerous doesn’t make you brave. It’s what you do with it that makes you a hero. It’s a matter of seeing all lives as valuable and worth protecting, not nationalism and a sense of entitlement.

American Sniper is not a beautiful masterpiece. It is a sad, Islamophobic propaganda film that perpetuates the belief that all Muslims are wolves to be hunted down and killed for the sake of precious American lives.

Some more information:

Bun in the Oven

Inspired by the prompt: Person A goes to Person B’s older sibling and tells them that they are pregnant and they are afraid of what Person B will think once their pregnancy progresses. During their conversation, Person B eavesdrops. What happens after is entirely up to you.

“Riley,” Tristan Friar drawled as he opened the door to his shared apartment with his brother. “Luke’s asleep right now.”

“He is?” She rushed inside as Tristan stepped aside. “That’s good. Uh, that’s perfect actually. I wanted to talk to you.”

“Me?” Tristan sat on the couch and Riley shuffled awkwardly. “Are you asking my permission to marry, Lucas, or something? I just hope you realize you guys’ are already engaged and it’s too late for my blessing.”

“Something,” She responded briskly. “It’s something else.”

“What, are you going to tell me that you got a bun in the oven?” He joked.

Riley glanced at the floor uneasily and played with the hem of her blouse. Her silence washed away the gleeful grin off his face.

“Are you serious?"He gaped at her, grabbing at his hair as he tried to wrap his head around the situation. "You’re pregnant?”

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A Fun Guide to Lizzington

I was inspired to write this blog because of comments by several folks on a few of the Facebook Blacklist sites who emphatically insist there is just no way in heck Red and Lizzie could possibly develop into a romantic relationship. Some even said that if you really watch the show, you will only see a father - daughter type dynamic so we must be dreaming if we see something else. Well call me a dreamer because I am going to take the challenge and point out things that at least should give Daddy-Gaters pause and lend plenty of support to the Lizzington theory. I hope you enjoy our journey and perhaps smile along with me at my little attempts to keep things fun while still getting our message out.

(1) The first scene that I want to talk about is in the Pilot episode:

So Red’s statement to Lizzie was kind of odd right? Look at her reaction. It made her kind of uncomfortable. Below is the line as shown in the original Pilot script written by Jon Bokenkamp:

Weirdly Erotic! No wonder it made Lizzie uncomfortable. Certainly not something a father would say or imply to a daughter.

(2) Next episode is The Freelancer. Red is clearly trying to get to know Lizzie better and wants to take her on a date (or on two dates in this particular episode). He is very flirty with her especially in their Montreal date. He tries to impress her by asking about her job, ordering her French cocktails, and then he lowers his voice to that sexy whisper James Spader is famous for:

And bless her heart! Lizzie knows the game so she whispers right back at him. And then he started beaming at her. I thought this was a highly charged flirtatious scene by the both of them.

(3) In Wujing Red talked to Lizzie about Deep Throat and the G-Spot when talking about myths. 

Look at Lizzie’s reaction. Kind of odd for a parental figure to say that to a daughter don’t you think?

(4) In The Courier Lizzie stops by Red’s safe house as she is upset after finding out that Tom was involved in the Angel Station murder. She tells Red she doesn’t know why she is there - and the music playing in the background is Wicked Games (and IMO the lyrics are foreshadowing for Red):

♪ No, I don’t want to fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
No, I don’t want to fall in love (this girl is only gonna break your heart)
With you, with you (this girl is only gonna break your heart)

Hey! This is a great song for a predicted turbulent romantic relationship. Oh wait!  That’s right, they are father-daughter. My bad! In that case this was a stupid song choice….

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Tony Goldwyn Tackles Political Scandal Again on ‘The Divide’ By: TheDailyBeast.com

Tony Goldwyn isn’t just the 54-year-old sex symbol at the heart of Scandal. He’s the co-creator of the legal drama The Divide about the fight to exonerate a death row inmate.

Tony Goldwyn knows what it’s like to become the toast of Hollywood, as he was after 1990’s Ghost, and then to have it all slip away. As his acting jobs began to dry up, he discovered a productive second career as a director of films (A Walk on the MoonSomeone Like YouConviction) and TV shows (DexterJustified andScandal). Once he returned to the acting spotlight —care of his role as President “Fitz” Grant on ABC’s hit drama Scandal — Goldwyn didn’t want to waste a moment of his comeback. So the actor also co-created his first series: the compelling drama The Divide, which debuts as WE tv’s first original scripted drama Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The eight-episode series — which Goldwyn and Richard LaGravenese initially developed for AMC before it was moved to the retooled sister network— follows an Innocence Initiative caseworker (Marin Ireland, Homeland) as she looks to stop the impending execution of a death row inmate (Chris Bauer), and examines how the revelation of his possible innocence upends the soaring political career of the Philadelphia district attorney (Damon Gupton, Suits) who put him away.

The Divide has its roots in Conviction, the 2010 film Goldwyn directed based on the true story of Betty Anne Waters (played by Hilary Swank), a waitress in Rhode Island who went to law school to free her brother, who was wrongly convicted of a 1980 murder. While making that film, Goldwyn became involved with the Innocence Project (upon which Divide’s Innocence Initiative is based), the legal organization that works to exonerate wrongly-convicted people via DNA testing.

Meanwhile, the actor is also preparing to start filming the fourth season ofScandal, where Fitz will be left to cope with the half-dozen jaw-dropping twists from the Season 3 finale: he was surprisingly re-elected as President, but endured the shocking death of his son Jerry (who died of bacterial meningitis at the hands of Olivia Pope’s father, Eli, though Fitz thinks that Olivia’s mother was the guilty party), finally learned that his father had raped his wife, Mellie, years ago, and is about to discover that and his on-again, off-again lover Olivia (Kerry Washington) has fled to parts unknown with her sometimes-boyfriend Jake (Scott Foley).

Goldwyn sat down with The Daily Beast to talk about taking on two full-time TV jobs, what’s in store for Fitz this year and the joy of becoming a “sex symbol” at 54.

You have two full-time jobs with Scandal and The Divide. How do you juggle them both?

It’s so funny the way life is. You can’t really control when stuff happens, so you pile it on and then you figure it out. On Scandal, they wrote the first 10 episodes of last season and we shot them, and then they took a five-week writers’ hiatus to get a real jump on the last eight episodes. And that enabled me to slot in the shooting of the first two episodes [of The Divide] in that. They gave me an extra week or so off on Scandal, so I was able to direct the first two and get the show up and running. Then Richard and I made a deal where he stayed on location in Toronto, because he really loves writing with the actors and being on set, and we set up the cutting room out here, so I was able to manage post[-production].

So what happened when Scandal started up again?

“God bless Kerry. That woman, she’s just indefatigable. I don’t know how she did it, nine months pregnant and working like a dog with the best attitude, and looking damn fit!” 

The way Scandal works, you tend to schedule by location. Even if I’m in a lot of a show, most of my stuff is in and around the Oval Office, so I usually work about half the schedule. Sometimes more: the hairiest one was when I was directing as well. I directed the 15th episode, which was right in the middle of a maelstrom of shooting and cutting The Divide. And the hilarity of it was, I was in practically every scene of that episode of Scandal. It was the one where you meet our children, and I find out that Mellie’s been unfaithful to me, and we had this huge fight, and I tell her that it’s her fault that our marriage fell apart. So it was just insane. I would go back and forth between Sunset Gower Studios [where Scandalfilms] and our cutting room in the back. I would work at night a lot, wrap, and then go to the cutting room. Or sometimes in the mornings, before I would go toScandal. Whatever you had to do.

Before you directed Conviction, did you have any passion about the death penalty issue?

Nope. I really knew very little about it. I was ambivalent about the death penalty. I thought, “Well, I don’t agree with it, but then if my child was murdered, how would I feel about it?” I was really on the fence about it, but hadn’t thought deeply about it. I heard this story on the news, or my wife did, and I got involved in telling this woman’s story, of Conviction, and got to Barry [Scheck] and got to know the Innocence Project. And at the same time, while I was developing that, I did a play called The Exonerated. That was the true story of six exonerees, and I told the story of a man, Kerry Max Cook, who spent 19 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. And I thought, “Oh my God, there’s so many mistakes that can be made. If there’s errors in the system built in, then that’s murder.” So then, my views really changed about the death penalty.

After your years of development with AMC, when they said The Divide was instead going to WE, were you worried about being the test case for that network?

No, I loved the idea. Because selfishly, I knew it would be a priority. AMC had an extraordinary track record, that team of executives, with what they did with Mad Men. As they said, “We did this on Mad Men, and we learned a lot doing that, bringing this to a new network.” So I thought, “We’ve got a great team, they know how to market, they have good taste; we trusted them.” We were really thrilled with it. It’s a new age. Because there were people that went, “Really? Are you sure? What is WE?” And I thought, “Boy, you are behind the times. You’d better wake up and see what’s happening in this industry.”

The case will be wrapped up by the end of Season 1, but your plan is to make this an ongoing series with these characters?

Yes. What happens is this case sufficiently derails all of these people’s lives and opens up real problems for all of them that will launch us into a second season. So the Butler case, while I can’t say it’s tied up neatly, because it’s a mess, there’s resolution there, but it leaves a lot of metaphorical bodies in the road.

None of the Divide characters are all good or all bad; they’re all flawed. Was that something you had purposely incorporated fromScandal?

Absolutely. It was just an aesthetic taste thing that happened to align. From the get-go, Richard and I, the reason we loved the idea of telling the story through this prosecutor’s eyes, is so it wasn’t, oh, look at these do-gooder saints! There’s two sides to every problem, and we really wanted to be honest about that and not have anybody be squeaky clean, because none of us are. We’re very interested in looking at people who are invested in things being black and white, and how they get hoisted by their own petard in that way. We crave that as human beings, that certainty, and we’re really interested in looking at what happens when that’s challenged and when we really have to look at ourselves in the mirror.

How has serving as a creator changed your appreciation of what Shonda Rhimes does on Scandal?

Oh my God. It’s so hard. It takes so much creative courage to produce a television show. I don’t know how they do it, and I don’t know how they do 22 episodes and maintain the quality that they do. Because I know how hard it was for us to do eight episodes and to keep our standards high, and not rush, and not settle. I have so much admiration for Shonda and all of our writers on Scandal. We never read the Scandal scripts ahead of time. We sit down at the table read, which is usually a day or two before we shoot, and we read them out loud together. Which at first freaked me out—I was like, “When do I prepare?”—but it’s such an exhilarating experience to share that. We read this stuff week after week and we’re like, “What?! What drugs are you on? What crack do you guys smoke in that writer’s room?” It’s amazing to me.

When do you start shooting Season 4?

July 28.

Have you heard anything about what to expect for Fitz?

I know nothing! Where we left Fitz was not a pretty place—I mean, it’s a fantasticplace for an actor. I’m dying to see the first script. I got an email from Shonda, and she just wanted us to know that the writers room is on fire. They’re so excited and they’re all buzzing, and she can’t tell us anything, but they’re so thrilled, so we’re all dying to see what happens. Just like the audience!

Last year, it became a parlor game for viewers to count how many different ways they hid Kerry’s pregnancy on the show.

Oh, yeah! I know, it was pretty comical. When I was directing, I’d go, “So we’re going to do this shot!” And then Oliver, our great cinematographer, and the operators would look at me and go [shakes his head], “No. Can’t do it. Can’t do that shot because…” [Points to stomach] I’d say, “Oh, OK. Well, give her a handbag! Or hide behind the chair!” So we were always strategizing about it. And God bless Kerry. That woman, she’s just indefatigable. I don’t know how she did it, nine months pregnant and working like a dog with the best attitude, and looking damn fit! She’s an amazing human being.

How awkward was it shooting love scenes with a pregnant woman last season?

I don’t think we did. She and Scott [Foley] had a sex scene, but if you think about that scene, you didn’t see a lot. But I don’t like watching the love scenes with her and Scott, frankly!

Your acting career was on fire after Ghost, and then it cooled off. You’ve been directing consistently for more than a decade, but what has this Scandal resurgence been like?

It’s been so great. I’m glad I’m older. I was always a working actor, but with Ghost, I’d be acting for six years and struggling. And then all of a sudden, I got this huge opportunity, and I was hot. I was looking to all of my representatives like, “OK, guys, what happens now?” My career changed markedly, and I was suddenly able to earn a living and support my family, and I always worked, thank God, but then I got not hot. And I did some movies I wasn’t happy with. That was why I wanted to take more control, I wasn’t happy with what was happening with me as an actor. Then, becoming a director enabled me to really love acting again, because it didn’t matter.

How did you approach acting after that?

I only started taking acting jobs that I really thought I could be good in, or that I really wanted to do or working with people I wanted to work with, because I had this directing thing going. So my acting career became much more satisfying. It wasn’t just like, “I’ve got to get another job!” That became very fruitful and fun. And then out of the blue, to be hot again and have this resurgence and become this leading man in my 50s, this sex symbol… [Laughs]. He’s just a very sexy character and women dig him, and it’s given me all these opportunities now. And it gives me, frankly, leverage in my other projects. It’s awesome! But also, I have a sense of humor about it because it’s a moment that won’t last, so I’m just trying to have as much fun and be as creative as I can while this Scandal train is on the tracks. And it’s wonderful.

You also squeezed in Outlaw Prophet, Lifetime’s Warren Jeffs movie, and Divergent. Did you think, ‘Well, I have five free minutes during the week where I’m not doing anything?’

Kind of, yeah! Now that I have creative momentum, I do not take that for granted. So during my last hiatus, I really wanted to do a movie, and Divergent came along, so I did it. And then in this hiatus, I got offered this incredible role of Warren Jeffs, a really ambitious piece of material, and I grabbed it. So you fit it in. I’m lucky, because my kids are grown up. I could never have worked this hard when my kids were in school. I turned down a lot of opportunities earlier in my career because I wanted to be a good father. And I do not regret that for a second.

A super awesome Article!!!

Part 1 (Photograph)

Summary; Niall Horan is an asshole but he is good at what he does. He only appreciates what he finds to be perfect, nothing less, which explains why he is such a great photographer. Whe his father is tired of his shit, Niall is pressured into teaching a photography class at NYU and meets a girl less than perfect that makes his bones ache

Word Count~ 2.1k

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anonymous asked:

AU with Marius and Courfeyrac as step-brothers? Please?

First, let’s appreciate the most important thing about this au: Marius isn’t being raised by Gillenormand.  Marius isn’t being raised by Gillenormand. Marius isn’t being raised by Gillenormand.  God bless and praise be!  For this to be a thing, it requires that one of Marius’ parents marry one of Courfeyrac’s so does that even mean that Marius gets to be raised by his own father?  Yes it apparently does.  

  1. So what happens is that while Marius is still quite young, his mother dies and his father, while heartbroken, has to try to make ends meet as a single parent. He works hard but good jobs are hard to find and bills are piling up and Marius is the only constant in his life right now – as a source of joy and hope, yes, but also one of concern: it’s one thing for Georges to go hungry in order to paying the electrical bill but tiny, beautiful Marius? So he does the only thing he can do and turns to his rich father-in-law, begging for help to keep Marius safe and healthy.  So a deal is struck: all bills related to Marius will be paid by Gillenormand… but it means Marius goes to live with him instead of Georges.  It seems like the only option so Georges takes it and continues to work fiercely to save enough money to bring Marius to a stable home.  During the years that follow Marius’ departure from his life, Georges meets a wonderful woman, a single mother called Ms Courfeyrac who owns a small café he frequents and who has a wild, boisterous son who Georges takes to enormously since he isn’t permitted to see his own son and Marius never returns any of the messages Georges leaves on the answering machine.  Well, Georges and Ms Courfeyrac’s friendship slowly grows more and more intimate and they eventually move in together, at which point Ms Courfeyrac sits Georges down and tells him “Bring him home, Georges.  Bring him home.”  And so Georges goes and sees his son for the first time in several years.
  2. Marius is a nervous, somber figure in the household for a while.  It may be a relief to be out of his grandfather’s house (and when Georges hears, in bits and pieces, what it was like for Marius there he is livid) but he still remembers everything his grandfather said about his father and has trouble reconciling that with his own understanding of his father.  And while Ms Courfeyrac seems like a lovely woman he doesn’t stop her from replacing his mother.  Courfeyrac doesn’t share any of these concerns; he’s elated at the thought of having a brother and seems positively delighted by the quiet, serious boy who’s suddenly sharing his room.
  3. Of course it’s Courfeyrac who helps break past the melancholy that’s clinging to Marius.  Courfeyrac chatters.  He doesn’t really need anyone to reciprocate – he’s use to wandering around the house chatting at his mom, or playing elaborate games with himself in his room, or talking to bemused patrons at his mother’s café because she’s a busy woman and while she tries to make all the time she can for her son she still has a lot of work to do.  So when Marius won’t move from his bed one day Courfeyrac does what he does best. He tells Marius about some of his better toys, he points out really good books on his shelf, tells him about the school that Marius will be moving into soon, and about how awesome his mom is, and most importantly – though Courf didn’t realize this at the time – about Georges.  “I’m so glad I get to meet you, all he did was talk about you!” Courf exclaims.  “He was always telling us about how imaginative and smart and funny you were and I thought wow I want to meet this kid he sounds awesome but he was also really sad that you never called him back so it’s good that you’re finally here now.” And that’s when Marius finally sits up, confused, because his dad never called him?  “No, of course he did,” says Courfeyrac.  “He would leave a message, like, every evening.  You didn’t call back because you were mad at him or something? Which isn’t really fair he really missed you and worked hard.”  “But… there were never any messages for me…”  And that’s when Marius begins to realize things might not have been what he thoughts, and he starts to open up more not only to Courfeyrac, but to Georges again as well.
  4. Marius and Courfeyrac would have a great system set up for homework.  Courfeyrac’s clever as anything, but he can have a hard time concentrating and translating his thoughts onto paper (which isn’t easy when you’re best friends with two of the smartest kids in your grade).  Marius on the other hand might not be as innately creative but he’s methodical and a good student.  So he and Courfeyrac, when they entered middle school, got an enormous desk that sits in the middle of their room, between their beds.  This way their work can get spread out and they can each sit on one side and do their own work while helping each other with other stuff. It’s basically thanks to Marius that Courfeyrac is able to get through his French class, and Courfeyrac’s able to help Marius talk through essay ideas until he has something solid to work with, and basically both rely on each other a lot for math because math is evil.  (Ms Courfeyrac meanwhile is always happy to help her boys study, quizzing them on whatever sheets they put in front of her, and Georges is a major history and geography buff.  Between the four of them they have a great thing going.  School years are always ended by going out for dinner as a family to celebrate whatever grades were achieved.)
  5. Or how about just… Marius getting to grow up in an environment where he’s surrounded by people his age and has a good, loving support network and gets to have fun. Money is still always a little tight since Gillenormand refuses to send so much as a cent their way (with the exception of Christmas and birthdays, he always sends a large gift to Marius at Christmas and birthdays and Marius always feels uncomfortable about accepting them because he’s still furious at his grandfather for keeping his father from him all those years) but Courfeyrac and Marius have an old, finicky Super Nintendo that they found at a garage sale that they play together, and stacks of board games that Courfeyrac is just so thrilled to have a brother to play them with.  And then there’s the Courfeyrac’s hoard of friends that Marius is inducted into.  Enjolras and Combeferre who were intimidating at first but are over all the time and who get along well with Marius.  Jehan and Bahorel who live just down the street who Courfeyrac and Marius will often spend weekends playing street hockey or basketball or exploring the neighbourhood with.  And then in high school when Marius meets Cosette Courfeyrac is the first person he tells, when they’re lying in their respective beds and the lights are out and he just can’t keep it in so he can just whisper it across the room like it’s the most natural thing in the world. (And Courfeyrac is there to tell Marius – no, don’t follow her to her house, that’s hella creepy, come on Marius, really? Just meet her at her locker and ask her to have coffee or something, sheesh.)  (And on the other side of that coin is Courfeyrac having someone who’s around him often enough to head off his crazier ideas at the pass.  “I’m not sure if filling the principal’s office with snakes is a good idea…  For one where are you going to get them from?  And where are they going to go when someone opens the door?  And I kinda don’t think it’s the right way to oppose the new school dress code even if it does send a message…”)
Everlark, Mellark Men (Gilmore Girls AU)

eliapolis challenged me with the drabble prompt “Everlark in your favorite book/tv show/movie”. I had a million ideas for this one, but in celebration of Gilmore Girls coming on Netflix, this is the one I chose to go with.

And once I decided to gender-bend it and make Peeta the Lorelai of the story, I could not stop writing! I took some of my favorite scenes from the show and tweaked them a little. So this spans over 2 years.

Warning: Lots of banter and coffee ahead 

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Bleedin' creepy. A 3x18 recap.

You know it’s funny, and sad, that I find myself wishing that there were no longer any good scenes in this show. The reason is simple - then I could just stop watching. But alas, they keep walking this thin line where the show simultaneously gives me everything I’ve ever wanted, and is a torturous shitfest.

The problem is that increasingly we are getting these lovely moments which make me squeal and my face go smushy, and yet the episodes inevitably leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. Or in this weeks case, just plain old vomitting. Because seriously, ew.

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