god bless weekends

i took a screencap of this healing moment cause i lov the wonderland gorls treating darling like a fellow wonderland gorl and playing CARDS that’s so cute but i’ve just noticed the poker chips on the floor?? holy shit lizzie maddie and darling are canonically leading an underground gambling ring at ever after high

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Robron fans have NEVER BEEN AS BLESSED as this tho I mean what a superstar Danny is for asking Ryan and Ryan for coming they're so good to their fans . If you survive lucy cos seriously I don't think you will I mean the pure beauty of Ryan in OUAS footy gear = DEATH

danny and ryan are just the best people to stan ever????

I can barely handle seeing ryan on his own never mind WITH DANNY, WITH MY FAVOURITE CHARITY PEOPLE AND IN FOOTBALL GEAR

this is gonna be such a good weekend god bless danny and ryan for being the angels they are

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...I just realized Oikawa was wearing Iwa-chan's uniform (in your second newest oikawa art)....I feel very stupid....On the other hand, it's very beautiful! Actually, all your art is really good!!! Like, damn, I could look at all of these all day. They're just so good. Your art style is really great, too! Oh, and I hope the renovation's over by now. Well, hope you have a nice day! ^_^

First of all: thank you very much anon <3.
Sadly i have no idea how long renovation hell will last, but it’s WEEKEND god bless! I am enjoying the silence very much.

Also: don’t sweat about the shirt pic. Oikawa won’t be wearing it for long anyways.

written on my plane ride home for @puddeneen who requested “halloween/its middle earth equivalent in the shire erebor”

After Bilbo finished profusely apologizing to the Bolger family (and, when that didn’t work, plying them with more baked goods than any one child, no matter how frightened by “brutish ruffians” to quote Mrs Bolger, would need), he at last slammed shut the door to Bag End and went to find Thorin, who it turned out was still standing in the kitchen with his face buried in his hands.

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Just imagine Bokuto deciding for once to wake up early and do something useful in the morning like study in the quiet college library for his final exam coming in like a week and when he catches the subway he sees the most beautiful boy and he’s like wow, I’ve never seen him before and he’s sure bc there’s no way he would miss that raven haired beauty with those mysterious eyes like EVER. Except it’s the hour rush and he suddenly gets crammed inside and is no longer able to see the beautiful boy.

 So, the next day he wakes up early again and tries to search for him and he finds him, leaning against the carriage wall, super cool, and if bokuto didn’t believe in love at first sight he would now bc damn. Yet once again, the carruage gets hella full and surprisingly Bokuto finds himself standing dangerously close to masterpiece crave by angels and he doesnt believe his luck, bc like he feels the other boy breathing on his neck and he must5 be dreaming. 

There’s a sudden stop by the tube and, unprepared the smaller boy is launched forward directly into Bokuto’s arms who steadies him, by uncounsciously wrapping an arm around the other’s waist. The black haired boy apologises and Bokuto can see a faint blush lingering on his cheeks and says it’s no problem or sth and fangirling on the inside bc hot damn he fits so perfectly in Bokuto’s arms

This goes on during days with them making eye contact in the train but quickly looking away embarassed and honestly Kuroo, Bokuto’s roommate can’t hear anything more about this work of art in human form, so he just asks him to come along with him to go to Kenma’s flat bc it’s dinner night and the more the merrier and Bokuto goes. 

And surprise, surprise! Guess who is at Kenma’s dinner night? That’s right, work of art boy from the subway whose expression matches Bokuto exactly. Bokuto at that moment has a short circuit bc holy bananas it’s him and he may or may not leave Kenma’s house with a new number on his phone and a date for the next weekend. God bless waking up and ungodly hours of the day to study for his final 

This sounded a lot better inside my head but i’m just posting this to share and i’ll probably write this in the near future