god bless u forever

wow look it’s the laziest graphic ever shoutout to pixlr express hello!! so i hit 100 followers and i thought it was pretty great so i decided that i would do something to celebrate, so here’s a lil follow forever. i’ve never done one of these before so the formatting will probably be crappy and i’ll probably forget a bunch of peoples so forgive me for that, but thank you all so much <3

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so i was browsing google images for “emison” and i just.. i come across..

i mean…. how did.. would.. how would.. how would.. there are so many things.. conception… it doesn’t.. thats.. thats not how any of this works…

(i know this is someone’s fan edit and whoever that fan may be, i would like to say, god bless you. god bless you forever you sweet angel)

(ps: damn spencer. u a savage)