god bless those pants

Shameless objectification of Richard Speight Jr

Because I felt a master post was sorely needed.

Let’s start with his butt.  God bless those pants.


From there we can appreciate his upper half too.

Let’s take a moment to enjoy his dance moves.

No really, I mean it.

I’m not sure what he’s doing but I hope he doesn’t stop.

And then let’s pause to appreciate the fact that this idiot gave me a motherfucking beard!kink.  Really, dude??

Let’s also appreciate the sheer sass the man portrays.

This is just hair porn, pure and simple.

And last and possibly most important, THE Gif. 

This has been your Richard Speight appreciation post of the day.  You may now go about your business.

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You are killing my HEARTU!!! BUT I LOVE IT!! So im back.. Annyoing af 😂 BTS reaction to their gf wearing tight yoga especially by her butt and she asks them if she looks ok? Sorry if too long 😂

You’re not annoying. If anything you’re helping me practice with my writing. :3

BTS Reaction: You’re Wearing Tight Yoga Pants


He didn’t mind it if you wore yoga pants around your apartment; however, the second you leave your apartment, he would be all over you with a jacket. He loved it when you wore yoga pants, but he didn’t want anyone else to love it. Especially when they were tight. That’s a no-no.

“Y/N, please wear jeans when you leave your apartment. I’m begging you.”

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The gods have blessed him with how tight those yoga pants were on you. He wouldn’t hide his attention your pants brought to him. If you walked past him, his eyes were following you until you were out of sight. Nothing but a blessing.

“I’m pretty sure your bag is across the apartment. Check over there.”

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When you wore your yoga pants, he would purposely put everything you needed in high places. He loved watching you reach for everything you need. He would be in heaven when you tried to jump for whatever you needed. When you asked for him to grab the item, he would place his hands on your hips and lift you in the air.

“You are so short, Y/N. I’ll help you get it. Come here.”

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Rap Monster

You would always be on his lap. His hands would be on your thighs as you two watched a movie. If you were reading a book and sitting at the table, he would walk over to you, scoop you in his arms, sit down on the couch, and place you on his lap. He loved the fabric of your yoga pants, and he really loved them when they were so tight on you.

“Stop sitting everywhere else, Y/N. You’re supposed to sit right here.”

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He would appreciate everything about those yoga pants. He would never be able to keep his hands off you. Whenever you were within his grasp, his hands would be on your waist, legs, anywhere. He would enjoy every curve that those tight yoga pants revealed.

“Y/N, you should wear these more often. Should I buy you more?”

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He would be nothing but giggles as he poked your yoga pants once again. They were so tight that if he poked your leg or any other part of your body, that part of the body would jiggle. He loved it. He loved the way they were so tight on you that he could see every jiggle that came from pocking or lightly hitting you.

“It’s cute, Y/N. Don’t be embarrassed.”

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He would try his hardest not to look at you. At least not when your attention was on him. If you weren’t looking, his eyes would be all over you. He appreciated your love for yoga pants and your trust in him. Sort of. If anything, his mind had lost your trust a long time ago, but he wouldn’t touch you until you allowed him. Could he touch you yet?

“I am a man now, Y/N. So…”

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Stucky #48 iluuuuuuu

It doesn’t take long for every kid in the neighborhood to figure out what every kid in 1930′s-1940′s Brooklyn knew.

A digression -”Neighborhood” is loosely defined as the following: 

a.  that specific area in Brooklyn in which everyone’s favorite Super Soldier Husbands have their Love Nest™ - Tony Stark

b. everyone associated with Stark Industries, the Avengers and the new SHIELD

c.  the Barnes Great-Niblings and the various great-grandchildren of the Howling Commando Legacy Families

So basically - every kid from this collective pool - ages 0 and upwards - knew to run for Bucky Barnes for any and all Kid Problems.  Steve likes to state, for the record, that every kid seemed to instinctively know that Bucky was the big brother who would have your back in a scrap.  Bucky had a lot of practice at this after all.

When Bucky was still in recovery, the general reaction of every kid to him was a source of bewilderment but he instinctively reacted to protect them anyway - just as he’d done for his siblings and one Steve Rogers a very long time ago. 

Steve has a photo of Bucky and his great-niece Sophie - both giving him identical mock-pouts as his cell phone wallpaper.

So Halloween soon became something of a major event for both of them, since it was inevitable that they’d be watching out for the kids in the neighborhood, to say nothing of the Great-Niblings and the Legacy kids who’d come to visit. 

Steve would like to take all the credit for Bucky’s Count Dracula costume, because he did the make-up and it was worth Grampy’s expression when he found Bucky in that get-up. 

(Grampy just about died again from laughter…. and said it was the one time he didn’t actually feel like finding Stoker’s grave just to resurrect and murder that slandering bastard all over again….)

Mind you - Steve made sure that the suit and opera cape were actually well-tailored and Bucky patiently put up with the shenanigans but mainly because Steve promised kisses and nibbles as a reward. 

Also, Steve also wore a Victorian-era suit as Jonathan Harker - and it helped immensely that his ass looked perfect in those pants.

(God bless the Friendly Neighborhood Retailer for steering Steve in the right direction.)

Thus it was that when the kids came knocking on their door, Bucky sent them all screaming in delight when he flashed not-really-fake fangs and said: