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as soon as I went up to van last night he told me to sit with him and hang out after everyone else left- I couldnt be happier, being with him for so long and talking about everything felt just like the old shows!! he sang me songs from the new album and told me the tracklist and we were looking through pictures joking about how old he looks now compared to last year. we talked about literally everything there was to say and catch up on with each other, he is genuinely one of the kindest people and I’ll appreciate it always :)

  • jiyong: *complains about seungri all the time*
  • also jiyong: *turns into a fangirl whenever seungri is mentioned, is the president of seungri protection squad, talks about seungri 24/7, praises the maknae on variety shows, loves pandas bc they remind him of seungri, is seungri's personal photographer, is rumored to have an album full of maknaes pics called god bless the seungbooty on his phone, our seungri is good is his motto*

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read the fic: Who Will Save You Now

Remember when Niall said something like “If we don’t wanna be seen, we won’t”? Yeah!! Now, Y’all are smart enough to understand ;)

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gmw social media + rucas and markle prom (requested by anon)