god bless this pic

i’m so happy all the guys went to franks show i’m so happy it was probably all organised on their stupid group chat and they all probably got really emotional watching him being so confident and performing for such a supportive crowd and afterwards they probably went for dinner and talked about mikey’s baby and gerard’s new comics and ray’s album and congratulated frank on all his success im so happy they’re all still friends even though they had such a difficult career and breakup i am so h a p p y

All I know is that this fandom made Katie out to be some myth or something because no one knew anything about her or saw her and we didn’t get any pictures of her.
But out of all the cast of Supergirl, Katie is the one who we have been getting several pictures (and video) of her signing autographs while she is out and about in Vancouver and other places while we rarely see any other Supergirl cast being spotted outside…

  • jiyong: *complains about seungri all the time*
  • also jiyong: *turns into a fangirl whenever seungri is mentioned, is the president of seungri protection squad, talks about seungri 24/7, praises the maknae on variety shows, loves pandas bc they remind him of seungri, is seungri's personal photographer, is rumored to have an album full of maknaes pics called god bless the seungbooty on his phone, our seungri is good is his motto*